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The Silent Wars - Dizzyeye's WIP Log

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Within the dark days of the Horus Heresy, not everyone fought in the fires of a battlefield. Malcador the Sigilite, second only to the Emperor Himself, waged his own battles within the shadows and darkness surrounding the nascent Imperium. Agents and assassins, outcasts and renegades, all played a part within his schemes. To him, each were a piece of a puzzle, whether they knew it or not. His goal? To secure humanity's’ survival, no matter the cost. While the Emperor worked to preserve the Imperium and stop the Warmaster, the Sigilite was the contingency, thinking of the impossible and trying to preserve what could be lost if the Warmaster won.


Did he succeed? In a sense, he did.To this day, humanity still lives on the edge of a knife, it’s enemies ready to pounce. Yet it still lives, his marks unseen by the common eye yet still felt. Did his schemes end with his death? For some, the Silent War died with him, never to be spoken of again. The Truth? It never stopped. In fact, his schemes have only multiplied, replicated and multiplied by his successors. Malcador himself was only a larger piece  on the board of the galaxy.


Here lies the tales of his successors and is rivals.


Here lies the Silent Wars.




Well, it took me longer than I thought it was gonna take but here I am. I've been meaning to get a WIP log up but due to real life I've been a bit occupied and have really had the time to get much hobby time. With the ETL VI popping up though I've decided to try and get some models pumped out for that. Right now I'm focusing on some Primaris marines in the colours of the Alpha Legion though once I get them done I'll post up a bit of fluff for the unit. So far I've got a 5 man squad of Hellblasters in the works along with a Captain I've converted from the Dark Angels Lieutenant model that you can see below:






As you might be able to tell from the back photo, I do also have a Leviathan which I bought a while back. Honestly I just really like the look of it, simple as. Here's a better picture of it right here:




I'll most likely leave it until nearer the end of the ETL, I don't know if it's viable since I already started putting on the blue before the event started but we'll just wait and see. 


Lastly, before I wrap up this post, I do have two Deathwatch members who I've been painting up for a campaign one of my friends is running inspired by the Deathwatch campaigns done by Miniwargaming. Hopefully the campaign will start up soon but I've still got some time to finish the models up:






First one is your normal avergae kill team member, a Red Hunter. I've always had a small interest in these guys so I might end up doing more of them later down the road. Second is a Red Scorpion apothecary taken from the Mark iV forgeworld set. I've really liked the model and to get him tied into the Deathwatch a bit more I replaced part of his right arm with the wrist-mounted comns panel thing the Deathwatch tend to have. Both are still WIP but it's mostly just tweeks here and there to sort them out along with the bases.


In any case, I hope you've enjoyed seeing the start of my road down ETL. Any C&C is welcome, after all I can't improve my skills if I don't get any feedback. Thanks for reading :)

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A Company of Bitter Rust



"Tell us about the Siege of Terra."


​Silence loomed on the small camp as the question is raised. The legionnaires pause in their actions: the adjustments of sights, the securing of clips, the scavenging of armour. It was clearly a matter which hit home to them. The renegades amongst their ranks though seemed unsettled, cautiously looking to each other, daring to see who would press the issue further. Off in the distance, the Dark Mechanicus allies sullied further along withe battlefield, something which appeared more like a massive grave than something to have fought over. And yet the ragged squad of outcasts and traitors stood in limbo, the tension rising just beneath the surface.




"Be glad Valkor didn't hear you mutter those words," Sergeant Odium grunted, his power fist clentching ever so carefully as he turned towards Jurtur, the one who had dared speak, "Else your throat would be on the ground before you could so much as draw your blade."


And yet the same time old question did not distill the tension that was in the air. Each time the Siege had been brought up, the response was to crush the curiosity that had showed this. However, today would have a very different result.


" I am sick of be denied the truth!" spat Jurtur in response, pulling out an ancient pistol older and more twisted than himself, "We all know the end result and yet you never speak of your part in it. Why? Are you ashamed of your failure?"


"Enough," replied Odium roughly, his voice snarled by the vox caster in his helm, a clear sign of repairs that are needed but have never come, "You want to know why we never speak of the Siege? That is because that was the place where having Iron in your blood did not stop it from snapping into a  thousand pieces."




The squad turned to look at their Sergeant, some wary of what was to be spoken but the veterans of the Long War what came, "Horus called on his legions to strike in order to strike the head of the Imperium and yet he only succeeded in shattering his own forces. Brother legionnaires went mad those days. Discipline and order was thrown out an airlock and look where it got us," he opened his arms up, ushering in the general area, "This graveyard pales in comparison in what was reaved that day. Had it not been for Valkor we would have lost ourselves in the bloodlust those days and nothing, and I mean nothing, would be standing here today."


