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Kridanyk's Void Raiders

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I've been working on a Kinhost for a while; still working on specifics of story etc I have some general themes / ideas :

  • Void based Kinhost -- original Hold world was destroyed but the Votann, crucibles etc were safeguarded and moved prior to destruction
    • World was destroyed by a stellar anomaly ( predicted by the Votann core ) -- prior to destruction, all resources were loaded into a fleet of generation ships which while not warp capable were boosted out of the star system and set on an extremely long path through deep space towards their nearest Kin holds
  • The fleet is served by the Void Raiders and other kinhosts with proper warp capable tender vessels -- traveling away for time to collect resources to sustain the mobile Hold
  • They have had many clashes with Orks; often claiming space hulks and other found junk that the Orks are also attracted to
  • The Void Raiders are not above piracy - they have been known to raid other races ships and worlds for resources ( though not other Kin .. probably )
  • They have salvaged a variety of Archeotech which they incorporate into their Kinhost where useful ( see Pioneers )


I'm a serial converter and needed some room to do 'fun' things with my models so this seemed like the right direction. Some WIP models below :


HQ :

Kahl #1


Kahl #1 of the Void Raiders ( No name yet ) - ( A little bit Chaos Dwarf .. too much time in the void )




Champion #1




Troops :


Hearthkyn Theyn :


Close ally of Kahl #1




Berserks :



Don't like the default Berserks too much -- bashed together some Necromunda Squats and Berserk bits -- still WIP and most need their backpacks and extra gear. They're a tad chonky compared to Hearthkyn etc but lets just say the cloneskeins for the Berserks are a bit beefier here ;)




Fast Attack :


Pioneers :



Still major WIP -- so while I do like the bikes, I saw someone's conversion on Facebook of a 'Bull Centaur' champion and at first.. I made a champion. Then I considered how slow it'd be compared to how fast it looked and took the huge swing of making it into a Pioneer instead -- a lot to do including making the 'Specialist' e-Cog removable / swappable ( same for the other special gear ) but I'm definitely going to convert more of these up.


Fiction is they found a drifting hulk from the Heresy era belonging to the Interex and adopted some of their technology ( the horse-man power armour ) -- once I'm done with the greenstuff, hopefully it'll be obvious that the Votann can dismount when needed rather than being permanently attached.














More to come

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On 5/14/2023 at 6:26 AM, Mumeishi said:

Awesome idea’s & conversion’s here :thumbsup:

I like it a lot !! , cannot wait to see how they’re painted up :sweat:… 


cheers, M. 


Thanks. I always get some analysis paralysis when it comes to painting. Have to sit down and paint some basic kin to work it out


8 hours ago, SpaceDwalin said:

The Centaurs are marvelous. What did you use for the 'horse' part?


The body is from the Adeptus Mechanics Serberys kit. I'll take some better photos of how it goes together when I chop up some Hearthguard soon

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