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The Unofficial Alpha Legionaire's Tactical Primer


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@Deus Ex Machina: That is just a KICKASS list!


I'm currently building a force much like your own:


Lieutenant [infiltrate, Dark blade, bolt pistol, daemonic speed] 91p

9 CSM [infiltrate, bp and ccw, Champ with bp and PF, visage] 165p

Lt and squad deploy together. Lt can charge on T1 with speed and infiltrate.


10CSM [infiltrate, bolters, 2 melta guns, Champ with bp and PF, visage] 200p


8 CSM [infiltrate, bolters, 2 plasma guns] 140p

8 CSM [infiltrate, bolters, 2 plasma guns] 140p

Infiltrate and unleash DEATH!


8 CSM [bolters, 1 plasma gun, 1 ML] 132p

8 CSM [bolters, 1 plasma gun, 1 ML] 132p

Deploy in cover. Hold quarters in cleanse and prevent the opponent from out-infiltrating me.



52 marines

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both of those lists, deus ex machina, groove, are similar in ways to mine so they do work quite well.


i honestly dont see the point of cultists (coming from a tournie point of view). Great they can summon daemons and have meltabombs and have furious charge but at the end of the day they're still T3 with a 6+ save which to me, equals dead.


btw gorod, that daemon prince can still be instant killed as resilience doesnt affect the base toughness (so S10 weapons will still splat it across the field).

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this is my list what do you think ?




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btw gorod, that daemon prince can still be instant killed as resilience doesnt affect the base toughness (so S10 weapons will still splat it across the field).


Ah, yes I see it now, maybe then the big daemon fire magnet isn't such a good idea, might just stick with what I see most people doing which is a cheap lord/Lt with LCs or dark blade.

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groove: i just realised that your 1000pt list is virtually the same list im considering using in next years conflict...must be onto a winning thing here!!


is anyone else going to the Uk GTs this year? i heard that there were quite a few alpha legion players at Heat 1 last weekend so did anyone go? Anyone else going to Heat 2 with me?

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I'm just a little confused. <_< From what I can tell, the AL lists most of you guys are building seem to focus on lots of shooting, lots of PG, AC, ML..etc. What I want to ask some of the AL veterans out there is, is the emphasis on special weapons and not close combat the only way to do AL? Because it seems that the armies that focus mainly on shooting does well while the army that uses infiltrate mainly get into combat, with some support shooting doesn't do so well. So, what's so bad about an AL list that emphasizes on combat infantry with lots of cultists? :D
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4th ed is much more about shooting than combat IMO.

Marines are statistically much better at shooting than they are at combat (htey always hit on 3's whereas in combat its a lottery).

Generally i build my list for UK tournaments - which have little terrain so puts an emphasis on shooting in my book.

I play a lot against mech tau so combat doesnt work as they run away. Shooting does though ( i outshoot him for the most part).


im not saying for a minute that a combat AL force wouldnt work, just in my area i feel a shooty force works better in the current climate.

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@gorod: Heres the tweaks I suggest:

-Turn the 2x 10 man Cultist squads into 20, they've gotta be in massive units to be effective. The combi-melta sucks, just give the champ a power or great weapon.


-Plaguebearers can hurt your own units with Nurgles Rot (esp Cultists), consider Bloodletters for marine killing or Flamers for some good psyche shooty, instead.


-The mixed weapon Havocs arent very good. Groupings of 4 weapons are best, autocannons and missle launchers w/tank hunters and infiltrate for anti-armour and

heavy bolters for anti-infantry (really good!). Lascannons are too expensive for Havocs.


-The Assault havocs are too barebones, you need points for a powerfist on the champ and 2 flamers, even if you have to drop a couple CSMs. (they could just be CSMs if you combine the havoc squads and make room for another troop slot. Weapons are cheaper).


Ive never lost a battle with my Assassins Cultist army, 3 units of 20 Cultists with Bloodletters, Oblits, Havocs, 2 CSM units and a DP. Once you start dog-piling his units with Cultists you can rush in your heavy hitters and annihilate them. And make no mistake, 20 Cultists on the charge does DAMAGE ;) !