Silence filled the air for a moment as the Sergeant let the situation become clear to the new renegades.


"We have all killed who we thought to be our brothers, that is not the issue. The problem is that we all looked into the abyss and almost fell into madness. Almost. That is why there must be discipline. That is why there must be control. That is why..." Odium looked down for a moment, "That is why we must fight. Do you understand?" He stared down each renegade in his squad, his anger and resentment clear even with his helm on. Each renegade nodded their heads slightly and went back to work. The tension dissipated and the squad returned to what they were doing before.


Odium knew though that this was far from the end.


The Long War marched on.





Thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated. For the Alpha Legion, I've tried to give them a different appearance to their Imperial counter parts to get across the idea that they have slightly modifed armour from their loyal counter parts. The rebreathers that come in the Imperial Guard command squad are a true blessing and are great for changing a helmet up a bit. 


As for recently, I had ordered in some new paints from GW and with them I wanted to experiment. While the Alpha legion have made some progress I have decided to work on some Iron Warriors on the side which I'll likely turn into a full army once the above Alpha Legion are done. I did experiment with some texture paints for their bases and honestly they making basing models a lot easier than before. I've never really gotten to properly basing my models until recently but I'm definitely gonna use it where I can. I also had some mechanicus guys around the place which I've decided to use as obliterators if I ever do get some games in as I prefer the whole rusted metal look than say the fleshy mutations that have shown up a lot in the recent Chaos models. Take a look down below to see the models I'm meaning:












Hopefully, next time I'll have some more Alpha Legion related updates but until then, thanks for checking by :smile.:


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Thanks for the replies, it's great to hear I'm on the right track with them :biggrin.:


Good job on the Iron Warriors.


Cheers Bjorn, I'll admit the hazard lines are proving to be the most challenging parts on the models but with some practice I should be able to nail them.



Some great goodies you've got in here! Very happy to see some Iron Warriors and their bitterness.


Please tell me you are using those Myrmidons as obliterators.


You are indeed right. I bought the Myrmidons a while back with plans on using them as obliterators. I do need to look over their rules again but either way I'll be sure to try and fit them into a list. It is nice having the dark red robes mixed in with the Iron Warriors so they should stand out.


The question I do have though is what do people think would be reasonable units to add on into the Iron Warriors? I do plan on building out the squad to 10 man at least however I am thinking more longer term as well. I will admit the Sicaran does seem rather appealing to me...

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Yeah, those myrmidons and their red robes look great alongside the Iron Warriors.


More marines is always nice so maybe havocs for heavy hitters among other choices. For a more fun choice I’d think chosen with combis and chainswords would be a cool forlorn hope kind of unit. I’ve been warming up to that idea. If you aren’t biased against using cult troops berzerkers could fill that roll too. Id love to have a unit of them in a termite.


A sicaran would be real nice. I loved mine last edition and I’m going to take it for a whirl tomorrow so I’m excited to use it again. I personally want a venator for a tank killer.


Enough random rumblings, regardless which way you go I’m looking forward to it.

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Cheers Hushrong, I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes the robes :smile.:


In fact, take a look below and you'll see something that'll be coming soonish.


As for updates, I've got a small one this time around, no fluff but I'll get around to that once I've got the models fully done along with got my college work out of the way. Unfortunately, a lot of deadlines are coming up along with previous work needing to get fixed which is a pain but in any case, to the models:






The first is the fifth member of 1st squad carrying a mark of generic chaos (or whatever it's called now in 8th edition). I've got the idea that since they do tend to draw attention is that the Iron Warriors will make their new recruits hold the banner since snipers and such tend to focus on them. If they manage to live then they're formally accepted into the squad though the length depends on the squad. It's why I've gone for more loyalist gear to show him being a renegade instead of a veteran of the Long War. I need to fix the desecrated eagle slightly along with getting the banner painted then that'll be him.


As for the second, I'm planning on either using him as either a Warpsmith or as a Hellwirght. The idea I've got behind him is that him and the remains of his armoured company were saved by a Dark Mechanicus force during the Siege and have been working with them since that day. It's why I gave him the red arm along with the symbol of the mechanicus to show the debt he owes them.


As for the latest edition to my forces, check the spoiler below to see what's in store:




I do have to say it's a shame the tank crew has gone Last Chance. It does seem like a decent enough kit.


Anyway, that's everything for now. Till next time.

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