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Codex Night Lords


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how about this idea for nightlords heads:


let's look at the UM honour guard *lots of "booooo" and "guilliman sucks!" heard on the background*.


but let's change it a little.


replace eagle wings with bat-wings.


wouldn't that look 10 times better AND be menacing at the same time? :devil:

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I was put off Lord of the Night because of the comedy style skulls head of the marine on the cover (which I believe suffered much ridicule on this forum when it was released).


What is the literary quality of the book like? Without wanting to sound like a snob, a couple of the BL books ive picked up and flicked through are bordering on the badness of some of the older forgotten realms d&d books. As much as id like to read it because of the subject matter I could see that putting me off...

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What is the literary quality of the book like? Without wanting to sound like a snob, a couple of the BL books ive picked up and flicked through are bordering on the badness of some of the older forgotten realms d&d books. As much as id like to read it because of the subject matter I could see that putting me off...

The plot becomes apparent pretty quickly, the story moves along at a nice pace and the language and scenery is better than most BL publications.



It is worth the read in my opinion, especially as it shows us that some NL have fallen further than others... :D


I'd give it 7/10 <_<

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  • 9 months later...

being new to 40k in general, thought id do something to go with my vampire counts army ('cos i love a theme)...


so yeah, here i am building a night lords army. amazingly cool, if only because they're like batman on steroids and more evil. like so -> ^_^


werl, me idea was that these guys have been lurking in the eye of terror for nearly a dozen milennia now, right? and its fairly hard to stay for that long in that place without getting slightly warped at least. so that explains the oversize arms and horns.


the other bit is, havent they been wandering for all those years? so it made sense (to me) that their armour and stuff would get worn out, damaged etc, particularly if your fending off some extremely annoyed howling griffons. a box of loyal marines, a box of chaos marines, and various marauder bits give a good scavenger impression.


so far, the army list is ok - three units of marines, 2 units of raptors, lord + possessed with daemonic flight, and a dreddie with 2x dreadnaught cc weapons, but hey, critiscism is welcome (its 2000 pts by the way).


sorry if ive rambled, but hey...its what the evil guy does so the good guy can escape...

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thanks man...


yer, the army stands as follows:


1 Lord. w/Daemonic flight, strength, stature, mutation, essence and resilience dark blade and bolt pistol (aka the one what did that Howling Griffon in), who is probably going to be converted from be'lakor from warhammer.


7 possessed with daemonic flight, asp. champion w/powerfist


2 units of 8 marines, with infiltrate, stealth adept, two meltaguns and asp. champion w/powerfist


5 bikers with meltagun and plasma gun, asp. champion w/powerfist


2 full sized units of raptors


and the dreadnaught for more punch in close combat.


is it just me, or does no-one seem to have chaos dreddies with 2xcc weapons? im thinking of dropping it anyway, cos its not vey sneaky. and no, none of my models have bat wings on their helmets (but they do on the shoulder pads).


me and the guys here in nottingham came up with the theory that the wings are actually for deflecting grenades back at whoever threw them...dunno what u guys think, but still amusing in its own way.

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Your list looks alright.

Just a side note though, don't be fooled like many new Night Lords players, they are NOT entirely about stealth. It states several times in the IA that they favour using overwhelming force against their opponents, so dreads are entirely fitting. They even have a small pun in their name if used for Night Lords! :)

If you read the beginning of this thread, I go into this line of thought, giving a bit more detail. However, my views have changed, I am now no daemons whatsoever, however my advice would be perfectly fitting for how you seem to be theming your Night Lords.

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werl, the next draft of the list goes similar, just with three units of raptors, a unit of furies, 3 units of marines, possessed and lord. the dreddie and bikers are being dropped. NO ONE has inflitrate or stealth adept...i prefer the image of a raiding/pillaging party to a softly-softly image. i mean, theyre 7" 6' (last i heard), and i dont see them creeping around in the woods. at night, most definitely.


the back story (sorry if uve read this on the NL forum) is that the captain of the 4th grand company learnt the hard way that a daemon will do whatever it takes to possess u...cue a corrupted lord and retinue (id use chosen, but possessed fit the fluff better) with daemonic raptors and furies. if u see any holes in that story, please let me know so i can iron it out...thanks. it explains pretty much everything, i think.


and on the subject of assassins, was the officio assassinorium around just after the horus heresy? ive read the old codex:assassins, and the earliest it mentions is lord vandire et al. anyhoo...last i heard, when the old SM addition codexes (space wolves, etc) were re-done, theyed be done as completely stand-alone books, you wouldnt need codex:SM for them. do you reckon we could get away with suggesting that they did the same with word bearers, night lords, etc...i mena, thers so much background and stuff you could write for it, and i still love the idea of a NL assassin...mebbe everorsor (?) or vindicare gone bad, or newly trained by the NL.

