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Urban T’au in the snow!

The Pounder

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As a new year has started it’s time for another project!


My son suggested that we theme our collection around the Eastern Fringe (we already have some Ultramarines and Nids)


so the only thing missing was some T’au!


The idea is to build 1250pts of each faction before we expand on them. So by the end we’ll have 3 full armies.


So this will be the start of the T’au, the intention is for the Cadre to be as mobile as possible plus loads of Auxiliaries.


Here’s the start, a Cadre Fireblade:










I think I’ll add some snow to the base but apart from that I think he’s (For the Greater) good to go!


Thanks for looking!

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1 hour ago, Wormwoods said:

Glad I'm not the only one doing Tau in 2024! The grey and orange looks great. 

Definitely not the only one! I just finished building my Stormsurge :)


Great scheme @The Pounder. It’s awesome having a son that’s into WH40k as well. My son and I give each other lots of motivation and a built-in opponent …

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Thanks @Wormwoods! Glad you’re on the T’au too! Maybe by posting pics we can motivate each other?

@TheArtilleryman. Thanks again! Yeah it’s great when I can get him off the dreaded Xbox! As it is I do all the modelling and painting he just rolls dice! 

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