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Watcher Keep, Bolthole Station - Non-Celebrity Deathwatch!


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Foreward: I've for a long-time now fancied a 'non-famous' Deathwatch RPG, wherein all the players are from a chapter no-one's heard of. They might be one of the most famous Chapters of the Imperium day-to-day, but in the lore it's just they're unheard of.


As I also fancied a little Genestealer Cult army, the Deathwatch Overkill game struck me as a great option. (Also it's an easy to justify expense as it can be played with people who haven't got any investment in all this nonsense at all.)


So, using the great piece of work here on Bolter & Chainsword (the list of Space Marine icons/shoulder pads from the DW Veterans kit that can also double as 'other Chapters') and applying my own research and bits-boxing, I managed to make an entirely non-First Founding and barely-Second-Founding set of Deathwatch Space Marines, with only a single one that was wholly created by me (the Swords Imperial, and that's a repurposed Dark Angel veteran pad & pack, I think)!


So, there you go, here's a 'looking alright' stage of development for them. Certainly worthy of being played with now. Which means I also really need to get my bottom in gear and get working on the Cultists...


Anyway, without further ado:

Background text:

Watch Station Bolthole, in Segmentum Tempestus, is a subcomponent of the Watcher Keep installation on the extremes of the Tempestus/Pacificus border surface. Locations of note under the Watcher Keep's auspices are the Grand Avenue of the Serpent, the Kaliarchon Combine, the Nervkor Dynasty and more than two dozen Imperial sectors on the exterior edge of the Imperium that rests beyond the conventional limits of the galactic disc.


Though remote, the density and established natures of Segmentum Pacificus and Tempestus means a great deal of traffic enters the realms served by the Watcher Keep. Watch Station Bolthole is formerly a Xenos asteroid chain which has been wholly repurposed for Imperial use. It is sited in the forbidden system Bertrand's Hearth, at the inner edge of the Horrubim Sector's Heartache Subsector.


Of Watcher Keep's two main Watch Stations (the other being Watch Station De Vaal, sited closer to the border surface and Watcher Keep itself), Watch Station Bolthole serves primarily as a transit point between the heavy duty actions conducted by the main fortress and information/personnel/materiel further into the heart of the Imperium. Moreover, it acts as a hub for patrols serving the Oreatufor Sector (across whose rim ward border the Heartache subsector is found) and its borders - specifically important due to the high number of seemingly natural warp gates and warp portals in uninhabited space pertaining to the Sector.


As of 816M41 (7), the Astartes inhabitants of Watch Station Bolthole are as follows:



Chaplain Samson Gronbach

Swords Imperial Chapter




Lexicanum Pix Draggor

Mortifcators Chapter




Watch Sergeant Moss el-Gibran

Angels of Vengeance Chapter




Brother Niss Bextor

Star Dragons Chapter




Brother Machur Yusufu

Exemplars Chapter



Brother Atafet

Hawk Lords Chapter



Brother Jayaz Tzin

Angels of Fire Chapter





Brother Garrot Bessedine

Emperor's Hands Chapter




Brother Leonard Hochmann

Subjugators Chapter



Brother Arx Sabrebull

Shadow Wolves Chapter




Brother Edmund Belzar

Angels Encarmine Chapter






Killteam Bolthole: Ready to deploy!

Purge the Xenos



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Love the non-First Founding Deathwatch and I applaud your selection of Chapters, very flavorful. I've been eye-balling the Wolves icons for some Shadow Wolves myself, and since you've already brought one to life here: :tu: to you! Are we going to see some more "little spoken of" Chapter members for the Deathwatch?
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  • 8 months later...

It took a while to get around to, but the resounding answer is: YES


So, without further ado, let me introduce some more unusual Chapters (or unusual takes on Chapters... :wink: )



Watch Mistress Ithika Pyror, Chapter: Silver Skull.




Techmarine Cosmin Massador, Chapter: Dark Hand.




Adept Barr Illn, Chapter: Warrior Adept.




Korran Velk, Chapter: Metamarine.




