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  1. Hello Everyone! Been out the hobby for about 7 years and decided recently the Deathwatch are the army to get me back into it. Decided to record my progress as i go. I'll be adding some inquisition as well when I've got them time. But first i decided to make up some Primaris Deathwatch to get me started. I really wanted to see what the new primaris models were like and thought i might as well make them Deathwatch. Probably won't get any more though, just normal size after this. Here are some pics! Did a fair bit of conversion work on the basic intercessors to get them to be deathwatch. Added the shoulder pads and the elbow detail on the left arms, sculpted shot selectors into the boltguns, filed of the chest eagles and replaced them with pouches, grenades and bullets and sliced up the right arms to incorporate the wrist scanner. Here's a close up of the Sergeant Prior to this i painted up some random servitors i had unpainted from years and years ago as Inquisition for practice. I'll post more when I've painted the primaris squad. Let me know what you all think!
  2. Hello everyone! I've been working on this army for a long while and thought i should post it here to see what you all think. I always like to get comments and constructive criticism on my work so please let me know what you think of them all! I've taken some photos of the whole set plus i've added the photos from my entry to Armies on Parade last year. If you want to see any of the models in more detail let me know and i can add photos of them, OR you can check out my other topic in the deathwatch forum here. I'll be updating this as build and paint more models, the first update is already below! I've arranged the army in a rough outline of the watch fortress structure, they all have the correct squad designations on their kneepads and i've got an excel sheet to record who is in which squad! Almost all of them are from different chapters as well (another reason for the excel spreadsheet) I like to make them all a bit unique with the names and chapter background, i endeavor to add some elements of their home chapter to the model but after the 50 most well known ones it gets difficult! So i come up with a feel for their chapter from the name, colour scheme or what i decided to make up for them. I like to add little details like that, as you can see from the photos i am very fond of converting. All of them have the deathwatch wrist scanner, shoulder pad and elbow pad, where possible i also give them the ammo pouches and more! My goal is to build a deathwatch version of every unit currently available to them! So if you can't see something in these photos i will build one eventually! Please let me know what you think of all these!!!
  3. A rather timely pre-order has gone up today, the Frag Launcher. http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Heavy-Weapons/frag-launcher-grenade-cannon-heavy-weapon http://anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/Anvil/Weapons/Frag Launcher/FragCannonRender-400x400.jpg Will be shipping next Friday. Probably of interest to those bemoaning the awkwardness of acquiring multiples of a new Deathwatch weapon. They may also interest those of our 30k brethren who you use Destroyers and fancy some Rad missile launchers without going the Forgeworld route. They've also added a Quake Gun to the Exo-Lord armoury and a quake attachement to the modular, magnetisable Lance Carbine: http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Specialist-and-Energy-Weapons/quake-cannon http://anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/Anvil/Weapons/quake/newton-eg-800x800.jpg http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Specialist-and-Energy-Weapons/Lance-Carbine http://anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/Anvil/Weapons/lance-carbine/lance-carbine-sprue-3q-800x800.jpg The regiments range has also had a bunch of modular heavy weapons released. Far too many to start dropping pictures of, but the following are incuded - Tesla Cannon, Heavy Grenade Launcher, Autocannon, Phase Cannon and Mortar alongside a range of tripods, gun carriages and gun shields. http://anvilindustry.co.uk/Regiments/regiments-heavy-support-weapons
  4. Hello all. This is just a thread I picked up from some comments in another PBP game, where someone thought it would be fun to take Deathwatch ruleset, and go down tight corridors to certain doom. In my mind, this amps up the gameplay of Space Hulk to another level, because you have an actual, not AI director and have far more options available to you as a player in terms of abilities and skills to help PC's survive the onslaught. This is an exploratory thread, mainly to discuss if such a thing is viable, or worth the time in doing. It would be very action heavy, but with the GM being involved, could also spark moments of genuine intrigue. My premise would be that all players would start from Rank 4, with certain GM improvements, and access to Terminator wargear, and sufficient Requisition to arm with preferred or slightly off-piste equipment (such as the Dark Angels Plasma Cannon). Of course, the team could be composed from any of the Deathwatch classes/Chapters allowed across the books, but it could easily be a single Chapter using the same