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  1. Hi I’m Casual Heresy, and I’m a hobby butterfly. And that’s okay. Afternoon all. A combination of the forum upgrades and downtime from catching Nurgle’s blessing (covid) for the first time means I’m finally going to start the WiP log I’ve always meant to start. I love space marines of all types so always have multiple projects on the go. Currently, I’m focussing on Black Templar reinforcements for the August Throne of Skulls at Warhammer Workd with heresy era ultramarines in the background. But various other armies and one off projects will pop up over time. Currently I’m about to finish the first of two Redemptors for my Templars, and a Contemptor I finished yesterday is waiting on tufts. After that there is only Grimaldus and his boy band, a Primaris Techmarine and Castellan to go.
  2. Original thread start from here. First posts are copy-pasted as regard 40k content, the rest will be running updates. Welcome! This is the log where I'll post anything which I've converted and/or painted for others. Most of my hobby work is not done for my own armies, but rather for my brother's and our friends' collections. It's a great way to experience modelling and painting all miniatures in Warhammer without buying them. Background might be added later on as my friends work that out. This update is however not about something as lethal as cats. It's about something pathetic in comparison, namely a Maulerfiend conversion I've been working on-and-off with for a Skaven-collecting friend of mine. It's based on a sketch he drew. My buddy magnetized a rectangular base so that it could be used as a K'daai Destroyer. He was so eager about the conversion that he managed to sneak it past other projects in my queue... Still, the sculpting was surprisingly quick work and was over before you knew it. Couldn't have done it so fast three years ago: And here's the painted version, alongside his brother. Not painted by me (though the Squats in the foreground are): The CSM-collecting friend, let's call him J.A.B, inspected the newer starter kit Chaos Space Marine lord and Khârn, as well as the new Primaris Marines and probably a few older Space Marine character sculpts. He concluded that hip armour looks good and solves the silly look achieved by the thin thighs of plastic Space Marine legs. Some weeks ago, he visited his parents, brought a gaggle of heretical Marines and asked me to make hip armour on them. Quicksculpted, without time-consuming rivets, difficult spikes or suchlike. He was content, and after returning home to his study town he sent down Berzerkers to receive like treatment, and a FW Necron centipede which needed replacement antennae. I've tinkered with them since they arrived yesterday. Below are the results. Note "KIL KIL KIL" on the knife Berzerker's segmented plates. Also see his painted Lord of Change. http://i.imgur.com/6BKPi38.jpg WIP for my brother's little power armoured collection. Grey Knight legs and helmets and Sanguinary Guard shoulder pads and torsos. Hip plates added to remedy thin thighs syndrome. Cloaks from Anvil Industry to be added later: A Dark Eldar turned into an Eldar Fire Dragon converted for my brother. He thoroughly checked the Dark Eldar sprues back when they were new, and meticulously came up with ways to turn all manner of DE weaponry into Eldar Aspect Warriors with a little converting. More to come: Converted Slaaneshi Daemonprince for a friend: My friend told me to axe the @$$ and instead go for a lean Daemon Prince of Arrogance look, not Lust. As per his instructions, there is now also shin armour plates with images of Elf torture: What else? I also added two lone flowing pteruges dangling from its belt. I'll show you the painted end result whenever he finish this creation: Kill Team A mate of ours has moved back home after years of studying abroad, while a friend of my brother have returned to the hobby after a long break. Combine this with the recently released Kill Team, and we've got a hobby frenzy cooking with making characters, goons and terrain for a mash-up campaign between Kill Team and RPGs. Here is the first harvest of quick-sculpting and conversions, soon back to commercial sculpts. Kastellan Ironstrider, a mate's cyborg: Badoom! Broadbeard, a loudmouth one-Dwarf illegal radio station sending live from his heists and battles. My character: Gnorke Radfizzle, a Gnome sharpshooter with rad weapons, for my brother's friend: The gang so far: Gnorke Radfizzle's car: The friend who has written all the rules and organizes the whole effort has had me convert a gaggle of goons. Here's psyker Spikeskull: And Badoom! Broadbeard's hateful rival, Adman: And finally Gnorke Radfizzle painted by said friend (I had nothing to do with painting). My brother's mate is in for a treat! I've painted nothing of the Kill Team stuff, only converted it. All painted by Johan von Elak, for your display here. Badoom! Broadbeard: During most of our Kill Team-RPG games we've actually had music playing to represent both the immediate sonic barrage emitted by Broadbeard's loudspekers, and the music he transmits across hacked radio channels (with comments of media moguls jumping from windows as their enterprises gets destroyed by Broadbeard's escapades). He obviously also report live from the field, and is the lousiest sneak, at skulking up on enemies, you've ever encountered. Clearly, the audio-disturbed mister Broadbeard has ruined many lives through his noisome adventures. Which leads us to...