Mox Rendorius, Chapter: Iron Talon.




Pelos Virro, Chapter: Paladin Obscurus.




Garra Solar, Chapter: Knight of Gryphonne




Coraline Arch, Chapter: Scion of the Labyrinth at Khapik.




Truff Excelsior, Chapter: Children of the Chalice




Exxel Plim, Chapter: Knight of the Raven




Alvar Liu, Chapter: Golem.




Qavaria Zine, Chapter: Snake of Ectos.





Of those above, several are entirely new chapters.

Children of the Chalice - Blood Drinkers Successor

Paladins Obscurus - Imperial Paladins Successor

Swords Imperial - Unknown Provenance/undecided

Scion of the Labyrinth at Khapik - Brazen Minotaurs Successor


I'm hoping to do my dreadnought shortly too, and it'll be something of a challenge as my intent is to free-hand it as a Star Phantoms marine! I expect the larger surface to work on may help me. Slightly...

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I see a bold move in there, but I'll leave that piece unsaid.  :lol:


Overall impressive work, though; you've definitely pushed into some moderate homebrew for this one but the effect is awesome overall.  I bet your opponents ask a lot of questions about each model, and for me that's a big part of the fun of playing DW :)

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Where's Ithikas head from, Sisters of Silence?


Yup, I wonder what is under that plate now :whistling: althought that was not the only bit that should raise some eyebrows :wink: 


I really like use of alt-chapters and fully helmeted force, nice paints, too, thought purist in me would mate helmet marks to different models in a few cases

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TL;DR - going off the beaten track is a tremendous amount of fun on a personal level, I'd massively recommend dabbling in it for your own forces.




@Dragonlover & Graysparrow - Yep, spot on with the Sister of Silence head. The challenge of the kit bash was pretty minimal - the only difficulty was in adjusting the neck to fit the neck-socket properly, and even then it wasn't especially difficult. The shoulder pad plays nicely with the Custodes arm.


I've not determined a huge amount of background for her - though I'm sure it'll come in a more forthright way now that I've exhausted myself in defining the main cast of the Watcher Keep/Bolthole Station! (I would never have believed how difficult it is to come up with satisfactory and vaguely distinct 'random names' for toys...!)


In passing, though, I'm leaning towards the idea that for any of the marines who aren't blatantly male or female, there's a down-the-middle 50:50 mix in them. I hobbled myself by not naming in that vein - but then you gotta start somewhere.


With regards specific background relating to Ithika, I've held a very firm retcon in my head for a while, though it's a much more general point than her herself:

SCENE: Macragge, immediately after the turning of the Siege of Hera within the Temple of Correction.



By the time the reinforcements reached the Temple of Correction, the fighting was done. Every single Ultramarine who rushed into that vaulted space dropped to their knees in worshipful awe at the sight of their Primarch reborn.


Calm now, Robot Guilliman took charge of his warriors. [DIVERGENCE FROM ORTHODOX RECORD FOLLOWS] He asked only one question not of a purely strategic nature.


War still raged, and even the peculiarity of these strangers one aspect gave the Primarch pause. Not the presence of the Xenos, not the imposter masquerading as a descendent of Bellend Carl, not the radiant flying women, and not the imposing woman in the mad hat.


Rather, he fixed Tigurius and Marneus with soul-piercing stares. He cast his eye over all of the assembled Marines, his gene-sired children one and all - true products of Ultramar.


On this, the central fact became unavoidable. Recognising the responsibility of the Chapter Master, he address his single question there.


"My inheritors," he said, suspicion and judgement plainly present in his tone. "Why are you all guys? You weren't the last time I was here..."


But I digress.




I had a lot of fun with the home-brew on this. As said with the names, it's ruddy difficult. Of the things that stuck prominently in my head when doing all this, two ideas featured prominently.


The first is that it's very easy to fall into the Noun Angels trap. Well, it's not a trap. But you get the idea. There's a corollary to that, of course, that it's not really a trap. Some things will be entirely fashionable - there'll be trends, some names will be prominent whilst others fade through time - either by association or just by being viewed as archaic.


