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  1. Or: It's Fistin' Time! 22 September, 2022 After a series of stinging defeats and anaemic offerings to the Blood Father, the World Eaters are eager for a worthy fight. Kratus, in particular, is determined to prove his worth as a successor to the Hand of Khorne. As scattered bands of Cruentes stalk the streets, they encounter a scouting force of Imperial Knights, presenting them with an opportunity to take some worthy trophies. Since the last battle, I used Repair and Recuperate to remove the battle scar from Thrax, the Exalted Champion. It appears his pact with a shadowy daemon has instilled him with new confidence... Kratus and Thrax lead this force, composed of all three Berzerker squads led by Validon, Dreior and Gorm, and backed by a Cultist mob and Bardûl, the Spawn. Eager to salvage his reputation and silence any possibility of usurpation from within his ranks, Kratus seeks to draw the Eye of the Gods (kill characters or vehicles) and solidify himself as an Instrument of Vengeance (Path of the Righteous - kill characters or units bearing relics). In this mission, half of each player's units (rounding down) must start in Strategic Reserve, at no cost. With seven units in my army, I opt to keep Kratus, two Berzerker squads and the Cultists on the board. Thrax leads a reserve band of eight Berzerkers and the Spawn. The objectives for this mission are simply to kill enemies and end the game in the opponent's deployment zone. We also set up a couple of supply cache secondary objectives, per our campaign's rules. Performing a special Action on these objectives would provide free uses of certain Requisitions. A wave of determination sweeps over the World Eaters, and although my opponent gains first turn I decide to use Apoplectic Frenzy to sprint almost everyone forwards. In the Knights' first turn, their warlord, Prince Arthur, shimmies between two ruins to draw a bead on the Berzerkers on my right. In a storm of extremely accurate firepower, six Berzerkers are blasted apart. On the left, one Berzerker is downed by an autocannon from the shooty Armiger. Following up on his successful shooting, Prince Arthur barrels between the ruined buildings to charge and easily destroy the two remaining Berzerkers. Kratus, still suffering from some Deep Scars, cannot use Heroic Intervention. (Our campaign has a house rule where a unit can only use the Repair and Recuperate requisition if they sit out a battle, and Kratus has been fighting in every battle since gaining that scar.) In response, I abandon my original plan of using the Cultists to just nab some supplies, and instead hurl them at the Knight along with Kratus. If push comes to shove, they can use Fury of Khorne to help get a few extra wounds in if needed. The Berzerkers on the left instead head over to pick up those supplies...but I forget that they have the Battle-weary scar, preventing them from performing Actions. Dangit. Kratus leaps from the corpses of dead Berzerkers to latch onto the Knight's carapace. With the help of the Wrath of the Chosen (+1 to hit with Terminators or Chosen) and Stoke the Nails (puts the unit into Wanton Slaughter) stratagems, as well as his various abilities, Kratus drives his chainfist repeatedly into the Knight's body. Inflicting an impressive 27 damage, Kratus manages to rupture the fuel cells of Prince Arthur's mighty steed, causing a catastrophic explosion that kills several Cultists and wounds the Chaos Lord. Seeking retribution for the demise of their Warlord, the two Armigers in reserve start racing towards Kratus. Six cultists (and a couple of Berzerkers on my left) are slain by the Knights' firepower. Wading into the Cultist mob, the Armigers make short work of the mortals and their remains are sprayed onto the walls of the nearby ruins and silo, leaving Kratus decidedly vulnerable. In my second turn, Thrax and his Berzerkers stream in from Strategic Reserve, taking advantage of the ability to set up closer to the enemy if you arrive close to your own table edge. Thrax's aim with his combi-melta is uncanny, scoring a direct hit on one of the Armigers and stripping six wounds off it. Elsewhere, Bardûl wanders onto the table near my opponent's deployment zone, ready to wander in on the last turn to earn some endgame VPs if things go badly. Meanwhile, Gorm's Berzerkers stalk through the ruins, hoping for a long charge on the Armigers to help out the Chaos Lord. Unfortunately, everyone except Kratus fails their charges. I guess it's down to the Hand of Khorne, now! Kratus has an impressive nine attacks on the charge, so I allocate three to the wounded Armiger and six to the other. Using the Wrath of the Chosen and Stoke the Nails stratagems again, he gains an absurd number of attacks from exploding 6s, but even so he barely finishes off the wounded Armiger and, with a lucky Command Re-roll to wound, he destroys the unwounded Armiger. Unfortunately, Kratus's luck can't last forever. The last Armiger sidesteps the ruin and unloads his autocannons into the Chaos Lord, who fails two of his 2+ saves, so even a Command Re-roll wouldn't help. High-impact, explosive rounds tear into Kratus and he crashes to the ground, ending his rampage. In my third turn, Thrax and all the Berzerkers hurl themselves at the last Armiger, eager for the kill. In the Knights' fourth turn, he knocks out a couple more Berzerkers from Gorm's squad, but the writing is definitely on the wall. Thrax and Validon's Berzerker squad pack into the last Armiger, with Thrax severely damaging the machine (seriously, I can't seem to roll 6s to save my life with Gorefather), and it is easily dismantled by the Berzerkers. What a brutal game. I made one mistake in sending my one Berzerker squad that can't perform Actions after some objectives that require Actions, but other than that things went unbelievably well, and probably need to start screening Berzerkers with Cultists to prevent them from getting charged so easily. I also kept forgetting to use the Skulls for the Skull Throne stratagem, since all of the Knights were Characters. But I think that would've just been rubbing salt in the wound at that point! Result: 50-10 victory Kratus's Personal Glory: 1 -> 7Khorne's Dark God Glory: 6 -> 5Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7 I only gain four Chaos Points for the victory, but with Kratus killing the enemy Warlord and two more characters/vehicles, he gains another three Personal Glory points. I put another three Chaos Points from the victory into Kratus's Personal Glory (I think he deserved it!), catapulting him from being Forsaken to being Favoured! Evidently, his followers were impressed by his showing in this game. Unfortunately, Kratus does fail his Out of Action test, and it turns out that one of his legs was turned into a pulpy mess by a hail of mass-reactive rounds. His body has not yet accepted the crude bionic replacement, giving him the Lost Leg battle scar (-1Mv, -1 to Advance and Charge rolls). Oof. However, he gained a whopping 8XP from the Eye of the Gods agenda, and a further 4XP (and 2 Righteous Inspiration points) from the Instrument of Vengeance agenda, plus he killed three units and was Marked for Glory for a total of 17XP (including the one for fighting a battle). And this is the part I've all been waiting for: Kratus finally levelled up to Heroic rank, giving him another chance to roll on the Chaos Boons table. He already has serpentine fangs (13) and a scorpion's tail (21), and if I roll either of those two results again he gets to join Bardûl in the ranks of spawndom. I roll the Chaos Boon - and get 23. Warp Stalker (reroll Advance and Charge rolls). My heart skipped a beat on the first D3 roll, but that result was a very good one, and partially offsets the Lost Leg battle scar. Kratus is now at 47XP, so levelling up to Legendary rank is realistically only a couple of games away. And who knows what awaits him when he does...
  2. Or: Maybe Don't Choose To Go Second Against Custodes Next Time 16 September, 2022 After being surrounded by the foul xenos forces, the World Eaters only manage to fall back thanks to the enemy armies' preoccupation with each other. Returning in force and hoping to catch these enemies off-guard, the Cruentes are surprised to not see Necrons or xenos mutants, but instead the transhuman might of the Adeptus Custodes. After the last battle, I used the Repair and Recuperate requisition to remove the battle scar from the Terminators. Kratus and Baruda lead the force, consisting of Murdax's Red Butchers, all three Berzerker squads led by Validon, Dreior and Gorm, a big mob of Cultists, Xarian the Helbrute and Bardûl the Spawn. In this mission, there are six objective markers in No Man's Land, which players must perform "loot" actions on to score VPs. Each objective can be looted three times in total before being removed. I choose the agendas Blasphemous Ritual (perform an action in the centre for XP and Chaos God Glory), Instrument of Vengeance (a Path of the Righteous agenda to kill characters) and Reaper (unit that kills the most gets bonus XP). I win the roll-off for first turn, and decide that I want to go second, to draw the enemy forward or something. It sounded like a good idea at the time. At the top of the first battle round, I spend a few CPs on Apoplectic Frenzy to rush the Red Butchers, Cultists and two Berzerker squads forward. The Berzerkers on my left flank rage forward but somehow maintain the wherewithal to take cover. The Cultists move into a position to capture an objective on my first turn, while the Terminators look all menacing in the middle. And finally, the Berzerkers on the right start shuffling around a piece of terrain. Why didn't I Frenzy the other Berzerker squad, you ask? You know, the one in a perfect position to nab an objective on turn 1? Your guess is as good as mine, dear reader. In my opponent's first turn, things move up and start shooting. I quickly realise that I should've taken the first turn, if only to get Illusory Supplication off on the Apostle. Thankfully, my dice are extremely hot - who knew that frenzied Berzerkers would be so situationally-aware that they could make so many saves in cover! A few Terminators are, however, blasted off the table. Remind me again why I chose to go second? In response, everything surges forward in a great, red tide. Terminators begin a mission action in the centre of the table, while Baruda sings them a nice prayer. I didn't want to risk failing the dice roll, so I quite happily used the Fell Prayers stratagem to guarantee it. On the left-centre, the Cultists also begin the mission action on an objective. Near them, some Berzerkers Advance to cover. Not sure why I didn't Frenzy them at the start, since it would've meant that they could do the mission action now...but I digress. Past Cheex is not best Cheex. On my right, Berzerkers file forwards, while Xarian opens up on the Custodes with jump packs (I forget their name). Xarian gets a little too trigger happy, rolling two shots and landing both a 1 and a 6 - thanks to Wanton Destruction, the 6 turns into two hits but the 1 still causes a mortal wound. In my opponent's turn, some fancy bolters kill several Berzerkers out on the left flank, a pile of Cultists are turned to mist, and a couple more Terminators are killed. Many Terminators are saved by the Illusory Supplication, though - against an army that relies on a small number of high-quality shots, nearly halving their ability to shoot is extremely useful. I seem to be missing some photos of my second turn, but simply: Terminators continue moving forward, this