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  1. I've been working on a Kinhost for a while; still working on specifics of story etc I have some general themes / ideas : Void based Kinhost -- original Hold world was destroyed but the Votann, crucibles etc were safeguarded and moved prior to destruction World was destroyed by a stellar anomaly ( predicted by the Votann core ) -- prior to destruction, all resources were loaded into a fleet of generation ships which while not warp capable were boosted out of the star system and set on an extremely long path through deep space towards their nearest Kin holds The fleet is served by the Void Raiders and other kinhosts with proper warp capable tender vessels -- traveling away for time to collect resources to sustain the mobile Hold They have had many clashes with Orks; often claiming space hulks and other found junk that the Orks are also attracted to The Void Raiders are not above piracy - they have been known to raid other races ships and worlds for resources ( though not other Kin .. probably ) They have salvaged a variety of Archeotech which they incorporate into their Kinhost where useful ( see Pioneers ) I'm a serial converter and needed some room to do 'fun' things with my models so this seemed like the right direction. Some WIP models below : HQ : Kahl #1 Champion #1 Troops : Hearthkyn Theyn : Berserks : Fast Attack : Pioneers : More to come
  2. A brand new 1st Post! if the first replies dont make sense, well its because the whole entirety of this post has changed. This post will now reflect the most current and up to date chapter fluff. lots has changed in these last 3.5 years. thanks for stopping by and please contribute to the conversation! Index Astartes http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_107117.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/gallery_86595_11085_178195.jpg Origins The War of the Beats brought large amounts of destruction to the Imperium. Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane had decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. A Fourth Founding chapter, the Legion of the Iron Lion was created with one goal in mind, to engage with the orks. Invictumos, a world that prides itself in its martial ability, and one that has been fighting the orks since the days before the Imperium, would be the homeworld to such a chapter. As to which of the successors of the First Legion provided its veterans to raise the new chapter, it is not known. Only a legend told to initiates remains, "Just as the red halo engulfed the Flame of Consecration, the consecrated Iron engulfs the Sword of the Lion. And as the wings gave flight to the sword of the Angels, the Angels gave flight to the Legion of the Iron Lion" Homeworld: Invictumos To be fleshed out in the future. The Legion and the Unforgiven http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_476195.jpg Circles within circles. Truth within lies. Lies within truth. Each cog has its role to play. Only one Legionnaire is ever truly aware of the treacherous acts of Luther and the Fallen, the Grand Arbiter. Personally trained by the Interrogator Chaplains of the Dark Angels, the Grand Arbiter's purpose is to be an extension of the will of the Unforgiven, and guide his Master of the Legion in the Hunt. Fully indoctrinated into the higher levels of the Inner Circle, more so than the Master of the Legion, the Grand Arbiter is the sole Legionnaire to perform interrogations and deliver Judgement and Redemption. As with the other Unforgiven, many lies exist within the truth that is told to those who have been indoctrinated into the Hunt, but how much is truth, and how much is a lie? Rework in progress. Going for a more traditional relationship. The Wings of Judgement and Redemption The Hunt is omnipresent. In honor of the I Legion, the veterans of the first and second century carry the moniker of Wing. The Lion Wing of Cohort Leonus, their pauldron painted bronze underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying judgment for traitors of the I Legion, they are the Old Guard of the Hunt. The Iron Wing of Cohort Ferrum, their pauldron painted silver underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying redemption for the loyalist of the I Legion, they are the New Blood of the Hunt. At inception, the