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Horus Heresy Movie Fictitious


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ralf moeller as any primarch. THAT guy has the muscles ^^For peopl who don't know him: He's cast as a grunt in e.g. gladiator (gets arrowed to death)

I also second sean connery as emperor. And bale as conrad.

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rite guys heres what i have so far comments n critiscm welcome !



emperor-hugo weaving

horus-russel crowe

sanguinius-daniel craig (with blonde extensions)

russ-brendon gleeson(heamish from braveheart)

guilmann-(in shape) ray winstone

dorn-unkown ?

khan-sean bean (witha few make up enduced scars were away)

fulgrim-cloin farrel

lucius-joaquin pheonix

saul tarvitz-wwe's jhon cena

the lion-alan rickman

angorn-wwe's kane

Khârn the betrayer-gerrard butler


abadonn-the rock

loken-vigo mortensten

little horus-wwe's triple h

toragdon-jhon mcginley

old captian curzesean connery

vulkan-micheal clarke duncan (cant believe you would think of s.l.j over this guy !)

night haunter-cristian bale

alpahrius-vin diesel

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The Emperor- Ray Winstone

Horus- Patrick Stewart

Sanguinius- Val Kilmer

Leman Russ- Gerard Butler

Rogal Dorn- Ed Harris

Lion El' Jonson- Brad Pitt

Guilliman- Tom Jane

Khan- Chow Yun Fat

Angron- The Rock

Night Haunter- Chistopher Walken

Mortarion- Ron Perlman

Magnus- Hugo Weaving

Peturabo- Arnold Schwartzenegger

Fulgrim- Tilda Swinton

Corax- Alan Rickman

Alpharius- Ralph Fiennes

Ferrus Manus- Michael Chiklis

Lorgar- Christian Bale


I just listed primarchs, but I'm drawing a blank on who I think would be a good Vulcan.


the only way to do this movie would be CG style, like Beowulf. Came out awesome, and they didn't have to worry about peoples' body type, just their ability to act and the intensity they brought to a particular character.

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Emperor-Christian Bale(he becomes the character)

Horus-I have no idea since getting an actor to represent Horus in body and spirit is quite hard


Every other Primarch would be hard to find an actor because A) I can't think of anyone else and B)getting actors for the Primarchs that will do them justice is hard.


If they were to make a Horus Hersy movie they should get actors that aren't well known like they did in LOTR.

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And because no actor, ever, will be able to represent a Primarch or The Emperor in body. That is why CG is the only viable option to take with a movie of such scale and charisma as 40k.
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Ignace Karkasy= Horatio Sanz, I'm sure He could play a somewhat serious role


Maggard= Jet Li


Petronella Vivar= Shannon Marie Kahololani Sossamon, the girl from knights tale


CPT Garro= Harrison Ford


Iacton Qruze= Sean Connery IS Iacton Qruze


Euphrati Keeler= Scarlett Johansson


Malcador the Sigilite= Michael Caine

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Come on, Mel Gibson as Rogal Dorn? The only guy capable of pulling off Rogal Dorn is Ed Harris.


Now that needs setting in stone. Ed harris has screen presence and a certain dignity to some roles he's played. He's Dorn all the way.


I know its been said but Brian Blessed as Russ. An over the top loud and Raucous figure is needed to play the mighty Space wolves Primarch.


Alan Rickman as Night Haunter. Pale skinned and sallow featured and execeptional acting talents


I think Patrick stewart would be better suited to Guilliman. He does that stern patrician thing very well. Watch him do Shakespeare and you'll see him own the stage/screen


Khan- Chow Yun Fat, Shame Yul Brinner is dead, he could done the Khan without breaking sweat.

Angron- The Rock, enraged and without control


I agree with these guys. The Primarch represent the pinnicale of human development and as such should show our diverse background. After all they came from every sort of world imaginable.


As for Mortarian, I cant see anyone doing him, some actor with a very good speaking voice wrapped up i a cloak most of the time.


Mmm, need to give this some more thought,


I'll be back.........