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1) Your statured Lord can't have a bolt pistol, just take a bland ccw and you get the +1 attack


2) Assassins were around efore the Heresy


3) An assassin killed the Night Haunter


4) The Officio Assassinorum is a stand alone organization, like the Astartes, and all remained loyal during the Heresy. This is because, unlike the other factions, they didn't really have any personal contact with Horus... or any of the Astartes for that matter. There was an incident where the Master of Assassins was killed by another assassin, but heresy and traitors may have had nothing to do with it and the Master of Assassins might have asked for it. As far as I can tell, the assassins are brainwashed so in-and-out that they can't turn traitor (like SoB perhaps).


5) The secrets for training an Imperial Assassin is probably a VERY closely guarded secret. Even more so than the creation of marines, the techniques of the Ordo Malleus, etc. I doubt the Night Lords would be able to train one, though I'm sure they might try and make themselves a bootleg assassin.

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thanks for pointing out the ccw thing, means i can whup imperial guard more... :huh:


when was the master assassin assassinated? (too many s's) how? theres a bit in the assassins codex about how the chief of callidus temple tried to off the master, but he failed...the grand master of assassins then faked his own death (?) and his his "body" in a stasis chamber with the real ring of the grand masters.


anyhoo, back on topic... (ie night lords...)

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First, let me say thanks to all for this thread. I'm in the concept/design stage of a NL force and it has come in handy - VERY HANDY.


I've been toying w/ a lot of lists, and in all of them, I've opted for no MoCU in return for multiple vet skills. BUT, I'd like to chime in w/ a "MoCU on NLs = OK" voice. Here's why. With GWs current flavor of "counts as", I see the MoCU as more of a game mechanic. It could literally be a "worship of the Chaos pantheon" thing, but it could "count as" something else from a fluff standpoint. One thing that struck me as odd w/ the NLs is that they use terror tactics, yet are NOT fearless/stubborn. The MoCU fits this bill IMO - makes them more resilient to breaking (fear) but not necessarily fearless/stubborn.


One thing, since I'm not only new to NLs, but new to Chaos, is I can't tone my Lord down. Lots of gifts, some gear, and a few Vet Skills is ultimately to pricy IMO (but where to trim, where to trim...). What are people's opinion on Daemon Weapons? The mastry test kinda scares me (I'm terrible at those dice rolls "when it counts"). But a power weapon and furious charge is more expensive, less STR, and only lasts one round (AND only if you charge).


Again, thanks folks. This thread has been VERY HANDY.

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One thing, since I'm not only new to NLs, but new to Chaos, is I can't tone my Lord down. Lots of gifts, some gear, and a few Vet Skills is ultimately to pricy IMO (but where to trim, where to trim...). What are people's opinion on Daemon Weapons? The mastry test kinda scares me (I'm terrible at those dice rolls "when it counts"). But a power weapon and furious charge is more expensive, less STR, and only lasts one round (AND only if you charge).

Care to post your lord and the ideas behind it?


I think I can trim it down, no problem *snikkt* :D

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I think I can trim it down, no problem *snikkt* -_-


Sure. Here he is. Idea behind him is he'd be in all my forces, unchanged. So he's probably a bit (ok way) over the top for a 1500 point list, but he'd be the same in my 2k list - practice makes perfect, no need to tweek your quarterback from game to game. I don't want a Statured lord (fluff and lack of model), so have added several (too many) stat boosters to compensate. One thing I'm not sure of is the Speed - Personally, I like Speed over Flight, but as the force grows, I think he'd be better off with flight and accompanying some Raptors.


