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General build, paint and gaming blog of various Games Workshop games in the 30k/ 40k universes.


Horus Heresy era

  • Raven Guard
  • Sisters of Silence
  • Adeptus Titanicus


Warhammer 40k

  • Grey Knights
  • Adepta Sororitas
  • Raptors Chapter
  • Raven Guard
  • Inquisitorial Forces 



  • Redemptionist/ Cawdor

Entries in this blog

"Prep the Thunderhawks and Shadowhawks! We are leaving."

Well I finally started packing my stuff up at my house, to make it less personal  for the upcoming for sale photos. I filled my Battlefoam Case, GW Case 2 small Cookie sheets, and 1 large cookie sheet.         I still need to pack my Raptors and all the armor.      Opened box is bits and large box sets. Closed box is plastic pile of shame boxed kits and I still have to do plastic pile of shame not boxed, paints, books, etc.    Once I get everythin


WAR in Life

Victorus Aut Mortis

Well to add the craziness of life, Funeral for GF's ex husband is this weekend, my house goes for sale Oct 1st,  2 kids birthdays, and then GF and I leave for a 17 day Vacation to Europe on the 4th, so I guess I need to pack my personal things to get house ready for sale, along with some repairs and yardwork....on top of working full time plus being on call.    While talking to my regular opponent @Entropomancer, it seems a few of us are disappointed in 40k. And Like me, he has space i


WAR in Ravenguard/ Successors

Call To Arms- UPDATE- Vow Failed

Well, I have 15 days until the Call to Arms is over and I am officially declaring I failed. Normally I would have to push through but every time I go hobby time it is interrupted.  This is not a complaint, adulting sucks, but I went from having a GF with no kids and lots of free time to having a GF that  has 6 adopted kids that all have special needs and need my time to help her. She is the love of my life so hobbies had to take a back seat. And this is on top of being short handed at work and w


WAR in Call to Arms

"From the darkness we strike: fast and lethal," a Raven Guard Saying

Well as I have been spending time away from my gaming group and spending it with my GF and her kids (7 boys ages 20 -biological son and her adopted boys 10, 9, 9, 7, 5, and 4), the group has run into a snag of sorts. Like many individuals and groups, the glaring issue with 10th edition has popped up, Over costed units vs Under costed units, Armor being ridiculous, and the point values in the first codex being wrong before it is on the LGS shelves.  It feels like we are playing Whose line is it a

When life gives you lemons....

Well it has been an interesting few months, but it is probably time I talk about it.  Right after my 2 games 2 weeks ago, when I purchased more Novitiates and picked up my 2 Inquisition Kill teams, I left the LGS and picked up my GF from the airport. On the way back home, my GF asked how gaming went so I told her even though I lost and my dice hate me, I still had fun.  We started talking about it, and as she is not into gaming at, so I was vague.   So my GF is a childhood friend, that


WAR in Life

These heretics refute the Emperor's holy right to rule. -Canoness Sabine (OoOML)

Well my Adepta Sororitas had their first 2 games of 10th edition at 1,000 points vs my friend @Entropomancer. Unfortunately I lost both games. The dice were not on my side. Against the guard I could not save against his lasguns. Against the Votaan, we both could not make saves, and  I eventually had to concede. I am still working on the list and my old way of thinking has to be updated.  I need the armor support and I really want repentia in the list, just to have melee shock troops along with t


WAR in Game recap

Personal Characters-

So I am going to start a new Blog category for Personal Characters. What are personal characters?  They are models that have been part of an army collection, are always fielded in the army, creating  and  developing their story along the way. These are named models in your list that are not Unique Characters, named Special Characters, but individual models that you have built and created,  they develop their own back story, and your friends develop grudges against. One of the more interesting as

From the lighting and the tempest, Our Emperor, deliver us.

