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Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad


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How many heavy weapon teams can I make out of a single box of Heavy Weapons plus a box of standard cadians?

I can't quite work it out - I think I could make 3 missile launcher teams, 3 mortars and 3 of either Heavy Bolter, Lascannon and Autocannon - does that seem right?

3 Missile launchers on cadian trooper bodies with a few accessories on 3 more cadian troopers, 3 mortars using 3 crew and 3 cadian troops, and 3 tripod weapons using the remaining 3 crew and 3 more cadian troops. 

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That definitely used to be the case but with the new kit on its way I don't believe we know yet. 


If you poke around the barracks there should be a couple of how to's




Some precious threads discussing how to







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3 standing rocket launchers(dont say missile its already got the word miss in it)

3 mortars with standing crew

3 weapons mounted on tripods. 

6 more weapons mounted on junk, sandbags, bits of wall. 


I have this cool HB thats laying down. His arm broke off in the great rebasing but it should be the plasma arm so its like reaching out for the charging handle. 


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