time enacting the Blasphemous Ritual on the centre of the table. Baruda again uses Fell Prayers to automatically succeed in using Illusory Supplication on them. On the right, my Berzerkers charge and massacre some Sisters of Silence who were on an objective, while the remnant Berzerkers on the left attempt to charge some bolter-wielding Custodes. Unfortunately, Tanglefoot Grenades root them to the spot (reduced my charge range by a whopping 6"!). On my opponent's turn, he decides he's had enough of the Dark Apostle's shenanigans and sends a Shield Captain over to assassinate him. Meanwhile, more jetbikers head off to intercept the Berzerkers on my right, and a couple of Terminators are killed. The Berzerkers on my left, out in the open from their failed charge, are mercilessly cut down, with four dying to shooting. The few that are left are easily mopped up in melee. Yeah, this turn isn't looking good. On the right, the Berzerkers there are skewered by the jetbike charge. The only glimmer of hope this round is Baruda, whose loyal disciples are cut down while the Apostle himself is merely wounded. In return, he lands a successful hit on the Captain. In my turn, I remember that Baruda has the Mantle of Traitors relic, so he can use the Fell Prayers stratagem once for free. He beseeches his daemonic patrons to splinter reality around the Red Butchers once more, while he turns his attention back to the Captain. Sensing an opportunity for a gory kill, Kratus steps up to claim a worthy skull for Khorne. Xarian stomps forward to handle the jetbikes on the right flank. Meanwhile, the Cultists keep chanting "wE cAptOrEd iT fOr ChAyOssS" into their vox for some reason. They've just been quietly earning me VPs all game, bless their hearts. I've got some good charges lined up, which would give me the opportunity to stay in the game. If I can clear out a few of these enemy units, I'll be able to stay ahead on VPs and potentially win the game. Unfortunately, the dice gods would not agree. Tanglefoot Grenades yet again ruin my day, dropping the Terminator charge by 6" again (my opponent profusely apologised for rolling a 6 twice with that stratagem!). They end up failing their charge, even with a reroll. Even more unfortunately, this leaves his Allarus Captain free to use his own relic, which allows him to perform a Heroic Intervention to anywhere on the table. He chooses to go after Kratus. Had this not happened, I would've activated Xarian first to kill the jetbikes on my right, trusting that I could weather the attacks from one captain. But with two captains squaring off against my characters in the centre, I opt to activate Kratus first. He splits his attacks between the two captains (first mistake). The jetbike captain makes enough Invulnerable saves to barely survive, while the Allarus captain uses Transhuman Physiology to absorb the rest of the attacks. Of course, the jetbikes then interrupt combat and demolish poor Xarian, and a string of bad saves means that both my characters die. From there, my opponent simply had to mop up the rest of my Terminators and Cultists to win the battle. Result: 25-45 loss Kratus's Personal Glory: 2 -> 1Khorne's Dark God Glory: 6 -> 6Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7 Oof, what an unfortunate series of events. My opponent played his stratagems well, twice using Tanglefoot Grenades to severely hamper key charges, but that last Hail Mary charge just fell apart spectacularly. Kratus's Personal Glory suffered again after that disastrous mishap, while the Blasphemous Ritual and my paltry 1 Chaos Point kept my Dark God and Warfleet glory at their previous levels. Thankfully, no rivals tried to challenge Kratus still. Gorm's Berzerkers gained the Battle-weary battle scar, while Bardûl lost 1XP from a Devastating Blow. I made a few key mistakes in this game again, particularly with regard to going first and not Frenzying my third Berzerker squad. They would've been able to nab another objective early on, while benefiting from cover. I also should've kept Baruda better covered, rather than letting a jetbike character charge him. I also failed a few key rolls, especially the Terminator charge in the middle. Had they succeeded, they probably would've killed the Allarus Captain while Kratus killed the Jetbike Captain and the Helbrute killed at least one or two of the jetbikes. No units gained a rank in this game, but I did make Kratus Marked for Glory (though in hindsight shouldn't have bothered, given his performance!), which put him just 1XP behind reaching Heroic rank...
  3. Or: The One Where I Realised Rhinos Kinda Suck When Forced to Use Strategic Reserves 16 September, 2022 As forces from all factions present on Janus trickle into the Hive Secundus, more engagements break out. The indomitable Necron advance pursues the regrouping World Eaters, however sensors on both sides start pinging with the presence of new enemies... Kratus and his lieutenant, Thrax the Exalted Champion, lead Dreior's Berzerkers and Gorm's Berzerkers, backed by Bardûl the Helbrute and Xarian the Spawn. Two Rhinos are seconded to transport the Berzerkers. In this mission, players are required to keep half of their force (in PL value) in Strategic Reserves, or otherwise deployed elsewhere. Players score VPs by killing things, killing things with Reinforcement units, and killing things in the enemy deployment zone with Reinforcement units, as forces attempt to encircle each other. Per the current campaign rules, each player sets up an objective marker to represent supply caches, which will give players free uses of certain Requisitions. Starting on the board is just one Rhino filled with Berzerkers and the Exalted Champion, and the Dreadnought. Kratus is in Warp Strike, while everything else is in Strategic Reserves. Not wanting to repeat the events of last game, I don't invest much into getting first in the Turn Order. Necrons go first, followed by the GSC, then the World Eaters. Surprisingly, the Necrons choose the central deployment zone. I set up my one Rhino and Dreadnought behind cover. The Necrons set up very cagey, with just some Praetorians behind the central refinery and some Immortals and Annihilation Barge behind the ruin in their deployment zone (ignore the models sitting off to the side). The GSC, of course, are nothing but blips on the auspex. The Necrons move up to take position behind the pipeways, while the Annihilation Barge zaps a few wounds off my Rhino. I move Xarian out of cover to try and plink some shots off at the Barge, to no effect. The Rhino trundles forward, urged on by the bloodthirsty maniacs in its troop hold. The GSC player does his usual shenanigans. Some stuff flings forward to take up positions around supply caches, other things prepare for future assaults. The Patriarch himself holds back, confident in his amazing threat range. In the second battle round, the Necrons get lucky and blast apart the Rhino, killing three(!). Many more Necrons filter onto the battlefield and begin to plink away at the Genestealer Cultists. In my turn, Bardûl arrives on my right flank, getting a long charge on the Plasmancer out in the open. And he proceeds to eat the rather un-nutritious Necron, before piling into the Barge to tie it up. Thrax and Gorm's Berzerkers charge some Skorpekh Destroyers, hoping to draw in the Skorpekh Lord in a Heroic Intervention, but the enemy declines. Ah well. Berzerkers annihilate the Destroyers. I also move up my Rhino from Reserves, preparing the Berzerkers inside to charge in the following turn. Kratus opts to wait in the Warp for one more turn. In the Necrons' turn, return fire from various units knock out three Berzerkers, leaving only Gorm and an injured Thrax still standing. The Skorpekh Lord charges Thrax and Gorm, killing Gorm. Thrax barely survives with a miraculous save (6+ to save, decided to waste a CP on the reroll but it succeeded!). Thrax, unfortunately, fails to land any meaningful hits back. I go fishing for 6s to wound (to trigger both Gorefather and the Flames of Spite WLT), but despite landing several hits and having full rerolls to wound, he rolls not a single 6 to wound. The few normal wounds that go through are saved. Blast. Elsewhere, the sneaky Genestealers continue their domination of the field, nabbing some more supply caches and threatening my flank and rear. Xarian's Dreadnought body suffers some damage from massed promethium from the cultists, while the demolition charges of the bikers succeed in wrecking the Rhino and killing a Berzerker. I forgot to take a photo of the ensuing charge, but the bikes opt to go after the Helbrute, knocking him down to just a single wound. In return, Xarian pummels three of the bikers and causes the last one to flee. Meanwhile, a small unit of Genestealers hits the Necron brick wall and discovers just how resilient they are. Several warriors die, but the melee would grind on for most of the game. In multiplayer games, the Fight phase is resolved in Turn Order, which unfortunately means that the Skorpekh Lord is able to drag down the Exalted Champion. I forgot to take photos in my turn, but with little left in my army I decide to go for some long charges. Kratus and the Berzerkers angle after the Genestealers, hoping to wipe them out before they could rip me to pieces...but both units fail their charges, even with Kratus getting a reroll. That's less than ideal. Xarian shoots something and whiffs (of course) and charges the cultists, only managing to kill a few. The Genestealers and Big Daddy himself swing around to meet Kratus and the Berzerkers head on. Meanwhile, the rock grinders make short work of the poor Dreadnought. The Genestealer and Patriarch charge ends more or less how you would expect, with everything in red dead. With the last World Eaters swept off the field and sent packing, the Genestealers round on the Necrons, but with the way scoring works in this mission, the two xenos forces are drawn in points. Result: Cruentes 20 - GSC 40 - Necrons 40 Kratus's Personal Glory: 3 -> 2Khorne's Dark God Glory: 7 -> 6Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7 With this rather disappointing display, Kratus's leadership is starting to be called into question, and he is lucky to even make it off this battlefield alive. With such a low Personal Glory score, he risks an attempted leadership coup, but thankfully his champions are quiet for now. Thrax gains the Loss of Reputation battle scar, reducing the range of his auras. However, I decide to mark him for greatness for his epic luck at saving (gotta give it to someone, right?), and he gains a rank. Faced with the frustration of being bested in single combat, Thrax exhorts the empyrean for strength...and is answered by a shadowy benefactor. He gains the Sigil of the Shadowlord Crusade Relic, granting him a much-needed invulnerable save and a 4+ FNP against mortal wounds. Bardûl also ranks up, gaining the Fleet of Foot battle trait, making him much faster. Since I was last in the turn order (and was trailing badly in points for the whole game), under the Catastrophe mission pack rules, I gained a bunch of Underdog points. None of them would've helped me during the game, but I'm able to spend three on gaining an extra Marked for Greatness, which I add to Dreior's Berzerkers. Finally, my Warfleet Favour finally pays off. Shortly after the battle, Dreior and his Berzerkers lead a successful fleet raid, earning him the trust of his Lord. Dreior's Berzerkers also gain the Trusted Hounds battle trait, allowing them to benefit from the aura of one of my characters from anywhere on the battlefield as a Command Phase ability.
