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++Bolter and Chainsword, IV Legion community - the Iron Warriors Legion++
++Iron Within, Iron Without++



Quote from Perturabo, Primarch of the IV Legion, the Iron Warriors:
“Victory is not an abstract concept, it is the equation that sits at the heart of strategy. Victory is the will to expend lives and munitions in attack, overmatching the defenders' reserves of manpower and ordnance. As long as my Iron Warriors are willing to pay any price in pursuit of victory, we shall never be defeated.”

Master of the Iron Warriors




++The Unbreakable Litany, IV Space Marine Legion++

Iron is forever.
From Iron cometh Strength.
From Strength cometh Will.
From Will cometh Faith
From Faith cometh Honour
From Honour cometh Iron
This is the Unbreakable Litany.
May it forever be so
Dominum imperator ac ferrum aeturnum

This topic is for all memeber of the Bolter & Chainsword forum who collect the IV Legion with in our commuinty no matter if it from the Heresy era or Veteran of the Long War in the current 40k, from just background you've writen to all out armies.
To talk about theme for there armies, show some great models, links to army logs & background for there Great Company or warband. Discussion any great Black Libary novels with the Son's of Perturabo feture in them or the third FW heresy book.  Like the other Legion topics we have seen recently in the Chaos part of the Bolter & Chainsword Forum.
I've also added a list of novels for new to current memeber may want to read & get idea for there armies.  Also added links to Army logs as it always cool seen great models.
If there a novels I've not added from Black Library please post it & I'll add it to the list.  Like wise any new army logs, I will add them to the list.
Also there a list of Grand Company which will be updated, which are the once, you - the memebers of Bolter & Chainsword collect & just for the memebers of Bolter & Chainswords :biggrin.:
I dread to think what heinous crime an Ultramarine must commited to be banished to the Eye of Terror. Did you turn left instead of right on the parade ground? Forget to say your prayers in the moring?
Warsmith Honsou to exile Ultramarine Uriel Ventris - Dead Sky Black Sun page 227

++List of our memeber Grand Company & Warsmiths++


+Heresy era+

- 5th Grand Company, Warsmith Abhorred Riddick (Insane Psychopath)
- The 11th Grand Company of Erasmus Golg  (Khrangar)
- Chaeron commands the 13th Grand Company (Chaeron)
- 22nd Grand Company- Warsmith Aeneas Dercylidus (Brother Vidius)
- Dragoon-Captain Phelan Mahdra, The Wolfhound of Old Earth
  Squadron Warsmith of the XIV Dragoons, VII Grand Battalion, IV Legion (1000heathens)
- 157th Grand Battalion (Majorbookworm)
- Warsmith Kyr Vhalen's 77th Grand Company by FuzzyBunny
- 52nd Grand Battalion (Heresy-Era) under Warsmith Khyze by Ninjaman

+Veterans of the Long war era - Chaos Space Marines+

- 5th Grand Company, Warsmith Abhorred Riddick (Insane Psychopath)
- Warsmith Goreshed of the 9th Grand Company and overlord of the Cult of Siege (Warsmith Gorrched)
- Chaeron commands the 13th Great Company (Chaeron)
- 22nd Grand Company- Warsmith Aeneas Dercylidus (Brother Vidius)
- Fenrira lord of the 24th grand company "iron hounds" (warboss aidna0510)
- 25th Grand Company, Warsmith Vlâdvar "The Destroyer (Vlâdvar The Destroyer)
- 25th Grand Company, Commander: Warsmith Lycurgus Stahl (Iron_Within)
- Warsmith Hyperion and the 37th Grand Battalion (lokkorex)
- Iron Warriors 49th Grand Company AKA The Iron Hounds of Warsmith Bolverk (Max)
- 53rd Grand Company lead by warsmith Therrous.(Iron Skull Mask)
- The 55th Grand Company, the Iron Hulks,They are led by Warsmith Drayke and his Brother, Captain Dantye (DeRome90)
- The Siege Makers of Warsmith Dushk Helslash (leinmann)
- 77th Grand Company, led by Warsmith Meridius (hopkins)
- Warsmith Hecaton leads the 79th Grand Company (nuclearfeet)
- Warsmith Torsch'lag, commander of the 109th Great Company (Xenith)
- 157th Grand Battalion (Majorbookworm)
- The Stonebreakers, former 3rd Company of the 2nd Great Company, now it's own warband, led by the Daemon Warsmith Kythnos Thargelion, the Iron Dread (Kythnos)
- The Iron Kings, an Iron Warriors splinter group currently unlinked to any Grand Company (Andhil)
**This list will be updated that least once a week, I'm aim to update that least Friday once per week.  I will put a note that the very bottem of this post when this post get edit.
Please make sure to let me know if your Iron Warriors are for the Heresy, Chaos or both?
That's what you don't understand about me, Vaanes.  I don't care. I do what I want because it is who I am. Anything else is a lie and if there is one thing I can say of myself, it is that I will never compromise who I am. Not for the powers of the warp, not for the M'kar and certainly not for you. When death is a heartbeat away, I am truly alive. That's the only way I know how to live. What else is there?
Quote from Warsmith Honsou