rule/advance tables for that Chapter. (Deathwatch table is removed). Thoughts? EDIT: I will keep this post edited with changes or proposed characters so we have a repository of sorts as we go along, for when we come up with ideas. So far we have: 1 x Librarian - Necronaut 1 x Apothecary - Lysimachus 1 x Techmarine - Machine God 1 x Chaplain - Trokair Special rules/exceptions: Only Devs can take Heavy TDA weapons Only Assaulters can take TDA CCWs 1 Blackshield only, strict GM generation. Cataphractii and Tartaros are available in limited quantities. Players will begin at Renown Rank: Famed Players will have 50 Requisition to buy weapons (Subject to change) Players will not need to Req their TDA PC's will receive Our Hands Bring Death and Hypnogogic Induction. Enemies: Various - the current leaning is a Space Crusade/Space Hulk feel, with almost anything being on the menu: Genestealers (MoX) Orks (MoX, TGT) Necrons (TOR) Maybe Eldar (There was a Space Crusade expansion with them)
  5. ++ RPG: SPACE HULK ++ ++ THE DESOLATION OF INNOCENCE ++ ++ MISSION ROSTER ++ "What kind of man willingly sets foot into a nest of vipers?" - First Officer Ralthon Vex, Deathwatch Fleet Officer. MOOD MUSIC: (Highly recommended). DRAMATIS PERSONAE: ++ KILL TEAM: REGENT ++ (NB, whichever character you choose, they will always be seconded to KT Regent, as this keeps things simple for everyone). Necronaut: Brother Arcturion Moros - Spiritwalker of the Lamenters Brother Gerhardt - Loyal Knight of the Black Templars Lysimachus: Brother Laeknir Rockhand - Skald of the Marines Adamant Brother Philemon - Eternal Flame of the Emperor's Blade Machine God: Brother Korvaan - Iron Father of the Brazen Claws Trokair: Brother Nergüi - Soulwarden of the Tsagaan Chono A.T: Brother Luthais - Everblade of the Storm Wardens + ORDO XENOS/DEATHWATCH + Watch Commander Cordovan - Chevalier of the Astral Knights Warden Caleb Sophis - Lieutenant of the Deathwatch, and Puritan of the Red Scorpions Inquisitor Markus Ignacio Hadrax, of the Ever-vigilant Ordo Xenos PERSONAE INIMICUS: ++ KILL SQUAD: KHYROPTERA ++ [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED] + CURRENT OPERATIONS + MISSION 1: VANGUARD STRIKE MISSION 2: RETRIEVAL + ADVANCED TRAINING + ++ BY THE WILL OF THE EMPEROR, BY RIGHT OF HIS MOST HOLY INQUISITION ++ ++ DEATH TO THE ALIEN ++
  6. ++ SPACE HULK: DEATHWATCH RPG ++ ++ THE DESOLATION OF INNOCENCE ++ "A space hulk is a danger like no other, a myriad of twisted passageways and tanged buttresses. It is a conglomerate of smashed and hapless ship carcasses, where the silent screams of dead men echo in halls without light. To look upon such a thing is to defy understanding, to board one searching for treasure is to defy sanity. And yet the treasure is real, guarded by the glowing eyes of fiends, and the chittering of claws scraping in the dark." - Lord Juliard Langstrom, Master of the Patrol Vessel Acheron. + Welcome to the Hulk! + Space Hulk: RPG is a blend of the board game of Space Hulk, Space Crusade and a few other games to give a tactical, action-heavy roleplaying game which allows for short, intense scenarios players can pick up and put down. It is designed to try and capture the essence of stalking down corridors which have been airless and lightless for centuries, and the darkness is watching - filled with abominations by the score. Campaign Premise: Each player starts out with a Deathwatch RPG Character at Rank 4, wielding some of the most powerful arms and armour the Imperium can provide, with full access to a suite of Skills, Abilities and Talents which will make them better, stronger, faster and harder to kill. They'll need it. Arrayed against them is almost every enemy of the Imperium you can imagine. Genestealers, Cults, soulless Automatons, the forces of Chaos and more - for all is to be found in the depths of the Hulk. There is no grace or mercy, there is only the Desolation of Innocence. Structure: This is flexible. DoI is designed as a setting to facilitate a series of one-shot scenarios which follow a narrative, cohesive overview. The scenarios can include simple, or multiple objectives, depending on the forces committed. For this purpose, the Character Thread containing all the background and histories for the PC's will be known as the Mission Roster. Each PC can choose to enter the mission being played. It is modular and adaptable in scale, even to supporting a single player. This means that GM's can hopefully get some games finished! A Threat Cannot Be Ignored: The Deathwatch are Mankind's elite, premier combat troops against the Xenos, but everyone is in their sights. The local Watch Fortress Commander has marked the Near-Space Anomaly designated Object XB-203991 (Coderef: Desolation of Innocence) as a Primary Grade Threat, and so the hulk must be investigated, and purged with righteous courage... +++++++++++++++++++ A Contrivance of Fate: Watch Commander Cordovan ignored the hushed gasps of relief as the Strike Cruiser Hecate's Bane escaped the grip of warp translation. Whatever horrors lurked behind them in the immaterium were dealt with, but here, the terror of something every sane commander feared: A space hulk. He lifted the dataslate to consult it. Whatever Mechanicus or Ordo references screed up the glazed holographic projector were irrelevant. This was Primary