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Angels Venaria - Xenocidal Vampires

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Hello guys, after a while away I'm slowly getting back into the hobby (Kill- team at least).


Going back the my roots with the blood angels, I've been working a little on my own successors.

Listening to Devastation of Baal has inspired this little project also reading the Bloodquest 40k comics and replaying the Soul Reaver games. 


Angels Venaria (Hunting Angels)

Founding M.34 

Geneseed: Sanguinius 

Homeworld: Nosgarath

Fortress: The Pillar of Silence 

Chapter Master: Raziel the Soul Eater 


A dark chapter of the sanguinary brotherhood, the Angels Venaria are secretive yet renowned Xenos hunters. 

An insular and often isolationist chapter, they have many dark secrets and have been thought lost many times throughout their history. 

Despite their blood thirsty endeavours, they have a compassion for humanity that is little shown by other astartes, perhaps to alleviate the guilt of their transgressions. 

A crusading chapter, their Venator fleets range into the depths of Imperial space and the void beyond, hunting their chosen prey in the Eldar and all their kin. In order to slake their lust for battle and blood, enacting the necessary crimson harvest their brothers demand.

They are forever searching for the relics and archotech they believe will save their chapter from the genetic afflictions that could eventually see them all dammed. 


Angels Venaria Kill-Team - The Exiles -

My Character line up - 


V.Sgt Malakaius - The First Fang 

Aged veteran commander, psychically afflicted with the chapters darkest secret.


Kandinor The Rageful 

Fallen Sanguinary Guard, verging on the edge of his sanity.


Brother Rapha the Swordsman 

Assault marine, famed master Swordsman.


Gunner Lucion Flamesinger

Veteran gunner, artist with a Flamer.


Brother Viko the Patient 

Stealth hunter and exceptional marksman.


Brother Dhuma the Dour

Tactical genius, advisor, stalwart astartes.


Brother Zahriel Bone Taker

Macabre brother, fixated upon death both his and the foes. totem of death.


Brother Phosan - Keeper of the Sceaming Skulls.

Veteran marine, Vox comm and recon specialist.


Brother Kryphon the Whirlwind 

Grim devastator, walking missile battery.


Brother Crestoff the Vengeful 

Honoured Veteran, on a personal quest of vengeance.


Brother Darakan the Insatiable

Veteran warrior, with an unquenchable thirst.


V.Sgt Malakaius 



Brother Rapha the Swordsman



Heavy gunner - gunner - warrior



3 warriors



"To feast upon the vitae of the Xenos is a necessary shame,

To devour the rotten husk of the corrupt is abomination,

To feed upon the life essence of those we swore to protect is eternal damnnation.

We are the saviours of mankind, humanity is not our prey, they are the herd we were bred to protect."

I'm in the process of converting and building these marines, the chapter does not even have a set color scheme as of yet but I have a few ideas. 


I'll be updating this as I go. :yes:


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1 hour ago, gideon stargreave said:

Some nice conversions here! I really like the devastator

I had fun building it, went for a mandalorian aircraft controller vibe.  


I have, I think found a colour scheme for this chapter. Traditional BA Successor look. The team were intended to be simply Blood Angels but of course I started writing fluff...





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9 hours ago, Firedrake Cordova said:

There's some nice conversions there - you'll have a very unique-looking kill team at the end :smile: 


I do like the Ork servoskull - not sure how it would work, but it looks neat :smile: 

Yeah, I have no idea how it works but seemed interesting and fits with them being alien hunters. 

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On 6/26/2024 at 3:19 PM, Raziel-TX said:

Loving the Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain vibes with this project! 


One of my favourites, looking to bring out the theme in my painting a bit, and keep it blood angels oriented.

Hopefully, i can finally get started on that tonight. :biggrin:

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Started testing colours for this team, and I think I'm liking the more unorthodox BA Successor look. 

They will have blood angels iconography, squad, company etc



Note: The head is a random bit i had to test flesh tone etc

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4 hours ago, Rusted Boltgun said:

I like that combination a lot. Sufficiently different to the Dark Krakens (my son's preferred chapter). Cool skin tone too. 


The skin is to resemble the character Raziel from the soul reaver games, though I think it has a touch of Rogue Trooper aswel. :smile:

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1 hour ago, Firedrake Cordova said:

You don't see too many purple marines :thumbsup:


It's quite a striking scheme, and it'll be interesting to see how it looks when finished (highlighted).


Blocking in the chapter colors to test it, the purple was to be glazed/blended up to a gore red, but I like the purple, reminds me of soul drinkers I did in the past.

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20 hours ago, Raziel-TX said:

You going to run any of the Sarafan group as characters?


I don't think so, it's just an inspiration rather than an attempt to recreate the game world in 40k. Some character names and similarities are the goal.


An example is that the chapter giving in to the red thirst has made the black rage almost non existant. The price though, is that a rare, psychic mutation occurs in some veterans that allows them to psychically devour the souls of enemies. 

A mutation linked to the act that they feed only of Xenos, predominantly the Eldar, even hunting and harvesting them as a chosen prey.


Working on an angle that Slaanesh has taken an interest in the chapter, as a corrupting Nemesis the chapter encounters.

Given the ability of some Veterans to devour the souls of Eldar. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Small update, added some other colours. 

It's difficult trying to catch an hour here or their to actually work on this wee project.






Some layering, washing and highlighting to be done, I plan to highlight the black with scurvy green-ghost grey mix. 

Metallics are a pain in the backside, using darkstar which seem to be much thicker than my vallejo metallics regardless of thinning.



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13 hours ago, Wormwoods said:

OOooh, that's lovely. There's no finer pleasure in the modellers art than making servo-skulls from spare bits, is there?

It's fun finding obscure bits to give bit of character to miniature :smile:


11 hours ago, Firedrake Cordova said:

That colour scheme's working very well indeed :thumbsup:

Aye, the red just feels better. The combination has brooding ancient feel, I think. 

They will be good candidates for the bottle of streaking grime I've never used. 

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