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Codex Night Lords


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hey guys.i been away to long.

neway if ur interested i based my night lords around a raiding party,

where theirs 2 rhinos,2 raptor squads,and the troops mainly have bp/cs

so its very cc oreintated.it may not sound to great (no real heavy support)

but the nl cant beat everything lol.

neways keep up the gd work on this codex

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Well Night lords are Great that my thrid Chaos army i play and i do Use no marks just vet skills

HQ of mine Is a daemon prince with a Dark blade with flight and DArmour and DAura spiky bits and Mutation


8 possed with Flight


2 squads of 9 marines with one squad with melta guns and tank hunter, inflrate, and stealth champion has a power fist and combimelta


second squad 9 with furoius charge inflatrate, stealth and two plasma pistols and the champoin with a plasma pistol and power fist


Raptors just five man squad all with tanker hunter and and stealth

one squad with with 3 melta guns and plasma pistol with champion and power fist


second with four plasma pistols and power weapon


thrid three flamers and plasma pistol and power weapon


fourth squad was just3 melta guns and aplasma pistol with power fist

all champoins had mutation and strenght excect for the ones with powerfists

the unit of raptors with flamers had furoius charge in stead of tank hunter


one Dreadnaught with dread klaw drop pod with mutation and two dreadnaught close combat weapons and a havoc launcher

its a fast hitting and fast moving army lots of fire power that can take out units left and right or take out termies too

I battled bugs and marines and dark eldar all the time and its effective army to play against them since u hide and wait for them to come too u and then on turn two or three u bring in ur dread naught and let him have fun

the only thing i dont like about it is the blood rage it gets and that make its unreliable on holding objectives

i usually plant it right on the the objective and let the other armies shoot at it and let take its toll out on them while the rest of the force hit and runs on there supporting untils

so no marks are good in night lords armies and take few transports i still want to try out termies in this army but at 75 points a model with all the vetern kills and equipment on them there not worth it

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Night Lord tactics are primarily based on fear with a healty dose of speed.

Amyway this is my Lord for my army how is he.


Twin Master-Crafted LC

Stealth Adeapt

Night Vision

Deamon Armor

Deamonic Aura

Deamonic Flight

Deamonic Essence


He joins he's 7-man retine of Raptors.

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well no the hit and run actucally is good figure if u have four squads for raptors one armed with 3 melta guns and plasma pistol an power weapon on the ac second one armed same way thrid oneone armed same way with flamers and AC with power fist and the fourth one armed with three plasma pistols and ac armed with a power fist and plasma pistol all shot into one squad or two squads that are close to gether there a lot of dead marines or dead what ever then u charge them u will end up killing about 4 to 5 marines in the shooting and then u charge in with furiuos charge u take out a few more about 3 to 4 that would either kill off the squad or leave only a few there like 2 then u hit and run

and let ur troops or a Daemon prince mop up to support them if they happen to get stuck in CC it works out pretty good and the hounds Idea is good and they can move as fast as the ac so u can take them with bike or flight

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If I could just give my own humble opinion.

I've been contemplating having:


4 12 man marine squads each with 2 plasma guns, give them infiltrate and set them up in a line just out of assault reach of the enemy.

4 full squads of raptors jumping back and forth over my ine of men and nice defiler dropping shels here and there.

A daemon prince with DFlight and some flying choson jumping about too.


Any comments wold be great.




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You guys forget that havocs can be tooled up with assault weapons?

Place a few groups of havocs in rhinos for that firepower and close threat image NL's possess.

Go with possessed with wings when you get few fast attack choices.

Use bikes over raptors, and remember you can upgrade the champ's bike weapon for a total of 3 weps just like raptor units.

Dont forget Fabius Bile, you can include him without opponents consent.

Put 9 bad boys in a land raider and the second HQ sorcerer with mass mutation and assault weps + furious charge.

watch the possible str 7 attacks fly. It's a gable though, I admit.

Terminators? Bah, who needs them.

Place a lord on a bike with Daemonic Rune, chaos armour, meltagun and Lightening Claw + furious charge and he'll rip most anything apart. Good firepower soaker too.

That pretty much sums it all up, I used to play these guys but I have a similar IW HtH force. Enjoy.

MoCU - useful when you dont use a champion in large units like havocs. Larger the unit, the more useful it becomes (the more LD checks to make) and even more useful in a HtH army. Since morale checks comes around twice in a full game turn rather than once. You can have stealth adept + MoCU with one more veteran skill, Stealth adept dosent count towards your max, its your legion special skill.

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You can have stealth adept + MoCU with one more veteran skill, Stealth adept dosent count towards your max, its your legion special skill.

I'm sorry but that is not correct,

Only Nightvision is "free".

Stealth adept is a special skill that we have sole rights to, it can be bought at the same cost/limitations as normal Vet skills.


C:CSM p. 42, 3rd paragraph/bullet.

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I agree with Heroes, Night Lords shouldn't take MOCU, as it goes against their doctrine of using chaos as a tool ,so it doesn't make sense that they would pledge their souls to something they see as inferior. Personally my own Night Lords the only mutations included are accidental ones resulting from the stay in the Eye of Terror, not resulting from daemonic bargains. Night Lords suit the embittered, callous imagery that MOCU destroys, an idea that they can prove themselves without relying on deamons etc to win a battle.
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Edit: Sounded like a great idea 'till I realized hounds can't turbo-boost, though that does make for an amusing image...



that's where those chains come in handy... :D






me likes night lords, I am currently spending bucks on my Black Dragons cursed founding chapter, however, night lords tempt me...so...much :P


really cool fluff, and a rule that makes them actually good sluggers.

and I love the paint scheme, and let's not forget the fact that roboutes boys don't like them, which is a plus :D

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In my opinion the BA character Mephiston or whoever, the Librarian character, makes a great Night Lord HQ, with some conversion. Just remove the BA iconography, add lightning and skulls and you're there. :lol: The armour is even already modeled like a flayed torso. :)
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well, soon, probably.

I mean, nightlords are still marines.

SO my dragons will have to playe the traitor now and then until I have a full standing army.


by the way, is it just me or do the pictures of the nightlords actually suggest much plainer armour than for example, the black legion?

less spiky stuff and all that.

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Night Lords in the fluff do not have as much chaotic influence, but the actual models have just as many spikes etc as the other undivided legions. It depends on how you want your Night Lords to be, either totally chaotic and wild/mutated, or just like bitter, evil, 'normal' marines.
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A bit of a mix I think, it would probably be very dependant on the marine we are talking about:

one may think that all the spikes and such add to his scariness-factor, while another thinks "meh, this is bull<DELETED BY THE INQUISITION>, those spikes are annoying when walking through the bushes"


I'd pretty much go for the latter one I think, the veterans/champs probably having a good bit more embelishment on their armour.


by the way: what blue do I use? :D

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and shade it with midnight blue, right.


MNB is a nice colour, almost black, almost.

should be useful when painting them.


anyway: I'll use some beakie heads too, I saw some on images and they look quite good in that colour scheme.


raptors are imo, just a little too expensive in 1000 pts and less, they pack the same punch as assault marines but you already pay for an ability you don't want to use.

they also lack the slugging power

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