Threat - Absolutio Extremis - to the security of this sector, and the lives of the Imperial citizens on the planets in its shadow. He peered through metres of armoured window pane, out across the bow, glowing as the doors opened ready to hurl the Thunderhawks forth as a close-space security picket. The warriors in the cells and sacred halls below were girding themselves for the most intense combat a veteran of the Astartes would ever see. The boarding of a space hulk was a mix between dreadful battle in the tight confines of the most dilapidated hive city, and void war. Opening a door on such a hulk could reveal an enemy, hard vacuum, a dead end - or all three. With limited resources, he would have to rotate his men, but the fate of this sector could well rest upon the broad shoulders of the Astartes. The galaxy had done so since the Emperor bent the heavens to his will. "How will you proceed?" The words cut across his thoughts, the bow of an unwelcome vessel prowling a wake in his mind. He half turned, clad only in robes, where the figure who demanded his attention was harnessed in fine, human scale power armour, a red robe cascading over the silver filigreed plating. "Carefully," Cordovan rumbled in bass timbre. "Very carefully." He let the Inquisitor decide what that entailed. ++ KILL TEAM REGENT ++ ++ STAND BY FOR INCOMING PRIORITY TASKING ++ "Serve the Emperor today, for tomorrow is written with your Sacrifice." You have been hurriedly assembled, along with other hand-picked brethren of your Veteran Company. As the newest Initiates to this austere formation, you have proved yourself numerous times within the sight of such peerless warriors, and yet more tests remain, for trial is to a Space Marine as breathing. It seems those trials have arrived. The alert notices to take your wargear into the belly of Hecate's Bane see you fresh from the training cages, and now you are here - materialising at a place and time of the Watch Commander's choosing. You will know this is no small thing - there are over two-hundred other Astartes aboard, from Deathwatch Scouts, to members of the Reclusiam. Word spreads quickly amongst the assembly. You have tasked with assaulting a Space Hulk - and not just your own Kill Team, but every soul who wears the sable and quicksilver. The whispers spill from knowing lips about an Inquisitor who has petitioned the Xenos-slayers for aid... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A Contrivance of Spite: The growl was wet beneath the helm as the object of the visions came into view. Lord Executioner Tyrox allowed his irritation to show in the slow rap of his fingers across the arms of his command throne. The headache was undimmed. A lightning strike of white hot pain behind his eyes. His ship, the cruiser Carrion King pulled into long augur range. Signals from the hulk showed it was being boarded by another ship. +Identify!+ The slave on the augur array, a recent captive from one of the raids Tyrox's warparty undertook, flinched as though lashed across the shoulders. "Un...unknown, Lord. It is an Astartes vessel, but their IFF's are scrambled." Tyrox absorbed this, anger at the incompetence of these worthless subordinates held in abeyance over the urgent need for camouflage. +Engage shadowshields. Let us see if the Magos' gift was worth the effort..+ The bridge stirred from meagre white light, to arterial red. An alarm sounded to signal the change. +When we pass through their augur envelope, launch our Thunderhawks. We will reap a bounty under their noses!+ The Hulk was a cursed boon. It would provide supplies and potential slaves or materiel for repairs. It would provide answers for the...visions. ++ KILL SQUAD KHYROPTERA ++ ++ STAND BY FOR INCOMING PRIORITY TASKING ++ "By the strength of your arm it is yours. The weak surrender to the Strong." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is just to start some RP to get the juices flowing. How do you feel about the missions ahead, what emotions or thoughts does a space hulk stir in you? Revulsion, determination, perhaps ambition to win glory in the crucible of battle?
  7. The recent Deathwatch Recruitment Thread has shown there is an acute interest in taking part in play-by-post games here on the Bolter and Chainsword. That's intensely gratifying - and to me, I think it demonstrates that we can sustain multiple games here. This thread is intended to serve as a resource both for players looking to join a game, as well as GMs looking to recruit. This is not really designed for conversations - if you find enough players looking for a specific game, start a new thread and PM them to join. Name: Interested in Playing: Dark Heresy 1st Edition / Dark Heresy 2nd Edition / Rogue Trader / Deathwatch / Only War / Black Crusade / Wrath & Glory / Other Knowledge/Experience of Rules: Have you played in campaigns before? Do you own the rules? Are you familiar with the rules? Other Pertinent Information: You might consider here notes on your availability; on your 40k interest, armies and hobbies; or anything else you'd like other forum members to know. You might consider thinking about , as this might help you think about the style of game you'd like to participate in.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share some Deathwatch operatives I finished the last few months.
