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  1. Back in the day of Metal IG, there were models that I feel head of heels about. I even based my Elysians using these models, but sold it years ago due to RL. Lately I've been itching to get back into getting them. So far I managed to get roughly 60 Kasrkins back... now to make a list around them. Edit: title, updated on to reflect on growing collection.
  2. +++Accessing Data-Loom XCVIIΦ... +++Establishing Link.... ++Servitor Φ-264 has connected to Terminal Σ221 ++Servitor Φ-89A has connected to Terminal Ω79 +CONNECTING.... +CONNECTING.... +CONNECTING.... +++CONNECTION ESTABLISHED+++ *hissing electronics and vox feedback* "Welcome, Commander, to the Khymara Sub-Sector. If we had thought times were hard for the Imperium of Man due to the Thirteenth Black Crusade, then we knew nothing of what has lurked in the shadows for us here. The Kymara sub-sector lies in the Western Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum and sits along the Malestrom. Such a thing has given it great prosperity and great danger, as such things are seen throughout the galaxy.” "Currently we have been unable to regain contact with one of our Imperial Mining Stations, Alpha -67c on Kymara. Imperium forces only control four systems out of the eight within the sub-sector. The sub-sector capitol of Josufa, which is positioned in the center and has had a shaky foothold throughout the last century, but that could be lost.” "Reports have been flooding in for the past decade now on new dangers. The Xenos and Renegade threats have been growing in number and daring, moving out further and more aggressively from various locations. We are afraid one our worlds might become a xenos or renegade vile nest. Aid from several Adeptus Astartes Chapters has been requested in an attempt to assist in exterminating these xenos and renegade threats.” "The last Adeptus Arbites Patrol sent to Kymara in an attempt to regain contact with Alpha-67c has not reported in -- much like the previous 6 such patrols. The Sub-Sector Adeptus Arbites Precinct has filed several more complaints with the Administratum, protesting the lack of initiative on the sub-sector Governor's part to look further into the issue. The old legends about there being several technologically advanced xenos and renegades within the area continue to dissuade their desire to reach them. The local Ecclesiarch has already sent a report via channels to the Inquisition, requesting advice and help in this heretical matter.” "Much is happening beneath the surface events however, Commander. I can feel it. I can only hope that with your arrival that the Imperium of Man will emerge victorious...even through it is against training to entertain doubt, I feel worried. Things are happening within the sub-sector and for all I know, things will not be brighter on the other side." ++END MESSAGE+++ UPDATED 05/19/2017: War009's Raptor 10th company Plog is built around the idea of an All Scout army with very little Power Armour (HQs and Elites only) supported by various other vehicles to give the army the punch it needs. This is a slow moving plog, is built for fun and no way intended to be for competive use, some conversions, and rule of cool is in effect. In preparation for 8th I have broken down the selections as follows. As a model is completed a link will be added to it. UPDATED 07/20/2020: WAR009's Raptors 10th Company Plog has been changed from an all Scout army to focusing on the 2 elements that make up the 10th Company: Vanguard and Scouts. The Army will be comprised of the those 2 elements and support from various other companies.10th Company Shadow Captain Admar Voss has crossed the Rubicon and became a Primaris Marine and is overall Commander of the Raptor Forces on Khymara. UPDATED 02/2022: WAR009' Raptors 10th Company Plog has been forced to change gears due to 9e rules changes. The Army will consisit of mainly Phobos armor units with Support in the form of different detachments from the 2nd Company, Armory and Various Headquarters staffing. some units may be deleted and other units may be added over time Vanguard Section of the 10th Company HQs -10th Company Shadow Captain Admar Voss -Phobos Lexicanum Torec - Completed -Phobos LT -Revier LT Elites -Invictor Warsuit -Reiver Squad I -Reiver Squad VI -Reiver Squad VII Troops -Infiltrator Squad II -Infiltrator Squad III -Infiltrator Squad IV -Infiltrator Squad V -Incursor Squad VIII -Incursor Squad X Fast Attack -Suppersor Squad XI -Storm Speeder Hailstorm Heavy Support -Elininators XII -Eliminators XIII -Gladitor Lancer Dedicated Transport -Impulsor -Impulsor Scout Company and Support HQs -First Born LT -First Born LT -Firrst Born Chaplin -First Born Librarian Elites -First Born Apothecary -First Born Apothecary -First Borm Ancient -Scout Squad Helios V -Scout Squad Archlift VI -Scout Squad Venze VII -Scout Squad Felk VIII -Scout Squad Tomez IX Fast Attack Land Speeder Typhoon Squadron "Kite" Scout Bike IV Scout Bike I Heavy Support Predator Destructor 2nd Company and Support HQs -Chaplain Achmedes Assigned to 2nd Company -Epistolary Borak assigned to 2nd Company- -2nd Company LT -Questioable- Chapter Master (Shrike Conversion) Elites - Veteran Intercessors V - Redemptor Dreadnought Troops -Assault Intercessors- II -Intercessors IV -Intercessors III Fast Attack -Outriders VI Heavy Support -Hellblaster Squad VIII -Repulsor Executioner Armory Support -Techmarine -Fire Strike Servo Turret -Fire Strike Servo Turret -Fire Strike Servo Turret
