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About this blog

Yes, the name is boring (I'm bad at naming things:sweat:). 


This is my attempt to keep myself on task with the hobby and showcase projects without having to create a new WIP thread for each one. 


For those of you familiar with my projects in the barracks and forge I intend to keep both of those updated as I post here as well. 


My intention is that by having everything all in one place I can help combat the absolutely glacial pace of my updates to the B&C. 


Armies to expect: 

  • Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Militia
  • Inquisition
  • Space Marines (40K)
  • Iron Hands (30K)
  • Alpha Legion (30K)
  • Necrons (maybe)
  • Whatever other madness or project I dream up between writing this and when you see it on the blog 


So without further ado..... 

Entries in this blog

Iron Hands Land Raider

I have managed to get a bit of painting done on a Land Raider Phobos to cart around my cataphractii terminators:      I like the aesthetic of this tank and it goes really well with the Mars pattern rhino chassis vehicles I have for my Iron Hands, but it is an old kit and it shows during assembly. With the Proteus now in plastic I might get one of those for the Gorgons. 


Harrowmaster in Varantis

Legion Command Squad

I finally got around to making a decent start on the jetbike command squad for my Iron Hands A WIP shot:      And the final product     The old resin mark three torsos are a bit smaller than the mark six ones that come with the kit, particularly around the waist. Some greenstuff will be needed to fill in a few gaps, but overall it works pretty well.  Edit: Spelling.


Harrowmaster in Varantis

Forge Lord

Here's a custom forge lord for my heresy era Iron Hands:     The body is a cyborg prime body from Kromlech (I actually got this as a freebie in an order for other bits). The servo harness is from Anvil Industry (it's the exo lord scale mechanical arm conversion kit). The axe is from the space marine assault squad and the arm holding it is from the current MK3 kit. The right shoulder pad is from a plastic heresy kit (I think the MK3 but could be MK4). The head, nemesis bolter and


Harrowmaster in Varantis

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