Iron Wing and Lion Wing were mirrors of each other. Every space marine had a suit of terminator plate, cataphractii, tartaros, or indomius, and a bike, speeder, or Unforgiven aircraft assigned to him. The veterans would deploy as the mission dictated. Experts in all aspects of war, the coordination achievable by the Iron and Lion Wings was without peer. Of the 100 Legionnaires assigned the century, 30 are selected to be Iron Guard or Lion Guard. These legionnaires would be issued special equipment, a storm shield and Mace of Absolution (Flail of the Unforgiven for sergeants) for use in terminator armor, and a Corvus Hammer and Plasma Talon for use on their bikes. It is from the Iron Guard and Lion Guard that lieutenants were chosen from. All this changed after the devastation of the Legion. After the much needed primaris reinforcements arrived, it was only a decade before the first primaris legionnaire made it into the severely undermanned Iron Wing. He fought alongside the other legionnaires in gravis armor when they were in terminator armor, and in tacticus armor in a land speeder when part of the fast attack detachment. Soon after, one became two, two became ten, and after decades of attrition, ¾ of a century worth of primaris had been inducted into Iron or Lion Wing. After the reorganization of the Legion, all primaris were consolidated into the Cohort Ferrum, and all space marines into Cohort Leonus. From this point on, the Lion Wing became known as the Old Guard of the Hunt and the Iron Wing as the New Blood of the Hunt. The Lion Wing still fights as it has since its inception, but the Iron Wing deploys almost exclusively in gravis armor, mission dictating aggressor or inceptor pattern. Three squadrons of Nephilim and one of Dark Talons sit in their armory for use when needed. The Iron Guard deploy in gravis armor with specially fitted storm shields, Maces of Absolution (Flails of the Unforgiven for sergeants) and fragstorm grenade launchers or jump pack. As is tradition, all Cohort Ferrum lieutenants are drawn from the Iron Guard. The Iron and the Lion http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/357137-the-iron-and-the-lion-prologue/ In current development. this story is very important to me. its this concept that really set the DIY into motion. Only In Death Does Duty End Under repair rename characters with new established naming conventions check for continuity of lore (its a 3 year old story, much has changed since) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/353770-legion-of-the-iron-lions/?p=5253154 Siege of Liamane Planned for the future
  3. So here is my Company/Collection Set up. I put it in separate categories for easier viewing. Thoughts? Chapter Assets - 1st Company Assets- 2nd Company - 2nd Company Auxiliary Equipment - 10th Company - 10th Company Auxiliary Equipment EDIT: Chapter project, 2nd Company with Chapter Assets listed UPDATE: 1/27/2020 Completed - Forgeworld Imperial Strongpoint Display Board
  4. Hey guys, so i dove feet first into 8th ed tyranids. I was always fond of them, I like the idea of a swarm and bugs. I thought a dark purple/blue would be cool and boom! What do you know?! Hive Fleet Hydra not only had the playstyle I wanted, but also a color scheme close to what I invisioned! I'm glad for this Tyranid Growth Challenge going on. It'll give me drive to keep painting. I'm gonna be asking for a lot of help from you guys, I haven't played a single 8th ed game, and I've only ever played DA (please don't tell the Chaplains, I don't want to return to Cell 42). I've also never played with or against a Tyranid army before, so I'm pretty lost as to what's good and what's not. My Pile O' Shame: Trygon/Mawlock Swarmlord/Tyrant Tervigon Broodlord 24x Hormagaunts 24x Termigants 10x Gargoyles 8x Genestealers 3x Warriors 3x Venomthroaps/Zoanthroaps I'll keep this list updated as a reminder of what I still owe you guys. 1st on the chopping block, 24x Termigants. I will be having 20x fleshboarers and 4x devourers. Reason is, I can bring back the fleshboarer termigants. I beleive I'll have a sound base to expand on in the future when I get my 3rd box (eventually) of termigants, which will be kitted with as many devourers as possible. Thoughts? Don't forget to leave painting advice, tips, tricks, and critiques (when I get to that point).