++Iron Library, novels from Black Library++
(If anyone got any cool names to tie in with the IW?)


++Heresy era novels++

+Crimson Fist by John French
+Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeill
+Iron Within by Rob Sanders
+ The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination from Forge World
+Tallarn: Executioner by John French
+The Horus Heresy: Ironfire by Rob Sanders
+Kryptos by Graham McNeill, audio
+Iron Corpses by John French, audio

++Veteran of the Long War (Chaos) era++

+Honsou serise by Graham McNeill:
+Storm of Iron
+Enemy of my Enemy
+Dead Sky, Black Sun
+The Heraclitus Effect
+Skull Harvest
+Iron Warriors
+Chapter Due
+Iron Without
+Beast of Calth
+The Corpse Road
+Endeavour of Will by Ben Counter
+Malodrax by Ben Counter
+Remorseless by Josh Reynolds
+Siege of Castellax by C.L. Werner
+Steel Blood by C.L. Werner
+The Long War by Andy Hoare
+ Lexicanum
+Iron Data+
Ranks with in the IV Legion & Culture
Ships with in the IV Legion fleet
Warrior Lodge
Warsmith & other memeber of the IV legion from Black Library, Forge World & Games Workshop background
+Memeber Background+
In Memoriam The Day the Palace Fell, post by 1000heathens
Beyond that opening are my enemies. Behind me are warriors who would happily turn their weapons on me if they thought they could get away with it. Do you really think I'm doing this to try and impress anyone? I know who I am, and I don't give a greenskin's fart what anyone thinks of me.
Quote by Warsmith Honsou

++Armies of the IV Legion from the Daemon Forge of Medrengard++

Iron Within - Iron Warriors showcase thread by Pyromancer
Trench Warfare/Muddy Bases Started, by EdT
Profundis blog - Dark Mechanicus & Pit Slaves warband.

+Heresy era+

IV Grand Battalion, by Pyromancer
From Iron Cometh Strength, by Demon2027
XIV Dragoon, VII Grand Company, IV Legion, by 1000heathens
The 11th Grand Company of Erasmus Golg by Khrangar
Warsmith Kyr Vhalen's 77th Grand Company by FuzzyBunny
Bitter Iron- A IVth Legion WIP by Dantioch
Sins of the Fathers, A IVth Legion Log by Ninjaman

+Veteran's of the Long War+

Kythnos' Iron Warriors, by Kythnos
Dark Mechanicus project, by GuitaRasmus
Dam13n's Iron Warriors, by Dam13n's
Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company by Insane Psychopath
(WIP area of the forum)
(Chaos area of the forum)
Iron Warriors 49th Grand Company by Max
The Siege Makers by leinmann
Xenith's Chaos Legion, by Xenith
+++E Tenebrae Lux III - Horus Heresy Strategium+++, post by Nehekhare
Iron Warriors XVIIth Grand Battalion, "Iron Thunder" blog  by Fulminata
Iron Within - Iron Warriors Blog by Vlâdvar The Destroyer
The Iron Lord of Skulls by Fulminata
Iron Hulk The Lv Grand Company of the IV Legion by DeRome90