  3. Hey all! I think I'll start posting the results of my building and painting in here. I already have a thread in the Space Wolves subforum, but I guess it won't hurt showing my terrain pieces - and maybe at some point non Space Wolves miniatures - as well. I'll start with reposting my recently finished infiltrators. Not mind blowing, but ready for action ☺
  4. Hello! I’m new here and a returning player to 40k. I’m starting a new space wolves army, and thought I’d make a thread to document the process. I’ve chosen the Stormwolves Great Company and my first model conversion is a Primaris in Gravis Armour interpretation of the Wolf Lord Bjorn Stormwolf. Forgive the blu-tac handle on his noggin.
  5. 10th Ed. Blues Well, I can wait and paint nothing. Or, I can cast a wide net, hoping something, anything, I paint is actually usable in the new rules. Well, the old malcador infernus will keep coming out to play until she's relegated to legends... but for the most part I think I want fundamentals ready for June 2023: Commander, Infantry, heavy weapons, special weapons, vox, leman russes, etc. I mean the other option is to sit and paint nothing, wait for a meta to emerge and race to catch it. This option is almost never satisfying (it borders gambling or smoking in harmful dopamine rewards). In fact I'd LOVE to get another 5 death riders... but with rough riders out now I have to imagine my beautiful boys are headed to legends soon. Ursula Krieg (Creed). It'd been several months since I sat down with blending and glazing. I was extremely rusty and impatient. I Attempted the sword in grey scale with red ink over the top. Not a huge fan of how the paint scheme is coming out. I should have planned it more. But, I need to get more units mobilized for 10th. She's a practice model. I got the head off of an Etsy shop selling Reptilian Overlords Miniatures. I think these will be the heads for my rough riders - that or Brodie helmets from Anvil Industries. I sculpted the breather hose with the green stuff roller, and took an extra backpack from my Tiny Legends Miniatures Kasrkin/Grenadiers. Quick and simple. Rogal Dorn I bought this at the pre-order, assembled it, and it collects dust now. I got wild with focus only on Adepticon. I need to get back to getting units serviceable. After years of reading the Rinaldi books, and AK Interactive's FAQ, I decided to try some texture for the hull. So, tamiya putty and cement. I also tried flame cut marks and weld lines. I suppose lore-wise these all ought to be standard design STC templates (welding and casting imperfections aren't in the lore). But, if I wanted to be bound by historical constraints I'd play a historical game. 40k is open by design. Interestingly I saw a golden demon entry at Adepticon, where these same 1/35 scale techniques were applied to a Dorn! It looked great. I would have loved to have talked with the painter. Also brass handles and antenna are 100x better. I'll die on that hill. Grenadiers (counts as "Kasrkin") Oh man, those Tiny Legend Miniatures sculpts are just spot on. 3d printing seams are very minimal. Bad idea? Chasing the meta? Yeah. But, the sculpts just rock. The volley gun poses are beyond awesome (clearly designed after the M60 machine gun). The price... well that part is rough. Anyway, presently they can take 4 specials, 1 sniper, a vox, and a melta mine. What are the odds in 10th they can take 1 special weapon and that's all, all stop. It's the old GW hat trick, "buy 3-4 boxes and max out the crazy rules!" And, next edition the unit gathers dust. Where are my manticores again? Luckily I didn't buy 9 sentinels, or 18. Notably Tiny Legends Miniatures also now makes rough rider conversions to krieg. They look great, but I don't know I can justify it. Anyway, back on topic, the kasrkin here all need a lot of work. So, bit by bit they are coming along. I was thinking of getting in one last 9th ed. tourney. At Adepticon my teammate took Lord solar and kasrkin. He didn't even use barbicant's key. It was vicious. I mean incredible damage output, to the point I felt bad about it while watching it. Still against Custodes I miss my vanquishers - gotta get through those invulns. I'll be interested to see if 10th Ed. reworks invulns and saves generally. Thanks! Happy Hunting.