Secondly, one of the really lovely details about the Thousand Sons and Word Bearers 'internal details' was their love of the esoteric in their naming conventions. If those records have been expunged, the desire to go for overly-arch, long-winded or outright peculiar names for chapters will have free reign to return. Well, not completely free reign, there'd be a lot of vetoing going on from the Ordo Astartes, I'd imagine, but the general principle is right.


As such, I was keen to go for the odd 'Noun Angels' ones, like the Iron Talons - not a far cry from existing 'big' chapter names, but goofy enough to be both plausible and blatant and totally fitting. And on the flip side, the Scions of the Labyrinth at Khapik was just getting into the territory of overly-arch 'proper names' without going down the route of the Space Sharks (Carcharadons Astra is a brilliant 'rescue' of the name, but I didn't want to steal it as I admired it a bit too much!).


Anyway, it's something I've really enjoyed playing around with. I've a vague plan to do an all-dreadnought Killteam at some point too, using the larger size of the models to be a bit more forgiving in doing freehand Chapter iconography, but it remains to be seen whether my skills are up to it.




@Ibris - I get you on the helmets front. I was keen to have a near-all-helmeted force (of late I've come to really admire it in others' forces), but was immediately scuppered in my efforts by the Deathwatch Veteran's Mk8 gorgets. The indecent interplay with other helmets is vexing. Nevertheless, if I add in more Marines, I think it'll likely be some MkX 'Primaris' (as DW vets) with their stalker boltguns, or picking up some MkIII/MkIV suits for variety.


The DW Vets kit is lovely, but it's just awkward enough with the older kits to be loved without reservation!

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Cheers, graysparrow!


@Vel'cona: dreadnought indeed. I've just built up the Venerable with a few of the Deathwatch =]⊙[= icons on it, for where I hope to do some free-hand and make him a Star Phantom. Could be a mutilated disaster, but we'll see.


Beyond that, I've got an idea banging around for an all-dreadnought Killteam too...

Star Phantom Venerable

"Blood Angel" (as a BA successor) Librarian

"Space Wolf" (as Red Wolf? Star Fox? Void Hound?) axe-and-shield 'normal'

Fairly standard Ironclad


Redemptor "Techmarine"


No clear idea which Chapters beyond the Star Phantom (and even then... ), really, but I can see a lot of fun in it. Maybe mostly from 'extinct'/renegade Chapters? Hmm.

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. Maybe mostly from 'extinct'/renegade Chapters? Hmm.


Ohhh, interesting!  Wolf Brothers, Astral Knights., Tiger Claws, so many choices!  Oh, and if you want a good laugh, include a surviving dread from both of the two chapters that were given the same name accidentally!  I can't remember the name though, and my google-foo is weak. 

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  • 3 months later...

That was an interesting big of background in the new C: SM.  :smile.:


Any chance on getting a Son of Medusa in there?  Or mayhaps a Carcharodon Astra?  :biggrin.:

I'd been strongly considering it, but I think they're just a bit too popular!



Otherwise: almost there, got some Primaris reinforcements included too (though IMO they're just a bunch of Veterans with Stalker Bolters & swords).

Defenstratus Affine, Chapter: Warden of the Sundered Sword.



Gozza Krone, Chapter: Storm Giant.




Kal Fisch, Chapter: Imperial Laureate.




Bert Hotep, Chapter: Eternal Ember.




Esper Vonnex, Chapter: Red Wolf.



Xiomara Labidi, Chapter: Iron Fist.




Zahra Hamiltonian, Chapter: Necropolis Hawk.




Meherzia Jennik, Chapter: Heir of the Blood of the Throne.



Isatou Torr, Chapter: Skull Bearer.




My Dreadnought's more-or-less fully painted, and my free-hand on flat surfaces is shockingly bad, but I'm also practicing some graffiti on my Legio Cybernetica Robots, so we'll see how that goes before I acquire the Dreadnoughts to round out the DW force...

