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Kill Team Rapier - Introduction

Mike Zulu



Kill Team Rapier was a Deathwatch strike team formed in 920M41, originally stationed in the Jericho Reach. The team was led by Watch Sergeant Alyxander, with Veterans Auranis, Gorlin, Validus, Lucena and Rarai'an under his command. As of 925M41, Kill Team Rapier had a short yet eventful operational history that has taken them from the Jericho Reach to the Agripinaa Sector, striking down heretics and Xenos that threaten the Imperium's holdings.


Kill Team Rapier assembled.


Kill Team Rapier’s first assignment was during the siege of Hargotta in 920M41 to locate and identify the heretic Astartes commanders of the Stigmartus warband. Despite their success the Imperium crusade forces abandoned the siege, much to the chagrin of the Kill Team. Shortly after, they made an ally of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Jemini Malethann, who sought to utilise them for his own projects. It was the offer Kill Team Rapier needed to get away from the strife and politics of the Jericho Reach. 



Watch-Sergeant Alyxander and Veteran Auranis face off against an Ork mob.


After accepting Malethann's offer, Kill Team Rapier soon found themselves stationed out in Segmentum Obscurus, under the Inquisitor's command. Using their experience in fighting heretics, their knowledge of Xenos, as well as their newfound brotherhood, they quickly set about tracking down an Ork Waaagh! plaguing the innermost sectors of Segmentum Obscurus. Their search would eventually embroil them into the seemingly unending conflict between Waaagh! Brassjaw and the Steel Reavers in 925M41.


Current Members:

Kill Team Rapier is a six-strong strike team comprised of the following members:


Watch-Sergeant Alyxander

Chapter: Black Templars

Chapter Initiation: 882M41

Former Chapter Assignment: Initiate of Fighting Company “Bohemond’s Brothers”, post-Crusade of Vice.

Deathwatch Initiation: 914M41


Alyxander is the sergeant of Kill Team Rapier. He is a Black Templar initiate who was crusading with his fighting company, “Bohemond’s Brothers”, across the northern stretches of the Segmentum Ultima. Before joining the Deathwatch in 912M41, his company was part of the Crusade of Vice fighting against Orks in the Tamahl sector. An advising Inquisitor took interest in Alyxander when she witnessed him slay an Ork Warboss with a broken power sword. 


Alyxander was honoured to join the Deathwatch, but was unprepared for the radical nature of the Inquisition, particularly their dealings with Xenos and their technology. He has become disenchanted with his assignment as the Inquisition's methodology often clashed with Alyxander's faith. Now, he is simply content with the opportunities given to him to purge the various aliens, mutants and heretics across the galaxy. He and Auranis have a strong bond, one built up from their decade of service together. 



Watch-Sergeant Alyxander


Veteran Auranis    

Chapter: Crimson Fists

Chapter Initiation: 875M41

Former Chapter Assignment: Sergeant of 5th Company 9th Devastator Squad.

Deathwatch Initiation: 912M41


Auranis is the squad gunner of Kill Team Rapier. Hailing from the Crimson Fists chapter, he joined the Deathwatch in 912M41. Before the Deathwatch, he was Sergeant of the 9th Devastator Squad, 5th Company. He and his squad earned battle honours during an encounter with a Drukhari raiding party in the Loki Sector in 907M41, where they destroyed an entire Venom squadron. 


The Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists recommended him to the Deathwatch, and though Auranis was pensive he accepted their offer without complaint. He has not regretted his decision since, and he takes great pride in his duties and assignment with the Deathwatch. He and Alyxander have a strong bond, one built up from their decade of service together.



Veteran Auranis


Veteran Validus

Chapter: Raven Guard

Chapter Initiation: 850M41

Former Chapter Assignment: Tactical Marine of 7th Company 2nd Tactical Squad.

