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About this blog

So ... first blog!


I've decided to start a blog here just to catalogue my armies and projects that I currently own and that am still actively collecting. Just somewhere to drop my thoughts periodically without me taking over other threads with "look at me" posts of my minis :p


In this initial entry I have only included photos of those models that are all fully painted. I will add more entries over time as more gets added.


Current armies owned are:


Astra Militarum:




Space Marines homebrew chapter, "The Winged Lancers:"




Tau Empire, custom paint job (no sept name decided yet:




Raven Guard beaky phobos dudes:



And finally my Grey Knights. (I definitely need a better picture so I will probably edit when I get around to taking one):


Entries in this blog

Tackling my T’au - Stormsurge Part 6

Basically a photo gallery of the finished model. The armour panels had a final edge highlight of Skarsnik Green, while the gold areas were highlighted first with liberator gold and then mithril silver (very old Citadel pot). Red areas are highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and then Fire Dragon Bright.   In case anyone is interested, the smoke coming from the Leman Russ is an old trick of mine, harking back to my teens when my mum used to make teddy bears. The smoke is actually

Tackling my T’au - Stormsurge Part 5

So a big jump in progress here from the last blog, because the Stormsurge is finished! I didn’t manage to take photos at every stage because I was pushing hard to get it done for the 12 months of hobby, but I’ll include what stages I can. Base coating of all areas: Sotek Green, Gehenna’s Gold and Khorne Red:    Then the first layer of highlighting in Temple Guard Blue. This colour really starts to lift the model.     All over:     I

Tackling my Tau - Stormsurge Part 4

Well. I finally got up the energy to get started on the paint job on my Stormsurge. Just as well, because I've only gone and pledged it for both the 12 months of hobby, and as part of a larger bunch of t'au in the March for March. Yeah. I just hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew this time...   The first stage of my t'au scheme is always my favourite stage, as it is really fast! Several successive layers of drybrushing to build up the colours on the white "undersuit" of the i

Tackling my Tau - Stormsurge Part 3

Right so in this entry the construction will be completed.   First task here was to decide how to do the main gun. I know that in most circumstances I will want to take the Pulse Blastcannon, just because it is so damn powerful! However, I much prefer the look of the Pulse Driver Cannon, as it is longer and doesn't have so many pipes (I hate painting, and specifically highlighting, pipes). I eventually settled on building the rear section of the pulse driver cannon:    

Tackling my Tau - Stormsurge Part 2

Made some good progress on the Stormsurge today. Firstly, I built the weapon "arms":     Decided to just go with the flamers as I like the look of them the best. I probably won't choose the frag projector and I hate painting burst cannons ... all the bits that should rotate freely, do so, so far. Might need to glue the flamers later though as they seem to droop a bit when the thing is upright.   Main body section was next:   I've not built the open

Tackling my Tau - Stormsurge Part 1

OK. So it's time to do something about the last bunch of grey plastic sprues I have. Most of my leadweight is composed of built and primed or partially painted stuff, but I do have a bunch of T'au stuff still on sprues. This is, of course, the most exciting stuff, as it is the most like new stuff! In the photo below are two Crisis Battlesuits left over from my Start Collecting! box that my wife bought me for Christmas more than five years ago, a handful of pathfinders and the Stormsurge that I b
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