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Tackling my Tau - Stormsurge Part 2



Made some good progress on the Stormsurge today. Firstly, I built the weapon "arms":




Decided to just go with the flamers as I like the look of them the best. I probably won't choose the frag projector and I hate painting burst cannons ... all the bits that should rotate freely, do so, so far. Might need to glue the flamers later though as they seem to droop a bit when the thing is upright.


Main body section was next:



I've not built the open cockpit with the crew, for reasons that are about to become clear. I have other plans for them later mwahahahah ....


I left it til now to carry on the build as I was waiting for a special part to arrive, all the way from Spain... dada:




Here we have a resin top cover which protects the cockpit! The one thing I don't like about this model is the open cockpit, as I just think - why???? This only took a few days to get here from www.thecustombit.com and is a perfect fit:



Really pleased with this.


Now. I need to choose a pose. To help me choose, I've built the heads and blu-tacked the pieces together and photographed them in a couple of different positions:





or 2:



My son managed to sneak his part-painted knight into the photo lol!


I'm currently leaning towards 1, because this thing is always nearer to position 2 in the GW photos, and I like to be different! Can't quite decide which to go with yet though, so I'll post the blog and see what you guys say, and take a break from the build for now to give me time to study the photos and make my mind up.

Until next time...

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I would say N#2. The composition looks more equilibrated with guard man fleeing in the same direction as kegsand torso facing.

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