Edited by Xisor
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And finally (for now), introducing


Neen Roten, Chapter: Star Phantom.





My free-hand is categorically atrocious, but the Star Phantoms logo is bloody intricate, so there was absolutely no danger of it looking especially good. 'Good if you've terrible eyesight and it is dark and maybe you have had too much to drink' was always going to be the best I could hope for! 8)


Now I'll have to devise some sort of viable list for them all! (And re-evaluate it when the new 'dex eventually comes out! [My money's on end of March])

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  • 1 month later...

Right, I've had opportunity to do a wee bit of work, including a slight improvement on the paint on Neen. I also acquired a few... priceless relics.


Without further ado: introducing Kill Team Emeritus!



Now, there's obviously some painting still to do. (And I need to glue on the storm bolted to a certain Librarian), but fundamentally, I'm pretty happy with the spread of them.


In the style of supplying them with some 'support' for a bit variety and to fill them up to a decent sized list (they clock in at roughly 50PL or 1100pts,or thereabouts), I've a vague notion of getting them some friends in the form of:

- Inquisitor Karamazov

- A squad or three of Sisters of Battle (I saw an amazing conversion of Silent Sisters with Skitarii Vanguard helms recently) in transports for objective securing.


But that's just vague speculation. I've got plenty set aside (Adeptus Mechanicus, other Deathwatch, Astra Militarum, Salamanders) who can support KT Emeritus, so I'm hoping to get these folks on the field sooner rather than later!

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  • 6 months later...

Very much WIP where the painting is concerned, but nevertheless they've definitely started to take shape and 'look the part', even if there's a lot of polish to add.


So, without further ado, the here comes the fearsome nine people constituting the Ordo Xenos' premier...


Kill Team Emeritus


Operating at the behest of the Ordo Xenos, it's only a nine-person team.



It operates through the auspices of the Ordo Xenos under the acclaimed Alien Hunter: Inquisitor Vincenzi Annan. Annan's throne incorporates a dedicated weapons-servitor allotment, as well as space facilities for an attendant acolyte - in this instance Curator Bernicia Jiande, formerly of the Logis Strategos.



In direct command of the adepts from Watcher Keep's Bolthole Station is epistolarian Auditor Maelle Gerund, Eagle Warrior.



Supervising their deployment is the Mechanist-Procurator (techmarine) Una Sasidharan, originally of the Death Strike chapter.



Breacher, siege, and zone mortalis specialisms are overseen by Invigilator Izarra Starheart, the last known survivor of the Fire Hawks chapter.



Izarra's left hand (and Fire Hawk emblem bearing arm) wields a standard dreadnought combat weapon with heavy-flamer attachment.



Izarra's right (bearing Deathwatch iconography) features a breaching seismic-hammer (also with heavy flamer attachment), as well as additional combat systems in the form of the forward assault launchers, and dorsal hunter-killer missile racks.



Entombed within Bolthole Station's eldest dreadnought chassis is Invigilator Budi Figal, Guardian of the Covenant.



Invigilator Figal wields a multi-meta (though travels with the spare relic-armament: an ancient pattern of assault cannon), with a combat weapon bearing an integrated storm bolter.



The penultimate addition, an all-round Deathwatch operative, is Invigilator Neen Roten, Star Phantom.



The final killteam operative is Invigilator Ygga Glorr, Bone Wolf.



Invigilator Glorr operates with a famously unorthodox armament - dreadnought-grades of axe and shield - having found solace in the symbolism of the Fenrisian-pattern relic mounts held deep within Bolthole Station's armoury.



Kill Team Emeritus ready to strike at the alien.



And there you have it. Still very WIP, but the Killteam is coming along rather nicely indeed.


There's even some bonus material, in the form of some rehabilitated older models. Introducing some smaller reinforcements for Watcher Keep's Bolthole Station:

Adept Toral Decrepitude, Imperial Salient.

(Homebrew - I ensilage Templars trapping, predominantly, with a fair whack of yellow. Not dissimilar to Emperor's Scythes or variant Imperial Fists.)