-Demon Princes are excellent...Consider giving your Demon Prince a great weapon and furious charge instead of D.Resilience, this will make him S8 and able to autokill most characters (or just kill them ( :D ), good vs tanks who dont get out the way fast enough (monstrous creature- +2D6 armour pen on vehicles.) D.Speed = ROCKS!!!


++++Theres nothing wrong with doing an assault infantry list, but remember you're using an infantry list and infiltrate isnt always possible. You need anti-armour and covering fire for non-Rhino marines and Cultists moreso. Infiltration is good for shooty units, you can stack one side and get in close for some good time rapid fire bolter fun :devil:. Some fast ranging melta guns are good w/ Bikers or Raptors.


Bolter marines are great in assault too, after rapid fire if the enemy advances, assault them with your powerfist.


Demons and Cultists are quite effective, but you definitely need 3 Cultist units for demon-play. I just use marine lists because my demons are in the shop right now.

I might switch over before my next tournament. Time to unleash the Bloodletters . ^_^

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Akrim, as always, your wisdom is a great benefit :)


What I was planning on doing was having one Havoc squad with 2 HvBs and autocannons for anti infantry and the las/ML combo for tanks...What you say about lascannons being too expensive is true as well I find (now to convert them into AC's)


However, I find Daemonettes a lot more appealing (for reasons other than the obvious) to Bloodletters, they're 11 points cheaper and the rending claws allow them to wound things that Bloodletters would have trouble with eg a Wraithlord. Always, the warp scream ability on the daemonettes makes it so that they go before I4 things like Eldar, guants and them icky SM's.


But other than that, I will take your suggestions into consideration and probably inplement most of them.


But now I must go, I gotta go to work....I love working at GW....but I hate the fact that I'm only a summer temp (I think I'm gonna be unemployed by the end of the week ^_^ )

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Hay there guys new to B&C but been playing AL for a while now my list runs somthing like this



Dark blade, strenth, mutation, resiliance, armour, spiky boltpistol, furous charge, inf, move through cover

Retnue 5 chosen inf, furous charge, move throug cover, champ, PW, strength, Icon,


bacicly used as a counter charge unit


14 marens inf, movve throug cover, undivided, plasma, heavy bolter, champ, PW strenght

14 marens inf, movve throug cover, undivided, 2meltas, champ, PF


15 cultists, undivided, champ, PW

15 cultists, undivided, champ, PW


theas for make up the mainstay bulck of my army capable of dealing with just about any foot troop sent at them


10 Havocs, inf, undivided, 4missils

10 Havocs, inf, undivided, 4meltas, champ PF


anty tank need i say more


its about 1500


do you guys think the lord and rentinue are too over done only i find with and infeltrating army you need compat support

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your chosen can't take the icon. Other than that it looks pretty good.


One question tho, isn't giving str to a champ with a pwr fist kinda superflous. I mean whats the diff between str 8 and 9 in 40K other than for tank penetration?

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your chosen can't take the icon.  Other than that it looks pretty good.


One question tho, isn't giving str to a champ with a pwr fist kinda superflous.  I mean whats the diff between str 8 and 9 in 40K other than for tank penetration?


yeah no chosen icon in alpha legion. and its a power weapon with strength, not a fist. i think you really overdo the vet skills. you know that ICs already have skilled rider and move through cover per the 4th ed rulebook right? so you're not paying for it.


having said that, the lord is pretty hardcore. he really doesn't need a retinue that small as, without MoCU, theres a chance of them running. Plus such a small squad can get drilled pretty easy.


i think you're wasting a lot of points on move through cover vet skill, just buy better dice!!


splitting up the squads could also be benefical. the chosen are ridiculously small in comparison to the other squads. Fluffy yeah, but not game-wise very efficient. the troop and havocs could cope with only being 8 strong really so you could take a couple more squads in there and bulk up the chosen.

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@gorod: I dunno if I'd call it wisdom :lol: , this is more my experience playing Alpha Legion in tons of battles.


Im beginning to think that Cultist Alpha Legion is stronger than Marine AL, just based on my win-loss ratio. I've watched my Cultists massacre WE Berzerkers, BA Death Company and many other "stronger" enemy. Look at the number of attacks they can deliver in assault, its intoxicating! :rolleyes:


Bloodletters, Daemonettes, all the same as long as they slaughter marines.


