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'Some are born expecting a crown to be placed upon their heads.

Others are born knowing that it must be seized.'

-Unattributed quote of Frankisch Soldier turned Emperor, Terra 1804



'LUPERCAL! LUPERCAL! LUPERCAL!' he roars when awoken.

He was felled upon the Vengeful Spirit to the blades of the False Emperor's Custodes.

My brother had died before Horus was laid low.

I pity and envy him, he still does not know that we had failed at Terra. 

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Thank you, everyone!


Pearson, for the last few months I have been collecting and building materials to start the Black Legion. For a good while I was going tank crazy. This will be my main army so that way I can have a bit of everything (Berzerkers running hand in hand with Rubrics and insanity like that) and still use just one codex. Going for efficiency haha.


Dragonlover, Gotta have the fluff! Having some story or background keeps me interested in the models/army and I hope to have somewhat cohesive story behind this army. I had all these idea for my other armies that never saw the light of day until I started participating in the Inspirational Friday challenges.


As for painting black. I have no clue. I have taken notes on what a lot of other folks have done like System Syn with this blue-ish highlight on black he did for bolters and the recipe Chickenleg has done for his Blackshields. Going to prime some practice dummies now that the weather is nice and do some testing. I had one done earlier but I am not a fan of it.


Sagentus, Thanks! I am going to need all the help I can get so if anyone wants to build a me a pyramid of skulls for happy energy and positive motivation, like they do for Khorne, it would be greatly appreciated :smile.:


Kordhal, Thanks, I am happy I was able to put him together the way I wanted. I still want to add some pyramid-shaped studs on his armor and maybe a chainlink of mirror coins either on his left shoulder of shin. I am especially excited to finally use him on the table top as well.


Markus, YEP YEP YEP :smile.:



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Top notch, hush! Love what you've done with the Ancient's "crown".


Sounds like you'll be going with a sort of visual vocabulary close to the Sons of Horus for your Black Legion, then? Surprisingly a relatively uncommon thing to see, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with it.

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We have escaped from Hades only to return to an empire of madness.




On bent knee the thin-blooded kin of the Imperial Fists venerate the false emperor.

Their slaves prostrate on their hands and their knees in faithful worship.

Their ship's chapel is adorned with icons in his image.

And they accuse us of heresy?


-Percavis the Roaring Maw, of the Black Legion's The Splintered Warband



Percavis the Roaring Maw in his Terminator armor. Commander of the Loyalty in Brotherhood, captured from VII Legio Descendants. Rear, center.

Unidentified, Warpsmith. Formerly of the Cult of Golden Tears warband. Front, Left.

Unidentified, Dark Apostle. Formerly of the Cult of Golden Tears warband. Front, center.

Unidentified Sorcerer. Formerly of the Cult of Golden Tears warband. Front, right.


Recycling some older minis as the Black Legion will be my main army. Awhile ago I sold off everything but my Cult of Golden Tears, Alpha Legion, and my Black Legion. Plus sprues to keep building them all up. However, I still find myself scouring Ebay for more bits as I am looking for either a Lugft Huron or 30k Abaddon body to build my Abaddon Count-As, Sleipnir the Pale King and a few other characters of my Splintered Warband.




Holo-capture of Heretic Astartes boarders. Leading their warriors in the assault through the loyalist warship, Loyalty in Brotherhood, they would slaughter the VII Legio astartes and their legion slavers.


Upon their escape from the Eye of Terror and following their battle with the Black Templars Chapter, the Fleet of the Black Legion had splintered. Few warships escaped together in smaller flotillas, still coming into conflict with their loyalists foes. The Loyalty in Brotherhood was a Black Templar Strike Cruiser that had been damaged, unable to enter the warp and their propulsion limited they would be run down and boarded. Once captured Lord Sleipnir rewarded the ship to his second in command, Percavis. Seeking shelter their small force attempted repairs on their newly acquired warship while raiding convoys for supplies. They would then go on to raze orbital stations, outposts, and manufactorums.


Further Holo-captures of Black Legion Boarders.






Thanks, Soldier of Dorn! I am pretty proud about the horns on the leviathan. Thought about studs but remembered 'THIS IS CHAOS' so horns became a must. And there will be some SoH background among others with this warband. I definitely want the ancient in the walking tank to be a former SoH but I do want some diversity too. I also want to avoid having too much SoH background for my Black Legion. I fear I will copy what has become of my EC and AL where they are pretty much 30k/HH in all but rules used.


Shovellovin, thanks bud! I'm pleased with him but I want studs on his armor similar to this SoH Leviathan and then another chain with some mirrior coins similar to what Kizzdougs did. After that I will be happy. Don't want to go overboard with it.


