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Greetings fellow humans [Meatbags]  Like a lot of us, Lockdown has given me a lot of free time... However it also holds the bulk of my army locked away in my FLGS. I've taken this as a sign from he who is three in one to grab myself some new units and dig through my pile of shame - I've got a lot of it up to tabletop standard now so I feel it's time to share some of it:


First up some Priests. Nothing flashy, not much to say about these lads, other than I lack the wash needed to do their eyes to completion [Drak'N'shade] So I have to wait for GW to send out that order to finish that. But they're looking okay.



A Gaggle of stickpriests [There is 13 because I used 2 bodies for conversions at an earlier time and had 2 new boxes in the pile of shame].



More Dunecrawler more good. [Again, waiting on a new pot of Ushabti bone to do highlights on the legs]



A whole load of Ebay rescue bots that needed a new home.








Some more Rangers for the pile - I have a shovel to remove these lads from the table [i love them though].







Waiting on some more Ebay deliveries (Including a much needed Daedalosus model I found cheap).


Anticipation is overtaking me, Engine War, Pariah and the reveal this Saturday, my wallet shall suffer.


++End Post++

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