@Fenor: Your list is somewhat broken. Ill bullet it:

-Lord & Retinue: Lord doesnt need to pay for Move Thru Cover, Independant Characters all get it for free. What you need is speed to take the fight to the enemy, either Demonic Speed or Flight instead of D.Armour (which is negated easily by power weapons/fists.


Retinue is a waste! With only one champ is not worth it and its too small. Take a couple marines from the missle havocs and make a third squad of marines for his retinue.


-And as mentioned ditch the move through cover, you dont need it.

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I've played both with my marine Alpha Legion list. Tau were ok, played Ulthwé partly mech Eldar with some insane tanks (holo field, force field & spirit stone combos.) not good!


With either list (Cultist or Marine) I use specialist squads for fire support (if Im reading your thoughts correctly Gilgalad?):


-Tank Hunter Havocs (autocannons, missles)

-Bikers (meltas)


These are usually mainstays in my army. If I take Cultists I take little to no CSMs.


3 units of Assassins (my armies is based around an Assassins theme), 2 units of 20, 1 units of 15 w/meltabombs. All have MoCU. And a unit of Bloodletters.


IMO, you gotta have demons w/Cultists to make up for their lack of mobility.


The army which confounds my Cultist list is Necrons however, Monoliths are

;) HELL :) on Cultists!

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Been thinking of getting an Alpha Leigon Army and running through some lists I've been drawn to Possesed with Talons but seems (from what you guys have said) they can't Infiltrate. Alhough it says Infiltrate doesn't add up to the limit of veteran skills I'm guessing it counts as one for that rule and so I'm left with having to just end getting some Chosen, make them all ACs and then give them Talons (a total cost of +6 points per model over possesed). Is this going to be worth it or should I scrap the idea? (Or is there any chance I could somehow wrangle it that they could infiltrate or have some other similar combo)


I also like the possibilities when moddeling Possesed and so could I create a unit of Possesed with the Talons and then play them as Chosen (just to get around the technicalities). I don't mind the fluff aspect of it (although I'm not going to be using daemons for fluff reasons - I'm strange like that).


Thanks in advance



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Holy one year to the day digging up post Batman!!


Yeah Possessed cant infiltrate in the same way as obliterators can't. I don't see any other way but to take the uber chosen squad with talons to be honest. You could just give the possessed a rhino and deploy them normally and hope your infiltrators draw fire.


To be brutally honest, i don't think possessed or non-speed chosen are worth it in an alpha legion army anyway but if you're not arsed about having an uber hard list, go for it!

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The story of The Justinious Sect (my AL army) begins with a Black Templar Hero named Rubben Justinious. A veteran of over 200 major Imperial campaigns including Cadia and Armagedeon. By the time of his death he was a hero of great renown and when the Adeptus Mechanis decided to create a new space marine chapter to deal with xenos threats on the Eastern Fringe the gene seed of Rubben Justinious was chosen as its base. Little did they know that Rubben Justinious was not the great hero that he was portrayed as in the annals of Imperial history.


Little is known about Rubben Justinous today. A nameless hero of a nameless age but there is a darker story to be told of this man. After yet another zealous slaughter of rebellious forces Justinous came into the possession of a chaos grimore and in the one second of decision of whether he should destroy it or not the book whispered to him of power and bloodshed and Justinous listened and it was then that his fate was sealed. From then on his battles became more bloody, no mercy was spared to anyone who he came across. On Armagedeon he went into a crazed bloodrage and killed 3 of his fellow space marines. And because of his ability to shroud his evil he was absolved of any wrong doing and allowed to continue his service with the Black Templars. He discovered soon after that not even the grey knights, whom had fought with Justinious many times, could detect his aura of malice. When he died on Cadia, he was hailed as a hero, the greatist of the age. But one man knew his secret.


A shadowy and secretive Inquisitor named simply Guyver knew of the secret life of Rubben Justinious as it was he who taught him how to shield his evil to the world. Guyver too had been shielding his evil for over 500 years, constantly seeking to further his own power without seeming radical in the eyes of the Inquistion. After being given the rank of Inquistor Lord thanks to careful plotting and secretive murder Guyver set about in his master's grand design. Though to Justinous their relationship was one of teacher and pupil it was more of a puppet and puppet master. It was Guyver who led Justinious to his death and then later elect his gene seed to create the new space marine chapter.