Lord, Essence, Mutation, Resilience, Speed, Strength, Dark Blade, BP, Frag, Furious Chg., Infiltrate, Stealth Adept = 187


[rest of 1500 list, just in case]


2x CSM squads, 11-man (total), BP/CCW, 2x Meltagun, Frags, Infiltrate, Stealth Adept, Move through Cover; Asp. Champ. w/ BP/P-fist = 268 each


1x CSM squad, 11-man (total), BP/CCW, 2x flamer, Frags, Inf., Stealth Adepth, Move-Cover; Asp. Champ w/ BP/P-weapon = 255


Predator, TLC, HB Sides, Possession, Mutated Hull, Havoc Launcher = 205


1x Havocs, 10-man (total), bolters, 4x Plasma Guns, Counter Attack, Stealth Adept; Asp. Champ. w/ BP/P-fist; Rhino w/ X-Armor & Smoke & Light (since list was 1499, figured what the heck). = 317



{edit} - oops, forgot to mention this army is my City Fighting army, so won't see much in the way of woodland battles.

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Sure. Here he is. Idea behind him is he'd be in all my forces, unchanged. So he's probably a bit (ok way) over the top for a 1500 point list, but he'd be the same in my 2k list - practice makes perfect, no need to tweek your quarterback from game to game. I don't want a Statured lord (fluff and lack of model), so have added several (too many) stat boosters to compensate. One thing I'm not sure of is the Speed - Personally, I like Speed over Flight, but as the force grows, I think he'd be better off with flight and accompanying some Raptors.

I would keep speed, you see - if you run your lord with the raptors they lose their unique ability to hit and run. If said raptor squad is a tank hunting one you wouldn't want a melee lord to accompany them anyways. If you're ok with losing Hit&Run though, go for it. Keep in mind though that Raptors will be limited in use in CoD due to the terrain rules.


Lord, Essence, Mutation, Resilience, Speed, Strength, Dark Blade, BP, Frag, Furious Chg., Infiltrate, Stealth Adept = 187
If you swap D.mutation for Spiky bits you basically get the same effect for 5 less points. Keep Essence, Keep resilience. Keep Speed. Drop Strength (more of this later). Keep the Dark Blade, the BP and the Frags. Drop Furious charge, infiltrate and stealth adept (unless you have a few points left over).


I suggest trying this guy out.

Lord, D.Essence, D.Resilience, D.Speed, D.Visage, Dark Blade, BP, Frags, Spiky Bits.



And if you want that endless killing feeling and have the points to spare, you can slap on a Daemonic Rune. (you will notice there is just enough points left before the 100pt limit on gifts) Or you could add D.Mutation for another attack.





Why I wouldn't go for insta kill.

Your lord has S8 on the charge and is therefore able to insta kill most enemy HQ's. Unless you want to send him off and attempt to do a coup de gr

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  • 2 months later...

I'm new to the forum, but old to the Night Lords. In my opinion (in agreement with the book Lord of The Night) there are two seperate factions of Night Lords:


The first are Night Haunter's progedy, the Legion build from his geneseed and the few loyal fighters drawn from Nostramus. For me they are the pinnacle of the 40K universe; cold and calculating to the point of being psychopaths, they are bend on spinning the entire galaxy into a net of terror because of a (long forgotten) wrong, done to them and their Primarch by the Emperor of Mankind. These marines are veterans of 10.000 years of guerilla warfare, using terror and fear as a weapon to reach their ultimate goal; dragging the corpse off his Golden throne and ruling the galaxy as a ruthless government of justice, that accepts no error but neither exploits loyalty.

This faction is lead by intelligent commanders in seperate cells. Some may pay homage to Zso Sahaal The Talonmaster, some to none but themselves, but all are working together to reach a common goal, when they must.

Individually these Night Lords are too shrewed to worship the Chaos Gods, but they exploit them at all times possible, as they are as much the enemy as are The Emperor.


The second faction is composed of the thieves and murderers of Nostramo who joined the legion as Night Haunter's progedy fell in battle. They are worshipping chaos as parts of various warrior cults similar to the raptor cult, the first to fall to the lure of chaos. These unpredictable maniacs know no honour and cares little for Night Haunter's doctrines. They kill for the thrill of it, or for the loot. Only their colors take them apart from pirates like the Astral Claws. This faction is lead by the daemon prince Krieg Acerbus, The Giant, The Head-taker, The Axemaster, The Brute. Although several lesser commanders rule these apathic Night Lords, few has any goal but plundering and murdering until they are stopped by natural or supernatural causes.


