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About this blog

Yes, the name is boring (I'm bad at naming things:sweat:). 


This is my attempt to keep myself on task with the hobby and showcase projects without having to create a new WIP thread for each one. 


For those of you familiar with my projects in the barracks and forge I intend to keep both of those updated as I post here as well. 


My intention is that by having everything all in one place I can help combat the absolutely glacial pace of my updates to the B&C. 


Armies to expect: 

  • Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Militia
  • Inquisition
  • Space Marines (40K)
  • Iron Hands (30K)
  • Alpha Legion (30K)
  • Necrons (maybe)
  • Whatever other madness or project I dream up between writing this and when you see it on the blog 


So without further ado..... 

Entries in this blog

Solar Auxilia Leman Russ Vanquisher

I have completed the Leman Russ Vanquisher for my burgeoning Solar Auxilia force:      This is a really nice kit, it goes together very smoothly and the rivets and other details (like the vertical movement on the hull gun) really make it stand out as a 30k era vehicle. I have magnetised the hull lascannon so I can swap it for an autocannon if I feel like it, and the gunner's head is a "gothic void helmet" from Anvil Industry. I prefer the look of the Anvil helmets to the GW


Harrowmaster in Solar Auxilia

Solar Auxilia Leman Russ

I couldn't resist picking up the new Solar Auxilia Leman Russ when it came out in plastic (plus I will be able to see how compatible the Anvil Gothic Void heads are with SA plastic bodies):      It is a bit further along than this but I don't have any photos.    I really like the build experience so far, everything slots together so neatly which is nice. I will be making this one a Vanquisher but will also magnetise the hull weapons for a bit of flexibility. 

Did someone say new army?

Well, it didn't take that long for me to add another project    Here's the first mini for a burgeoning Solar Auxilia force.     This is a plasma gunner for a companion section in the command tercio, the antenna behind his head is from the vox interlock.   Parts list (all Anvil): Gothic void torso (plain back) Field radio Gothic void helmet Void suit arms (rifle stock) Ion rifle Void suit legs   Edit: Spelling.   
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