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For those who aren't aware, my main army is Blood Angels in 40k and I have a blog over there. This is pretty much where I spend my hobby time but as my collection has grown and ...
Wait, wait, wait. What is Mr Blood Angels himself doing with Daemons? 0.o
Back in 7th edition there was a gimmick that Blood Angels could do involving Malefic Daemonology. For any non-Chaos psyker that rolled any double, they would miscast and more often than not, lose wounds. The gimmick was with the Librarian Dreadnought as this didn't have any wounds to lose... Yes, I know, a little cheeky but it wasn't ground breaking and having a Librarian Dreadnought run around (with a Techmarine nearby just in case) seemed fun. (A reminder about Malefic Daemonology can be found on his external source) Around this time the Raging Heroes TGG2 Kickstarter was going on and a mate knew I collected Dark Elves, so asked if I wanted to go halves on it. As I was searching, I saw the Mantis Warriors and Avatar of Shaah models which I knew would make good Daemonette and Keeper of Secret proxies. Throw in the freebie Lady Melith character which would make a good proxy for a Herald an I was all set. Of course the models never arrived until he end of 8th edition :facepalm:
As I quite like the models/casts I decided to keep them. I will be painting the skin tones as I want to do my Dark Elves, and I want to try out a new (for me) style of basing. As it happens, the Avatar of Shaah is quite large so it will be more like Zarakynel should it ever see a game.  It should be noted that as this blog will contain Raging Heroes models, some are classed as NSFW. These models will be in spoiler tags and noted as such.
I should point out that this blog will be on a slow burn; I'm not the fastest painter at the best of times and the stuff to be added here is done on an as-and-when basis as my primary focus remains my never ending pile of BA shame. However, I will be posting battle reports here when they eventually happen.
Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy the blog and I look forward to your comments :smile.:

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In the past I've done a few reviews on third party miniatures. This page will have links to those should anyone be interested.


Raging Heroes

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Start Point


My initial aim is to get the following models completed over the course of the year and to that end, they are my plodding along vow or the 12 Month Challenge over in The Forge. I'll likely start with the smaller stuff to get my scheme down before tackling the Avatar.


... and now for something completely different:
Plodding Along
I, Reclusiarch Jolemai , embark on the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge, and for the year of 2022 pledge to complete 1 x Herald of Slaanesh (proxy), 10 x Daemonettes (proxy), 1 x Zarakynel (proxy) by year's end.
To do:
Create a blog in the C:D forum to track my progress
Herald - paint
Daemonettes - Build the other five (with unit upgrades) and paint
Zarakynel - Build, paint, acquire scenic/special base

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This is a placeholder for the moment whilst I dig up a photo of the skin tone I'm trying to emulate. It's basically a base of Daemonette Hide, washed with Druchii Violet and Nuln Oil, then highlighted back up with Pallid Wych Flesh added in.


Armour with be blacks and greys


Hair I'm unsure about. The Daemonette Champion will be blue as there's a story behind it.


Base is a surprise!

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Welcome to Daemons! :biggrin.: Zarakynel is quite large indeed, will you be using the model as such? How will you be representing Keepers as they should be smaller?


I don't know how busy on details and gems these models are, but washes are good for my daemons. Helps make them faster to do though of course works best on good detail and the like, looking forward to seeing more :thumbsup:

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I need to find out how big the new KoS models are tbh, but it's likely I would have to field this proxy as Zarakynel.


Tbh, it's more likely it will sit in a display cabinet :)

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Greater Daemons are on 100mm bases, the Keeper is slender and tall - the width is mainly the claws and robes but the general "space" taken up should give you options. Especially if it's intended to be an equivalent model? If there's not third party stuff out there the GW KoS is a nice kit :)


Along with being good for washes daemons are also very different to painting Marines and armour, they should be a nice change of pace to mix up your hobby desk. Variety is the spice of life, maybe you might enjoy the fresh approach and get more done than you expect? ;)

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Welcome to daemons, Jolemai!  I look forward to seeing your models as you get them done.


As for the Keeper of Secrets, I have one and will measure its height for you tonight after I get home from work.



Edit: it's 5 1/2 inches tall with both the basic keeper heads and 5 3/4 with the special character head, measuring from the bottom of the base.  Its 6 inches from claw tip to claw tip, but one is a bit lower than the other so the horizontal distance is a bit narrower than that.   I didn't put the cloaks on mine (I have mine magentised, and the way they are attached wouldn't allow me to swap between the basic and special character versions as they have different arm positions) but measuring the bits I didn't put on they seem to be about 2" wide at the top (which is about 4 inches above the base), widening out to 4 inches just above the base.


Hope that helps.

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Cheers chaps. The Avatar of Shaah model is 7.9" to it's highest point (raised sword and requires at least a 120/130mm base - so will likely get a Knight base. That's kinda why I'll probably run it as Zarakynel (who is 6.5" tall of the tip of its left hand).

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Infantry WIP

Plodding Along WIP 1/8
WIP update
Undercoated examples

"Daemonette" Champion
"Daemonette" Champion and line trooper
"Herald of Slaanesh"

Taken a bit longer than I wanted, but the eleven infantry models are now undercoated (grey as that makes more sense given the paint scheme). I'm aiming to start with the Champion an have her (it?) done by the end of the week, and then attempt three models for April, May, June, and do the Herald in July, which leaves me with half a year to play about with the Avatar/"Zarakynel" proxy.


Also finished the Mantis Warriors - Command review which shows of the banner and musician options, along with two other troopers.

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Good to see work get started, I reckon once you have your scheme sorted they could be fairly quick to do? Doesn't look like there's much soul stone hell :tongue.:


Hope so, it's just a case of nailing the scheme; I have an idea in my head that I think I can achieve...


I look forward to seeing them painted - particularly the herald in the skirt.  How big are they compared to GW daemonettes?


Kinda why she/it's last - I have no idea how the skirt will turn out yet! I don't know how they are to the current ones, but I imagine they are bigger than the Diaznettes (which they look like they drew inspiration from). Allegedly they are 30mm heroic.

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Plodding Along update 2/8

1/12 models complete

"Daemonette" Champion complete

(Raging Heroes model, so NSFW)


Went well for a first attempt.


I may switch to Ironearth rather than Ironcrust in the base as, but this will do for now.


The skin is more purple then I was aiming for, but I like it.

The armour/chitin kinda works too and is almost what I envisioned.

The blue hair will be more prominent in the other infantry (the Champion has horns instead).

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Plodding Along update 3/8

4/12 complete

3 "Daemonettes" complete

(Raging Heroes models, so NSFW)


I ended up using the wrong purple on the skin for these, but decided to go with it and see what happened... I'm happy enough, but I'll remember for future reference now.


Still getting the hang of using the Ironcrust on the base. I think I need to be less precious with it and just slap it on tbh.

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I've made a start on the next three (two more infantry and a musician/instrument of Chaos). I'm going to try and make the instrument stand out in ethereal colours as if it has been manifested separately for the occasion. If it works, I'll apply it to the standard, Herald/Masque's dress, and maybe go back and tweak the crown on the Champion/Alluress.


I have a few more RH models, one of which is a "general" and actually looks suitable for another Herald, so I'll likely so that too at some point.

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Posted (edited)

She'll make a great herald - I love her cloak.

I think so too, took a while for me to get more acquainted with the Daemon line to notice the parallels though...


I think Lady Melith (the one with the dress and mask) will make a better Masque model.

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