Deathwatch Initiation: 912M41


Validus is the sharpshooter of Kill Team Rapier. He hails from the Raven Guard chapter, and was initiated into the Deathwatch in 890M41. He was a member  of the 4th Company 2nd Tactical Squad, and during this time he was nearly killed in battle by an Ork Meganob. He was in suspended animation for six weeks before returning to service, being reassigned to the 7th Company, which would not see battle for several months.


Validus lamented his defeat in his last battle, and his “demotion” to the reserve companies. Naturally, he seized the opportunity to join the Deathwatch when they sent their recruiters to the Raven Guard’s chapter keep. He successfully impressed the Deathwatch emissaries with his exceptional marksmanship and quick manoeuvring. Despite his withdrawn and brooding personality, he has a newfound pride and purpose as a member of Kill Team Rapier.



Veteran Validus


Veteran Rarai’an

Chapter: Mortifactors

Chapter Initiation: 801M41

Former Chapter Assignment: Tactical Marine of 7th Company 1st Tactical Squad.

Deathwatch Initiation: 885M41


Rarai’an is the specialist of Kill Team Rapier, skilled in Astartes medicae and mechanics. He is the oldest member of the Kill Team Rapier, having joined the Deathwatch in 880M41. He was a veteran Astartes of the Mortifactors, where at separate times was an novice apothecary and apprentice techmarine. His desire to learn as many new skills as possible made him a prime candidate for secondment to the Deathwatch, which Rarai’an saw as a great opportunity for himself and to honour the chapter.


Rarai’an is studious and insightful, and strives to master every skill an Astartes may learn. Despite his seniority among his Deathwatch squad mates, he shies away from command positions. He prefers to take on an advisory role, which can be frustrating for his superiors and intimidating to younger Deathwatch Astartes. Nevertheless, he has found a place in Kill Team Rapier, who appreciate his knowledge and wisdom.



Veteran Rarai'an


Veteran Gorlin

Chapter: Flesh Tearers

Chapter Initiation: 895M41

Former Chapter Assignment: Assault Marine of 3rd Company 7th Assault Squad.

Deathwatch Initiation: 921M41


Gorlin is the close combat specialist of Kill Team Rapier. He is a young Astartes hailing from the Flesh Tearer’s 3rd Company, 7th Assault Squad. He was headhunted by Inquisitor Malethann after witnessing his savage yet controlled ferocity in combat against heretics, during one of the Inquisition’s many “observations” of the errant chapter. He was initiated to the Deathwatch in 921M41, joining Kill Team Rapier as his first assignment.


Gorlin considers himself a master of blades, and relishes new opportunities to fight and kill new opponents. He is ambitious and aggressive, as befits one who hails from the Flesh Tearers chapter. This has often caused friction with his squad, who need to constantly remind him of his duty and the mission at hand. They have learnt to tolerate his bloodlust and acknowledge his mastery with a chainsword.


Veteran Gorlin


Veteran Lucena

Chapter: Howling Griffons

Chapter Initiation: 859M41

Former Chapter Assignment: Tactical Marine of 2nd Company 1st Tactical Squad.

Deathwatch Initiation: 901M41


Lucena is second-in-command of Kill Team Rapier and serves as the Astartes advisor for Inquisitor Malethann. He hails from the Howling Griffons 2nd Company, and was offered to the Deathwatch as a tribute; Lucena took it as an honour to serve the Deathwatch on behalf of his chapter. Inquisitor Malethann was impressed by his leadership skills and strong loyalty to the Emperor, and sought to employ him as an advisor and bodyguard for his operations. He was initiated to the Deathwatch in 901M41, but would not join Kill Team Rapier until 921M41.


Lucena is a charismatic and ambitious Astartes, and is very confident in his abilities and leadership skills. This has made him an effective leader among many Imperium officers, but can be aggravating for his fellow Kill Team members. Despite his seniority, he is still seen as a new member to Rapier, and does not share the same bonds of brotherhood as the others.



Veteran Lucena




Edited by Mike Zulu


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