Guyver oversaw every aspect of the creation proccess of the new chapter, careful to hide anything that might make the gene seed seem corrupt to wary eyes. After 80 years the new chapter was at its full one thousand man strength. Guyver chose a planet, far into the Eastern Fringe, far from the watchful eye of the Imperium, as the chapters home planet, named Gaulog 3 and named the chapter The Ghost Division. It was at this time that certain bits of the Justinous gene seed was showing genetic abnormalities and Guyver was forced away from his watchful gaze upon his space marines and on the run by grey knights.


The planet of Gaulog 3 was a barren rock. Its surface yielded no life due to atomic purging a millenia ago. Its inhabitants had abandoned the surface and moved their cities underground to escape radiation so there was no unrest when the newly arrived Ghost Division layed claim it, there bodies more able to resist such radiation. Two years later there arrived a Inquistion and Imperial Fleet led by a puritan Inquisitor Lord named Khanis. Khanis was at the forefront of uncovering Guyvers plans and had discoverd his involvment with the Ghost Division so set about gathering a large attack force to destroy the chapter before its gene seed showed its nature. So without the consent of the Ordo Malleus his strike force consisting of 13 batallions of Imperial Guard made planet fall and demanded the surrender of the Ghost Division. When the marines hesitated they were fired upon by Lemun Russ battle tanks and many were killed. The ensueing battle saw the Ghost Divisions first Chapter Master, Axminster take the battle to the underground tunnels where they could force the guardsman into close quaters. The melee lasted another 2 months before Inquisitor Lord Khanis was ordered to cease operations by the head of the Ordo Malleus and to return his forces back to their bases, bloodied and badely beaten. No apology to the Ghost Division was ever given; they learned first hand that being loyal to the Imperium had its price.


From then on the Ghost Division operated much differently than the guidlines in the Index Astatres. The acknoweldgment that the Imperium was their master was privatly forgotten. They were acting on their own now. The Ghost Division went on to have a checkered battle history, from the liberation of Jules Prime by the second and third companies led by Axminster to the abandonment of Imperial Guard forces to their slaugter on Gesha 2. Through this 200 year period one thing about the Ghost Division stayed constant: Whatever they did they did for themselves, wether it was the betrayal of their 13th Company allies on Patlin Prime to accquire star engine parts for their battle cruiser or their indiffernce to civilians during urban street fighting.


Chapter Master Axminsters death at the foul hands of the tau marked the turning point in the short history of the Ghost Division. Axminsters successor, named Dai'gawn was a most charismatic leader and convinced his fellow marines to abandon the Imperium all together, to strike back at their former masters who had treated them like fodder to be abandoned on the edge of space . The chapter then abandoned their home planet of Gaulog 3 and set about on a campaign of terror against nearby systems. To the Imperium the betrayal by the Ghost Division was not apparent at first, little did they know that the request for aid they had sent to the Ghost Division was then being used by them to attack undefended and weakend worlds.


Soon one of these distress calls was head by a waiting ear, the ear of former Inquisitor Lord Guyver who had been on the run for the past 300 years. He intercepted the Ghost Division pirate fleet and made his introductions, Dai'gawn quickly accepted him into his ranks and replaced his frail and broken body with a suit of terminator armour. In return Guyver taught Dai'gawn all he knew, much like he had done with Rubben Justinious 400 years ago. Dai'gawns physical mutations were soon too much for him to hide and he announced what he had done to his battle brothers. At first there was revulsion at what Dai'gawn had done but the wealth of power that it could provide them all was all too aparent to the marines who were hungering for a better way of defeating their Imperial foes. Thus was the Ghost Division abolished and reformed into the Justinious Sect of the Alpha Legion, with Dai'gawn, now a mighty daemon prince, at its head.



The Justinious Sect now operates in and around the Eastern Fringe, their goal: Disrupt and Destroy Imperial forces wherever found by whatever means neccessary.

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