  4. 27 August, 2022 With the Cruentes' supply lines well and truly solidified (Warfleet Glory has been at 7 for several games now), Kratus has set about raising as many edifices to the glory of the Bloodfather as possible. However, in this small satellite city of Hive Secundus, a cultist coven has alerted the Cruentes of a hidden cache of Mechanicus artefacts. Eager to add these to his arsenal, Kratus leads a force to recover them - and pile some skulls in the process. Fortunately for his warriors' Butcher's Nails, a worthy foe looms on the horizon as four Imperial Knights close in on the same target. Kratus leads Baruda the Dark Apostle, Murdax and his 9 Red Butchers, Validon and his 7 Berzerkers, Gorm and his 4 Berzerkers, Bardûl the Spawn, and a small mob of Cultists. The Cruentes' Agenda is to perform a Blasphemous Ritual (perform an Action in the centre of the table for XP and Dark God Glory points) and to destroy some Priority Targets (kill vehicles). The Cruentes push forward as the Attackers in this scenario (personal rule - if I win the roll-off, I always choose Attacker) and manage to get first turn. The mission is Tech Hunt from the Plague Purge mission book, where there are four objective markers near the centre line of the board with a number hidden underneath them (the players know what two of the numbers are, but are not allowed to check after they're placed). Players must perform an Action to uncover an objective's number. The player performing the Action gets 10VPs, but if it's an odd number, the objective is removed from the table. The two remaining objectives, if uncovered, are worth 10-15VPs per turn. With the enemy in their sights, the Berzerkers of the Cruentes surge forward in Apoplectic Frenzy. I forgot to take photos after my first movement phase, so just imagine everything another 5-6" further forward. Turns out that Apoplectic Frenzy is a very useful tool for reaching objectives early to perform Actions, as I uncover two of the objectives in my first turn - one on the right flank (behind that rocky outcrop) and one on my left flenk (behind that big building). The Red Butchers also begin their Blasphemous Ritual action in the centre of the table. My opponent's first turn opens up to him killing my small Berzerker squad on my right flank through shooting and assault. Elsewhere, combined shooting kills a two Berzerkers and a Terminator. The Big Knight turns the Cultists into red slurry. Finishing their Action in the centre and gaining some XP and a Dark God Glory point, the Red Butchers and Kratus surge forward once more to take on the enemy warlord. Baruda, the Dark Apostle, steps up to begin the next Blasphemous Ritual. On the left, Validon's Berzerkers have a choice between charging a shooty or choppy Armiger. I don't particularly want to have my opponent interrupt combat, so I decide to charge the shooty Armiger. The Berzerkers swarm it and, later in the Fight phase, rip it to shreds. The Red Butchers start chewing up armour plates and hydraulics with their chainfists and power fists, knocking out most of the Knight's wounds. In hindsight, I definitely should've used the stratagem that gives Terminators +1 to hit! My opponent declines to interrupt combat, since he only has two CPs left. Kratus then steps up with his chainfist, mag-locked boots giving him access to the knight's carapace and carving off the last of the Knight's wounds. The enemy machine had some relic that caused Mortal Wounds on saves of 6+, so both the Terminators and Kratus take a couple of wounds. As Kratus breaches the machine's cockpit, however, his triumphal roar is interrupted by a deafening explosion. My opponent spends his last CPs to force the Knight to explode, killing a couple more Terminators, knocking some wounds off the nearby Armiger, and pinning Kratus under the bulk of its collapsed machinery. The Knights have lost around two thirds of their force in one turn, so things are getting dire. In desperation, one of the Armigers charges Baruda in the centre while he was still building his pile o' skulls, as the other Armiger loops around my rear to attack Bardûl, who was being held back in case of emergency. To the surprise of no one, the Spawn is instantly gutted by the small Knight's chainblade. In the centre, I opt to interrupt combat and use two additional strats: Fury of Khorne to cause auto-wounds on 6s to hit, and Stoke the Nails for the added Strength and exploding 6s. It's a long shot, but I still hope for the best. Unfortunately for Baruda, however, he fails to land any damage on the Armiger - that's 4CPs well spent... In return, the Armiger cuts apart Baruda's last Disciple (the other was killed by the big Knight's explosion) and lands a hit on the Apostle himself, opening a huge gash in his amour but he is still left standing. Those Disciples also having a 4+ invulnerable save is extremely useful here! Unfortunately, the distraction (and Baruda's poor showing) means that Khorne isn't interested in his offering, and his Action fails - I need to roll a 7+ on 2D6, but only get a 5. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the final turns. Validon's Berzerkers and the Terminators all charge the Armiger harassing the Blood Priest, easily cutting it to pieces. In return, the last Armiger in my back lines sweeps around the big ruin to attack Validon's squad in the rear, leaving only a couple of Berzerkers alive. It is the final gambit by my opponent, but the result was never really in doubt with seven Red Butchers still on the field. As the Armiger is dismantled by the frenzied Terminators, Baruda attempts another Blasphemous Ritual, but is again shunned by the Bloodfather. Result: 70-0 Win Unlocking the archeotech vaults, Baruda has discovered an ancient and potent warp-fuelled power source for his Crozius (improves AP by 1). Only the Cultists suffer a Battle Scar, becoming Battle-weary (no actions, 1XP cap per battle), everyone else recovers without problems. The Cruentes gain 4 Chaos Points for winning the game, and one bonus Dark God Glory for a successful Blasphemous Ritual on turn 1. I use these to keep the Personal and Warfleet glory the same, while bumping up the Dark God Gory to a Favoured level. Kratus's Personal Glory: 4 -> 4Khorne's Dark God Glory: 5 -> 7Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7 I use the Warfleet Favour to up my Supply Limit again, but can't do anything with the Dark God Favour just yet.
  5. 12 August, 2022 Eager to collect as much loot as possible, greenskins have launched an all-out attack on the Cruentes' position in the industrial outskirts of Hive Prime. Our sources tell us that these greenskins call themselves the Death Skulls. This pleases Khorne. Leading the initial defence is Thrax Gorechosen, the Exalted Champion. He is accompanied by the Berzerker squads led by Validon and Dreior, as well as the Helbrute Xarian the Bloody Idiot and Bardûl the Wretched Fool. Lord Kratus is on standby on his flagship, The Eternal Warrior, ready to reinforce if needed. For Agendas, I chose Eye of the Gods to kill enemy characters, and Cull the Hordes because why not. Wary of the enemy's brutish firepower, the Cruentes deploy defensively, hoping to bait the greenskins into a foolhardy charge. With a reverberating Waaaagh!, the Orks fling themselves forwards, led by their Warboss. We are told that this huge brute is not, in fact, the leader of the group, despite their size and aggressiveness. This confuses Khorne. The greenskins with a penchant for pyrotechnics open up on poor Bardûl, who suffers terrible burns and flees the battlefield in mindless panic. Great, it'll take days to find him again... A couple of the greenskins open up on Xarian as well, who - on Kratus's order from orbit - launches a barrage of obscuring smoke. Regardless, one lucky shot does get through and succeeds in causing some significant damage. Grinning with glee, the actual enemy boss - an apparent field mechanic with a very fancy array of weapons - orders a hail of rockets from his large vehicle at Rhino II, knowing that the Cruentes have wasted their chance to screen it with smoke. Many of the shots go wide, but enough punch through the Rhino to disable it. Two Berzerkers are killed in the barrage. Gunning the engine of their truck, the burners hurtle towards Xarian, staggering him with their heavy ram. Despite this, Xarian catches his balance and stops the flimsy vehicle in its tracks, bringing his huge hammer down to wreck the truck's engine. The greenskins pile out, three getting tangled in the wreckage. Here is where Thrax's arrogance began my downfall. Not wanting to commit all his Berzerkers to a single charge, he order them to remain embarked while he and Xarian charged the greenskins in front of them. The Rhino accelerated in first, distracting the pyromaniacs for long enough for the pair to charge unimpeded. Meanwhile, Dreior's Berzerkers threw themselves at the greenskins in the midfield. In a spray of gore, the brutes were dismembered one by one by the frenzied Berzerkers... ...who then piled into the dimunitive greenskin slaves, only for one of the lucky gits to somehow club one of the (unwounded!) Berzerkers to death! Despite the success against the enemies in the midfield (ignoring that one ignoble casualty), Thrax's and Xarian's charge didn't go so well. The Warboss, Grog, dispatches the Helbrute with apparent ease and claims several useful mechanical components for himself. Thrax sweeps aside three greenskins with Gorefather (only a single 6 to wound - with rerolls - and my opponent passed a lot of Waaagh invulnerable saves). Things go from bad to worse: the flamer Orks pass their Morale check with insane bravery and fall back, the rocket-armed Orks blast apart the second Rhino with ease, killing three (!!) more Berzerkers, and Warboss Grog dispatches Thrax without breaking a sweat. The Berzerkers manage to inflict a bunch of wounds on the Warboss (that Fury of Khorne stratagem is gold), but a -1 to wound and a 1+ save makes him very, very difficult to hurt. Over the next turn, Grog would proceed to butcher the rest of the Berzerkers. Meanwhile, Kevdak the mechanic commander blitzes most of the Berzerkers in the middle. The rest were subsequently minced by their monstrous truck. Sensing that things weren't really going well, Kratus decides that now is a great time to finally teleport in. Failing his charge (even with a reroll), he's left facing the guns of every remaining greenskin. It's at this point that my opponent throws me a bone: Kevdak (or "Big Kev") howls a challenge to the Chaos Lord. No Ork is to raise their weapon to impede the challenge. (To be clear: it wasn't just for my benefit. My opponent wanted to force a leadership challenge between Grog and Kevdak.) In a familiar display of luck, Kratus's armour holds against the flurry of blows from the greenskin warlord, but barely. Finally, in my own turn, and with one wound remaining, Kratus cuts apart his opponent's armour to expose the greenskin inside. However, seeing his demise written on the wall, Big Kev unleashes all remaining firepower from his massive armour, with just one shot finding a chink in Kratus's armour. With that, the last World Eater falls. Result: 8-62 Loss Ultimately, this game was lost in my first turn, when I overestimated how much work my Helbrute and Exalted Champion would do. I think I had the right plan to hold one unit of Berzerkers back, but instead of spreading my charge out, I should've thrown the disembarked Berzerkers at the enemies in my backfield. I think they should've had a good chance to kill the Burnas and Warboss on the charge, when accompanied by the Helbrute and Champion. Ah well, lesson learnt. Xarian suffered an Angered Machine Spirit, so cannot benefit from stratagems. On the plus side, Kratus earned two Personal Glory points for killing the enemy warlord, and increased in rank. Khorne saw him fit to bless him with a Scorpion Tail for +1 Attack. Kratus's Personal Glory: 3 -> 4Khorne's Dark God Glory: 6 -> 5Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7
