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  1. After a few years hiatus and in the process of helping my folks move iv recovered my old minis many of which I never finished. Thinking out of all the factions that my iron warriors are the most likely to be finishable (just doing army nor caring much about codexs or such as I don't game anymore more doing a few cool minis and such. Anyway as my old photobucket is locked down apparently will attempt to add a few pics of what was my counts as deamon Prince dreadnought which was likely the last thing I got for these guys... https://i.imgur.com/hgMGgb2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/abGeWQo.jpg apologies fr edits, figuring out linking pictures. now im looking at the dreadknight im hating the blue on it even if originally it was to explain the mark of tzench. anything to get that inv save boost lol. is definitely on my list of things i want to revisit
  2. At the end of 2018 a group of us got together to plan a narrative Horus Heresy campaign. The result was the Harrowing of Harthsgard, a series of ten games that told the story of the invasion of the Harthsgard system by the forces of the Warmaster and its steadfast defence by those who remain loyal. In the campaign we tried to cover as many modes of play as possible, including Zone Mortalis ship boarding operations, Planetstrike orbital assaults, Games Master controlled narrative games, multi-level Centurion Mode scenarios, mass armoured breakthroughs and my personal favourite, all out apocalyptic warfare. We’ve had an incredible year playing through these scenarios. As we progressed through the story, we documented the events that occurred so that we would have a memento to remember the campaign by. The result is the book linked below. It contains the background for the campaign, battle reports for all ten games and also the rules pack. As a taster I’ve added some screenshots from the book below. We hope you enjoy. If any of you recreate any of the scenarios in your own gaming group the do let us know how it goes. Use the link below to access the book: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjPiJl8KayY8kksOFpw0UWE_iL7S?e=lcvicc Sample photos:
  3. Well i took me quite some time to post some pics of my minis in these hallowed halls. I started my Word Bearers several years ago (around the time of the 4th edition Codex) and they have been a project that has developed since then. I have a nasty habit of allowing myself to be far too easily distracted. As a result many of my marines are in a kind of 'painting limbo'. Almost finished but not quite. This is the main reason i have decided to start this thread in the WIP forum. Hopefully it will give me the motivation i need to continue building on my WBs and their allies. Thanks These Possessed are actually the first minis i painted for the army. Sorry about the poor photo quality. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0170.jpg?t=1308475920 My Berzerkers were the second squad i painted. As soon i got my hands on the Berzerkers kit i knew i had to fix the old and out of date arms and weapons. For this i used a combination of CSM and marauder arms with the newer CSM weapons. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0109.jpg Flamer havocs. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0178.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0179.jpg?t=1308473468 My Dark Apostle 'true scale' attempt. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/P1010316.jpg?t=1308473795 I intended to give the Apostle a terminator body guard...but got side tracked by A D-B's Blood Reaver...and so i have just made a start at a 'true scale' NL. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0144.jpg Anyway thanks for looking
  4. So recently, probably starting after the publication of the HH short story 'Iron Within' there has been mention here and there that the Silver Skulls may be Iron Warriors loyalist successors. As a Silver Skulls player and someone fairly up to speed on their history, I find this extremely unlikely. Nothing in their history, culture, or fighting style lends themselves to be Iron Warriors. The most likely scenario, for a conspiracy, is that the Silver Skulls were the Chapter Given to Barabas Dantioch. This kind of made sense because Dantioch was famous for his iron/silver mask that was permanently attached to his face and in the shape of a stylized skull. However, Have any of you heard this or put any credence behind it? The Silver Skulls are a RT era chapter. I think any seeming relation to them and what is happening in the Heresy is pure coincidence.
  5. Well, I started a thread on the 23rd of July but with the DB crash and roll back dogs ate it along with my homework. The beauty is you now will get a lot of WIP pictures like some rapid time lapse across a fortnight without my inane rambling. That won't last The downside is there will be lots of pictures in one post, but not much I can do about that as I am having to play catch up. The Wall of Bronze Beasts Printed scans from my copies of the IA books for inspiration and direction. The First Five Gotta start somewhere and as I want half in Mk VIII a squad in my take on that armour was the obvious starting point. At this point I was pleased. Mk VIII Chests How I did Mk VIII chest so the abdomen cables aren't exposed. I obviously could only do so many before I ran out so you'll start to see white bits as I lifted a cast of my modified chest plates. Losing Focus Rather than staying on point I wondered what the second squad in MK VIII would look like as I intend to give them Tigrus bolt guns. Great but still not one squad built Focus still