Well the challenge of the Order of the Valorous Heart Adepta Sororitas vs @Entropomancer's League of Votann is set for August 26th. We decided to drop points to 1k as we are still learning rules for Armies. Plus this way I can try to play multiple games before having to pick up GF at airport.  I did get my My Adepta Sororitas Data cards, which are becoming a must have of late.  I pulled out my Army out of the glass cabinet the other day to see what I actually need to build to be 10th edition com


WAR in Adepta Sororitas

Grand Army part 4

Hello Frateris,   Today I am discussing the 4th Installment of my Grand Army Idea.  Part 1 covered my Inquistorial Forces, Part 2 were the Scions, Part 3 Sisters of Silence. While this is covering my Grand Army idea, right now the internal debate is do I add Order of the Valorous Heart Adepta Sororitas army and My Raptor Space Marines to the Grand Army or leave them as separate forces that are planet side (Adepta Sororitas) and reconnaissance force (Raptors). One of my many upcoming pr


WAR in Grand Army Idea

A spiritu dominatus, Domine, libra nos,

So I recently got challenged by my long time opponent @Entropomancer for 10th ed 1500 pt game Votaan vs my Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Valorous Heart. This will be an interesting fight, as I have never fought Votann. So I have been devising lists, thinking what I would take and not take.  Looking at my collection, I have to reallocate models and bring it current to 10th standards...ugh. I need to get them up to 10th standards as most of group has not faced my style Adepta Sororitas army

Grand Army part 3

So continuing the Idea of my Grand Army, todays focus will be Sisters of Silence. With the limited options available to the Sisters of Silence this will be the smallest army of my Grand Army at only 325 pts.    Sisters of Silence (325 pts)   Knight-Centura (based on Aleya Black Library model) Prosecutors 5 woman x2 Vigilators 5 woman  Witchseekers 5 woman   I have not been set on paint scheme but leaning towards gold, red robes and white interi


WAR in Grand Army Idea

Grand Army part 2

So in my previous post I began talking about my Grand army idea starting with my Inquisitorial Forces (Agents of the Imperium- 1390 + points)   So this post is going to focus on the Astra Miliatarum, Inquisitorial Stormtrooper 909th "Hell Rain" Charlie Company.         The Inquisitorial Stormtrooper 909th, "Hell Rain" Charlie Company is currently assigned to Ordo Malleus.  Hell Rain is know for their skull war paint on their helmets, their grim demeanor, and ru

So it begins.....

Since my first venture into 40k, my long time friend/ opponent has been @Entropomancer. Through out the years we had some epic battles with our various armies, some great team ups on the rare occasions, and most of all a good time having fun with friends. Win or lose it has always been fun as we share the idea of Fluffy army over WAAC.    One of our goals was to have a Grand army, a  large main army with smaller playable support elements, like IG/ Astra Militarum armies of our own desi

Call To Arms- Update 07/24

White robes are done, the red robes done on Acolyte. but lots more to do.    2x5 man Grey Knights Paladin squads (10pts), 2x6 man Terminator squads (12pts), 1 Terminator for previous squad (1 pt) -In Progress 2 Apothecaries (10 pts), Librarian (5 pts),- In Progress 2 Ancients (10 pts)- 1 In Progress 1 Mystic (5pts)- Completed 1 Acolyte (5pts)- In Progress  


WAR in Call to Arms

At what price did we succeed......

Well game 2 of 10th ed is in the books. I lost. It was not even close.  After pulling gambit cards at the end of turn 3 no way I could win as the 1 card I needed was removed at random. I only had the Interceptor Justicar and Librarian left.     Game was a moral victory as I took out most of his cultist and the Noctilith Crown   Highlights-  Ven Dread (lascannon/ Missile Launcher)- rolling 2's to hit turn 1 and turn 2.  Greatest 155 pts spent in list.  190 pt Purg


WAR in Game recap

For Titan part 3

Well my Grey Knights force is ready to deploy tomorrow. I was able to get the one model that was not painted done in a few hours and complete a part of my Call of Arms Imperium Stronghold Vow.    Force Consists of : Grey Knights Librarian De Vichers (Warlord Storm bolter) Strike Squad De Hautville (Incinerator)  Strike Squad De Monglane (Psilencer) Terminator Squad Wandlain (Psycannon) Interceptor Squad De Plessiez Purgation Squad Des Barre

For Titan part 2

Yesterday I talked briefly about this weekends game. Originally it was supposed to be 1k but we decided to make it 1500 pts instead. My opponent, Entropmancer, is playing his Iron Warriors, which will have Terminators, cultist, Chaos Marines, Chaos guard, hell brutes, master of possession, and other units. With that in mind I began recalculating my list as needed.    List 1:   Brother- Captain Brother Librarian (Warlord and Domina Liber Daemonica enhancement) Brothe

For Titan!