77th Grand Company, led by Warsmith Meridius by hopkins

++The Iron Cage - Battle reports++

The Iron Warriors return... by Dan13n's

Dodekatheon : Brethren of Stone (Homegrown rules & tactical topics):

Codex Iron Warriors by Iron_Within
Iron Warriors Tactics - Horus Heresy

++IV Legion commuinty banner++


'We are all bleeding today,' an Iron Warriors captain voxed back to Kor Phaeron. ' Have faith, Word Bearer.' The link went dead to the sound of chuckling.
Quote from - Iron Warriors Captain during Istvaan V to Kor - From "The First Heretic" novel by ADB
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Yeah, now we have our own thread! Great job there IP! It's good to have all the resources and cool army logs linked! Maybe you could add the one by -Max- as well.


So I'm reporting in:


53rd Grand Company lead by warsmith Therrous.


Short background:


Therrous started out as a techmarine, but showed leadership qualities in several battles in which superiors died early on. Formed the 53rd out of remnants of Grand Companies obliterated during the Heresy. I always imagined this happening after the battle for Terra (Hope that's still working after the 3rd FW HH rule book). Other notable things about him are probably that he's extremely paranoid, loves to tinker, does not see eye to eye with worshippers and is mad. Mad at the Imperium, the emperor, the Imperial Fists and Horus for blowing it during the assault on Terra (like most people in-universe, he does not have complete knowledge of the actual events). And he's also really mad, like insane. 6th ed codex also revealed that he's been a warpsmith all along!

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That really cool Iron Skull Mask, really like the background there :biggrin.:


I'll add my background which was for the Throne of Skulls just when the codex was updated in 2012.  I just general like adding background to my armies, give my army life along with converting them.  Each unit & Champion in my army has a name.  It thanks to all the great games I've had over the years that have help shape those units & champion.


Also got a small Heresy era Iron Warriors army on the go as part of a hobby challenge.


Note - I know there will be spelling mistake.  Bare in mind I have: semantic pragmatic disoarder, a forum of autism, asperger & difficult with reading & wrting.


This was base on a campaign my old wargaming club ran just before they called it a day (due to the place the club was held, people in charge of the hall where terrible toward us).


Just Narach been a part of my army as much as Warsmith Abhorred Riddick, when I started collect my Iron Warriors in 2001.  Narach was orignaly part of Abhorred bodyguards of Chosen.  He done really well in games, it from them that pretty much led to him being made as a second HQ chose when codex 3.5 was release.  He also taken part in the world wide Medusa V campaign & was part of my army during Conflict Scotland 2005.
Now he back leding the Iron Warriors as one of my main HQ chose.  He use to be arm with the Kai gun, then the Dread Blade - model as a axe.  Only find it fitting that he take the Axe of Blind fury into games & his trusted Terminator armour.


Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company background - The Prometheus Crusade
Iron is forever.
From Iron cometh Strength.
From Strength cometh Will.
From Will cometh Faith
From Faith cometh Honour
From Honour cometh Iron
This is the Unbreakable Litany.
May it forever be so
Dominum imperator ac ferrum aeturnum

Prometheus was a world that was liberated by the Iron Warriors during the great crusade. The Imperial turned it into a Forge World to help supply the Imperial armies during the great crusade. Since then a millennium has passed and that time of the great crusade has become myth & legend. Now a Black Templar Crusade Force is stationed there, re-supplying for a crusade they planned to launch to the east of the Imperial border against a Xenos threat.

Now a millennium after the Horus Heresy, when Battle Brother fought Battle Brother. the Iron Warriors have returned to take back Prometheus. Their aim is to turn the Forge World in to a place to create Daemonic Engines & weapons to help their Legion battle against the Imperial & anyone else who would stand in their way.

