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About this blog

General build, paint and gaming blog of various Games Workshop games in the 30k/ 40k universes.


Horus Heresy era

  • Raven Guard
  • Sisters of Silence
  • Adeptus Titanicus


Warhammer 40k

  • Grey Knights
  • Adepta Sororitas
  • Raptors Chapter
  • Blood Angels
  • Inquisitorial Forces 



  • Redemptionist/ Cawdor
  • Delaque
  • Genestealer Cult

Entries in this blog

1st post of many........

So for the last few years I have had  blog over at W.A.Rorie's Gaming blog and well I have tried to stay active there and here on the B&C with all my various build and paint logs. So for ease of record keeping I'll slowly end my other blog and continue here with my blog. Below is are Links to my various paint blogs and hopefully I will be more active here.    Grey Knights     Raven Guard (HH) and Raptors Chapter (40k)   Adepta Sororitas   Inquisitorial


WAR in 1st B&C Blog Entry

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