  6. 5 August, 2022 Kratus once again lead a small Combat Patrol against the Death Guard, this time accompanied by his lieutenant, Thrax, Dreior's Berzerkers, and a small mob of Cultists. The mission was to punch through the enemy line to cause as much havoc as possible. For my Agenda, I chose to initiate yet another Blasphemous Ritual to earn some more Glory for Khorne. Unfortunately, I had been painting Kratus's model and completely forgot to bring him along, so a random Terminator will have to be his stand-in. This was my opponent's third ever game of 40k, so it was going to be another relaxed game with minimal pressure. Just throw some dice and have fun! In this mission, my opponent had to deploy his entire army first, and was forced to split it into three parts. I took advantage of this, by putting the bullet catchers highly valuable Cultists in the middle, backed by my Chaos Lord. My main push would be on the left flank, where the Berzerkers and the Exalted Champion Thrax would be able to overwhelm the flank and sweep around to the middle. I won first turn, and moved everything up the field. The Cultists began an Action in the middle of the board to raise some mighty skull piles for Khorne. I was going to use Apoplectic Frenzy on the Berzerkers to yeet them up the field for a first turn charge, but decided against it at the last minute. My opponent was only new to the game, and I didn't want that to be how he found out about such an ability. I told him what I could have done, and against his protestations I continued simply moving the Berzerkers. In his turn, he shuffled some Plague Marines on both flanks to get some shooting off, and left his Blight Hauler in the middle. When all was said and done, a few Berzerkers were slain and most of the Cultists were killed. I forget how many exactly (and didn't take a photo), but I think there were only 1-2 cultists left - but it was enough to keep their Action going. Khorne was evidently pleased with their sacrifice, as the action succeeded and I gained a Dark God Glory point (and a bunch of XP on the Cultists). In my turn, Thrax killed a couple of Plague Marines, continuing his trend of being completely incapable of rolling 6s to wound for Gorefather, even with rerolls. Thankfully, Berzerkers were more than enough to finish the rest. Meanwhile, Kratus bounced off the Blight Hauler. We both dealt just a few wounds to each other - I always forget how tough these damn things are! My opponent continued to string out his Plague Marines on the right and finished off the Cultists. While the Lord of Contagion swept around to take care of Kratus. Unfortunately, Kratus's knack for surviving against the odds abandoned him and he fell to the Manreaper. In my third turn, I declared the centre objective to be the Alpha objective, since I planned to move there anyway. The Berzerkers and Thrax moved up to wrestle the Blight Hauler off the objective...but I foolishly left my squishy Exalted Champion standing directly in front of the Lord of Contagion. This is a theme you'll see me repeat a lot! Wisely, my opponent charged the Champion and Berzerkers, killing the Champion. In return, the Berzerkers carved chunks off the character's armour, reducing him to just a single wound. In my own turn, the Lord of Contagion slew two more Berzerkers, and shrugged off their attacks. At this point, I was slightly ahead on points. Had my opponent just stayed in combat, there was a good chance I could finish the Lord and just hold the Alpha objective until the end of the game, maybe also shuffle over and add to the cultists' pile of skulls. So, weighing his options, my opponent initiated a Hail Mary charge with his last Plague Marines - and he made it. The sons of Mortarion finished the last of my Berzerkers to claim the objective. Result: 25-45 Loss Unfortunately, Kratus gained some wounds that would not heal after the battle, gaining the Deep Scars battle scar (cannot perform Actions, cannot Heroically Intervene). The Cultists also gained a scar, but I ended up just deleting them from my list to make room for other units. Despite losing, I still rolled well for my Chaos Points. Kratus lost a little glory for dying so ingloriously, but Khorne was pleased with the sacrifices and I made sure to keep my Warfleet in Favour. Kratus's Personal Glory: 4 -> 3Khorne's Dark God Glory: 4 -> 6Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7
  7. Hey everyone! We featured a great TSons list in this weeks battle report if you guys wish to check it out. Cheers https://youtu.be/Sl8XEXWJkuI
  8. My first game in 10 years. Could have been messier but not by much. Anything I did right was thanks to everyone here. Taught me I have much to l learn still and only way to do that is on the table. I hope to do one of these at least once a month. I thought I'd start a thread to share and invite anyone else to use this thread to do the same. On to the chaos . . .
  9. ...however, the Imperial attempt to push back the schismatics on Lauder Prime was fraught with reversal. The valiant defenders, recognizing their precarious situation, broadcast a wide call for reinforcements. The first to respond were the Raven Guard; while elements of the 1st, 3rd, and 10th Companies made their way into the battle zone, they did so with no fanfare and indeed did not even inform Imperial authorities of their arrival, as is their wont. Conversely, when the Iron Hands of Clan Company Haarmek arrived, they trumpeted their landing on Lauder Prime to friend and foe alike. Iron Captain Tyrrod Tekton, the Iron Hands' local commander, decided that his Space Marines could be best used not against the heavily-entranced front line, but against the more lightly defended flanks. The area of greatest vulnerability, he determined, was on the Archenemy's eastern lines facing the ruined city of Tatesford. Tatesford had been an early victim of the initial invasion. Not only was it almost completely abandoned, but most of the city had been reduced to rubble by months of shelling the previous year. With no known Imperial forces garrisoning the devastated metropolis, the invaders saw no reason to defend the sector facing its rubble. Here, Iron Captain Tekton decided, was where his armored spearhead could do the most damage. What Tekton did not know, however, was that the city was not as deserted as it appeared. ~ Excerpt from An Early History of the Indomitus Crusade, circa 095M42, author unknown. +++BEGIN TRANSCRIPT//EXCERPT+++ SHADOW CAPTAIN KALAE KORVYDAE: Iron Hands elements, this is Captain Korvydae of the Raven Guard. Please respond! IRON CAPTAIN TYRROD TEKTON: Iron Captain Tekton of Clan Haarmek responding. What do you want, Raven Guard? KORVYDAE: We are currently using this site as the base of operations for numerous insurgency and infiltration missions deep behind enemy lines. If you continue to advance through the city, or attack into the enemy's flank as appears to be your intention, you will disrupt months of careful planning. TEKTON: ...and? KORVYDAE: I have several teams deployed within the enemy sectors already. You'd be dooming them to discovery if the enemy's eye is drawn this way! TEKTON: That would not be a problem is you fought the enemy face-to-face like a Space Marine instead of skulking in the shadows like the cowards you are. KORVYDAE: I have no time to trade insults with you. Withdraw! Now! Or face the consequences. TEKTON: Do what you must, Raven Guard. I will drive past you, or I will drive over you. All units, advance! +++END EXCERPT+++ Imperial Tuba and I got together for a game at Tate's Gaming Satellite in Lauderhill, FL. We played 2,000 points using an urban map, the "Spoils of War" Maelstrom mission, and the "Search & Destroy" deployment type. Lists were as follows: Iron Hands (Battalion, Spearhead, Spearhead) Terminator Captain with hammer & shield (All Flesh is Weakness, Automedicae Bionics) Techmarine with combiplasma & conversion beamer (Tempered Helm) Techmarine with servoharness, power axe, bolter (The Ironstone) Librarian with bolt pistol & force sword (Reforge & Psysteel) Librarian with bolt pistol & force stave (Objuration Mechanicum & Blessing of the Omnissiah) 5x Tactical Marines 5x Tactical Marines 10x Tactical Marines 2x Razorbacks with lascannon & twin plasma gun Venerable Dreadnought with twin lascannon & fist with heavy flamer Land Raider Redeemer with multimelta 2x Vindicator with stormbolter Stalker 2x Thunderfire Cannons Raven Guard (Battalion, Vanguard, Outrider -- from memory, so details may be fudged a bit) Phobos Captain (Echoes of the Ravenspire, Oppressor's End) Gravis Captain Phobos Lieutenant Terminator Librarian (Shadowstep & Spectral Blade) 5x Scouts 5x Intercessors 5x Intercessors 5x Infiltrators 5x Infiltrators 6x Bikers 3x Inceptors 3x Inceptors 5x Vanguard Veterans 3x Aggressors Primaris Ancient 3x Suppressors 8x Devastators 5x Hellblasters Game Setup: I arrived first, claimed a table, and began setting up terrain. I decided to go with an urban setting, with several large ruins with solid or near-solid ground floor walls to block LOS across the table and force maneuver for all of my long-range guns. When Tuba arrived, we added a few more pieces of wall sections and some barricades as scatter terrain until both of us were satisfied with the table. We rolled for mission, deployment, and I won first turn. Unfortunately, we forgot about Seize the Initiative (sorry brother, that was my fault!). TABLE SET UP: I deployed my TFCs in the rear, with my armor up front. The LRR was deployed centrally near the Venerable Dreadnought with the full Tac Squad and my Captain embarked, while the combat squads with Librarians were deployed on the flanks inside the Razorbacks. Tuba posted the Scouts on my left, the Infiltrators on my right, and the rest of his army spread across his center anchored in ruins or behind barricades. The Inceptors and Vanguard were held in reserve, while the Aggressors and Hellblasters were sent to Strike from the Shadows. TURN 1 - IRON HANDS (3-0) Venerable Hiram leads the push up the center. My initial card draw was SECURE OBJECTIVE 2, SCOUR THE SKIES, and NO PRISONERS. I activated the Ironstone targeting the Land Raider, disembarked both Librarians from their Razorbacks, and proceeded to advance my armor forward across the midfield, except for the right-flank Vindicator which circled behind the northeastern-most ruin to get shots into the Infiltrators sitting on Objective 2. I placed Psysteel on the Land Raider and Blessing of the Omnissiah on the left flank Razorback. The Iron Hands firepower was fairly devastating. Between the Vindicator and Land Raider, half the bikers were killed and the entirety of the Infiltrator squad holding Objective 2 was wiped out; the Stalker and second Vindicator combined put paid to the Suppressors as well. The Scouts were reduced from five men to two, and several lascannon shots burned down some of the "bullet sponge" Devastator Marines. I worried the bikers would try to tie up a Vindicator, so I hit them with a Tremor Shell to slow them down. The Venerable Dreadnought then rolled box cars on a 11" charge and got into the five Intercessors holding the barricade and killed three of them for one wound taken on Overwatch. I scored SCOUR THE SKIES, NO PRISONERS, and FIRST BLOOD, giving me 3 VPs. TURN 1 - RAVEN GUARD (3-2) Venerable Hiram survives against all odds to reap a terrible tally with his iron fist. Tuba had a bad shuffle and his card draw was three consecutive cards: LET THEM KNOW FEAR, CLIP THEIR WINGS, and SAP THEIR RESOURCES. His Intercessors fell back from the Dreadnought while the bikers advanced on it (at half speed). The Phobos Captain used his warlord trait and disappeared from the table, ready to deep strike on the next turn. Most of his firepower was focused on killing the Dreadnought, whichhe came very close to doing, leaving it on 2 wounds. He did manage to kill the left-most Razorback between a double-firing lascannon