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General build, paint and gaming blog of various Games Workshop games in the 30k/ 40k universes.


Horus Heresy era

  • Raven Guard
  • Sisters of Silence
  • Adeptus Titanicus


Warhammer 40k

  • Grey Knights
  • Adepta Sororitas
  • Inquisitorial Forces 



  • Redemptionist/ Cawdor

Entries in this blog

A Story of Death or Victory- The Angels of the XIXth Legion Raven Guard Pt1

I am a Rememberacer. My job as given to me by Holy Terra, is that of a documenter, as journalist, if you will. Even as I write this, I wonder if it will be read by others. I am one of lucky few, given the opportunity to join the Emperor’s Great Crusade, as the Legions bring the worlds back under the Emperor’s light. This the story of my time, or better yet, retelling of the battles of that the Angels of the XIXth Legion, Raven Guard, I witnessed. The fleet, XIXth Legion, Raven Guard, 707th Exped


WAR in Hobby Time

Helmets, doggies and birdies

Well the esty order has arrived and I forgot to take photos of the helmeted heads . Overall I am really impressed with them and I will need to attach the top knots to them ones with out them. I only going to do the 10 heads well 9 actually for the Raptora Cadre.      The Crows and Cyber dogs came in. Both are super nice. Dogs feel like they are bit small compared to the crows. But the are still Good boys..     here is another scale pic   Next t

XIXth Legion Army badge and Sisters of Silence Update

Well I was going through the Sisters of Silence to see how many models I actually I have. Turns out I have 20 Sisters of Silence plus the Black Library Character. I did order another 5 Sisters of Silence. Plus I ordered some bits off of Etsy.    First off was this     I ordered 10 Heads I figured these would be great for my Raptora Bodygurad.    Then I found these       Cyber puppies!!!!!   And since my Pursuer Cadre will be


WAR in Hobby Time

Huge Update

Such a productive weekend! Friday I took off as a planned sick day and ended up having to run some errands for work and answering phone calls. Perks of being the boss, but at least I am hourly so it was all paid.  I initially took the day off to recover from my cold but Thursday night I built Cabinet 4 of 5 for the office/ hobby room.    After my errands I decided to hit up FLGS in hopes of them being out of the a Legiones Astartes Battle Group....if not I'd pick it up....  

The Silent Sisterhood

So the remodel is in progress but going very well but unfortunately due to crazy Arizona weather, fiancé and some of the kids being sick last weekend it is hitting me finally. Tired, sick, and sore not a good combo, I am trying to fight through it all.   While moving stuff around in preparation of the remodel, I was putting box kits on the shelves and putting my unboxed Redemptionist and Sisters of Silence in the rolling cart with other stuff. I being debating what I want as my allies

Work in Progress!

So the new furniture arrived from Ikea yesterday.  Between work and taking care of the kids, the Fiancé and me have the task of building all the furniture and rearraigning the office.  Which may included painting and changing out the lights.        Last night we moved the items bins full of hobby stuff, books, etc. out of the office. Then we moved the old furniture we were getting rid of out on to the downstairs patio. After dinner and cleaning up after dinner, we moved a cab


WAR in Hobby Time

Raven Guard Sicaran Work in Progress pt 2

Well slowly but surely, I have been making progress on my Raven Guard Sicaran.  After discussing the remodel of the hobby room I began working on the Sicaran by painting the tracks. I used Vallejo Metal Color Steel and focused on the tracks at the top of the tank. and then I painted the Exhaust stacks with Vallejo Metal Color Exhaust Manifold.       I really like the Vallejo Metal Color Steel and Exhaust Manifold, and wanting a gunmetal and brass color from the rang

Upcoming Work in Progress!