After gaining a foot hold on the planet Warsmith Abhorred Riddick, the overall commander of the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company, has ordered his protégé, Iron Captain Narach Delau, to go out & lead his company to attack the Ancient Forge Keep of the Mechanicus on Prometheus. The Forge Keep had been made by the Iron Warriors during the great crusade & it holds a relic of their Legions
The Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company has been around since the Great Crusade, when gods walked among men & humanity was being reunited after the darkness of “old night”. The Iron Warriors along with the other Space Marine legions were hailed as heroes, until the Emperor betrayed them. The Iron Warriors along with seven other Space Marine legions took sides with Horus Lupercal & pledged their loyalty to the Chaos. This led to the Horus Heresy, where brother would fight brother.
Since then, the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company have fought in many wars & campaigns against the Imperial, other chaos legions & Xenos races. They fought along with their Primarch Perturabo during the Iron Cage. Throughout the 10th Black Crusade along with other Iron Warrior Grand Companies, the 5th Grand Company helped attack the Iron Hands Chapter on Medusa, the Iron Hands own home world. During the 13th Black Crusade the 5th Grand Company fought on the very ground of Cadian. There they honoured the chaos gods by building a great fortification on Kasr Sonnen.

The optical zoom whirled on the auto-scope as Lord Narach looked into the gaping wound his siege engines had opened up in the Adeptus Mechanicus Forges’ flank. The same engines lay silent for some 40 metres to either side of him all but exhausted of ammunition. The trench made defences they nestled in and the reinforced command bunkers were impressive even to his well trained eye, but of course they would have been, having been constructed under his orders and supervision. Up the slope almost a mile distant the Forge Fortress billowed smoke from its breached side.

From the rock-crete composition and architecture the Fortress, Narach had been tasked with grinding the defenders to dust in the name of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick.

Half broken orders and weapons fire crackled through the comm’s when it managed anything more than white noise and static. The smoke screen of swirling white mist twisted and danced with the black smoke generated by the burning vehicles inside the breach. It obscured any attempt to discern anything of the assault; Narach cursed the human guard, Imperial Guards who fallen under the darkness of Chaos & now serve as fodder to the Iron Warriors. Had assured Narach, the winds would have picked up by now to clear the sight of the fighting.

The fighting had been going on for almost 8 minutes now, too long without a clear signal. He hated not knowing. Narach scanned the smoke obscured breach again; the smoke was clearing now, if too slowly for his liking. A burning Rhino sprawled out of the smoke, its front hull section almost blown in two, a massive exit wound but relatively little entry damage, classic Lascannon round from the Black Templars. Coming apart in chunks of twisted metal as is smashed down the rocky slope.
Through the mist of battle, Narach could see armoured shapes of his brother Iron Warriors moved like spectres in the swirling clouds of smoke as they pushed forward toward the Forge Keep.

The scene reminded Narach of a moment during the siege. He’d pushed into the promenade of the first line of the defending walls, his battle brothers around him as they drove back the Imperial Fists from their defences guarding the gates inside the Imperial Palace. He emptied his combi-bolter into a wounded Imperial as he tried to limp through the gates. The armour around his leg cracked and he fell to the floor. Narach had charge, in a second plunging his serrated combat knife repeatedly into his neck. The sprays of warm blood had been glorious, the pathetic shriek of the Imperial Fist more so.
Narach snapped back to the present, he pushed the memory of the Siege of the Emperor’s Palace back. Too few of his glorious brethren were emerging from the assault. He’d issued the order,


“Bring forth Ferrum Draco the Vindacator siege tank & the Obliterators Cult”.

‘Acknowledged my Lord’. Narach gazed up at the defiant form of the Forge, his lips twisting into a snarl.

“Bring about my transport and assemble my guard, we launch our final assault on Prometheus!”

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Wow, that's some awesome background of yours IP! It's double impressive to know it grew with battles and campaigns you actually fought on the tabletop. I really like that scene where Narach remembers the siege of the palace and then orders forward your awesome vindicator with the dragon head muzzle. Thumbs up!