Adept Toral Decrepitude, Acetic Order.

(Homebrew - I envisage a sharp background and droplet, with black saw blade and... I'm not sure about the final rim colour.)


Edited by Xisor
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Well done, overall.

In direct command of the adepts from Watcher Keep's Bolthole Station is epistolarian Auditor Maelle Gerund, Eagle Warrior.


Are those shuttlecocks painted on his pauldron? Or grenades attached to shuttlecock tails, so they may serve as miniature air-dropped bombs?
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Well done, overall.


In direct command of the adepts from Watcher Keep's Bolthole Station is epistolarian Auditor Maelle Gerund, Eagle Warrior.


Are those shuttlecocks painted on his pauldron? Or grenades attached to shuttlecock tails, so they may serve as miniature air-dropped bombs?



I'd go with the latter, but now you mention it - I could envisage it like a 'many tailed comet' stylised into a wing-is thing. Makes thematic sense for a fleet-based chapter.


But I'm sure they're not averse to shuttlecock bombs...! :D

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Now, I was rummaging about with my old Salamanders, and a couple of older models were in need of some repair work, and probably inducting into the Deathwatch, generally. To that end, I'd really appreciate some advice!


How should I re-configure these four?

- 2 metal Dark Angel veteran models (robed & hooded)

- One multi-part plastic captain with combi-melta and lightning claw (a daft combination in any edition)

- One former 'master of the forge with conversion beamer', but basically just the cool servo-harness techmarine body. (No idea where the harness bits have got to.)

- some Grey Knight 'teleport jump-packs' backpacks.



My brain says: run wild!

My heart says: your brain is 100% reliable!

My gut says: plain ol' bolter & sword.


I'm running low (only one would have to be hacked off a terminator's arm) on spare storm bolters, but I've got a couple of combi-bolters.




My vague intention was this:

Two DA vets: heavy thunder hammers + teleport jump-packs to 'count as' vanguard with HTHs. Themtically, they become 'Deathwatch Keepers'.


Captain: as Veteran, keep combi-melta, switch lightning claw for a chainsword or power sword.


Techmarine: count-as terminator (normal or character), with spare Terminator bits. (Very tempted to go for the Cyclone Missile Launcher on 'em, so they can live with the Stalker boltgun team as backfield support.)


Excluding characters & my dread-full killteam, the rest of my army is basically:


- Biker w/power swords

- Terminator w/heavy flamer and meltafist

- Vanguard w/hand flamer + chainsword

- Vanguard w/twin lightning claws

- Veteran w/storm bolter (not yet assigned to a killteam)

- Veteran w/storm bolter & power fist (not yet assigned to a killteam)



A Killteam: 5 models

- 1 boltgun, 2 combi-meltas, storm bolter, two chainswords, thunder hammer, heavy thunder hammer


B Killteam: 5 models

- 5 boltguns, 2 chainswords, 2 power swords.


C Killteam: 5 models

- 2 shotguns, 2 frag cannons, plasma pistol & power sword.


D Killteam: 5 models

- 5 stalker boltguns, 4 power swords, 1 chainsword.


As only three such squads are needed for a Battalion, the 'unimportant forth' (A or B, above) can easily be distributed between the others, or to combine and beef up one in particular.


The overall force is currently arranged like this, but I'm very open to grouping people into more sensible teams, and approving promotions/demotions at the drop of a hat:

X Detachment -- Y "Kill Team" -- Datasheet with war-gear. Points: XXX


1- Supreme Command--1- Alpha: Apothecary with: Combi-grav, Chainsword, Narthecium. Points: 73

1- Supreme Command--1- Alpha: Chaplain with: Bolt pistol, Crozius Arcanum. Points: 73

1- Supreme Command--1- Alpha: Librarian (Epistolary) with: Storm Bolter, Force Stave. Points: 132

1- Supreme Command--1- Alpha: Techmarine with: Storm Bolter, Servo-Arm, Storm Shield. Points: 76

