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Blog post discussion: referencing Wargames Atlantic and the Damned.

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If I was understanding @Brother Tyler correctly, then I'm allowed to make posts in sub forums where said products may fit.


Wargames Atlantic has plenty of heretic imperial guard potential already in their death fields line (which I carry as both boxes sets and sprues) but the upcoming "the damned" take the cake.


these have just the right level of battle damage without runes or other embellishments to make them fantastic generic cultist fodder. Especially with the myriad of headswap you could do.


I plan to add to my Nurgle forces with these models, but also my imperials too. Ragged doesn't just mean chaos.


Are you excited at the opportunity for a crowdfunder for these? They've got the gamefound page up now and you can get a free sprue with your pledge by following 


I'll also have these available upon general release in my store, both as full boxes and sprues.



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