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Hello! If you want to share your models from fellow space marine players and receive their advice and encouragement, you should start up a thread of your own in the Adeptus Astartes forum.  Or, if you think you want to share with the greater community and/or think you'll paint models for different factions or 40K related games and want to have all your models in one place, you could start up a thread of your own in the Work in progress and/or (for completed models) the Hall of Honour forums.


As well, there is the Call to Arms painting event going on right now until September 30 - its divided into 3 factions (ChaosImperium, and Xenos) so if you want to experience the encouragement and enthusiasm of your fellow faction mates, you should vow your (mostly - they can be base coated) unpainted models in the appropriate faction's stronghold.

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