and a Hellfire shell from the Scouts, and the resulting explosion took a Tactical Marine with it. Determined to end the Dreadnought, his bikers charged. Despite throwing half a bucket of attacks, he only managed to squeeze one wound through my saves. In return, the Dreadnought killed all three bikers and cemented himself as a badass. Tuba scored LET THEM KNOW FEAR and CLIP THEIR WINGS, and discarded SAP THEIR RESOURCES, earning 2 VPs. TURN 2 - IRON HANDS (4-2) The Infiltrators are about to have a very bad day. This turn's card draw was SECURE OBJECTIVE 2, KINGSLAYER, and ADVANCE. One Vindicator moved into the northeastern ruins to sit on Objective 2, while the other Vindicator and the Land Raider moved westward and flanked the remaining Infiltrators. The Dreadnought pulled back into the central ruins while one of the Librarians moved up to get within Reforge range and healed him up to 3 wounds. The remaining Razorback advanced to bring his plasma guns into range while the forcibly-disembarked Tactical Marines moved to get the remaining Scouts into an easy rapid fire & assault range. The conversion beamer-armed Techmarine climbed to the top of the ruins he was standing in to give him clear line of sight to most of the battlefield. The remaining Infiltrators and Scouts were both wiped via shooting, and more Devastators fell to lascannons blowing holes in the ruined sanctum they were hunkering in. As they fell, the Ancient activated and all but the Sergeant of the Tactical Squad were killed by heavy bolter fire and the missile launcher winged some wounds off the remaining Razorback. The Land Raider ended up having the Lieutenant as a legal target and I took advantage, burning him down with the flamestorms. The TFCs were curiously ineffective, only killing one Devastator. The final, lascannon-armed Devastator failed morale and ran. I scored SECURE OBJECTIVE 2 and discarded ADVANCE, earning another 1 VP. TURN 2 - RAVEN GUARD (4-3) The ambush is sprung! Card draw for the Raven Guard provided NO PRISONERS, SECURE OBJECTIVE 4, and AREA DENIAL. The Ancient, with no Devastators to support anymore, began making his way towards the remaining Intercessors holed up in the second floor of a ruin deep within his deployment quarter. Most of his reserves arrived and he switched to Tactical Doctrine, and a total of six Inceptors, five Hellblasters, and the warlord all crammed into a tiny little drop zone between my TFCs and the back corner of the table. The three Aggressors also struck in, planting themselves firmly in the path of my Land Raider; it wasn't his first choice, but skillful scattering of my support HQs throughout the middle of the table closed down most of the landing zones he tried. The Librarian cast Shadowstep on the Gravis Captain and teleported him over to the support the Aggressors. In the Shooting Phase, he killed both my Cannons (though the Gunners survived); it took a lot of firepower to kill them as one was in cover and both rolled exceptionally well on armor and Flesh is Weak saves. The Aggressors threw buckets of lead at the Land Raider's glacis but only succeeded in knocking off a single wound. The Aggressors, convinced their power fists would be just what was needed to hurt the Redeemer, charged. The Flamestorm Cannons landed nine hits and wiped the squad before they got to fight. The Gravis Captain decided that discretion was the better part of valor and did not follow suit. Tuba scored NO PRISONERS for the two TFCs for 1 VP. TURN 3 - IRON HANDS (5-3) The two heavily-armored Captains know what is coming. My card draw is KINGSLAYER, BLOOD & GUTS, and PRIORITY ORDERS RECEIVED (HOLD THE LINE). At this point, I've dealt way more damage but the rear-area deep strike could be lethal and by VPs the game was still very close. I disembarked the Captain and Tactical Squad from the Land Raider; they moved up to confront the Gravis Captain while the Land Raider turned about and started rushing back to my table quarter to intervene in the fight for the back edge. The Vindicator that was camping near Objective 2 moved in nice and close to the deep strikers, and the two Cannon Gunners came out of the ruins to confront the enemy. The Dreadnought moved back out of the central hab-block towards the Raven Guard "Alamo" in the northwest corner, flanked by a Librarian and a Razorback. More Reforging on the Dreadnought brought him up to 5 wounds and Blessing of the Omnissiah on the Razorback ensured I could overcharge its twin plasma guns without fear of the tank exploding. In the Shooting Phase, combined fire from the Dreadnought, Razorback, Vindicator, and Tactical Squad wiped the Intercessors in the Alamo; the same success did not occur against the deep strikers, however. Two servoharnesses, one Demolisher cannon, two Icarus stormcannons, and one conversion beamer killed a grand total of one Hellblaster, one Inceptor, and wounded another Inceptor. Talk about disappointing. Both Gunners then did the unexpected: they assaulted the Phobos Captain, while the Tacticals assaulted the lone mid-field Intercessor (losing one man to Overwatch) while Iron Captain Tekton himself was determined to show this Primaris officer that "Firstborn" Space Marines were still the kings of the battlefield. I opened the Fight Phase with one Gunner hitting the Phobos Captain, managing to land a servoarm hit for 3 wounds. Knowing he couldn't take another round like that, Tuba interrupted combat and let the Phobos Captain fight. He split his attacks against the Gunners, but because he was using Oppressor's End against CHARACTERS, he managed to slice & dice both of the Gunners. The Tacticals dragged the Intercessor down with weight of attacks. In the Captain Show-Down/Throw-Down, I dealt 6 wounds and received 1 in reply (thanks to a timely use of Reject the Flesh & Embrace the Machine for a 4+ Flesh is Weak save). I only scored BLOOD & GUTS and discarded PRIORITY ORDERS RECEIVED, earning just one more VP. TURN 3 - RAVEN GARD (5-3) The Vindicator is swarmed by hostile Primaris. Tuba's card draw was AREA DENIAL, SECURE OBJECTIVE 4, and STRIKE AT THE HEAD. His deep strike corps, minus the Captain advanced towards the Vindicator that had dared to close on their position. The Librarian backed out of LOS just in case, the Ancient moved into the Alamo position recently vacated by his Intercessors, and the Gravis Captain elected to remain in combat with the Terminator Captain. His Vanguard Veterans then arrived via deep strike, lined up looking at the Terminator's unprotected back. The Librarian smote the Razorback for one mortal wound (blocked by Flesh is Weak), then Shadowstepped (despite my attempt to deny it) onto Objective 4 -- which happened to be on the rubble-pile where the Land Raider and Vindicator had previously spit-roasted a squad of Infiltrators. The deep strike corps pumped as much firepower into the Vindicator as it could and brought it down to 4 wounds. The Ancient tried to snipe off another Tactical Marine, but rolled poorly, and the Librarians stormbolter could make little impression on the Vindicator he shot it at. The deep strikers charged the Vindicator en masse. The Hellblasters went first and suffered for it when it fired 6 shots and blasted all but one Hellblaster off the table. Still, now that it was engaged, the Inceptor went in and knocked another wound off via impact hits. Their combined close combat attacks did no damage. The Vanguard failed to charge my Captain (we were both out CPs at this point), but the Gravis Captain managed to sneak two more wounds onto the Terminator before he was brained by the thunder hammer. He scored AREA DENIAL and SECURE OBJECTIVE 4, evening the score at 5-all. TURN 4 - IRON HANDS (16-5) The Redeemer arrives back in the deployment zone. My card draw finally landed well! I pulled KINGSLAYER, OVERWHELMING FIREPOWER, and METHODICAL DESTRUCTION (for the latter, the three units I chose were the Ancient, the Librarian, and the lone Hellblaster). I disembarked the last Tacticals from the Razorback, and moved both infantry units and the Razorback up to engage Ancient in the Alamo; the Dreadnought and mid-field Vindicator drew up to the face the Librarian; and the Stalker, Land Raider, and conversion beamer Techmarine took aim at the deep strike corps. The engaged Vindicator withdraw from combat to open up the ranged options. My Captain took a few confident steps towards to the Vanguard and healed two wounds thanks to his Automedicae Bionics. My Librarians put Blessing of the Omnissiah on the Stalker, failed to Smite the enemy Librarian, and then Reforged the Dreadnought up to 7 wounds. The Tacticals and Razorback doused the Ancient in plasma. The Vindicator's point-blank shell vaporized the Terminator Librarian. The Dreadnought killed an Inceptor with a lascannon. The conversion beamer disintegrated the Hellblaster. The Stalker, thanks to the psychic aiming aid, killed the Phobos Captain, and the Land Raider then annihilated the four remaining Inceptors thanks to a combination of flamestorm and assault cannon shots. The Captain then charged the Vanguard Veterans, but the use of storm shields on both sides meant that no damage was done either way. This was a huge turn for me. I scored SLAY THE WARLORD, KINGSLAYER (for 3), OVERWHELMING FIREPOWER for (2), and METHODICAL DESTRUCTION (for 5), shooting me ahead to 16 VPs and leaving my opponent with just one unit left on the board. TURN 4 - RAVEN GUARD (16-5) Tatesford clearly belongs to the Iron Hands now. I honestly don't have a record on Tuba's card draw; the end was obvious at this point. We played out the last round of combat between my Captain and his Vanguard. Moving into Assault Doctrine let his chainswords push a wound or two onto my warlord, and I squashed one Veteran with my hammer in return, and at the end of the round we called it. Victory for the Iron Hands! You can see the Captain's red cape surrounded by gray Vanguard on the left of the above photo, and the Alamo is still surrounded by my Tactical Marines in the lower-left. POST GAME THOUGHTS It felt good to shake the rust off, as this was actually my first game of 40K in the 2019 calendar year! That being said, Tuba is still fairly new to the game so I did have some tactical pointers. We discussed an increased need for heavy anti-tank weapons; one of his biggest issues throughout the game was his predominantly S4 shooting bouncing off of the four T8 tanks I had on the tabletop. I let him play out the first turn as he wished, but after that started pointing out other options in terms of movement, deep strike placement, and shooting priorities. As a beginner so many years ago, one of my biggest problems was always dispersing my fire, and Tuba made similar mistakes. Concentrating your fire is key! That being said, he did have some tricks I was not expecting -- the clever use of deep strike traits and powers on his Captains to deliver reroll auras to deep striking troops was cool to see in action, but his placement of the Inceptor bomb in my backfield backfired in my opinion: the TFCs had killed two models total at that point. He'd have been better off massing this force against my Razorback/Tacticals/Dreadnought advancing up the middle. The Hellblasters in particular would have been much more effective firing S8 against T7 instead of against T8. For my part, I loved the Land Raider Redeemer and the Vindicators. Granted, I rolled well on the number of shots for all three in most cases -- lots of 4s and 5s per gun -- but the high strength, good AP, and multiple damage of the flamestorm and Demolisher cannons simply punished the Primaris for the temerity of having 2-3 wounds a piece. The most disappointing performances were the TFCs and the Stalker. The Stalker killed one Suppressor, two Inceptors, and the Phobos Captain which isn't terrible. . . but given its specialty and the fact that I blew a CP on the Skyfire Stratagem for no return made me sad. In any case, let me know what you think: tactics, list building, etc, all comments welcome!
