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BatRep: The Fate of Anguis IV [Apocalypse]



This is again from a while back, but my local club had an apoc game in May bank holiday which was great fun. This was a custom mission designed by myself to try and force a narrow frontage with waves of models coming at one another, but ended up a bit one sided. We went for a long, narrow table with a depth of deployment, to give long raged guns some chance to shine also (how often do fellblades get to use their 120"range?).


Two players wanted to get away quickly, but hoped to have a smaller gmae that would still impact the larger game, so I came up with a custom mission: Explosive Payload. 






This was fought between Death Guard (traitor) and Dark Angels (loyal) and resulted in a DA win and several missiles fired at the main table. They were a bit weak though, so I might give them a boost if we every play it again. 




This was my first outing using Alpharius, and I took him with 10 firedrakes in a spartan, with primus medicae. 



Gigaros, the Spear of Hades - my Cerberus. 



Traitor Deployment featuring Dark Angels and My Alpha Legion. Much armour as you can see. 



After Alpharius sneakily infiltrated himself, the Primus Medicae, the Firedrakes (and spartan) and the Leviathan. 



The BA Fellblade takes potshots from the reat, but struggles for line of sight, or to hit anything as the sponsons are out of range.



The triad of predators rumble fowards to unleash their heat weaponry. 



You can see how far back the Blood Angels deployed - thir fear of deep strikes really prevented them from getting into the game at all. That spartan started something like 36" away from any enemy units. The BA player loves conversion beamers and tries to keep everything as far away as possible...



MISSILE LAUNCH! The Death Guard gain control of the launch controls and fire an ICBM into Valdor. 



Alpharius gets out of the spartan to hunt valdor, who runs away. I fail the charge, and next turn the cheeky vindicare tried to kill my Primus medicae, however failed to wound. Phew. 



With his ride near wrecked, Alpharius hops out to get his old nemesis Valdor. 



The Dread Drop Pod arrives filled with Leviathan, which proceeds to chop up the fellblade.



Traitor vehicle pool T3. 



Big old messy combat. Alpharius and Valdor fought one another to a standstill, Alphy really is one of the weker primarchs, however my many thunderhammers reduced his custodian bodyguard to paste, then finished valdor off before the custodian lord could kill alpharius. 




Overall this was a traitor victory - the loyalists couldn't get any distance up the table and were thwarted by the wall of steel and infiltrating leviathan - this was largely their own fault as if you cannot kill a spartan and leviathan in one round with 8k points of models, then you only have yourself to blame - in this case, poor deployment meaning their stuff was mostly out of the fight. 


Edited by Xenith


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