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The Lost and Forgotten: Building the II Legion


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Just a brief post to say that I'm seriously impressed by what I see here http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png I'll be going over the topic when I have enough time to do so properly, but again, very well done so far! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
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Honestly I prefer the crests. The Tengu masks seem like something you'd more likely see on an infiltration unit than line Sergeants. You also have to be careful not to push the theme too far.

Agreed. Flavor is best when it is light on the tongue, not overwhelming.


You already have those japanese influenced hints, and it looks great. Adding some more of the napolenic touch, again lightly, would work wonders.

I agree with this as well. Tengu masks are a bit much. Sang. Guard deathmasks, however, could give the theme its due without overdoing it.

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I tend to agree with the thought that the masks are just a bit too much. (I also like the use of crests since it gives the army more of a unified early great crusade feel)


This was always more of a "I don't think I can sculpt one of those, might be fun to see if I can sculpt one of those" little side projects. 


This Idea of understated-ness is also the reason that when I add vexilla to the finished tactical squad, I'm most likely NOT going to make it a samurai back banner. This army is supposed to be early enough in the great crusade that it should still be for the most part uniform with the other legions. You guys are absolutely right that small cultural flourishes should creep in but not to overpower the legions uniformity.

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I don't think the mask idea is a bad one actually, one route you could take with the masks is cutting the front off say a helmeted from another range of models that look daemonic then cut the front off a bare head, add the helmet front then gs the edges and straps to hold in place.

Whatever route you do go play around with the idea and try lots of different approaches to find something that you are happy with.

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Along with what Doghouse said, I think the masks would work to signify an inner circle/lodge perhaps? I just think they should be few and far between. Maybe even as apocatheries? I personally think death masks would work well for them.
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More work on the Icarion commission. Right now we're trying to narrow down the pose for the final sketch. Following that, color will be added ala his beautiful version of the V Primarch, Jaghatai:




So here is the current state of the armor and pose for Icarion.




Among other thing's I'd like to change here are my current thoughts:

1.I want to add a couple more inches of robe under the skirt armor

2. The naginata/spear will need to look very angular and high-tech (visual cues to tie it to the sword Sentinel Athrawes wields.) to break up the mostly curved surfaces of his armor.

3. lightning sparking from said blade.

4.I want to add a bit of cabling going around his sides and up under the front of the cuirass.

5. made add a modified mark II/III power armor backpack to make it clear that this is in fact power armor (similar but smaller to the Forgeworld Lorgar.)

6.While I like the general pose, his left hand isn't quite right yet. I really like what it says about the Primarch as his left hand is in a warrior/zen stance preparing for (something) however, I think it could be tweaked.



I know that I've been very pleased with his work so far so I am inclined to leave some of the smaller armor and weapon details to his discretion. I'd really love to get your input or other thoughts you have about the Primarch.

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Just out of interest is that going to be artwork or will you be getting it made into a miniature as well?


If you are going the route of making him yourself I think Lorgar might make a very good starting point for the body and armour.

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It has always been my intention to create a miniature of the II Primarch once the concept art is complete. That isn't necessarily the reason I had the artwork commissioned (as thats a bit expensive just to get a cool idea for a miniature.) The main reason I wanted to have professional artwork of Icarion was to be able to see a character I created and established a history around represented well. In addition the extensive history I have been writing, the shoddy sketches I have made, and the fully painted II Legion army I hope to one day have, I felt like having professional artwork might give the army a bit of legitimacy and serve as a beautiful capstone to a project I am passionate about.


When this is all over, I want this project to be a faithful representation of what a missing legion army could be. So that other people on this forum or elsewhere can choose for themselves what the missing legions can represent to the hobby as a whole. To think maybe that's what happened to them, or inspire someone to come up with alternatives or something even better. I keep hoping to see another take on the II Legion or XI Legion pop up.


And funnily enough, I was planning on using Lorgars armor as the skeleton for Icarion, even back as far as my (ugly) sketch on the first page. (great minds)

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The only thing I would change are things you have already mentioned. Basically adding some more '40k' elements to the picture yo anchor him in the universe. I have to say this project is one I take great pleasure in seeing an update for. I'm finding it hard to create background for my own project and that's an already fleshed out (well sort of) established Legion. I wouldn't know where to start with one of the Lost.
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Given the style of the armour and the pose I think it'd suit him well. The head may be a little grizzled judging by your initial concepts but all in all I think it might be the best place to start. If you need any suggestion feel free to ask.

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The Last Sentinel


He ordered me away. And like a good son, I obeyed.


A golden gateway closed, and the Eye of The Storm perished with it. It was a bridge to a future that now can never be, and all that remains is his gift, my burden. The last spark of my fathers dreams, a gift deemed more precious than the life of one of the Emperors sons. But I am not safe. My father has doomed this world, the sky is shattered and the mountains are bathed in fire. I can feel the worlds torment as souls are devoured, and worse. And though I'll never forgive myself for the thought but this fate is worth it all. This bargain that he has struck is worth all this torment and more for the future it saves, the future I clutch in my bloodstained gauntlets.


Like my Father and his Father too, I have the sight. I can see so clearly now the future this act will bring. 


Those who will follow in my wake will never even know of it's existence, and in a way that's fitting. Because of what has happened here, is happening here even now, we have forfeited our future and forsaken our past. That's the price, and like my father I find it worthwhile. 


I'm the last Sentinel of a Legion that never was, and like a good son, I will obey.





(Pictured above is Sentinel Raiden Athrawes equipped with a newly devised Tempest -Pattern Etheric hood.)



(Portrait of Raiden Athrawes, Sentinel of 9th Company, II Legion)




(+++Image redacted+++)




I felt that I have been remise about showing my own work, while I am excited about the Primarch Commission, It's good to get back to things that I create myself.


To that end, I have started adding psychic hoods, to my unbuilt legionaries, when the army is done, I would like the ratio of psychic hoods to be about 2/3 of every squad. The only unit who will receive one retroactively is Sentinel Athrawes pictured above. 


Finally, I decided to take some people advice and tried creating a helmeted mask out of Sanguinary guard helmets. I'm quite pleased with the result, so much that I am considering equipping my command squads chosen with them. 




Comments and suggestions are of course VERY much appreciated. 

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Well, I got back the updated pose study with all the little tweaks to the armor added. I have to say, this is looking fantastic, I think all together they make a huge difference. I've given him the green-light to create the final sketch version.




Hope you guys enjoy.

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