  3. We've recently been hit with the news that Hachette are launching a new magazine collection, Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol. As someone that bought the Imperium Magazine collection (in it's entirety), let me tell you this - you only save money if you're going to paint and play every single model. If not, you'll breakeven at best and, most likely, lose money. Let's say you only wanted one or maybe two combat patrols from the set. You still have to sell off all the rest. Here's how it'll go: Straight away, the models aren't worth as much as an officially boxed and sealed combat patrol. It doesn't matter that they're sealed in magazines - it just ain't the same. That doesn't matter anyway, right? Because people usually don't want to buy complete sets - they just want certain units from a set. Yeah that's true, but even then you have, what, 100+ sprues you need to package up and ship out. It all takes time. You can always find someone to buy, but everyone wants a deal. If you were going to list it all on eBay, people don't want to pay the same price as they could pay on a site like Wayland Games - they want to pay less. Why? Because they can probably get it online with free shipping. You could offer free shipping yourself but that eats into the amount of money you get back in the end. Then there's the competition. Think about how many people could be doing the exact same thing, who have a load of other sprues sat round they want to get rid of. Maybe they'll throw in some models from their pile of shame, too. Suddenly there's a lot of models on the market and, people being people, they'll start dropping their prices. So even though you know a model or a unit is worth £x, it'll end up selling for £y (minus the fees). You can sell in Facebook groups but you end up with some initial interest that drops off whenever you start talking prices - or they try to shave some extra cash off. This isn't just speculation - I went through all of this myself. My honest opinion is that all the extra time and effort involved simply isn't worth it. Just buy the models you want in your army, paint them up and spend more time playing the game.
  4. "Alex?" Alexandros, Shield-Lord of the Halcyon Wardens, swung green eyes toward his companion. Pyrrhicles stood beside him, his aged features wrought into worry. Alone among the Halcyon Wardens, Pyrrhicles was not an Astartes. Instead, he was a man who had been gifted all the Imperium could offer to bring a man a step towards an Astartes. His lined face revealed Pyrrhicles was fighting a losing battle against time. Alexandros focused on the hidden depths of anxiety within his friend's eyes. Few things could inflict such a state on the veteran champion. The Primarch gathered his thoughts before he stated the horrible truth wracking his mind. "The Emperor is gone." Confusion joined anxiety as Pyrrhicles absorbed the news, comprehension far from him. "Gone?" Straightening himself in his throne, Alexandros saw the entire bridge crew's attention was upon him. "Damage report," He ordered, his voice ringing strong and clear. The task broke their reverie. As they bustled with their new task, Alexandros whispered to Pyrrhicles' ears alone, "Gone. The Emperor is no longer with us." A fearful pause blocked the half-Astartes for a moment. "He is slain?" Pyrrhicles asked, his voice a ghost of a whisper. Was he? Alexandros wondered as his eidectic memory recalled the event. After a moment, a measure of relief passed through Alexandros. "No. No, it is not his death I have sensed." That left confusion and similar relief upon Pyrrhicles' features. "Then, how is he gone?" Alexandros' lips twisted into a frown. "I... don't know." His eyes swept across the bridge of the Elpis. "First, let us deal with the disaster we can control."