Edited by Iron Skull Mask
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Welp, mind as well join in on the fun. When I have more time I plan on diving back in harder but for the moment being active on B&C is as far as I'm able to.


Warsmith Goreshed of the 9th Grand Company and overlord of the Cult of Siege


Hopefully this winter I will be able to crank out some models....

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Yeah, now we have our own thread! Great job there IP! It's good to have all the resources and cool army logs linked! Maybe you could add the one by -Max- as well.



Just to ask if you could post a link here & I get that added first thing tomorrow.


Welp, mind as well join in on the fun. When I have more time I plan on diving back in harder but for the moment being active on B&C is as far as I'm able to.


Warsmith Goreshed of the 9th Grand Company and overlord of the Cult of Siege


Hopefully this winter I will be able to crank out some models....


Just to say - There is Call of Chaos.  Last year this happen around 15th Oct to 15th Jan, by Semper over in the WIP area of the forum.  It great way & give you a deadline to complete those units.

I try to enter as often as I can & great way just to add new models to my current Iron Warriors force.  Lot of great idea & some great support from our memebers if someone struggle due to time/work life/family, etc..


I encourage a lot of our memeber to take parts when Call of Chaos does happen. 



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Yeah, now we have our own thread! Great job there IP! It's good to have all the resources and cool army logs linked! Maybe you could add the one by -Max- as well.



Just to ask if you could post a link here & I get that added first thing tomorrow.



There you go: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/213819-iron-warriors-49th-grand-company-the-iron-hounds/page-12?do=findComment&comment=3670308


He's got this complicated squared color scheme and the guts to actually wear the badge of shame, so he totally deserves to have his log pinned imho.

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Though I will not be answering the Call of Chaos with my misguided brethren (Pure HH for me, lol), I shall report in full:


Dragoon-Captain Phelan Mahdra, The Wolfhound of Old Earth

Squadron Warsmith of the XIV Dragoons, VII Grand Battalion, IV Legion


A more current link to my Dragoons can be found in my sig, within the In Memorium log. This has a more comprehensive storyline for my boys as well.  :)


Sic Semper Tyrannis, brothers.

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My issue at the moment is buying a house and needing to buy most of my supplies back again, thus my 'keyboard commando' only ability for the moment. I have a have built Mauler looking at me at the moment that is a constant reminder of making time once the whole 'adult' world thing gets moving. Which is why I'm working on fluff for my Grand Battalion (hard to get used to saying that when it was always Grand Companies back in the day...) so that the ideas are flowing when there is the time to put knife to plastic and paint to brushes.

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Great to see our own thread to bring us all together, headed up by none other than Perturabo hims... I mean IP our esteemed moderator (I always get the two confused :tongue.: ). Great opening IP and nice to see all the useful links in a handy list. 

So without further ado, The Siege Makers of Warsmith Dushk Helslash reporting in. Link to my WIP page (which really needs to be updated soon): http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/290789-the-siege-makers/?do=findComment&comment=3679007


Some fluff, very watered down as I'll put the rest in my WIP thread as I add photos and what not:

The Siege Makers were part of a much larger formation, The Siege Crafters, under the leadership of Warsmith Keshra. Veterans from the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, The Siege Crafters had a formidable military and fleet capacity. Keshra respected martial strength and ingenuity, for which Helslash excelled in both, much to the jealousy of his fellow Captains. There were 3 Captains under the Warsmith - Helslash, Diazer and Sturmbruder, each of whom had a section of the Crafters to lead. There was no former Battalion number - there were at least half a dozen different Battalions and Companies that flocked to Keshra's banner after the Siege of Terra and the Second Siege of Olympia. Arriving on Medrengard with the majority of the IV Legion, The Siege Crafters were created from the bitter desire for revenge on the Imperium. 