So last night my Fiancé and I were discussing the lack of work space in our shared Office/ Hobby Room.  I have a decent amount of workspace but lack display space. She has decent storage space but not enough counter space to work. We have been redoing all the rooms lately so we are no stranger to Ikea visits and deliveries. So after a few minutes of discussion and measurements, and looking at different cabinets,  we purchased new Furniture and agreed to repaint the room in to a lighter color.  M


WAR in Hobby Time

The War for Khyama Sub-Sector- A Metal Head Armory Campaign PT 1

As one of the founding members of Metal Head Armory here in Arizona, we have always wanted to have our battles in the same system. For the longest time it was a no name system. Until 2015, when I picked a 40k Planet at random, so we fought for control for Khymara.  As the group has advanced into other games, Necromunda and 30k, we never really left that system.  And it is time to update the Metal Head Armory fluff.    Pre-Heresy       41st Millennium


WAR in Khymara Sector

Raven Guard Sicaran Work in Progress

Well I finally got to bust out airbrush this Saturday for a little bit at least. I was able to layer down some dark greys (Vallejo- Black Grey, Dark Grey, and neutral grey)  and then due to lack of Vallejo Gloss, I had to rattle can the model with Munitorum Varnish ....but no frosting. I went through my decals and picked the decals from the Raven Guard Primaris sheet, and Horus Hersey Raven Guard Legion Sheet. Once I picked my decals and placement, I applied Ardcoat to the areas and left to dry.

Tanksgiving part 1

So my gaming group is planning "Tanksgiving" Traitor vs Loyalist Tank on Tank action in November the weekend near Thanksgiving. Dates and time are not set but looking at one of those days during that time. Each player will have  up to 3,000 pts of Tanks and models with starting in transports, exception Deep Strikers start in reserve and do not need transports. All infantry will be suffer the effects of the Virus bombing if not inside a transport. The idea is sorta like the Battle of Tallarn's ma


WAR in Tanksgiving

Fade to Black......

Well its been awhile since I updated my blog.  But 2 Solar Auxila armies have started and there is a xenos threat on the horizon in my Local gaming group's HH battles. We have been working on converting one of the group members Nid' army in to 30k and it has been a lot of fun.   I am WAY behind in my build log and have yet to start my conversions on my foot infantry, my jump assault company or finished my purchasing my "Tanksgiving" 3000 pt list and it is 7 Months out. I need to Purcha

Grand Army part 5

Returning to my Grand Army idea it did not feel right to not include my Adepta Sororitas, Order of the Valorous Heart. They way I feel it would be the Sisters as the boots on Ground Force requesting aid and holding ground. Storm Troopers performing recon and scout missions. Grey Knights taking ground and performing the majority of the heavy lifting. Sisters of Silence as needed. And the Inquisition assisting all forces.    Normally I would have my forces here but I want my Sisters to r


WAR in Grand Army Idea

"These heretics refute the Emperor's holy right to rule."

"Let them argue with the barrel of gun." Canoness Sabine, Order of Our Martyred Lady   Lately I have been thinking about my Adepta Sororitas a lot lately. I don't have room to display them but I also am not getting rid of them. I need to rebase the few models done to match my other armies. I need to paint a Majority of the forces, as so little is done             So much more to do...I need to figure out a list and go from the

"Too the righteous, we bring hope. To the tainted, we bring fire!"

Well we had a surprise leak today in the form of Imperial Agents Codex pages. And well I am happy to see that, as it justifies me continuing down the path I am headed.   My tenure as an Adeptus Astartes' player has ended.  It's been coming down the line for a while. It started when Scouts were removed as Troops so I was forced to replace them with Phobos. And then the rule of 3 came into effect so I lost scout squads. Now that Phobos are not troops, I see no reason to play Adeptus Asta


WAR in Hobby Update

Vacation time relaxation

Well on a much needed vacation with my fiancé after a very stressful week taking care of family emergency.    Cruise ship, beaches, and Caribbean sunshine…..away from my models and hobby stuff but I did bring the Grey Knight Omnibus by Ben Counter to read while enjoying the sunshine on the balcony, poolside and on the beach.    I am gonna pick up the other books (Sons of Titan and Crowe series) for the next cruise in May to Alaska.    Thunderhawk project is still in planning


WAR in Grey Knights

Woo Hoo HOUSE is sold and that chapter is closed!