  6. Hello! I am fairly new to this part of the forums, but have been lurking on the B&C for years. I have yet to actually assemble an army that can properly play a game, as usually something else catches my eye and wander. Now I want to be able to just play- I like the lore of the Sons of Dorn, and the color scheme of Soul Drinks so I have decided to throw my hat into the lot. With the new Dark Imperium, and enough lore reason, I have decided that the Soul Drinkers are going to be getting their Primaris Upgrades, and searching for lost relics of their chapter. That being said! I just finished my first Primaris, there are a few blunders, but I was trying new brushes and getting back into the swing of things.
  7. Hail, Exalted Sorcerors of the Legion! Welcome to the Thousand Sons Alternative Paint Scheme Inspiration Thread (TSAPSIT for short). It's a universal truth that Thousand Sons are among the hardest 40k armies to paint, mainly due to the large amounts of trim involved, difficulty in getting a nice yellow over blue and other such considerations. While not technically difficuly, they are time consuming which leads to all kinds of motivational problems. This thread is intended to act as a resource for people to share any alternate/unconventional Thousand Sons/Rubric Marine colour schemes that they come across with the aim of showing people that collecting Thousand Sons doesn't have to be painful. Whilst Rubrics themselves are undying golems of Tzeentch, the God of Change surely can cause a little variation in colour among his followers. Similarly, Rubrics whose fickle masters have changed allegiance over their 10,000 year exile might have had their armour repainted. Please post any cool schemes you've seen in this thread [with a link to the source], and I'll add them to the list so people can find them, and I'll group loosely accoring to main colour themes. Warband names would also be great if possible! I've found a few already, which I'll lead with, but I'm looking forward to what you guys use for inspiration!
  8. A BUG'S LIFE A Monthly Tyranids Painting Challenge This week a new painting event launches in the Tyranids Section of the forum. The Challenge? Paint at least one TYRANIDS model per month (but aim for 10 Power Level/200pts), for the next 5 months - including Codex Tyranids, GSC and Forgeworld models. Taking part is simple: Pledge your models Paint your models Enjoy your army of bugs A lot of people have the odd Tyranid model lying around, usually from Battleboxes or Boxed Games, so if you want some motivation to paint them up, skitter on over to the Tyranids Section of the forum and join the Hive Fleet. What's more you'll get to add this cool badge to your signature: WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  9. UPCOMING EVENT: SEPT - DEC 2019 "THE LIBER ASTARTES SWAP CHALLENGE" Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the B&C! So for those of the Adeptus Astartes persuasion, it has been a very busy month with the release of a new Codex and Supplements, including the return of Chapter Tactics to really allow us Liberites to really go and have fun creating our unique Chapters of Space Marines. As a result I felt it was time to start a fresh Liber tradition with an event to display some comradely fun and creativity. I am resurrecting an old event first championed in my old days by "Captain_Shrike" before "Ferrus Manus" took up the responsibility of the DIY Chapter Swap. Now this event will be a little bit different from that event of old if you are venerable enough to remember. This event will champion new writing of fresh Chapters of Space Marines, or alternatively, updating Chapter articles you have made here on the B&C (for older hands like myself I will likely follow this route. This event is not about being the best, it is about creating your own Chapter/Warband of Astartes and creating a fellow Frater's own creation. Jimmy: So, Brother Cambrius, how will this work? I am so glad that you asked me, Jimmy! So here is the planned breakdown of what will happen in 2 phases: PHASE 1 (September 3rd - October 31st) Participants must submit a complete DIY Chapter article by November 1st. By complete, I want to see an article that covers the basics on your Chapter to define who they are, what they do and what are they like to really help the person who will be creating a miniature from your Chapter in Phase 2. Articles must include an image of the chapter's heraldry and symbol (this can be done by including an image or images using a miniature you have painted, or the Space Marine Painters here on the B&C, or the GW Primaris variant). PHASE 2 (November 1st) It is at this point Chapter IA/Articles/IT submissions for this events are cut off and each participant is randomly assigned a chapter through a PM to build and paint a model of.You will have up to January 1st 2020 to complete their model(s). Participants will need to submit an image of their WIPs and Completed miniatures in the respective threads created at the start of Phase 2 in WIPs and the Hall of Honour, with direct links in the LIBER to these in the opening post of the Chapter Swap event thread. So, to find out more, just click the banner below to take you to the place to make your pledge in this event: And that is it! Good luck Brothers and Sisters! Cambrius