So with game time this weekend I was leaning towards My Raptors, but I switched it up and I am playing my Grey Knights, as they are painted and I don't need to paint anything. Still toying with lists. Happy I have so much done as it gives me a lot of options. I believe I am playing against my friends Iron Warriors.  


Well I have a game on 07/15 against my Friends 1k pts of Nids, Plan is use my Raptors and debating going Phobos/ Scout heavy as they are at least primed or more.  Phobos Librarian is a go and more than likely Revier LT.  Trying to figure out the rest of the force. I may need to build an Impulsor for the Reivers to ride in.    I need to start my Call to Arms vow too....hopefully this weekend    

Raptors vs Ravenguard

So every time a new edition my Raptors get kicked down the stairs.  My Raptors started out as 10th Co with support, 9th saw it adding a ton of Phobos as scouts were not troops. Now 10th ed is upon us and Phobos is not battle line. I was really planning on making my Leviathan, the Blood Angel Combat Patrol, and Boarding Patrol into Ravenguard.  Currently I am leaning towards making them Raptors. I usually play my Raptors as Ravenguard anyways.  I am trading a friend the Drukhari NIB half of Piety

Xenos Threats Spotted....Grey Knights Engage

Well first game of 10th edition is in the books......While the Sons of Titan technically won the battle, the losses were so heavy a tactical withdrawl was needed.    I played against my buddy's ork army Consisting of a Mek, Mega nobs, 6 Killer kans, Deff Dread, 3 deff kopters and 2 Flash gitz squads Vs my Librarian, 5 Terminators (psycannon), 5 strike marines (psycannon), 5 interceptors, 5 purgation (4 psilencers) and to 2 lasbacks. Game ended with 4 dead kans, and 3 deff kopters and I


WAR in Hobby Time

"Trust in the God-Emperor. But trust your blade, too." Inquisitor Atellus Thrax

So Girlfriend is on vacation until end of the month with her best friend, so that means not bouncing between 2 homes. I need to get the repairs done so I can get my house sold and move in with her, but we are still waiting a little bit (few months).  With her gone I figured it is a great time to get long overdue projects done modeling wise. Plus 10th edition is coming very soon. And I am going all in with my Grey Knights for 10th Ed.   Here is my planned projects:   Grey Kni


WAR in Hobby Time

"I'm an inquisitor. I do not get angry."- Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

So Sunday evening  and Monday during my off time, I spent cleaning the house including my hobby area. I had a load of laundry to move from washer to dryer and while waiting for it to finish washing, I decided to paint since my hobby are was cleaned.  Even with my 5 Paladins on the paint handles I drifted towards paint my Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus model. I still have tons left to do on him plus more pewter Old Inquisition henchmen models, Primaris Psyker (Female) , 3 or 4 squads Inquisitoria


WAR in Hobby Time

"Why should I fear the Daemon? He has no power over me."— Brother-Captain Castavor Drak

Well I wanted to get some modeling done the past few days but was not able too. Adulting  . Would not recommend. Zero out of Five stars. Actually it was fun, spending time with girlfriend and her kids, and since she is leaving for a cruise in a week, modeling has to take a back seat for a few days more.    We are  approaching the Call to Arms event, 10th edition drops on 06/24, and possibly more fun things.  My Grey Knights are the most completed of my owned armies, so they will be my


WAR in Hobby Time

"We are the Hammer!"

So after looking at display case in preparation for the Call to Arms Event, I am going to do Grey Knights.   Need to paint: 1 point per model: 2 6 man Terminator squads, 1 single terminator for another squad, the other half of my 10 man Paladin squad, 5 man Paladin squad, 11 Purifiers, 5 Interceptors, 2 5 man Purgation- (49 points total) 3 points per model: MK IV Venerable Dreadnought, Castellum Dreadnought, 3 Nemesis Dreadknights- (15 points total) 4 points per model: A


WAR in Grey Knights

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