lost... And what they would look like with a plasma gun, Ryza pattern of course. Second squad again, still off with the fairies... Standing on things is cool Lorenzen said so (at least I think he did long ago). And he is right. And he is doing Minotaurs too! Although I won't have bare flesh anywhere on mine, too page 3 exposing themselves and helms are more menacing. Note I went back to squad one again at this point. I was going to make this guy the combat squad leader but didn't which has led to problems (see later). Arguably you could say I'd regained my focus... Captain who became Sciron ...but you'd be wrong. An idea that escaped and broke focus. On the original thread the consensus was the name Sciron suited him more than Carcinus. When I say consensus like one person responded. Both are spare names from the FW brass etch sheet. I like him, pity I'll hardly ever use him. He is more progressed now and I will finish him for Grotsmasha;s challenge as a "funsies". Finally the Heavy I stopped procrastinating and prevaricating and finally built the squad heavy weapon. Quite happy with this, so I put all my avoidance energies into the special weapon bloke. Sons of Medusa No, really. Whilst avoiding doing the flamer I started fiddling with Sons of Medusa. I should write a book called Focus Lost or something. Flamers need bunkers to burn So, Armies on Parade and themed terrain is well important, more so than having an actual squad built, so I am doing this in tandem. Big, isn't it? Note I will be attacking this as Minotaurs so it'll be ouch time for me. Fits with them perfectly of course thus me doing it. And the fact I had the FW Siege of Vraks moduler resin trench stuff lying about gathering dust. More on this later but I'll be picking up the foam board and ply tomorrow. The gang is not all here Nine. Sort of like the Nazgul except not. Flamer guy all sinister on the right side. Missile launcher man strangely giving out quests. Sinister Close up of too many to be a combat squad and not remotely loaded right even if they where. Dexter And too few for a combat squad but at least a close up of elusive flamer chap. Note I cannot make my mind up on the last bolter man, who may also be squad leader, so I'll make another nine and then decide which one goes with these guys and then give the others Tigrus, then vacillate for ages over who gets to be Sergeant Aristophane, and then avoid building their plasma gunner and heavy bolterer for ages whilst building a full 6 ft. by 2 ft. trench system. However tonight is gym, then selling my FW Reaver on eBay, and then adding bulbs to all their ankles.
  6. ++Horrific Abominations++ +The Maniacs Laboratory+ Okay so I'll try to keep this short. I've had an idea for a WIP and am looking for as much feedback as possible!! I've always liked Daemons but I've always had one really big problem with them. The Chaos gods are supposed to be all powerful, daemon planets are literally indescribable landscape full of things that make mortal men go crazy at the sight of them. Yet each God could only come up with like 3 or 4 repeated designs for their footsoldiers. Khorne has: Bloodletters Juggernauts Bloodthirsters (Big Bloodletters) Nurgle has: Plaguebearers Nurglings GUO's (Big nurglings) etc. ​Now, obviosly I realise that this is necessary for the models, it would be crazy for every model to be completely unique. But that's what I'm gonna try and make with this blog!!! My idea has evolved a lot since I thought of it. Currently I want to build a counts-as daemon army. But everything will look like experiments gone wrong. The idea is that an insane chaos marine has been trying to CREATE daemons by experimenting on cultist/captured troops and the army will be made up of his failed attempts. Here are some ideas I drew up for bloodletters, using Vampire Counts Ghouls as a base http://i.imgur.com/hyqaoSu.jpg I plan to everything pretty obvious as to what it counts-as (which I feel is important for counts-as armies) this will also let me run a strong mulit-god list without the tabletop looking like someone dropped skittles all over it! I'm going to include an allied detachment of CSM, pretty much as 'handlers'. I'll be running the creator 'Hieronymous' as a chaos lord. Fluff wise he is proper crazy (even by Chaos standards) think Fabius Bile crossed with Honsou with a bit of Dr. Frankenstein thrown in. He needs some kind of self-appointed title I'm thinking either "Arch-Biosmith" or "Malefic Genetor" but I'm very open to suggestions. Still have quite a bit of fleshing out to do. He possibly used to be a warpsmith (probably Iron Warriors) but broke away on his own after going crazy. He now attempts to breed daemons (to varying degress of success) He is mostly a loner. His body guards will be Chaos marines, but model-wise and fluff-wise they will be little more than power armoured combat servitors. I will hopefully start modelling soon but I ordered some bits online and they'll take a few weeks to get here. And I really feel like this idea needs fluff but I suck at writing fluff. I can do the broad strokes but I'm really bad at the small details and polish. So if anyone would be willing to help with that it would be great! So, what do you think!?!?!?