In 387.M34, following Helslash's promotion to Keshra's Lieutenant, The Siege Crafters ceased to exist. Whilst returning from a campaign against an Ork Warlord, Helslash discovered Sturmbruder had been killed and his men most loyal to him (by Iron Warrior standards) suffered the same fate. As Lieutenant, Helslash had the best pick of men and equipment after Keshra, and quickly located Diazer attacking the Warsmith, who fell to a mortal wound in his neck. Much to Helslash's disgust, Diazer had the aid of several Alpha Legion squads, who used the shadows to their advantage. But Helslash wasn't dissuaded - in the ensuing fight he routed the XX Legion from the shadows, then butchered any who were loyal to Diazer. The treacherous Captain was stripped of his weapons and armour, then thrown through a Warp Portal to be left to the denizens of the Warp. The remaining Iron Warriors then swore allegiance to the newly declared Warsmith Helslash, and were renamed as The Siege Makers. 

One of the greatest assets and key to their survival is the fact they have quarters on the Dark Forge World Cogs of Madness ruled the Arch-Magos Chaapoza of the Dark Mechanicus. It is an alliance of convenience above all else - Helslash and his Siege Makers have facilities to recruit and rearm, while Chaapoza has the protection of a sizeable force of Iron Warriors for protection. In the last century, Helslash has also founded a Traitor Guard Regiment led by General Kryten, known as The Nihilists, and sacked the Emperor's Watch Chapter with a combined strike force of his Siege Makers, the Nihilists and Chaapoza's own military forces. What manner of campaign he now intends to execute with this new wealth of materials, including geneseed and heavy armour, is anyone's guess, but the Dubray sub-sector looks set to see new conflict arising. 

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Or, if you really want to kick it old-school / Unification era...





EDIT: The same symbol can be seen on the shoulderplate of the Unification IV Legion warrior in HH book 3...


Edited by 1000heathens
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Just quick note - Now edit this into the post, make sure to let me know if your army for the Heresy era, Chaos or both?  From just background, art work, to small kill team force to a all out army?


Any topics on here (Bolter & Chainswords) for background, art work, battle report, conversion, painting, army log.  Just link them here & I will get these added to the updates.

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My contribution to the legion page.


The 157th Grand Battalion are the rulers of the Fortress World Euxinius on the coreward fringe of Imperial space. They are a highly conservative warband, seeking to maintain their legion character (although with some alterations and adaptions to the current times), and see themselves as the last true remnant of the IV Legion, and quietly deride those who cower in the eye while they are out fighting the Long War. They pride themselves on their disciplined organisation, and still use the basic force structure of the Heresy-era (Grand battalion; then Grand Companies under that > Companies/Armour Centuries; with some independent specialist formations on the side), and much of the older armour, vehicles and equipment that most other warbands have lost. The maintenance of such falls to the Forge and the associated Dark Mechanicus element who operate Euxinius' foundries (they were the attached Mechanicus troops who were kind of kidnapped by the then Warsmith of the GB, but have come to live with their fate [occasional bribes of archeo-tech haven't hurt either]).

The 'modern' era has seen the introduction of daemon engines like Forgefiends and Defilers to their ranks, so they aren't totally stuck in the past though.


Era: 40k and HH


Will add a proper PLOG link once my roommate with a decent camera gets back from overseas.

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Looking forward to following the progress of my fellow Iron Warriors. I will have to recreate my Iron Warriors work-in-process from another website to showcase my XVIIth Grand Battalion "Iron Thunder".
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You've already got my WIP thread listed, but my warband's still missing from the general listing:

The Stonebreakers, former 3rd Company of the 2nd Great Company, now it's own warband, led by the Daemon Warsmith Kythnos Thargelion, the Iron Dread :devil:

I do have a lot of background written down in German... maybe I'll get around to translating some of it for this thread :)


And maybe you could put the link to the Iron Warriors showcase thread in the Holl of Honour into the first post?


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Just quick note - Now edit this into the post, make sure to let me know if your army for the Heresy era, Chaos or both?  From just background, art work, to small kill team force to a all out army?



The 53rd is my one and only 40k army (CSM). I'm not playing HH, although I love the stuff FW makes for it.