1- Supreme Command--1- Alpha: Watch Master with: Guardian Spear. Points: 130

2- Battalion--1- Alpha: Librarian (Lexicanium) with: Bolt Pistol, Force Sword. Points: 97

2- Battalion--1- Alpha: Watch Captain with: Combi-flamer, Power Fist. Points: 98

2- Battalion--2- Beta: Biker with: Power Sword, bike with Twin Boltguns, Teleport Homer. Points: 33

2- Battalion--2- Beta: Terminator with: Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist. Points: 77

2- Battalion--2- Beta: Vanguard Veteran with: Hand Flamer, Chainsword. Points: 26

2- Battalion--2- Beta: Vanguard Veteran with: Twin Lightning Claws. Points: 30

2- Battalion--3- Gamma: Veteran with: Boltgun, Chainsword. Points: 17

2- Battalion--3- Gamma: Veteran with: Combi-melta, Chainsword. Points: 36

2- Battalion--3- Gamma: Veteran with: Combi-melta. Points: 36

2- Battalion--3- Gamma: Veteran with: Thunder Hammer, Storm Bolter. Points: 36

2- Battalion--3- Gamma: Watch Sergeant with: Heavy Thunder Hammer. Points: 46

2- Battalion--5- Epsilon: Veteran with: Boltgun, Chainsword. Points: 17

2- Battalion--5- Epsilon: Veteran with: Boltgun, Chainsword. Points: 17

2- Battalion--5- Epsilon: Veteran with: Boltgun, Power Sword. Points: 21

2- Battalion--5- Epsilon: Veteran with: Boltgun. Points: 17

2- Battalion--5- Epsilon: Watch Sergeant with: Boltgun, Power Sword. Points: 21

2- Battalion--6- Zeta: Veteran with: Deathwatch Shotgun. Points: 19

2- Battalion--6- Zeta: Veteran with: Deathwatch Shotgun. Points: 19

2- Battalion--6- Zeta: Veteran with: Frag Cannon. Points: 41

2- Battalion--6- Zeta: Veteran with: Frag Cannon. Points: 41

2- Battalion--6- Zeta: Watch Sergeant with: Plasma pistol, Power Sword. Points: 27

3- Patrol--1- Alpha: Watch Captain with: Boltgun, Xenophase Blade. Points: 82

3- Patrol--4- Delta: Veteran with: Stalker Pattern Boltgun, Chainsword. Points: 20

3- Patrol--4- Delta: Veteran with: Stalker Pattern Boltgun, Power Sword. Points: 24

3- Patrol--4- Delta: Veteran with: Stalker Pattern Boltgun, Power Sword. Points: 24

3- Patrol--4- Delta: Veteran with: Stalker Pattern Boltgun, Power Sword. Points: 24

3- Patrol--4- Delta: Watch Sergeant with: Stalker Pattern Boltgun, Power Sword. Points: 24

4- Vanguard--7- Eta: Contemptor Dreadnought with: Multimelta, Combi-Bolter, Dreadnought Combat Weapon. Points: 167

4- Vanguard--7- Eta: Ironclad Dreadnought with: Two Heavy Flamers, two Hunter Killer Missiles, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Seismic Hammer, Dreadnought Combat Weapon. Points: 179

4- Vanguard--7- Eta: Librarian Dreadnought with: Meltagun, Furioso Force Halberd. Points: 167

4- Vanguard--7- Eta: Redemptor Dreadnought with: Macro Plasma Incinerator, Heavy Flamer, Icarus Rocket Pod, two Storm Bolters, Redemptor Fist. Points: 198

4- Vanguard--7- Eta: Venerable Dreadnought with: Fenrisian Great Axe, Blizzard Shield. Points: 160

4- Vanguard--7- Eta: Venerable Dreadnought with: Twin Lascannon, Heavy Flamer, Dreadnought Combat Weapon. Points: 197


You'll notice there's a few 'odd' ones in there too - like my tech marine with storm shield, storm bolter, and servo arm.

Edited by Xisor
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