  10. Hello! I’m hoping to get a whole load more games in with the Orks this coming year, and with that in mind, the first two games I’ve played with the new codex are up on my blog (plus an Admech game as well...) https://redtoof.blogspot.com/2018/12/mini-battle-reports-element-games.html Like I said, hopefully I’ll be adding more soon, but if you’ve got any battle reports, feel free to add them to the thread :)
  11. Hi all, I decided to start a new thread just for some kill team battle reports. I'll try and keep them relatively short and sweet. So here's the first one! Mission Parameters: 1v1v1 (Necrons, Chaos proxied with sisters of battle, and the Ventrillian Nobles) There were five objectives in the middle of the field, each worth one point every battle round that they were held. Besides that, if there was only one unbroken team at the end, they would win. I deployed in/around the center ruins, the necrons in the ruins on the right (where they sat for the entire game) and chaos deployed in the ruins on the far side of the photo. I took a 39 point melee specialist lord commissar, a level three leader (special weapons guardsman), a level three guardsman medic and a level 2 Veteran specialist (Tempestor). I've found that the lord commissar, a tempestor, and a sergeant supported by the medic can be a quite effective close combat squad. Necrons deployment: Chaos deployment: My turn one positioning: Oh and I forgot to mention, since we have all of these mausoleums floating around... Zombies come out at random. They had pox walker stats and were a fun addition to the game even though they didn't really do too much. So on turn two I decided to throw my Lord Commissar into the middle of the chaos kill team. The chaos commander was a level 2 melee specialist chaos lord. Because this is apparently a thing that you can do, I ordered my commissar to fight in the shooting phase. He split his attacks between the chaos lord and her friend with the chainsword. The chainsword lady was summarily krumped but the chaos lord managed to hang on with a flesh wound. Then the fight phase happened. I think the chaos lord attacked first for some reason. Either way, the Lord Commissar took 5 wounds from her power claw (counts as power fist). I saved a whopping 0 wounds with my invuln but the medic that is just out of this shot gave me a 6plus feel no pain and I made 2 of them. Commissar survives with one wound and swings back, squashing the chaos commander. Pretty excellent fight actually. As the commander fight swung my way, the rest of my forces started advancing on objectives. Chaos was leading by one for most of the game, the necrons (still in the ruins) had nothing. The plasma gunner in this photo had just killed two charging zombies and a charging cultist before he was charged by this possessed sister of battle. He did manage to tag her with some plasma but unfortunately it was just a flesh wound. The brave plasma gunner gets krumped by the sister and the scion is shot out of action by the necrons but my lord commissar chops his way towards the objective and gets revenge for those poor dead guardsmen. At this point I was holding three objectives and had tied the chaos player on points. The necron player finally brought out two of his models and claimed one objective. We rolled and the game ended. Because there was a tie on points we decided that the guardsmen were likely victorious as their commander was still standing. Here are the survivors of my team. We started with 15 guys. Acceptable casualties? I think so. And here is a closer shot of the interior of this terrain piece. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I stole the posters from Peachy's article on Warhammer Community. It's still a bit of a WIP but It's playable. I haven't glued the building to the base yet so there may be a bit of a gap. The building was secondhand and let's just say that it was built pretty quickly. Let me know what you think!
  12. Greetings fellow Regimental Commanders, Starting next week an 8th edition introductory Escalation League is taking place. To make it new player friendly there won’t be Command Points at the start. The Battalion Detachment is being used like the old Forces Chart to avoid people only bringing lopsided forces. If the opportunity arises I will attempt to chronicle it here. Warp Storms and Astropath nose-bleeds permitting. - I’d appreciate a review of my starting list. Mainly is it an acceptable list to bring against potential new players? My enjoyment will mostly be going pew-pew and moving metal minis. HQ 1x Company Commander [2 PL, 39pts]: Plasma Pistol & Power Sword 1x Company Commander [2 PL, 45pts]: Plasma Pistol & Power Fist 1x Tempestor Prime [3 PL, 40pts]: Swagger Stick 1x Lord Commissar [4 PL, 60pts]: Power Fist. Edit: 61pts w/Bolt Pistol, invalidates the list Troop 4x Infantry Squads [3 PL, 41pts]: Boltgun 2x Militarium Tempestus Scions [3 PL, 76pts]: 5 Scion Team w/ Plasma Pistol & 2 Plasmaguns 500 Points on the nose. If the other player is bringing a particularly weak force I can always “forget” to drop the stormtroopers.
  13. Edit: many of my images were infected with scrap code and were exterminated. I resolved to create a blog and continue to fight the long war from there. https://redtoof.blogspot.co.uk/ Hello Since I've been playing 8th I've been doing battle reports for most of my games in order to relive the glory/learn from my mistakes (usually the later). Hopefully they are also in some way entertaining. I've not done one for my Alpha Legion yet, though I did do a mini report for a campaign say at warhammer world (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/336949-fate-of-konor-week-6-death-of-a-world/?p=4838882), but I finally got a game in with the new codex last week, so here it is. Word of warning first though, I'm using an iPad for my pics, so they are not great. It was a very dark afternoon as well so low light didn't help. Anyway... I played a 2000 point game, maelstrom mission Spoils of War against regular opponent John who is currently in a Necron mood. His list was a Battalion plus Spearhead, with, and I might have got some of these names wrong; Necron Lord, Cryptek, Cryptek dude with spider legs, the Nightbringer, 2*20 warriors, tomb spyder, 2*3 scarab swarms, Annihilation barge, gun croissant, forge world pylon, forge world tomb centipede. My army was a double Battalion with 2 lords, 2 sorcerers, 6*10 cultists, 2 rhinos (with combi weapons), 2 predators (1 auto and las, 1 all las), 5 Terminators with combi plas and a reaper, 3*5 special weapon havocs with mostly plasma, 5 havocs with autocannon. All the havocs are Slaanesh, the rest are Tzeentch. Deployment. I have a line of cultists and all my characters plus some havocs shoved in the rhinos, ready to advance to protect nearby objectives. I also used Forward Operatives to 'infiltrate' a havoc squad. John had a big line of necrons on one flank, with the Nightbringer hanging on the other with some scarabs. I finish deploying first and go first. Havocs sneak up to an objective to shoot up some warriors. I draw objectives, among them is a priority order for my warlord (Chaos Lord with the Black Mace) to go claim objective 6, which is where the Nightbringer is. I had planned to shove him and his havoc buddies into the warriors to try and overwhelm one squad on turn 2, but since this was worth 4 points, he had to get out and commandeer the other rhino to get to his destination. The other Lord also got out to babysit the preds and auto havocs. They did their job, removing the Pylon on turn one before I had to find out what it does, and damaging the croissant. In other news I used Veterans of the Long War and Endless Cacophony on the advanced Havocs, after dice happened this resulted in a warrior unit losing not many models. The havoc's armour saves were about as good as their shooting, and the necrons killed them off with ease. In hindsight not a wise use of a command point. Elsewhere the Nightbringer moved forward and killed some cultists on the objective. The croissant and tesla gun barge shot one of my rhinos with little effect. I think I might have stolen an objective thanks to the Mission special rule as well. My turn 2. The Nightbringer has a scarab sheild in front of him, but nothing behind, leaving my Terminators free to teleport in. I draw an objective from the chaos codex where one of my characters has to kill an enemy character, I wonder if there will be much of the Nightbringer left for my warlord to get that one. I disembark havocs and sorcerers, while the warlord in the rhino rushes towards objective 6. Sorcerer casts Death Hex on the Nightbringer, and the Terminators, using VotLW stratagem, supercharge their plasma... Note: the 6 was another 1 before a command point was used. Two Terminators die in exchange for two hits. Luckily the one with the Reaper knows what he's doing, and the Nightbringer is reduced to 2 wounds. In other shooting my big guns take out the flyer. It crashes, wounding the Tomb Spyder and the Annihilation Barge. I use Endless Cacophony on the auto havocs to finish off the Spyder. Cultists charge scarabs to clear the way (they don't.) Rhino and cultists (that order, naturally) charge a warrior squad to hold it up and stop shooting. Just for a little bonus the Sorcerer gave them a 5+ invulnerable for that. Nope nope nope! Necrons move around to take shots at cultists and havocs. John thinks the yellow squad can target the Sorcerer by the havoc unit, until I point out he cultists behind them. Good job Cultists! The Centipede's shooting is disappointing, only killing one havoc (the champion, as is tradition). Lots of cultists die however. The Nightbringer also kills two more Terminators. This turn I have the assassinate card, so I will get 2 points if a character kills an enemy character, and I will get 4 points if my warlord is holding objective 6. Warlord and Sorcerer charge the Death Hexed Nightbringer. The warlord nearly dies to overwatch, but gets lucky with invulnerable saves. I use Warptime to suicide charge the other Sorcerer into a cryptek to cover myself if my other character fail. Luckily they do not, and I claim all 6 points this turn, putting me handily in the lead. I also kill the centipede, who suffered from severe new model syndrome. At this point John pretty much just has warriors and the barge left. However there are a lot of warriors, and they are killing all my infantry that get anywhere near them. He draws some defend objective cards that his warriors can stand on, and works towards closing the gap. Over the last few turns I draw cards to kill a unit, kill a unit, and kill a flyer. The barge must die! John hides it away, forcing my to move my predators around to try and hit it. Due to quantum shielding it escapes my lascannons and goes to hide out of line of sight. The Auto preds cannot make its armour saves, and the warriors start stripping away it's wounds. The necrons march to cover the flank, hovering up objectives. In the closing moments of the game I shove a rhino and my warlord into a Necron unit to stop them killing my cultists on objectives. Both eventually die (causing the Lord by the havocs/preds to suddenly remember he was the Warlord all along) but it works as my cultists steal another objective from John's hand. Final score was 1 point in my favour (14-13). Close one! John bemoans the lack of killing power on most of his units, but the warriors have really carried him close on this one. Great first game with he codex. Hydra Dominatus! Edit: swapped a couple of pics and score amended.
