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Iron on the inside Iron on the outside also


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They are done! The bit more work on the bases took longer than I thought. Re-doing the snow was time consuming. The Vallejo snow isn't as good as the GW one in appearance but is far cheaper so I'm gonna stick with it. The little GW pots don't last long at all.





Ready for battle tomorrow! I will try and remember to take some photos :tu:

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Thanks for the replies! Sadly I'm already committed to the bases now MegaVolt, but in future I will be putting less snow on I think that will make things far easier. Now onto the battle report! 1000pts vs the new Space Marines. There was a sword and board character, 2 Marine squads, Dreadnought, Whirlwind and Tactical Terminators in reserve.

Turn 1 deployment:


Slightly undersized table so we ensured 24" between the armies and squeezed in deployment in the space that was left. Due to the large footprint of the Cultists I took up most of my deployment zone. To be honest I didn't know much about the new Marines apart from the 2 Wounds so I had no plan or anything. Besides this was a friendly game with new armies in a new edition for both me and my opponent. We lined up to basically kill each other, which as a grudge match between Loyalist and Heretic still works for a game :tongue.:

Anyway, nothing to report really. Units moved up and firepower mostly achieved nothing.

Turn 2:


Alas my poor Predator was killed already. Just enough wounds done to kill it off. Sad times! Hopefully he does better next game :sweat: The Terminators have arrived and one of my Marine squads didn't survive the concentrated firepower directed at them. I'm already starting to see the large difference between 1W Heretic Marines and 2W Loyalist Marines.

Turn 3:


The Cultists are only still alive as my dastardly foe has irrationally decided to totally ignore them and focus on my Astartes instead. Just rude, really. :biggrin.: My other Marines are wiped out but my Dark Apostle has avenged them by taking out a Terminator... again the extra Wound makes a real difference in how hardy Marines are. I expect the Apostle will die next turn but at least I did some damage! The enemy Dreadnought has been dispatched and the Contemptor has been making his merry way across the battlefield and is now chewing on some Tactical Marines.

Turn 4:


The Contemptor has finished the Marine squad off and is now taking on the Whirlwind, the Warsmith killed himself with an over charged Plasma Pistol shot... I risked it without a backup Command Point for a re-roll. Lesson learned :wink: The Apostle did indeed die this turn, I didn't really use him well and I the one time I remembered his Prayers I failed the roll! With not much else to do the surviving Tactical Marines focus on the Cultists... it was a brutal fight - close combat weapon against Astartes Chainswords, Autoguns against Bolters, t-shirts against Power Armour... it was a not a glorious battle. For the Marines won of course and the Cultists died to a man. Which to be fair was kinda their job, but they were just late in doing it :tongue.:

Turn 5:


Just the Contemptor left with one dead Whirlwind and reducing the Marine squad to just the Sergeant - the game ended here. Unfortunately it was Turn 5 where we realised I was inadvertently cheating by healing my Contemptor with an Iron Warrior Command Point ability. The special rule for the Contemptor states that it may not gain wounds any other way from killing enemy models in melee. Oops! So the Contemptor should probably have died last turn.

Lots to learn with 9th Edition, never mind a new Chaos army! Still, we enjoyed our first foray into 9th and we all agreed that the extra Wounds for Marines was a huge deal. Hopefully Chaos get the same treatment soon!

One last cinematic photo taken at the end of the game - a defiant Sergeant starting down the traitor Contemptor. Death or Glory!


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First games are always about learning, so good to get to grips with the army before the new codex so it'll be easier to adjust (hopefully soon) :tu: The extra wound makes a large difference and with good rules generally it makes the new Marines a solid army so I think you did quite well considering. The important thing is you got them on the table and got New Model Syndrome out of the way, they looked great so will only get better as you add more units :)

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Cheers Syrakul! Yes I initially thought it was FAQ'd as well but I found out this was all in my imagination about a week before the game. To answer your question yes - it's night and day :sweat: Looking forward to Chaos 2W Marines though when the new codex comes, it really does go a long way to making Marines feel tougher and thus more fluffy!


Terminators are great at 3W so maybe we'll see them make a triumphant return? Certainly makes me want to rush getting mine, however I made a commitment to finish what I've got first... :yes:

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After many moons working on Fantasy Tomb Kings it's time to change things up and go back to some Iron Warriors.

Finally got round to undercoating the mkIV's (as well as a couple of mkIII arms) so let the great work continue! :biggrin.:


Got a game day coming up next month and nothing motivates like a deadline :teehee:

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Cheers guys! I agree mkIV are pretty cool really, I'll be getting some more I think :thumbsup: It has been a while so I had a re-read of my paint recipe (I always write them down for just this reason :teehee: ) and yeah, I forgot how quick speed painting is! Really isn't much there. I'm hopeful of getting these done this week so I can start something else :yes:

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Thanks a lot peeps! Yeah working through the metallics, should have that done soon and will post up a new pik once I've got some more to show :tu:


Yes he's fully magnetised for all weapon options (that came in the kit) I just need some more shoulder pads for the Power Fist & Lightning Claw. Realised how little time I have before the game now so expect some faster updates if I have any hope of getting everything done :sweat: Wish me luck!

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I had a productive evening and the mkIV's are well on the way now:


Got some tidying up to do then it's the hazard stripes and some other bits before lastly the bases :yes: It's going well so I may spend some time today preparing the next models!

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Thanks again guys! I have made more progress but I'm having a brief break from the mkIV's - I started on the hazard stripes and I'm really not happy with them :( It was easier to do them on the mkIII it seems, the various shapes on these makes marking up the lines and staying parallel a nightmare. So I've switched to working on a Predator until I can muster the willpower to have another go at them.


It's disappointing as it was going so well :dry.:

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These things happen, sometimes you need a break away mid unit to reassess etc. You’ll find a work around I’m sure!


Another Predator will be a fearsome prospect to fight against. Two is a great flank holding heavy support choice! I must dig out another predator for my BL at some point, especially as now you’ve got two!



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Agreed, when things aren't working it's best to stop so you're doing the right thing by swapping to another project. That way you don't get bogged down or make things worse coming back fresh later when you're in the mood for it is best :tu:


I'm sure there's some methods to help painting them, but don't forget that some battle damage or weathering is always an option later especially for Iron Warriors so you can always hide and cover up the odd bits that didn't work quite as well ;)

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