  7. http://i.imgur.com/gyyrDvA.jpg A bunch of us have got heavily into 30k ever since Calth came out. We were all hobbyists before, mostly 40k/WFB, but branching out into Flames of War and Bolt Action. Calth has absolutely taken over our entire hobby lives. 30k or death! So we'll be posting about that mainly! My old 40k marines were all upscaled a bit (using a modified version of Veteran Sergeant's technique that I saw on HeresyOnline way back), so I definitely wanted to carry that on to 30k. I refined my version a bit, made them a bit chunkier, and convinced some (not all) of the lads to go in the same direction.... in no particular order we have... My Iron Warriors http://i.imgur.com/cUNtt5K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/McCFeI5.jpg I'm not the best painter of the bunch, but given the volume I've put out (I've got around 3.5k painted since Calth) I'm very happy with them. I've gone for a fluffy, infantry heavy army, though having just read The Ironfire ROW, I'm going to be adding some artillery soon. T's Imperial Fists http://i.imgur.com/VQePsAZ.jpg This photo doesn't really do them justice. Ty is a slow, but excellent painter. These guys are currently WIP, and the bases have come on a bit since this was taken. We decided to unify the basing scheme, to tie all the forces together. He's currently working on 10 terminators. X's Word Bearers http://i.imgur.com/WlNf6qG.jpg Xander has an eye for detail. These guys are stunning. He's going for a fluffy, deep-into-heresy look for his lads. His Ashen Circle are something to behold! L's Alpha Legion http://i.imgur.com/BJEBPCN.jpg Luke hasn't scaled his guys up, and I think it really works with his AL, the sneaky bastards that they are. His blended armour is really lovely. I'll try to get him to upload some close ups. R's Salamanders http://i.imgur.com/QiXVZMV.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lJf6kBs.jpg Rob used to be a terrible painter. I don't know what happened. Maybe he drank some radioactive paint? He's the master of the airbrush, and the painter that I'm in business with. He's also our resident power gamer, and his zooming Storm Eagle precipitated the purchase of many fliers and Deredeos... Q's Night Lords http://i.imgur.com/gZceqvL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aFDoQ5u.jpg For what he lacks in volume, he makes up for in quality. Fighting in the kitchen of our war-torn utopian Palace/Cathedral, his Night Lords are, to a man, stunningly painted. His next project is a trio of contemptors and a spartan, all suitably covered in skulls and chains.
  8. Hello! I have been in and out of the hobby the last year due to a variety of reasons but life is now stable again that I can really concentrate on it. With the release of Burning of Prospero I have an easy to access supply of Mark III marines, this has reignited my imagination for my Iron Warriors, an army that I've had in a few iterations through the ten or so years I've been in the hobby. With the Traitor Legion supplement it has also added fuel to the creative fire, though a shame no basilisks. My aim for my Iron Warriors is to build a 40k era chaos force with less emphasis on the mutations and the horns etc. To help keep me focused (I have a terrible habit of building models how I want and not painting them fully) I am building my army in stages. Stage 1 being a warsmith, two rhino bound squads, a large maxed out chaos marine squad and a hellbrute. Progress so far has the majority of the two rhino squads built and the metals are done. Here is one my favourite marines I have built, I'm really happy with the striding forward pose. The mkIII legs are really awesome, give this very heavy feel. I did try mixing the plastic chaos marine parts and most of them work well though the legs really show their age. This one actually has some Forge World MkIII legs in and a few more chaos parts. The Champion of Squad 2. Again a bit more liberal with the chaos parts, trying to merge the Pre Heresy and Post Heresy designs in a way that feels right to me. Squad 1 Champion. I have had a servo arm from a techmarine hanging around for a while, servo arms scream Iron Warriors to me so this champion gets one as a power fist. A group shot of the progress so far. I didn't fancy paying out for the Forge World Legion shoulder pads and I am a bit unsure about the IW transfers., so at the moment the shoulders are blank, debating how to decorate them. Maybe using chaos stars or roman numerals to indicate squad numbers. Also the title has 'Aquillas' in it. The hobby mainly interests me in the modelling and painting aspects rather than the gaming. I have a few imperial projects in the works as well. The current one is my Inquisitor Foxe. A few minor changes to the Grayfax model, a head swap and a bit of green stuff fur to add to her cloak. Hopefully next update some paint will be on foxe, my first two squads will be full strength and I can have some progress to show on my warsmith. Thanks for reading!
  9. Reading up on Abaddon's Black Crusades, the 10th Black Crusade (also called the Conflict of Helica) was a conflict that broke into the Medusa system. Abaddon and the Black Legion made an alliance with the Iron Warriors and launched an assault on the Iron Hands. From what I can tell - the Black Legion fleet distracts other forces, the Chaos forces devastate the Medusa system, and then they retreat before the bulk of the Iron Hands chapter and their allies arrive to relieve the siege. There isn't much information that I can find online, but I was wondering if someone with the Iron Hands supplement, or at least more familiar with the Iron Hands lore, can provide a better account of the 10th Black Crusade and what happened in the Medusa system? (Apologies if this is the wrong subforum)
  10. Doctor Perils


    From the album: Sarment Sector Colour Schemes

    Colour Scheme of the XCIIIrd Grand Battalion of the Iron Warriors (144th Grand Company "Blue Bloods")
  11. Doctor Perils

    2015 12 09 (6)

    From the album: IV - XCIIIrd Grand Battalion

    Messer (CCW) and Kriegsmesser (Power Sword)
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