  10. Hey guys. I noticed a few years ago that Dark Angels Green was a little bit different to Caliban Green when it was replaced. After some googling I found out that Instar had a great line of repo paints. I decided to do a bit of a project to figure out what green worked for me and I thought that my fellow Dark Angel players might be interested in the results. Vallejo Game Colour Dark Green, UV-15 Sheen and Matte (1998 spec Dark Angels Green reproduction), Caliban Green and Contrast. I did a slightly more indepth review over at goonhammer if people are interested.
  11. Hi folks, So since I'm back in the Ultramarines' fold, I thought I would start a new thread to chronicle my battles and modeling/painting progress. My painting has, previously, been pretty damn slow and done in fits and starts; but now that Contrast is here, I'm hoping to get my models up to snuff much more quickly and efficiently. As for battle reports, I'll be joining up with my local community's league within the next month (possibly even next week) so should be able to get some reports in quite soon! Hopefully they'll be entertaining, at the very least, and might even give someone some ideas for their own lists. I'll keep this post updated with links to my battle reports as they come out, just for reference. I won't do that for my painting progress, though I might get some group shots in for here. I shall apologise up front for the potato quality of my photos: they're from my phone camera, which is hardly of the highest caliber! Battle Report Links: League Game #1, vs Astartes (Ultramarines Successors) [22nd October 2019] League Game #2; vs Nurgle Daemons [29th October 2019]
  12. Hi! A friend of mine has made some experiments, with Terradon Turquoise (Contrast), to show me a good combination for Sons of Horus. He used, a first layer of (In four separate miniatures, left-to-right): -Silver (Vallejo) -Boltgun Metal (Vallejo) -Wraithbone (Citadel) -White (Macota) And those are the results (More pics in my blog). I really like Terradon Turquoise over Vallejo's Boltgun metal, but i need more opinions/ideas/suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  13. Since the release of the new Space Marine codex and the Raven Guard supplement, I feel like space marines have been given a new lease on life. Right before 8th Edition was announced I had decided to start a true-scale project for a new army, and had settled on the Raptors, as the rules they had from Forge World at the tail end of 7th edition were fun and fluffy; and I had always been drawn to the lore of the chapter as a fun contrast to some of the more outrageous concepts in the setting. Once the images surfaced of the the scale of the Primaris Marines, I realized true-scaling was going to be a lot easier than I thought. I began slowly building the force, but didn't get much beyond putting the models together from Dark Imperium before becoming immensely discouraged with the rules of any Space Marine chapter other than Ultramarines. Fast forward to the Shadowspear box set and now this new codex, and I have purchased my tickets on the hype train. My intention is to build, paint, and play a force of Raptors representing the 5th Battle Company. I'm going to have it hew as closely to the codex disposition of a standard Battle Company as much as is reasonable; six Battleline squads, two Fire Support squads, two Close Support squads, and a command staff of one captain and two lieutenants, along with support staff from the Librarius and the Apothecarion. This will be a very infantry heavy force, to represent the fighting style of the Raptors: long term forward infiltration of heavy equipment as well as crew and support sections that then can support heavy infantry shock assaults, focusing on decapitation strikes and the swift reduction of the command and control capabilities of the enemy forces. The following images showcase the almost completed portions of the force, mostly the Battleline squads and the command section. Also, apologies if this is not the place to be posting this, as I figured my fellow followers of Corax would get the biggest kick out of this progress log! First up is the members of the command staff that I consider finished, except for a few minor touch-ups. Two lieutenants, each usually charged with leading a demi-company, and the Apothecary assigned to the company. I'm still deciding on whether or not he should have company markings to match the rest of the force. Next is the unfinished fellows from the command staff, the Captain and the Librarian. Both still need more paint as well as decals and to have thier bases finished. These three big boys are the first fire support squad, deployed in Centurion armor. They may not look like it, but a lot of conversion work went into these models, both in order to make them taller so that they would still scale well with primaris sized marines, and to have a sleeker, more exoskeleton feel than standard centurions. All the following images are of the battleline squads, 3 in phobos armor deployed as infiltrators, and three in tacticus armor deployed as intercessors. I still need one more infiltrator squad before these are all done, and I am finishing up the third intercessor squad. They just need decals. I've made some good progress, especially considering this has been a few years now, but I still have a ways to go. I'm still finishing up the rest of the Shadowspear box, and I'm hoping that one of the holiday box sets has phobos marines in it. Once I have those parts and an Invictor, I think I'll have all the models that I'll need, and it'll just be time to finish them all. Emperor give me strength!