  9. Kill-Team Blackthorn Recruitment and OOC Hi all, After a discussion with Dosjetka, I'm going to put this up and see what interest can be garnered. I've been reading up for several months on the rules for Deathwatch. I'm very keen to get a game going in real life with my friends, and I see this as an opportunity to practice with other Deathwatch nuts! We have an opportunity here for 3-8 players who'd like to participate in the game. Unlike The Higher Call, which is purely narrative, I see this game as being based on the DW rules-set. In the short-term, I don't require a fully-made character sheet posted at all - I just need to know if there is interest and what chapter/specialism you'd like to play. At this moment, I would like to steer away from a Librarian as a character. If you wish to include a Marine from a custom Chapter, that will need to be something you discuss with me. This period of character creation is likely to take a couple of weeks, as I have to fit this around work and my other commitments (real-life and here on the B+C) - I'd like to take players through the character creation process to ensure I understand it and so I have practice with my real-life group.
  10. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran marine seconded to the Deathwatch.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  11. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine recently returned from the Long Vigil with the Deathwatch.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  12. A bunch of FAQs have just been announced on Warcom - you can download them on the FAQ section. Included are; Deathwatch Adeptus Custodes Adeptus Mechanicus Drukhari Genestealer Cults Grey Knights Orks T'au Empire Imperial Armour Compendium Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tode Warhammer 40,000 Core Book
  13. I said I wasn't going to start another amry, I especially didn't want to start another marine army. Yet here I am, the pull of the watch was too strong. I've been slowly picking up bits and pieces for this project over the last few months and diverting materials from other projects to this. Current state of affairs I have amassed. HQ Watch Cpt Libby Chaplain Troops Intercessors Vet Squads (x3) Elites Ven Dread Aggressors Fast Attack Bikes Heavy Hellblasters Misc Vanguard Vets (x2) All in all I've got approx ~1500 pts to play with. I'll use this thread to show my painting progress and some bat reps up once I get the chance to use these guys. Here's my first painting update my Intercessor squad Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome Baz Edit: spelling
  14. This is my Plog for my Deathwatch and Inquisition army, Watch Fortress Velheim. In this first post I will update it over time to include details about the force and background/lore as it’s a major driving force in my hobby to create a narrative and make my forces more unique through conversions, markings and the like. The overall purpose of my Plog is to track my progress, force myself to finish things in a reasonable time frame and to get feedback from my hobby peers about how things look, what could be done better and how, mistakes I may of missed and all round cool ideas, trust me, nothing is too outlandish. (I’m still giving heavy consideration to a converted inquisition landraiders with church mystic and a mini fogger to spill mist from its assault ramp) So as this project started out it was a overall army expansion combined with updating for the New Deathwatch Codex having started them pre codex as a way of combining my marine forces, at the time using Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Iron Hands, Black Templars and having to paint the same characters and troops again for every army I decided I would put all my time into my Deathwatch having finally finished painting my Metal Sisters army at the time, after painting roughly 100 models, mostly infantry due to the preference for drop pods (building them is soul destroying) and using them for a while as whatever chapter I wanted to run at the time the Deathwatch codex came out, I added a few of the new options (not going to lie, it was Frag cannon goodness), now years down the line like many of us I’m stuck in lockdown with allot of my old armies and bits so I thought I would paint up a few new units ready for some games and some things I never got around to like my leviathan, problems quickly came about though when I realised the large difference 8n styles meaning my old DW were in need of a serious update and rethink (no longer valid weapon options, centurions a edition too early), I did the entire army helmetless for character but loving the new mk8 power armour I now needed to update and adding a few extra flourishes here and there for decoration couldn’t hurt, that is until I realised my painting had improved in several key areas in which the army was at first painted and some colours are long oop so realising the scope of the issue and being thankful I use super glue rather than plastic for a reason a large rebuild is currently in progress, not to mention I got a little addicted to nam plates recently and it’s going to get expensive... Location: Sector: Ghoul Stars Watch Fortress: Planet System: Command Structure: Lore:
  15. I was creating a list using the army of renown rules and while doing so, saw the potential to upgrade a sergeant to have a warlord trait. Initially I thought adding something like Imperium’s Sword to a sergeant gives a squad a good chance to make a charge with the +1 and a reroll. Checking the FAQs, it states the warlord trait only effects the sergeant, not the squad. I’m not sure how the rules would work in this scenario. Do you roll twice to charge unit, one for the sergeant alone? As far as I know that’s unprecedented, rolling two charges for a unit. And what happen if he makes it but the squad doesn’t? Coherency kicks in? Once he’s in combat, does the pile-in/consolidate only effect him? It’s an odd interaction, which has probably been FAQ’d somewhere that I haven’t seen, but wanted to get your steer on it. Cheers
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