Thank you, steamius! I am hoping he can be mean on the table too! Have a game coming up on Thursday and its been about two months from my last game so need to brush up on rules and the new FAQ.


FearPeteySodes, thanks and I will try! I promise. :smile.:

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Well, from what I've seen, Leviathans weren't really touched in the FAQ updates (aside from GW saying that you can't have them being carried in Stormraven Gunships). So the unholy murder-machine they are remains.


Also, a Dark Apostle with a Lightning Claw? Can we get more shots of Percavis' cronies? That Warpsmith seems interesting with that MASSIVE shoulder-gun (Conversion Beamer?).

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Great to see the characters from the Golden Tears are still around.  The new boarders have real dynamism and force in their poses, the mix of parts from various lines works to create a slightly ragtag yet still unified mix of characters very much suiting the brotherhood of the Legion.

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Gederas, Yeah, you will see weird stuff like that from me haha. That guy was originally my 6th edition Huron Blackheart, so he has his axe and claw. I think I brought him to infiltrate terminators...with their land raiders or something whacky like that. However, You may see more off looking stuff as I want to build with rule of cool more so than WYSIWYG. I actually have a replacement in the works for him using a DA chaplain...who I was originally making for some Executioners.


See what I mean? :smile.:


*I'll try to get some more shots for ya. I am actually going to add to the warpsmith's backpack and gun so things will change. Started after I took off his old head and tried to copy Insane Psychopath's Iron Warriors using stripped down berserker heads with added bionics.


FearPeteySodes, Looks like I will be adding that launcher bit after all! I had been wondering if I go overboard and add some trophy pikes loaded with skulls there.


Thanks Pearson! Yeah, until the new EC codex comes out those old boys are taking a break so my Black Legion did some recruiting. :smile.: And I cannot take much credit for the boarders as they are like 75% Reaver torso/legs. I do need a to build like 5 more to use as Berzerkers in my army list. I also hope I can keep up the ragtag look of marines who hopefully are unified in purpose if not just by their paint jobs.


Thank you Vairocanum! I still feel gutted about the EC and I have decided to keep the AL just for skirmish games. So I needed a new army that can just use everything and it wouldn't need much explanation. Plus, reading ADB's Black Legion novels just pushed me over the edge. Should be doing some more work soon so I should have something to show later.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Look upon these monuments and temples dedicated to him on Terra. The betrayal of the false emperor has been celebrated with such blasphemous devotion!

From the fortress towers to these cathedral halls leave no stone upon stone, my brothers.


Well, I haven't been able to spend time on my army but I hate posting without pictures. So going to show some of the collected might I had started gathering for The Splintered Warband.


Diabolus Ex Machina:





I've had some of these pieces for awhile but a few months back I had gone a bit crazy. Tank crazy that is. Not pictured here are two unbuilt land raiders (need to get them some weapons), another predator (it needs some extra guns too), two rhinos, and a storm eagle with two heldrakes that I keep forgetting exist in my collection. Some of them still need finishing off too. I am honestly hoping to increase the number of tanks I own as I want to have a full on tank battle against my friends Leman Russ'. Plus, I want to put some of those FW rules to good use and its a good excuse to feed a recent resin addiction I acquired.



and this is for Gederas







These are mostly done except some base work on the Dark Apostle. His job is going to change in the future and I am thinking he might become a Possessed squad leader. I really want to get the Gal Vorbak to use as possessed, have been for the longest time, and even more so now after seeing the new VENOM trailer. Going to experiment with Astrogranite on his base to finish it up. The Sorcerer is golden and has been my favorite guy so far in this edition. As for the Warpsmith I actually removed some bits from his backpack that made him look like a mek boy. Hoping to add a few things to the back pack and gun to make it more menacing.



Thanks Deathspectre. It does feel good to post something again. Hopefully in a week or two I can post up some paint tests. I have one terminator I had tried painting up but its crap to be honest. Still trying to find a nice method for the Black Legion.


Soulhunter, I am honestly hoping to build another squad of marines. In the bottom pic I posted you can see one lonely lascannon guy who needs friends. I also hope to have something painted up to get critiqued.


Thanks SystemSyn! That means a lot coming from you as your awesomely converted Emperor's Children are in a league of their own! The top knot used probably came from a Sister of Silence. I've used some of their top knots as well as some Stormcast Eternal Vanguard-Hunters.


Thanks DuskRaider! If there is anyone to thank its ADB and his Black Legion novels. That dude deserves a lot of happy sunshine & gold star stickers for his work. 




Death to the False Emperor!


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