  14. "They came out of the dark between the stars, destroyed the Xenos scum that we had been fighting for two long months, and then left. They were clearly Astartes, but their armor was of an ancient pattern- black like the night with some sort of crimson wing or sword on the shoulder. Never a word did they say, save for a single vox transmission as the left the planet, "The Forgotten have returned to fulfill our vows." They were gone as suddenly as they arrived." - Report from Comru PDF Colonel Urla Vannick, Comru Xenos Raids M41 "You've heard the recording, that's all they said. We were there raiding along the borders, but those damned black Space Marines came and killed all my boys. Why are you asking me about your own troops?" - Interrogation exerpt of void pirate Kaneor the Faithleech, Ordos Hereticus Ultima Segmentum detention "I've never heard of these Forgotten, or whatever they are called. They appeared on my planet, slaughtered my hand-picked retainers, and left me in a life pod. Of course, I was lucky enough to be picked up by you..." - Testimonty from Interrogator-Chaplain Evora's redemption of the Fallen Tremian, former Sergeant of the 1st Legion and lately Governor-General of Cylpa (Ultima Segmentum) Of late in the Ultima Segmentum, a mysterious force of Astartes has appeared. No known Chapter has been deployed to the engagements where these Space Marines have been roperted, nor have any Deathwatch deployments been authorized that match the scope and resources used. Xenos raids, local rebellions, and Chaos incursions have all been thwarted by these "Forgotten", as they so label themselves in the single message that has been received in all confirmed contacts. The livery on blurred recording does not match any current known Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, though it bears some relation to the Heresy-era 1st Legion. Further investigation is warranted. Inquisitors Kembrah, Felkir, and Thoren have been entrusted by the Conclave Ordos Ultima to investigate and report. - Order from Ordos Ultima Headquarters to Inquisitor Thoren, Ordos Hereticus "Supreme Grand Master, I have uncovered a mystery in the Ultima Segmentum. Along with Squad Helver of the Deathwing and Squad Ysil of the Ravenwing I will make haste to determin if it is indeed a problem worthy of our attention. For the Emperor and the Lion!" - Vox transmission from Interrogator-Chaplain Evora to the Rock. Alright, enough fluff. So after over a decade away, I started up 40k again. Basically I was reading Horus Heresy novels and thought that making a 30k army would be fun. So two years ago I began scouring eBay and bitz sellers for stuff on the cheap and had built up a decent sized Dark Angels force. This 30k army has transitioned to 40k, with the release of 8th edition and me finding a guy at work who also plays 40k. So this will be my log of stuff. The first post after this will be an explanation of my painting thought process/concept for the army, after that will be the fluff, and then a continually updated post that will show my leaders. Thanks for looking.