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Personally For any of the space wolves I say look no further than the people that played the Saxons in King Author. Or the one germanic fellow in Kingdom of Heaven
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Okay here goes - I'm basing all the actors on how I think the Primarchs kinda look not necessarily for whether I think the actor can act or anything. And I admit I'm stealing some other peeps ideas ;)


The Emperor


3 Choices - can't decide between Gary Oldman , James Purefoy, and Jason Isaacs





Funnily enough I think anybody who plays the Emperor could probably play Fulgrim pretty well



Has to be Sir Anthony Hopkins




Was gonna go for Marlon Brando but settled for William Fichtner



Leman Russ

Maybe I'm far too influenced by X-men but: Hugh Jackman



Rogal Dorn

Whereas I like Ed Harris, I thought he was just too small and wimpy so I went with: Liam Neeson



Lion El' Johnson

Tough one: Eric Bana




Couldn't decide between Patrick Stewart (with hair) or Brian Van Holt



Jaghati Khan

Has to be Chow Yun Fat




I'm not entirely convinced but Dwayne Johnson seems to be a decent enough choice



Night Haunter

Who would not want Christopher Walken playing this part?




I think Sir Ian McKellen makes a good "Death"



Magnus the Red

Brendan Gleeson definitely has the right look




As i said, I think any of the Emperor choices could play Fulgrim, but for otherwise I went with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. If you've seen MatchPoint, he definitely can play evil while having those looks.




Sneaky and brainy just points to John Malkovich




Sam Jackson just doesn't have the build, so I went for his stand in Laurence Fishburne




Ron Perlman has that strong yet chaos warped look



Ferrus Manus

Although Hugo Weaving has been mentioned before for other Primarchs, I thought he fitted better as Ferrus




Yes I agree, Alan Rickman has a crafty yet honourable thing about him




I just imagined Word Bearers to be quite burley and I thought Michael Chiklis fits the bill



Apparently I've posted too many pics so the last two are links.

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Josh Duhamel as the Lion

Keanu Reeves as Corax

Mr. T/Sam Jackson as Vulkan

Viggo Mortenson as Guilliman

Russell Crowe as Horus

Brad Pitt as Fulgrim

Bruce Willis as the Emperor

The Rock as Abbadon

Scott Speedman as Loken

Orlando Bloom as Saul Tarvitz

Eric Bana as Torgaddon

Chrisl Walken as Night Haunter

Hugh Jackman as Russ

Liam Neeson as Dorn

The Rock as Angron

Chow Yun Fat as Jaghati Khan

Hugo weaving as Lorgar

The fella who played Master cheif as Mortarion, he'd only have to voice act anyway as Mortarion always wears a mask

Ian McKellen as Malcador

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Ok, after reading this, I don't feel so crazy.


Angron = Brock Lesner, he is like the scariest human ever. He has the look of pure hate that would be perfect for Angron.

Fulgrim = I honestly can't think of an actor that is more "pretty" than Orlando Bloom. (Well maybe Fabio.)

Sanguinius = Brad Pitt, he's played an angel once, he can do it again.

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Just to tell you guys that at one point a company teamed up with game workshop to make a 40k movie but sadly they stopped as it was too expensive for what they said not many people would watch and get into it ^_^ , I think even non-games workshop people would watch it as it would have been so cool.


I got this info from the manager and staff at the store in Woking ( where game :) )

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Kane wouldn't work as Horus at all (He's meant to be handsome and bald. Would you class that guy as handsome?)

Lion El'Jonson- Brad Pitt



Fulgrim- Jason Isaacs



Peturabo- Arnold Schwarzenegger



Jaghatai Khan- Chow Yun-Fat



Leman Russ- Hugh Jackman



Rogal Dorn- Gerard Butler



Konrad Curze/Night Haunter- Christopher Walken



Sanguinius- Viggo Mortensen



Ferrus Manus- Glen Jacobs/Kane



Angron- Dwayne Johnson/The Rock (Who's seen him at the end of Doom: Very Angron)



Roboute Guilliman- Thomas Jane



Mortarion- Christopher Lee (The voice would work but he'd mostly be CG)



Horus- Vin Diesel



Alpharius- Ray Park (The guy that played Darth Maul in Revenge of the Sith. He's a pro martial artist) or Michael Sheen



Magnus the Red- No idea. Perhaps someone of Native American descent since the facial features are similar (other than the one eye thing obviously)


Lorgar- I have no idea but he'd be heavily made up and/or CG'd anyway


Vulkan- Terry Crews



Corax- Cristian Bale


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Horus ain't that pretty when he turned traitor, so Kane is a good fit then.


Yeah but if you're going to tell the story of the Horus Heresy, you're gonna need to start somewhere near the beginning when Horus still atleast looked like a loyalist. You can't go changing actors halfway through. A little bit of makeup and some CG and anyone can look like a chaos champion.

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while all those ideas are great, i think the horus heresy would have to be a cgi movie. Just the fact that space marines are so big and their skulls and bodies are so different, i dont feel that would be possible to capture unless alot of makeup and skin additions were used
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