So huge sigh of relief, House is sold HOA can tell them to what to do and all that. After paying off some debts and such not left with much. But I did add 3 items to the hobby area with the money...   First off Lighting....        I picked a second Neatfi light but this time with a magnifier     Next upgrade for the hobby area....       vortex paint mixer   and finally   My first Joytoy Grey Knight 


WAR in Life

Reinforcements inbound!

So last week I talked about ordering some heads, a chimera and a few other things.....well I did order some stuff, before I did inventory on what  I had and what I would need.     First off I ordered my head. I have 30 breachers to build so 2 boxes should be good*     Regimental advisors...NOPE! A mystic/ Astropath and "Rogue Trader" Ship Captain and the other guy is going to a friends army.      More Grey Knight Terminators......cause


WAR in Hobby Time

The Daemon has many forms. You must know them all.

You must tell the Daemon from his disguise and root him out from the hidden places. Trust no-one. trust not even yourself. It is better to die in vain than to live an abomination. The zealous martyr is praised for his valour: the craven and the unready are justly abhorred.     Well back from the first family vacation with the kids and had a blast at Disneyland with them.  While there I kept thinking about my projects and more more I leaned into focusing on my Grey Knights a


WAR in Grand Army Idea

My last blog was vague.......

So in my last blog I was vague. I found some 3d printed parts I thought would perfect for the 20 Leviathan Terminators I have but it turns out they are not for the easy build. Good thing I looked again and did not order them. But I am going to do another project instead, more on that later.    With me cancelling my terminator plan and my house is in the final days of being sold, I'm looking at adding more stuff to my hobby area: Vortex Paint mixer, Neatfi Light/ Magnifier, airbrush spr


WAR in Grey Knights

We are the Hammer

Hmmm I have an idea and I think I need to do it. I have been looking at redoing my GK Kill Team and well I may have thought up another project for 40k I can do.....


WAR in Hobby Time

We have returned!

Well the desk is usable!!! I have to pick up a few more things for it, Mini vortex paint mixer, Neatfi magnifier/ light, display cabinet and well empty boxes under desk but I can return to painting and building models.        I think I need some Raven Guard HH art and maybe more Adepta Sororitas and Joy Toy Grey Knights. 


WAR in Hobby Time

No Final Flight for WAR's Raptors

So this decision has been coming for a while......My Raptors will be no more.    When I started playing 40k in 2nd edition I played Space Wolves and then Sisters of Battle. During 3rd edition, I added Emperor's Children and Black Templars to the mix. During 4th edition I sold Space Wolves, Black Templars, and Emperor's Children and started playing Crimson Fists. 5th edition and 6th edition I played mainly Crimson Fists and every so often Sisters or Black Legion. 7th edition saw me shel

Work in Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While celebrating my birthday this weekend with my amazing Fiancée, we went to Ikea to look at things to remodel our bedroom and walk out closet. I was pricing out my new desk build out. Well the I found a larger desk and chair for cheaper.      So now I am looking at upgrading my paint racks since I have a larger surface area compared to before by 8 inches depth.     And I will be getting new glass cases eventually.    and as a nice surprise m


WAR in Hobby Time

XIX- Raven Guard- 2024 Goals

So my 2024 Gaming focus is going to be my Horus Heresy Raven Guard.  I need to build my army up so I can deal with the various forces I may be facing, when I get to play. One of the larger and more expensive goals is due around late November for a HH Tanksgiving game I am planning for my local gaming group. I have been purchasing various things for my different planned Companies and support units. I am going to be converting my 2 15 man squads to 2 5 man recon and 2 10 man seekers. I need more J
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