  15. Hi guys, im starting GSC, wanted to test some colour schemes but i haven´t been able to find that colour schemeof Tooth & Claw, can anyone lend a hand to this new cultist? Cheers
  16. So I was thinking we could create a place to compile and build upon all of our tactics, discussions, army compositions and so forth. All found in one place. We are a relatively small group in the overall B&C and looking at other factions and armies who have their own centralised threads, I thought we could attempt something similar. In saying that, I'd like this to be a tactics thread for Mono-GK but I understand that soup plays a large roll in how people play their grey-armoured daemon killers. In my opinion, I think GK and soup is practically well known at this stage regarding loyal 32, Knights, Guard etc. so hopefully we can keep the focus on mono tactics. So to get the ball rolling, how is everyone faring after CA 2018 and what do we feel are our go to units? I'd like to throw my own opinion out there and say are we falling into the trap of thinking a battalion is our main detachment? I've been thinking of running possibly 3 smaller ones i.e. an outrider, vanguard and spearhead. Would be 6 cp compared to 8-9 cp but with the sorry state our strategems are in at the moment I don't think losing out on 2-3 cp is that bad. My main line of thought behind this is I'd rather have 3 units of Interceptors than Strikes as they provide a lot more flexibility and manoeuvring potential for the high pressure and aggressive lists that GKs should play, in my opinion of course. Obsec has been a non-factor for me so losing that is fine in this edition of hordes. What are peoples thoughts on double battalion? While it greatly increases the CP amount, I feel so much is taken up in troops that it leaves very little for hard hitters.
  17. HEY! Hey! I’m IHF, a freelance digital artist with a history of designing new units for use in FW’s Heresy setting – more recently I’ve been doing commissioned digital art in several styles set in the 30/40k Universe. You can find me on Twitter below, and I’ve even got a small (& slightly neglected) blog categorising some of my more polished 30k unit concepts: https://twitter.com/TheManufactorum http://the-manufactorum.blogspot.com/ Edit: also, for anyone who's a member of a 40k (or AoS/ Specialist Games) dedicated discord who thinks the members would be interested in my art, feel free to send me an invite - I'd love to expand my repertoire/ client base! THE THREAD: Now I’m getting relatively consistent 30k / 40k based commissions, I thought it was about time I made a thread to share them on the forum, as a lot of the stuff I’m painting doesn’t really fall under the purview of my existing topics. This is where I’ll share & categorise artwork, and hopefully as I work on more personal art (that’s forum-relevant) I can do some WIP breakdowns here to help keep me motivated. INDEX: I’ll be linking posts from the thread by category, so these’ll probably get spoiler-tagged eventually just for ease of use Iconography: ​ http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354640-ihfs-gallery-art-commissions-in-the-30th-41st-millennia/?p=5280577 http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354640-ihfs-gallery-art-commissions-in-the-30th-41st-millennia/?p=5356674 Character Portraiture:​ ​ Full-body / Armour Design Lineart: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354640-ihfs-gallery-art-commissions-in-the-30th-41st-millennia/?p=5356328 http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354640-ihfs-gallery-art-commissions-in-the-30th-41st-millennia/?p=5402845 Vehicle / Construct Designs:​ http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354640-ihfs-gallery-art-commissions-in-the-30th-41st-millennia/?p=5356774 COMMISSIONS: Forum rules don't allow for me to post my price list, but for any of y'all interested, here's an external link - just PM me for details. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/323837008202039297/625404317721034771/Legionary_Lineart_Pricing.jpg Anyway, thanks for looking!