:::::::::: The Chosen of Night Haunter :::::::::::


My Legion definately belongs to the first faction, their commander, Lord Morgan Steiner, having taken upon him the heritage of Night Haunter and sworn to avenge him. Calling himself The Chosen of Night Haunter he commands a small fleet of traitor ships crewed by marines of Night Haunters geneseed or utterly loyal to the legacy of Conrad Kurze. The 40K fighting army is build up around Morgan Steiner's personal S&A (Shock & Awe) units, the core of which are the aspiring champions.


To keep the elite impression that veterans of 10.000 years of war should give, I always keep my army small. About 32 models are common for even 2000 pt. games. This however means that every man is worth a full squad of IG (both in points and efficiancy). This also inspires a very Night Lord like playing style of Hide & Strike, as each model must be used to its full potential. It encourages overwhelming force against hard targets (you can't loose but a single model) and harvest of easy kills.

When it works it produces a very satisfying scared expression on your opponents face, when he figures that he actually can't maneuvre to get a good shot, or any shot at all, before he has tooled up chaos marines in his vulnerable flanks, killing squads without any losses.


For my models I really do not like the GW Night Lords. They are silly, not scary, IMO. Thus I used regular chaos marines with all horns 'n stuff cut down, to allow skulking in shadows. Instead my bases are littered with burned grass, skulls and blood to illustrate the coming massacre. Weapons are sprayed with blood, poses are agressive and mobile, and the larger bases have mutilated imperial casualties upon them. All champions have D. Visage as compulsory wargear, white deathmasks painted onto their helmets.


My lord is on a converted Dark Eldar jetbike (inspired by an old picture of a pre-heresy Emperor's Children marine) as a bike really wouldn't be fast or nimble enought for him. he wields a massive darkblade (a grey knight sword, resembling a Emperor's Champion's Black Sword) and mounts an underslung meltagun to kill off dreadnaughts and characters. He carries a jetpack for the extra NL all-going feel and a fallen black legioneers prides his cavalry base.

With D. Armour and D. Mark he is given almost total invulnerability. He holds an entire flank, just because my opponent doesn't dare letting him close. And when he get's into melee, the game is almost over already. The best is actually half 'n half, as when an entire Tau gun line opened fire upon him, taking 2 of his 3 wounds. he then smashed the entire right flank, counting two fire warrior squads, a hammerhead, a devilfish and a full battle-suit team among the casualties. Another game saw him downing a chaplain, a commander, a 6-man squad and the rest half a veteran squad, before he chewed through half an assault bike squadron in the last turn.


My elites are a unit of Chosen Terminators. I wanted them not just scary, but entirely terrifying. What is more terifying then the Emperor's finest defeated, their armour disgraced and used by the enemy? Not much, I guess.

Thus my Chosen Terminators are modelled over Grey Knight Terminators, defiled with Night Lord colors, blood on books and purity seals and slaughtered guardmen and commissaries filling their bases, limbs torn off and faces twisted in fear. My aspiring champion and reaper AC gunner each has a guardsman hanging by the sword, the model a snapshot as the guardsmen are simply torn aside by the all-powerful chosen. Still they needed something to be real Night Lords, so what to do? Well, I cut the wings off five Heroes quest gargoyls, pinning their wings to the backs of the terminators, making the models tower over even regular terminators as well as making them look distinctly Night Lord'ish. Of cause my aspiring champion Marl (former bodyguard for Night Haunter) carries his Skull Mask terror marking with pride, the skull of a daemon prince marking a 40K battle were an IW monstreous lord fell to Marl's bloody blade.


I as well go for a duo of obliterators, although I do not (surprise!) like the orginal models. Instead I have converted a pair of old grey knight terminators with four Octopus-like arms, carrying heavy weapons. One base features wreackage of a leman russ and a Dark Eldar impaled on the halberd, the other a commissary raked by heavy bolter shells, then stabbed to death with a combat knife. Nichtor and Cain are centerpieces just because they are special in outlook, as well as twice as big as any original obliterator.


My troop choices are no less exeptionel than the remaining army. In my eyes they are all heroes in their own right, and they are modelled and equipped with that in mind. My main squad is a 10-man assault squad with chain sword and bolt pistols, posed in aggressive stances and with trophies and skulls on bases and armours. My champion is the actual key to their success, Regan leading with powerfist and powerweapon as his weaponry. Combined with D. Strength, Mutation, Visage and the squad's Furious Charge it makes him an adversary to be reckoned with. A hive tyrant, several carnifexes, a full deathwing terminator squad and an ultramarines HQ squad are among his personal kills. The remaining squad is there mostly to soak up damage, as well as ensure few or no models fight back. When this squad is delivered into close combat by Land Raider, you'll never get them out again.


