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Unit of the week: Accursed Cultists


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+++Unit of the week+++



Accursed Cultists


This is the tactica for Accursed Cultist, keep the amount of pictures to the minimum. If you want to show yours, please do that in other threads


The new kis on the block, and the special troop choice in the Chaos Marines list, Do they work for you? How do you use them. Tell us about your experiences you had with them. Do they work better in different legions? Or maybe you have found a nifty little trick for them.


Cpt. Danou

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I have no idea what to use these for at the moment, offensively I just see chaos spawn as better then the torments, especially as mine would be word bearers so get re rolls to hit! 

Defensively, if you're not using them for actions I guess its a slightly pricier unit then cultists to sit on an objective somewhere? 75 points over say 50 and you get some extra staying power with the re-gen, the 6+++, toughness 4, mutant deaths ignore morale and obviously they do hit harder for somewhat of a counter punch if they're charged whilst holding an objective, if they survive that is.

Thinking about it whilst typing that, they do get a fair bit more then cultists... but is it worth it? 

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I only used them once so far against a Ravenguard Successor list with a few infiltrating units. He underestimated the damage they could do and exposed units to a charge from them. 

From that point onwards they melee-d their way through his forward units without dieing off completely and were the MVP unit.

Sure, my opponent will not be as careless when facing the ACs again, but nevertheless they pack a punch for their points and are not as trivial to remove than the squishy small cultist models may suggest.

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