  18. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've tried to maintain one of these things, and my log in the Age of Darkness section of the forum has been languishing for a good while as my enthusiasm for the hobby waxes and wanes due to mental health stuff and all that. However, with the new Chaos release my interest in one of my favourite factions in the hobby has risen (What with me getting Dark Vengeance in 2015 or 2016 as my introduction to Warhammer 40,000) and I've got quite a bit of the new stuff, Abbadon included. I think the hobby will be a nice way for me to cope with anxiety, and I'm excited to get started! Abaddon will have some paint on him once my brushes arrive. Don't have any exciting photos yet, but here's an initial list of models I'm going to work towards painting. It's off of stuff in my collection, will probably change later. HQ: Abaddon Jump Pack Sorcerer Jump Pack Chaos Lord with two lightning claws. Kranon from Dark Vengeance. Troops: Chaos Space Marines, with Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun and Sword and Combi Plasma on the Champion. Five Chaos Space Marines with Reaper Chaincannon and Power Sword on Champion. Five Chaos Space Marines with Reaper Chaincannon and Power Sword on Champion. Fifteen Cultists with Autoguns. Elites: Si Chosen with the Dark Vengeance Loadout. Helbrute with Multi Melta and Helbrute Fist. Fast Attack: Bikers with Plasma Guns and Combi Plasma on the Champion Land Raider. Not an incredibly exciting first post, but I've got some brushes in the mail and they'll be coming soon. Once they're here i'll post painting in progress pictures, meanwhile I'll kitbash and put together some of the fancy new sculpts. Have a nice day. :)
  19. Okay, so here is my Dusk Crows 2nd Company project, an effort to reduce the grey pile of plastic and actually get models painted. I've made a good start during the ETL VI with these guys: I'm happy with the final decisions on colour scheme, chapter markings and how they turned out. The bases will be done, I just need to work out what colour will look best. I have some scouts with camo cloaks, which will be done to match the base. I'm leaning towards black/grey as I'm happy with how the grey crossbelts look on the assault marines. I also intend to make a gaming table in the same colour, time permitting. Which I never seem to have much of. After some thought I'm aiming for 1000 points of marines. Next up are these guys: Yes, some basic tacticals partially put together 20 odd years ago and wallowing in unpainted hell. I've made a start on changing bases to 32mm, dug the bolters out of my bits box and rummaged for an hour looking for the missing shoulder pads. Some reposing was required as when I put them together I appear to have been obsessed with not having them all look the same, so 7 out of 10 appear to be shooting at the air which looks odd. (Especially as no fliers existed in game at the time!) There was something strangely satisfying about clipping the plasma gunner's hands off and filing to fit the plasma gun. This was stolen off a Space Wolf in exchange for flamers, so the purity seal hides the rune on it. The one on the other side will be filled to not show. I know tacticals are not considered great, but I'd feel guilty not running at least one squad. Don't panic brothers, scouts are also on the list.
  20. Another week; another tutorial. This week I show off how I did my Dark Angels Stormraven. Let me know what you think.
  21. So here is my Company/Collection Set up. I put it in separate categories for easier viewing. Thoughts? Chapter Assets - 1st Company Assets- 2nd Company - 2nd Company Auxiliary Equipment - 10th Company - 10th Company Auxiliary Equipment EDIT: Chapter project, 2nd Company with Chapter Assets listed UPDATE: 1/27/2020 Completed - Forgeworld Imperial Strongpoint Display Board
  22. Continuing to push out tutorials. This time I show you how I did my Dark Angels Primaris Chaplain. Let me know what you think.
  23. With the Deathwatch project came to logical conclusion, at least until new codex release, I start a new one. This time it will be Army of Mars(Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii, Knights and so on) First of all there will be a WIP of a trio of Taranis Knights on a floor of an assembly yard: and in a half assembled state: More will be soon!
  24. Hey guys! So this question more or less accompanies my recent efforts to complete my "try hard" Dark Angels army. I am giving them great bases that unite the force, painting in company markings, and applying squad decals to replicate the 5th company with the units that I have. One of the models I am working on is a Predator tank that I rescued from eBay. I thought that it would be cool to give the tank a backstory of having participated in campaigns with the Sisters of Battle/Ecclesiarchy and I wanted the actual model to reflect that with a campaign badge (amongst other things). Thus my question; is there a resource out there that features established canon campaign badges or honors? I know that each individual codex provides some campaign badges or unique markings denoting service, but if I am not mistaken the selection is small and the backstory for them is not well fleshed out. Thanks for bearing with me, and I apologize if this has been addressed before!
  25. Greetings all! So I am in the process of finishing my "try hard" Dark Angels army. By that I mean putting great bases on them, doing squad and company markings, the whole nine yards. The end goal is to reconstruct the 5th Company with the units that I have. However, I did run across something that puzzled me. The new DA codex has an entire section about the livery of the Dark Angels, providing information on company colors and the location of squad markings, battle honors, etc yet it did not have any information on the livery of the Deathwing. I ran across an article on the 40k Wiki that shows three different types of Deathwing Knight "markings" with three different color schemes that would be featured on the left knee pad. The Wiki did not explain what each of those meant or what they signified. Thus my question in short is, do Deathwing Knights have their own version of company markings to signify different brotherhoods? If so, is this information that is present in previous codexes and just didn't make the transition to 8th ed.? Or is the information on the Wiki accurate? Thanks in advance guys, and I apologize if this has been answered/addressed elsewhere!
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