  5. INTRODUCTION So, its that time again. A time veterans of this esteemed forum will know. A time full of promise and, ultimately, disappointment. Its that time when Brother Argent reawakens the Argent Forge and starts another WIP blog. One that will, if past experiences are anything to go off, will likely fizzle out after a few weeks as I am far too much a procrastinator to not give in to hobby butterfly and then stare at models for weeks on end making up constant excuses in my head as to why I can't post something rather then just taking the damned photo, posting the pic and a few words of blurb and just bloody moving on... Anyway... In an attempt to share my works with you all outside of The 12 Months of Hobby 2022 thread, run by the amazing Grotsmasha, I have decided to start this little project to chronicle my (likely vain) attempts to keep up with the newly arrived in Australia Imperium magazine by Hachette Partworks. I wont teach people to suck eggs here but for those not aware Imperium is a (technically) weekly magazine full of Necrons and a various Imperial forces that drip feeds you two forces over the course of a lot of issues. It it my intention with this new blog to keep pace with this and attempt to paint the models etc as they come. But those whom know me know my first and forever home on this forum is The Liber. Although I haven't ventured there as much as I would like these past years (something I promise to try and rectify... again...) as the Unofficial Reclusiarch of the Liber I could never paint established armies or even complete any sort of challenge or project without also adding reams of useless and overly verbose fluff . So as I complete these logs I intend on fluffing out a full conflict through the battle reports etc of the magazine. In the interest of keeping myself accountable I have decided to lay down some rules for this challenge. Indeed if there were any other people starting the magazine now then they would be more then welcome to try there own version of this challenge. So: THE RULES Models must be completed one issue at a time, and one issue per week. Models must be completed in the order they arrive (ie, Issue 1, 2, 3 etc) Paint issues are considered "BYE ISSUES" and can be used to either catch up on missed models, skipped to get ahead, or paint models of my choice from my enormous Pile O' Shame All models must be completely painted before moving on. Basing may be included within the next two issues to save on time and paint. All models must be accompanied by fluff All armies must be DIY and will be detailed in the Liber Battles/Scenarios from the magazines will be played and the results will develop the fluff of the course of the narrative. Present before and after images of each model Weekly updates on progress, most likely on a Sunday. Have fun. THE FORCES SO FAR So, the Primaris never really fitted with my Star Leopards chapter of the Astartes. And with the promised/predicted arrival over the course of the magazine of Marneus Calgar as well as Roboute Guilliman I felt the need to have the marines in question be an Ultramarine Successor with a accepted Primaris presence. It was also my dream since before the original release of Apocalypse to own a full Battle Company, if not Chapter. Indeed I bought one of the original Battle Company formation boxes that is currently about half done in fourteen different marine colour schemes... But anyway, back on topic. Other then a recycled name from one of my previous works I have decided to go a whole new marine Chapter. The INTERDICTORS (IA article TBA). My intent at this point is to go full Primaris with a strong Greco-Roman vibe. I am hoping to push my skills with transfers, free hand, company markings and battle damage. Note from the pic I am intending on focussing around the 3rd Company, as per the red shoulder rim, as decided by a dice roll. The Interdictors fluff will be based around a mix of Greek City States with some Roman politics and gladiatorial combat thrown in along with a pinch of corrupted greek mythology. I will elaborate more as I go but in short these guys are not the nice guys like the Star Leopards. On the other side of the fence we have: The ALMWAT DYNASTY (IX article TBA) A horrible and out of focus and over exposed image I hope to replace but gives the idea of the colour scheme. Based off my necrons from quite some time ago the Necrontyr were one of my first 40k armies way back in the day. They are an Egyptian themed army (Tomb Kings were my first Fantasy army before the whole setting got Squatted. Is that even a phrase we can use anymore?). ** The Sororitas and Mechanicus will be detailed here as they are released. ** HANDY DANDY INDEX THINGY ** I realise these links aren't working and will address at some point soon hopefully ** ISSUE 1 (Primaris Lt and Royal Warden) BEFORE/FINISH ISSUE 2 (Necron Warriors x3) BEFORE/FINISH ISSUE 3 (Assault Intercessors x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 4 (Scorpekh Destroyers x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 4 (Primaris Captain) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 5 (Primaris Aggressors x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 6 (BYE ISSUE) ISSUE 7 (Necron Overlord) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE 8 (... I stuffed up something in here...) ISSUE 9/10 (Necron Warriors x10 Scarabs x3) BEFORE/AFTER ISSUE... Yes I have them... (Phobos Librarian) BEFORE/AFTER A FINAL WORD Finally thank you all for joining my on this journey and I hope to gather all the inspiration and encouragement I can from my amazing brothers and sisters here and I hope to share some of my passion for the hobby and maybe give inspiration and help to others along the way.
  6. Command Report Neptune Section 75 Praetor-Secundus Gharael My Lords, our situation is dire. Hab-block Alpha-Centauri 7 edges on the precipice of death. Although scattered, the sons of the Arch-Traitor have mounted a fierce offensive. Several elements of the Palace 17th Armoured have defected. Although most of their motorpool was destroyed before this, they still pose a threat to our outposts. Our forces are depleted. (See attachment): -36 Tactical Brothers -23 Veteran Brothers -3 Dreadnoughts -18 Suits of Cataphractii and Indomitus Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour -2 Spartan Assault Tanks (1 Immobilized near our frontlines) -63 Troopers of the Palace 17th Armoured Regiment -6 Leman Russ Battle Tanks -4 Sentinel Scout Walkers -5 Basilisk Artillery Tanks -2 Dracosan Armoured Transports We request immediate reinforcements. Alpha-Centauri must not fall. [Pict Attachments] Praetor-Secundus Gharael. Former Huscarl seconded to 642nd Company Command.