  14. Space Wolves, 2k 1 Bjorn. 1 Thunderlord with pair of wolfclaws. 2 units of 15 blood claws each, the fighters. 1 unit of 5 grey hunters, the objective holders. 1 unit of 5 sniper scouts, to try and snipe someone. 1 unit of 5 Termiwolves with chainfists; chainfists suck. 1 unit of 3 Thunderwolves with storm shields. 2 units of 5 Longfangs with heavy bolters. 1 Stormfang Gunship. Skiitari, (sorry, I really don't know the official names of this "new" army) 1 Belisarius Cawl 1 Skiitari tech priest 4 Kastelan Robots /Baymax (The giant robot that looks like the one in the movie big hero 6) 15 Electropriest 5 units of 5 skiitari, each with 2 super snipers 2 Dunecrawlers Giant Spiders 2 Ironstriders with lascannons This was a great battle! I got first turn and it was the Stormfang time to make the Wolves proud; my friend made a mistake and deployed with Belisarius in the middle with enough space for the Stormfang to fit a hole and have him as the closest target, so I fired the twin multi melta, the lascannons and the helfrost cannon.... And He lived. With my extremely bad luck and his extremely good combined, only 3 wounds were made... So that was fun! Then the heavy bolters gunned down one unit of rangers and a couple of electropriests, My bloodclaws moved to the center with the characters and thunderwolves. In his turn, the 70 inches strength 7 ap -3 snipers started to wreck hell on my thunderwolves and killed 4 heavy bolters. His dunecrawlers and lascannons fired to the stormfang and it barely survived, he started to move to the center of the field. The second turn decided the whole battle, his low armor low invul electropiests died all to shooting and Bjorn with the bloodclaws and thunderwolves charged the 4 Kastelan robots, Belisarius and the techpriest made heroic interventions and got in the batlle, my chainfists terminators deepstriked near the duncrawlers and ironstriders. The close combat was awful for me, Bjorn only did 5 wounds, not even one Kastelan robot... The Bloodclaws did killed one of the robots and his characters killed plenty of bloodclaws, the Kastelan robots wounded Bjorn. In his turn he gunned down the Stormfang, killed some termis and in close combat finished killing Bjorn and some bloodclaws. Every turn after was the exact same, the mass of bloodclaws wounded the kastelans, but Belisarius slowly killed them; termis were attacking the back line duncrwalers but the chainfists don't do that much damage and his op snipers are really annoying. My back line grey hunters and snipers secured obectives and the Thunderlord hunted all the little units of snipers but was killed in the end by the Ironstriders. It was a solid Victory for the Sons of Russ, even if in the end one Kastelan, the skiitari characters and the Ironstriders were alive, the multiple small units gave me much more objectives. The stormfang is extremely powerful and having that long movement range you can probably put him in the middle of an enemy so he can kill an important character, but if your dice hate you like mine do, don't get angry, bad luck happens.
  15. Alright, tested out my happy little witches yesterday. The Markovian 49th 'Mad Dogs' were sent in to root out the remnants of a Tyranid hive fleet. A junior officer was given the unenviable task of herding his throngs of mutants and psykers into battle. In order to supplement the scouring, the renegades had been loaned a few daemonic engines of destruction by their Death Guard masters. I took a battalion: 1 renegade officer, my warlord, Major Jystinian Kraeth, with plasma pistol and brutal close combat weapon and covenant of Nurgle 4x10 mutants with autoguns (all the mutant bosses had brutal close combat weapons) 2 foetid blight drones chaos decimator with butcher cannon and claw I also took a supreme command detachment with 3 malefic lords and an enforcer with plasma pistol and brutal close combat weapon. My buddy fielded Tyranids. He took a giant pile of hormagaunts in one squad, a giant pile of termagants, also as a solitary squad, along with a smattering of short-range warriors, a warrior prime, and Big Momma the Tervigon (his warlord). So, before the battle I rolled up my mutations- and got triple ones and a 3. I used a command point to try and salvage the situaion (not sure if you can do this but my opponent allowed it) and rolled another 1. Long story short 15 of my mutants apparently had smothered themselves in their sleep the night before the battle. Lesson learned- don't tempt fate. The mission ended up being 'drawn and quartered' so both of us had a pair of far-flung objectives to hold on our own table halves. This wasn't a big deal for me since I had a couple of half-dead mutie squads that wouldn't be good for much besides squatting behind a tower or hill and playing patty-cake with their tendrils. We also drew our ruse cards that gave us special abilities army-wide(?!). I drew a very handy one that made my entire army auto-pass any and all moral checks (which made my enforcer sad). We set up, my ragged throng mostly in front of my characters, the drones on my right staring down Big Momma and her brood. The decimator was in the middle, since they are crazy fast. Since the butcher cannon is heavy, I ended up moving the decimator basically every other turn to keep up. Within my deployment zone I can only hold one objective but planned on moving to seize the other by the end of turn 1. The nids set up, similarly holding one objective and keen on gaining one more. He gets first turn and as he moves up the field with his horde he reveals his trap card- apparently he can essentially deepstrike a squad that could otherwise not. So his hormagaunts vanish and then reappear 9.1" away from my mutant gunline. Teleporting Tyranids, just what the galaxy needed. He gets off the long-range charge with the help of a command point and the swarm barrels into my hapless mutants. I actually manage to gun down a couple in overwatch and then the pain starts. The aliens multicharge and hit like a train, managing to assault all but one mutant squad cringing in the back near my lone held objective. Lots of mutants die. Lots of them. Two squads are wiped completely (with a fair amount of overkill wounds) and all but 3 of the doughty mutants with extra attacks explode. On my turn the the beleaguered mutants scramble to safety and the malelific lords start smiting, with one of them also unleashing a -3 Creeping Terror. The tervigon is too far away to deny so it gets messy for the nids fast. The decimator waded in amid a hail of fire from the blight drones and since the hormagaunts outside of synapse they get vaporized between the fire and morale. The warriors, blight drones and decimator exchange shots as I work my way closer to the bulk of the Tyranid army. His long-range firepower was somewhat limited, but a lot of my army's damage was tied up in smites and plague spitters, so I had to get in close too. The objectives are situated in such a way that the 'nids are separated trying to hold both. A group of six warriors and a prime are on one, and the tervigon and the termagants hold the other with a good 20" to 24" inches in between. One of the drones got banged up thanks to massed fleshborers, but in order to shoot the drones they abandoned one of the objectives (which proved catastrophic). I got greedy and had the drones return some speculative shots at the termagants, but Big Momma just replaced the losses automatically next turn. I quickly decided to concentrate my firepower on the warriors since they stayed dead when I shot them. By the the end of turn 4 I had reduced the warrior brood to steaming jello thanks to the malific lords and the blight drones. Up until this point, I had one malific lord hidden on the forward objective, and three mutants holding the other in my deployment zone. The malific lord managed to stay out of sight thanks to some tricky positioning of the objective which was a spire like structure. On the final turn, the injured prime executed a very tricky assault that nearly killed Major Kraeth. My opponent was trying to get 'Secure the Warlord,' but the traitor officer survived, fell back, and the decimator contemptuously shredded the wounded monster. Amid lots of dead gaunts and mutants, we tallied up our points and discovered that Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and First Blood weren't standard as in previous iterations of the game. Only the progressive objectives mattered; accordingly, scoring worked like this: Turn 1 Tyranids 2, Nurgle Heretics 1 (after the hormagaunt charge I didn't manage to get anyone onto my other distant objective). Turn 2 Tyranids 4, Nurgle Heretics 2 (this turn I just plain forgot to move someone close enough to the forlorn 2nd objective, RIP) Turn 3 Tyranids 5, Nurgle Heretics 4 (gaunts left their objective to bring all their guns to bear) Turn 4 Tyranids 6, Nurgle Heretics 6 (gaunts back on the objective but the warriors are dead) Turn 5 Tyranids 7, Nurgle Heretics 8 I had squeaked out a win for the forces of Chaos! There were lots of tactical mistakes on both sides, I think. Failing to score on my 2nd objective twice nearly cost me the game (d'oh!). Mutants work way better in big blobs than smaller squads, and I really ate crow with all those pre-game 1's getting rolled. That being said, my many small squads and characters let me hold objectives, where as the huge but limited 'nid broods were unable to spread out enough to seize or contest much. The malefic lords were good- 3d3 mortal wounds doesn't count for too much against massed Tyranids, but it really helped bring down the warriors and crippled the prime easily. I also used Creeping Terror on the hormagaunts, which contributed to their destruction. Shadow In the Warp was annoying so I generally avoided getting my blasphemous sorcerers anywhere near the Tervigon and her spawn. 7/7 would recommend to any servant of Chaos, even you blood-addled Khornate folks! My officer and enforcer didn't do too much, but both got in a few wounds with their plasma pistols and they delightfully inexpensive. I think I saved 2 wounds the whole game with the Covenant of Nurgle. I was unimpressed with the Chaos decimator. I have used him in a couple of battles now and he always seems to do very little; maybe I just need more guns. A storm laser or two may fit the bill. The blight drones are great. They put out good damage, are reasonably hard to put down, and are very useful for influencing how your enemy moves and fights.