  5. ++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++ Brothers, the dogs of Lorgar have shown their treachery today. Let them know that the Sons of Guilliman do not fall so easily, and make them pay for their betrayal of the Emperor in blood and death. Courage and Honour! ++ END TRANSMISSION ++ ++ Centurion Jay Burgii and Cyber-Hound Dag ++ ++ Hailing from Old Albia on Terra, Centurion Jay Burgii was inducted into the XIIIth Warborn following the Osiris Rebellion. Steadily rising to the rank of Centurion, Jay was destined to only ever be a Line Captain, his Superiors believing he lacked the Necessary qualities to rise much further. A Stoic and uncompromising demeanor has lead many to believe he was destined for the XIVth Legion, but the casualties sustained at the hands of the Psybrids lead to his recruitment into the XIIIth instead. Seen here accompanied by his Cyber-Hound Dag. ++ ++ Apothecary Servius Agorix ++ ++ Long time friend of Jay's, Servius has served with the 3rd Centuria since his induction in to the Brotherhood of the XIIIth's Apothecaries. Witnessing the loss of so many loyal warriors of the Emperor at Calth has lead Servius to become a shell of his old self, grim and brooding where once full of brotherly camaraderie and humour.++ ++ Veteran Squad Kaeso ++ ++ Whilst the majority of the 38th Company were stationed at Erud alongside the rest of the 3rd Chapter during the muster at Calth, Veteran Squad Kaeso were accompanying Captain Jay as an Honour Guard within Numinus City itself when the atrocity began. Battling in the heavy fog that fell upon the city and facing hordes of traitor scum and never-before seen horrors, it would be hours before they were reunited with what little was left of the 38th. ++ ++ Tactical Squad Tertius and attached Rhino++ ++ WIP Veteran Tactical Squad Gnaeus ++ ++ WIP Legion Sicaran ++ This is actually further along than in this pic, only needs transfers applying now and its finshed! ++ WIP Command Squad Nobilis ++ Some of you may recognize my thread from the WIP part of the forums but I thought I would post them over here in the Ultras subforums as well. The plan is to get a playable fully painted 2000 point force done as soon as possible as I would really like to start playing 30K/40K, something I have never done in 14/15 years of me actually collecting warhammer. Once the 2000 point force is done, I'm slowly going to try and paint the entire 3rd Centuria (the pic at the top) with supporting elements. To some it might not be that great of a task, but I'm not the fastest painter in the world unfortunately and I have a tendency to get side tracked by other shiny things! I'm currently working on the 2000 point list, but will post it up when I feel like I am happy with it. For now, heres just a few WIP pics of what else I am currently working on for the army! Also built and basecoated I have 5 Suzerain, a Land Raider, 5 cataphractii with another 5 in bits, another tactical squad and the B@C contemptor. I thank you all in taking the time to read/view my log and I'll try and do my best to churn out some painting in the meantime! James
  6. The Wolves were for the longest time my only army, being what first attracted to me to 40k back in the 3rd edition. Since getting back into the hobby I've alternated between working on them, the Iron Hands and the Orks depending on how I'm feeling on the day. With the release of the new Wulfen imminent I've been motivated to get back to working on my 13th Company army. I spent most of the last few years or so stripping and remodelling my old models into something that doesn't look like it was assembled by a 10 year old. Before I dropped out of the hobby for a decade I was trying to update my force into a 13th company for the Eye of Terror Campaign and I hope this log can keep me motivated enough to finally finish the damn project as I have an unbelievably slow working pace! All of the models are very much a work in progress, even the ones with paint on them! Looking forward to hearing your comments and criticism as they're some great Logs on this subforum that have been an inspiration! All of the models on this first post were made and basecoated a couple of years ago when I was just starting to get back into the feel of painting and modelling, you can find my more recent work on the Iron Hands subforum. First up two Grey Slayers. This one's inspired by the old Index Astartes picture of pre heresy Wolves. I'm a massive fan of MkVI armor and intend to have an entire squad built up this style. First of a squad that will be armed with CCW and Bolters. Bolt pistol here is more for rule of cool than anything! By that same token I'm modelling all of my StormClaws with two close combat weapons, though obviously if I ever get them to the table top I'll just roll them as regular CCW and pistols. This guy's the first of my "new" models that doesn't cannibalise the remnants of my first army. While I like the pose, my modelling skills have definitely improved since then and I'm not really sure if I want to strip him down and rework some of the problem areas like mold lines or green stuff gaps. Hopefully I can get some new stuff up soon! Thanks for looking!
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