Edited by Iron Skull Mask
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Iron Within Brothers. Iron Within's forces reporting in.
25th Grand Company
Commander: Warsmith Lycurgus Stahl 
Background: During the Great Crusade, Lycurgus Stahl has been an Apothecary and was one of many embittered Legionaries relegated to garrison duty. On the Eastern fringe, the 344th expeditionary fleet was involved with the compliance of the worlds of the Aleph Sector. The final compliance was the Charybdis system in the Enceladus subsector where many Iron Warriors were killed or crippled. With a disgruntled populace, Stahl, 1 unit of Legionaries and half regiment of human auxiliary troops from the expeditionary fleet along had to control the world. This was compoinded by the 200 crippled Legionaries deemed a waste of resources for the expeditionary fleet. With the worlds rebellion almost an expectation, Lycurgus vowed to return the 200 Legionaries to fighting strength. Stahl plumbed the depths of the information archives available on Charybdis Secundus to find a means of healing the wounded Astartes. After a time Stahl found his solution within restricted and forbidden lores of technoarcana. Charydis Major by this time was in outright rebellion and Charybdis Secondus was close to joining the larger world in non-compliance. 25 Legionaries were restored to active duty in a matter of days, at the expense of 99 human lives per Legionary (a paltry sum by any stretch of the imagination) and heavy bionic augmentation. with 25 veteran astartes to support them, the existing garrison gained the upper hand. Over the coming weeks and months each Astarte was restored to duty. The Charybdis System and subsequently the Enceladus subsector become a collection of fortress worlds ready for any foe.


When Istvaan came Stahl and 25th, named with bitter humour at those first healed, were there. When the siege of Terra failed Stahl and the25th - now bloated with survivors of other Companies retreated to Enceladus. During the Scouring Stahl held out for several years in the Enceladus sub-sector, forcing those who had betrayed them to pay in blood for every inch of ground taken, but like all of the Iron Worlds of the Iron Warriors, it could not hold against the retribution of the Imperium. Finally, Stahl and his inner circle hatched a plan to save the Company and make one last blow upon the Imperium. As the Imperial ships entered orbit around Charybdis Major and Secundus, cutting off all hope of escape for the 25th, the "Iron Unbowed" a Desolator Class Battleship and Stahl's now flagship, entered the Charybdis' suns outer corona an deliberately overloaded the Warp Engines in the exact manner that Stahl had specified. The resultant Warp Storm sucked the entire Charybdis System into the Warp and rendered the whole Enceladus Subsector cut off due to warp storms. The Imperium declared the Enceladus Subsector Perdita and the former Charybdis System was dubbed the Charybdis Rift by historians. 


It was believed by the Imperium the sad tale of the Enceladus Subsector had ended with the death of the traitors and all its inhabitants, but this was not the case. The Charybdis System continued to exist in a pocket of the Warp that was linked to the Eye of Terror, allowing the Iron Warriors access to Medrengard and the Dark Mechanicus. Warsmiths Stahl melding of warp, mechanics, and flesh interested the Dark Mechanicum as it was in a manner not previously attempted by those twisted creatures. The Charydis System, was only accessible by those who already knew it's location within the pocket of the warp and Stahl made terrible bargains with the Chaos Gods to keep it that way. This remained the case until early M42 (the Aleph Sector campaign takes place in M.42, it's been running for years and we're up to M.4200014 if you get that) where the 25th discovered how to partially return the Charybdis System to realspace.


With the changes in the Charybdis Rift the Enceladus subsector was once again accessible by the Imperium. Not that they had the chance; the monsters of their past stormed out of the Rift intent on revenge, butchering any who stood in their way. Stahl was not above serving lessons to other Chaos forces, decimating several warbands and enduring attack after attack from daemons after breaking agreements to the Chaos Gods. Despite the Chaos Gods displeasure, the other chaos warbands have now reluctantly bent knee and Stahl stands as Master of Chaos. Stahl's Grand Company is currently engaged upon the world of Zadoc where he has raised a Daemon forge upon his island fortress and entire regiments, enslaved hundreds of thousands of Imperial Citizens and most appallingly for the Imperium, wiped out an entire company of Imperial Fists.



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