My second troop choice is a little less prestigues, but no less deadly. A six man squad of infiltraters tooled up with meltaguns and stealth adept. They are are actually more harassors than killers, but they alone can close down an entire flank as no transport nor expensive infantry dare go near them. Their champion, Jargoth, is equipped with plasma pistol and power sword, D. Armour and Strength, as well as melta bombs, and is a real pain in the butt. Trouble is, you can't ignore this squad, despite its small size. With the remaining two men featuring BP & CCW and the entire squad having furies charge it easily removes almost any other CC choice in melle if allowed to charge. Hiding in cover they are hard to get to, and responds to agression with S8 AP2 and a devestating assault. Combined with the champions meltabombs they are hopeles to pass with even skimmers, and several elder falcons have gone down in a daring attempt to escape encirclement. Last but not least it takes an insane amount of fire to hinder Jargoth's squad in claiming an objective, worth it all if it allows Regan's assault squad to reach the enemy lines.


For fast attack I go for bikes, 6 pieces in the spirit of the rest of the army. These freaks as well are mounted on converted Reaver jetbikes to depicture their furious charge ability.

Combined firebase and extremely mobile assault unit, aspiring champion Arron's squad is as flexible as it is expensive. Sporting twin plasmaguns among its numbers few squads stands a combined fire-assault raid by these rough-necks. Arron himself mounts one of the underslung plasmaguns, combining this with Powerfist and Power Weapon as well as the D. Strength, Mutation and Armour to keep him from dying by his own plasma fire. Due to their toughness, invulnerable save and Skilled Rider VS they are all but impossible to stop from assaulting, without letting the remaining army through instead. Dreadnaughts, terminators, battle tanks and every poor grunt in their way suffer a quick death as this menace swoops by.


A squad of raptors are among my favored units too, not for their combat effectivenes (which is poor at best) but because they are just beautiful. Mutated raptors are no part of my elite cadre, instead I have modified chaos marines with assault marine jumppacks. Sadly these are post heresy pattern, but I excuse myself with the having burned out after 10.000 years. Equipped equally to my assault squad they are lead by Kean, a desserter from the Black Templars chapter. Many an Tau or space Marine has fallen to Kean's daemonic punching dagger, sadly never really enough to pay off the squads insane points cost.


A squad of furies rounds off my fast attack, but guess what, I don't like GW furies either! Instead I have got myself ten beautiful Leaping Lurkers from a competitor to GW, and painted them partially in NL colors. Solid images of the fear of Nostramos population, they spawned from the shadows in the streets as the planet was destroyed. Morgan never saw the planet's destruction, and instead he secured himself a few samples of the unnatural predators. Now the chaos Lord breeds them as one would raise attack dogs.

I only use these furies sparringly as they are partially out of character with the remaining army, they require units with MoCU (of which I have few), and I have never found them hard-hitting enough. They are good at taking off soft units, but I kind'a have enough psychopaths to that job done. The models are nice though, and in big games they are brought with for the fun of it.


For heavy support my blood soaked Land Raider, Nightmare, is a must. Serving as transport and AT weapon I find it worth the price at every engagement. Either it soaks up enough fire to let the remaining army get through, or it delivers my assault squad right in the enemy center, wreaking ubelieveable havoc in the process. When a 'denied flank' maneuvre is needed I delight in letting my assault squad be brought into combat, have Nightmare pick up my termies are second troop choice, and then throw then into combat as well. When it comes down to securing objectives this ancient piece of material seldom lets me down, its cargo as well as itself ensuring that hell itself could be held until end game. And NEVER underestimate TL lascannons. Even several monoliths has payed the ultimate price by exposing themselves to Nightmare's guns.


I find the defiler in tune with the Night Lords, the scream of an incoming barrage being a bloodfreezing experience. Combined with an almost untouchable machine due to Mutated Hull and Indirect Fire, my dear Void makes a nuisance of itself in all scenarios. Either its shell harvest power armours as crops, or its barrages pin Lascannons and plasmaguns needed to keep my assault units at bay. Very conveniently it is also perfect for protecting nearby objectives from all but monstreous creatures and terminators.

