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Johnson and his Forest Walk

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19 hours ago, Cyrox said:

I have a couple of questions for someone who has read both The Lion: Son of the Forest, and Arks of Omen: The Lion...


Does the Son of the Forest book take place before the Arks of Omens Lion book?


Also, does either of the two books go into any detail on how he woke up, and the chamber he was sleeping in inside the Rock?



If it just skips ahead to Dante pulling up in his truck and saying "Yo Dark Angels, look who I found!", then I really hope they are holding back some lore!




There is a Watcher present when he awakens in the Mist-Forest and for some other scenes. The Lion has no idea he was ever in the Rock. The book ends with Dante and the Blood Angels arriving and meeting the Lion. I think the "proper" meeting with the Dark Angels is being saved for a sequel or a new Dark Angels codex.


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10 hours ago, Karhedron said:


The Emperor joins the Custodians fighting in the Webway and unleashes a massive psychic inferno against the Daemons which take the form of fallen warriors. It sound rather like a proto-Legion of the Damned.



I’m not sure that I equate that to “the ghost of Ferrus Manus protecting Terra” so much as a one off spiritual representation “revenge of the fallen” created by the Emperor during that particular battle.

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1 hour ago, TrevorLoLz said:

I’m not sure that I equate that to “the ghost of Ferrus Manus protecting Terra” so much as a one off spiritual representation “revenge of the fallen” created by the Emperor during that particular battle.

Ferrus also shows up to his sons on Medusa during the Siege so his soul running around is a thing (First Founding in the Iron Hands section).

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On 4/18/2023 at 3:20 PM, Kastor Krieg said:

It's also about the fact that I want him for conversion and painting. In the weeks before I actually get him and the weeks other people already had him, they will do all the excellent creative stuff with him. There's already been a Curze conversion of him, day bloody one!

This feels like watching other kids play with the toy you've always wanted and then getting that toy when they've already moved on to something else. I wanted to participate, not observe.

It's always getting clothes off your older sibling. I'd like to get something nice for once, to have first dibs on it.

It's being unable to watch a TV series while it's the talk of the internet and my friends are brainstorming the story. So what that I can binge watch it a year later when it's out on Bluray. I've been not allowed to enjoy it like others and forced to watch them do it.

It's a :cuss: feeling and I can't fathom why some people cannot understand it.


Didn't react to this at the time but you really nailed my feeling on this one. Not being able to buy him on the day didn't make me not want one ever, but now I'll just get one at some nebulous point in the future, not necessarily when he gets his standalone release. The enthusiasm for buying him as a one-off purchase is completely gone and now I'll only do so when it makes sense for my overall collection.


Many would say that's a better outlook to have anyway, but it's undeniable that wanting to be involved in something at the beginning definitely has an appeal, whether that's seeing a movie in theatres before it becomes a collection of memes or watching a show as soon as it broadcasts to avoid having the key details spoiled, getting your favourite band's new album on release day or being in the vanguard of people playing a new video game and actually having to work it out for yourself.


Perfect example: Vanilla WoW vs Classic WoW. They might be fundamentally the same game, but one was new and exciting and required the community to work together to work things out in the days before guides and datamining, and the other was a 15-year old completely documented checklist of things to do and strategies to follow in order to do the thing you've already seen before anyway.


Yes this is different to those things, and other people having assembled and painted the same model months or years before I get to do it shouldn't impact on my enjoyment of that thing. But sometimes it does, and this is one of those times.



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On 4/25/2023 at 9:36 AM, Inquisitor_Lensoven said:

Did Johnson have this forest walk ability in the HH or is that some new nappytime magic?

What about the pharos beacon?  Maybe he found another one.  He knew all about it and went through it with Guilliman.  It’s not like it’s out of left field.

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