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The Forges of Mars: Mechanicum Tactia


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16 hours ago, oldhat said:

Bummer all around. At this point I wanted stompy robots to beat face but I just don't see how to make it viable.


What are the thoughts on AV heavy lists instead? The Karacnos, Krios, and a Magaera LoW, with some basic units in transports. Probably tough to pull off with the heavy slot being slammed and an Allied detachment only providing one more slot.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its impossible or that you shouldn't do it, if you want run melee I'm only suggesting to support your melee units with disruptive shooting. Something close to 50/50 split might work,  but you might have to figure out what works best in your local meta too. Take a careful look at all the melee units and see if your local group wants to play with the panoptica community faq/rules, as mechanicum gets a much needed improvement and fixes.

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On 10/14/2022 at 10:08 AM, insidion said:


I agree that concussive can be lackluster without any negative modifiers to LD, luckily blind is an initiative test, although it's still a 1/3 chance of failing for most units but it is possible to force both at the same time. The problem to me is that both are tested only once at the end of the shooting phase, meaning spamming multiple sources doesn't add anything, and forcing a test is basically automatic once you hit(blind) or wound (concussive, even if it's saved or discounted). With pinning testing is done immediately after a unit is done with shooting, which does allow us to stack these three at the same time and keep shooting with pinning until a unit does fail an LD test.

I wanted to take on this challenge (Mech list with a combat flavour). It seems apparent that concussive/blind disruption is important. I also wanted to try to make a list that could have at least some sort of narrative coherence. 

after a bit of deliberation and research I settled on a theme of “Protector Kill-Clade” (Malagra) pulling some battlefield support, so no cybernetica and no Myrmidons. 

ARCHMAGOS PRIME (Ephemera Incursus, Malagra, WL with The Science of Slaughter)

Rad Grenades, Cyber Familiar, Power Fist, Paragon Blade, Incunabulan Jet Pack, Graviton gun, MC (Paragon Blade) [240]


Augury Scanner, Cyber Familiar, Photon Gauntlet, Machinator Array, Graviton Gun [175]


Arcuitor 1: Paragon Blade, Machinator Array, Data Spike [135]
Arcuitor 2: Machinator Array, Photon Thruster [155]
Arcuitor 3: Servo Arm, Data Spike [130]

TECH PRIEST AUXILIA (Interfector) [140]

Tech Priest 1: Magos Auxilia (Artificia Machina)

Tech Priest 2: 

Tech Priest 3:

6 Servo-Automata





Meltabombs [140]



Meltabombs [140]



Meltabombs [140]



Meltabombs [140]



Power Fists [190]


Venator Tank Destoyers [300]


Lightning locks x2 [420]


Graviton Pulsar, Siege Claw [420]


The ARCHMAGOS is an inexorable beast, but will be at risk of being tarpitted or ID’d by Dark Angels. Clocks out at WS5, S5,T5, I4 3+1A, 2+/3++, using either MC Paragon Blade or PFist against Dreads. First round of combat T4 opponents are down to T3, second round though we are going up to WS6/S6 native thanks to Science of Slaughter. More important though are the Non-fighty features: A) ephemera Incursus causes blind and crucially drops LD by -2 (!!!), conveniently improving the concussive results from the Grav Gun B) Jet pack allows this guy and his Thallax buddies a charge range (assuming no withdraw reaction) of 30” (12 move plus 6 jet move plus max 12 charge) which is really reliable for T1. 

MAGOS DOMINUS is redundancy for Ephemera Incursus but also a handy TEQ hunter with a surprising amount of AP2 available. I think of him as Danny DeVito in IASIP: He’s a suicide unit to run right into the middle of an enemy formation and start blasting 

EVERY UNIT is eligible to react, all 5 HQ choices are ICs, so Scornful fire applies if any of the HQs get shot on T1


TECH AUXILIA is v cute. If I am not going first I will scout that triaros to block LoS to my squishy Thallax for a turn, otherwise they run around being my scoring unit ignored whilst the assassins are ripping face.


URSARAX - suck but feel like a fluffy sacrifice unit to soak up overwatch or hunt down rapiers etc 



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