My first defiler is common to its kind, colored in NL imagery and graping a doomed Khorne Berzerker in its claw. For my second I decided upon something more NL like, see my dreadnaught.


Everybody needs a dreadnaught! It is not a subject of discussion. But how to make one, suitably special and frightening? Well, I also needed a new defiler, since my other one was somewhat out of character. Hey, lets make both! Scrapping a defiler I have made a dreadnaught/defiler conversion with the defiler's body standing erect, fitted with a cockpit made of the defiler torso and half a kilo of bitz, including a Night Lord pilot based on the Havoc models. For the legs I used the defiler claws, armored with extra plates, spikes and gargoul heads. The four arms are the defiler's walking claws, the ubber set fitted with a mount for either reaper autocannon or HB, the other having a magnet mounting with options of multi-melta, battle cannon or CCW. Below and on the side of the cockpit are magnet mountings for heavy flamer, havoc launcher and/or combi-bolter(s).

The finished creation stands twice the height of an imperial dreadnaught, and is truly a menacing sight with the chrushed IG mortar team modelled on the primary 50 mm base (the model needs two for balance!), easily showing the massive scale. With the configurable mountings the model easily plays the role as either defiler or dreadnaught. Only problem is to hide this monstrosity, or at least claim hull down.




On the point of MoCU, I use it sparingly. Not because I think it is not fluffy (They are cold hearted veterans of 10.000 years of war. I guess they have long forgotten the meaning of 'danger'), but because I like to take all the veteran skills I can. Only my termies and my assault squad commonly get MoCU, just because they don't need the other vet. skills, and I don't need them running away or pinned.


I'll never be totally done with this army I guess. Every time I visit this or a couple related forums I get new ideas. The next project is to model Zso Sahaal from the SM Captain Shriek model, as well as making a Necromunda gang with the theme of NL Asp. Champ. Corran send by Lord Morgan Steiner to undermine Necromunda Prime's society from the bottom up.


'nough bragging! My only advice is to play like you want and model as you like it. It took me over a year to learn how to play this weird army on the tabletop, and a little over two to build it to its current state. But it was all worth it, as I now has a feared army in more than one sense. So, stick to your own ideas, take the best of other's advice and make something you can be proud off.


"Ave Dominus Nox!"



NB: A link for photos follows shortly, ones I figure out how my sisters digital camera works (and how I get my cold hands on it).


The full background for The Chosen of Night Haunter can be found here.

A short story about my favored models has its place here.

Battle reports in story format can be found here, practically everything with the name Thrawn on it.

Yup, my normal forum name is Thrawn, and I'm a Dane, and darn proud of it!

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Welcome. :)

I have a fluff related question to your background, I did not have time to read it all (I'm at work) so excuse me if it is answered already. But how does your army get new recruits? :)



The Warp Demands Pics!

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Welcome Chosen.


My NL force is more in the spirit of the Night Haunters progeny also, but is not quite as points heavy as yours I believe. Sometimes there is no substitute for models on the table...


Looking forward to seeing your army pics.

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My little sister's digi-cam should be in my hands tomorrow, probably meaning pics for you vampires over the weekend.


@Nostramo: Agreed, I sometimes find myself hopelessly outnumbered, but those battles just become that more Night Lord'ish as I'm forced to strike only where I know I can win. Together with the CC rules favoring the tactic of cleaning the kill-zone before return strokes are made, I actually fight quite well even against horde armies like tyranids and orcs, as well as massed power armour armies (like thousand sons).


@Brother Nihm:


[sarge mode] "Go read the army background, you lousy piece of heretic meat! Do you think this is a kindergarden, you butt-faced son of a she-devil?!" [/sarge mode] Oooops! :)


On a more service minded level; my elite force gathers amble recruits everywere it comes. Anybody willing (or desperate enough) to swear allegiance to Night Haunter's Chosen are allowed to board the fleet. However, all recruits are tried and tested by fatal trials by fire, so that only the most able survives to see combat in important missions.


Quote from Battle Report Trial by Fire (Night Lords vs. Tau. 1750 pts Recon. 01-11-05.):


The traitor Desolator Class battleship Nighthammer slowly drifted closer to Iridian VI, engines off and stealth mode engaged. Inside, Lord Morgan Steiner, self-proclaimed Chosen of Night Haunter, walked down the line of rag-tag young men, his desecrated suit of aegis terminator armor leaving no doubt of his allegiance. Morgan

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