  7. Hi all, I recently, well it’s taken a year, returned to the hobby and built an army using the new (to me) Necromunda range. I’ve linked gallery and will put up a proper post with army description at some point, I just wanted to share my allbeit limited and amateur work http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/album/17303-inquisition-army/
  8. From the album: Heresy Dark Angels

    Complete grimdark knight, 2nd Edition themed. www.battlecastings.com
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++Imperial Inquisition Internal Frame Beta Garmon 43++ --Please Input Desired Access Code-- -Referral Number: OMI0000346443-- -Designation: Sector Overwatch -Codename: Coteaz -Access Path: Enceladus Prime Main Frame ++Ordo Malleus Mainframe; Enceladus Fortress++ --Psychlock Confirmed-- --Welcome, Lord Inquisitor-- --Please Input Desired Access Code-- -Access: Communicae Primus --Accessing Communicae Primus-- ++Incoming Communicae++ --Origin: Segmentum Solar; Paramar System; Planet Unknown-- --Date Sent: #a2!%#>{43-f*a}=4.M40 --Clearance Level Classified Extremis-- --Priority: Alpha-Omega-- --Sender ID: AMilGSV144CRSXa5s-- --Sender ID: AMecAMMRFP54AMARSPrime4-- ++Further Sender IDs detected. Load?++ -No ++Loading Message++ My Lords, I am sorry to disturb the Inquisition in these perilious times, but our situation is truly dire. Arch-Magos Droykvic has miscalculated our chances. There is not much time. The Chamber of--------- I will not take an insult lightly. You are lucky I need you, Colonel Kashkov. We request immediate support, Inquisitor. I would have asked the Fabricator General of Paramar V, but I feel I should not draw unwanted eyes to our operation. I have already had enough trouble with the local "Governor", much less the "Skitarii" that guard the Manufactorum Complex. I can see the madness in their eyes. The scrapcode is in their very spirit. We will play along for now, and I will relish the chance to burn it all when all is said and done, in the Omnissiah's name. I also further add that I am unsure why I was sent here by, your Lordship... I specialise in Titans and siegecraft, yet this is a covert operation. --- Yes, Arch-Magos. Now, continuing from where I left off, my Lord, our outlook is not very good. As the Arch-Magos has already reported, the entire populace is corrupted. Never in my career have I ever seen such obvious signs of rot. Our troops' morale is low. Not even the Terrans are calm in this place. The Chamber of the Phoenix is approx. 430 kilometres from our current position. Based on the calculations of our Munitorum attaché, our scouts will reach it by mid Sept (for reference, the current date here is the 22nd of Tertius). The snowfall is heavy. Apart from myself, the Arch-Magos, and our retinues, no soldier has left the designated landing zone Our supplies should last us until we reach the Chamber. My Regiment has taken severe losses. During the covert landing, an asteroid hit bulk-lander "Aquilia's Rebirth", immediately destroying it. This has resulted in the loss of much of our support personnel and infantry, although our armoured forces have been spared. I thank the Emperor for that. Our forces are as follows: ++Message Corruption Detected. Recovering File Contents...++ ++Recovering++ ++Recovering++ ++Recovering++ ++Recovering++ ++Recovering++ ++Recovering++ ++Recovering++ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Manchu warlord


    From the album: Aldurukh archive

    The Silent Sisters of the (made up) Silverbird cadre.
  11. Manchu warlord


    From the album: Aldurukh archive

    Two Custodes, two Asian Custodes (Asianstodes). They both hail from the PanPacific Empire (futurist East Asia) on Terra. The one on the left is called "Guan Yu (Ou)", the elder of the two; the one on right is called "Xian (She - an)".
  12. From the album: Aldurukh archive

    My made up squadron known as "Valdor's Chosen". It comprises of the finest warriors of the Ten Thousand that serves has the Captain-General's sword edge. Besides Valdor, all the characters are made up (obviously). From left to right their is: - Guan Yu (Ou). - Sviatoslav. - Myraakh. - Valdor. - Romulus. - Volsung.
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