  16. Space Wolves, 2k 1 Bjorn. 1 Thunderlord with pair of wolfclaws. 2 units of 15 blood claws each, the fighters. 1 unit of 5 grey hunters, the objective holders. 1 unit of 5 sniper scouts, to try and snipe someone. 1 unit of 5 Termiwolves with chainfists; chainfists suck. 1 unit of 3 Thunderwolves with storm shields. 2 units of 5 Longfangs with heavy bolters. 1 Stormfang Gunship. Chaos, ANN'GRATH 1 Chaos lord in terminator armor. 2 Rhinos filled with Berzerkers. 1 unit of 3 Obliterators. 1 Defiler Well, my list was intended to go against average armies, but my friend suddenly fielded a giant Daemon Lord and my heavy bolters went sad. The battle was direct, his ANN'GRATH marched forward and charged my blood claws, finished the entire unit without taking a wound. In my turn the stormfang gunned the defiler, but the invul save made me sad, Bjorn did 10 wounds to Ann'grath and the 45 attacks of the bloodclaws did one wound. Angron failed a lot and Bjorn survived. The whole battle was like that, my guns fired at Angron and the defiler, his guns tried and tried to take down the stormfang. The bloodclaws killed the berserkers, the other berserkers killed the bloodclaws. Plain and simple, Ann'grath can take all the hits of the world, but only the multiple damage weapons take him down. His invul save is extremely annoying and Bjorn does a lot of damage. We played for objectives and by the end of the battle he had more points, I really got poor cards and took some bad decisions, but it was a fun match. Almost scored a win, but if you face Ann'grath just shoot him down, try and kite him with some tasty units for him to destroy, but keep shooting him and don't get demoralized about his saves.
  17. Supernovas Strike Force: Captain Nyel of the 8th - Cataphractii Armour, combi-melta, chainfist. Librarian Hoxra of the 1st - Terminator Armour, stormbolter, force axe. Lieutenant Tiber of the 5th - Primaris Lieutenant with bolt rifle. The Dead Company - 5 Cataphractii with Lightning Claws. The Ironforged - Sternguard Sergeant with bolter and power fist, 2 Sternguard with meltaguns, 2 sternguard with bolters. The Stalker Kin - Scout sergeant with sniper rifle, scout with heavy bolter, 4 scouts with sniper rifles, 4 scouts with bolters. Squad Cyda - Sergeant with plasma pistol and power sword, 1 Marine with missile launcher, 1 Marine with meltagun, 7 bolter Marines. Squad Oxor - Sergeant with bolt pistol and lightning claw, 1 Marine with heavy bolter, 1 Marine with flamer, 7 bolter Marines. Squad Sigir - Sergeant with bolt pistol and power fist, 1 Marine with missile launcher, 1 Marine with plasmagun, 7 bolter Marines. Ancient Komdai - Venerable Dreadnought with heavy plasma cannon, stormbolter, dreadnought combat weapon. Ancient Lata - Contemptor with assault cannon, combi-bolter, dreadnought combat weapon. Expedition Cawl: Scribe Note: Approximate forces based on field observations. Arch Heretic Belisarius Cawl. 2 Heretek Enginseers. 2 Dunewalkers with large energy weapons. 2 Kastelan battle robots. 3x 10-man squads of Skitarii infantry. Imperial Knight - Paladin Class. 11:03 0564017.M3 - the Stormforge: Captain Nyel cursed the sandstorm that raged around them, scouring at their heraldry and obscuring the way ahead. Somewhere in the sand was a manufactorum, now just a seemingly random collection of half-collapsed towers poking through the dunes at odd angles. The Dreadnoughts led the way, flanked by squads Oxor and Sigir, and Nyel followed as close behind as his bulky armour would allow. Out on the right flank, in a rocky outcrop just south of the old landing platform was squad Cyda, and between them and the main group were the Ironforged, pride of the 8th and siege masters beyond compare. "Stalker one in position," the vox crackled, "We've secured the helipad. There's some kind of storage device here, covered in Mechanicum scrawl." "Stalker two, we've got the same at Nav Point Alpha." "Secure them," Nyel replied. "Whatever's inside, Cawl wants it, and if he wants it then so do I." The dust storm began to dissipate as the Supernovas reached the complex. There, at the base of an old tower, stood Belisarius Cawl, the arch heretic. "CAWL!" Nyel roared, his shout so fierce it seemed even the wind fled in terror from it. "In the name of the Emperor, surrender to me!" The Astartes' vox crackled and Cawl's voice filled the ears of the strike force, "why would I surrender to you, Astartes?" "For your heresy! For the blasphemous monsters you spawned with your degenerate experimentation!" Nyel paused and recalled that one such degenerate was stood beside him. "Present company excepted, of course." "Too kind," Lieutenant Tiber replied, dryly. As the sand storm fled further north more of Cawl's bodyguard appeared in sight, striding forth to defend their master. To Cawl's left were two fighting machines armed with powerful energy weapons; to his right, two Kastellan automata. Flanking this force were two Skitarii squads, with a third appearing within Cawl's tower itself. Shortly after, Stalker One reported the approach of a Knight, but Nyel felt its coming through the quaking ground before their warning reached him. From the top of the tower a Skitarii's voice rang out. "Astartes! The relics of this place are the prop-" "What do you suppose he was going to say?" Tiber asked as he ran after his captain and the advancing Dreadnoughts. "I can't say I really care!" Nyel said, unashamedly blowing smoke from the barrel of his combi-weapon. 11:19 0564017.M3 - Contact Made: Brother Komdai strode forth through the barrage of fire, his plasma cannon raking the Skitarii on the right flank and reducing two of them to nothing but smoking cybernetic legs. Bolt fire poured into them from Squad Oxor as they advanced, killing several more as they ran for the shelter of their precious archeotech. On the left, Lata and Squad Sigir were making equally short work of the other Skitarii, and Komdai took some pleasure in noting how many of these supposedly elite warriors turned and ran rather than risk the fury of the Astartes. Klaxons screamed at him as a cutting beam smashed into his frontal armour, striking him so hard he almost toppled. As he staggered backward, struggling to self-right, he caught a glimpse of the fighting out on the flank. The Ironforged had thrown themselves into a crater just beyond the ruins, chased by fire from the tower and the chattering stubbers of the Knight. Two were wounded, possibly dead, and the survivors could do little but watch as the Knight strode forward and turned its battle cannon upon the Stalkers. Four of the brave snipers were atomised by the blast, the fifth remaining miraculously unscathed. The walkers were charging their guns again, but Komdai had more pressing matters at hand; the pair of Kastellans marching toward him. Fire from the surviving Skitarii on the ground rattled off his armour, but he paid them no heed - seconds later they were blown apart by Squad Oxor, who had secured a higher vantage point from which to control the battle. "Your heretical machines will not save you, Cawl!" Komdai roared as he and Lata charged together at the machines. The lead robot was damaged by Lata's fire already, and the assault cannon had jarred its weaponry at an awkward angle. Komdai burst through the misaimed flamer jet and tore the machine in half with his serrated claws. His blow ruptured the machine's internal systems and it detonated, causing more alarms to flare across his neural interlink. When the smoke cleared one of the Hereteks was dead, impaled by a chunk of his own machine, and Lata was stood victorious over the broken remains of the second. Captain Nyel was behind him, shouting orders to the squads in the buildings, but it was Oxor's voice that cut through the chatter and caught Komdai's attention. The sergeant called out two words that could fill even a Space Marine with dread. "Knight incoming!" 12:21 0564017.M3 - The Trap Closes: From the dead, desert air came the Dead Company, materialising in a sharp flash of light that was over as soon as it had begun. Librarian Hoxra was with them, issuing warnings of incoming fire before the Dunewalkers had even begun to turn and bring their weapons to bear. Despite the Librarian's premonitions, Brother Calyr was lost, reduced to a blackened husk by the searing beams of the crimson machines. Hoxra took solace in the fact that he was with his lost Brothers again at last. The strike force charged forward through the Mechanicum fire, joined by Lata as he smashed his way through a nearby wall with an Imperial Knight in hot pursuit. Lata's atomantic shielding formed a visible aura in the air around him as Skitarii and Knight attacks slammed into him, but for now it seemed he was impervious to their weapons. "Brother Lata! Target the lead machine!" "Yes, Librarian," Lata replied and raked the walker mercilessly. He charged with the Dead Company and together they beat upon its shielding, damaging the contraption but unable to destroy it entirely. The machine backed off, and its retaliation was devastating to behold; the two walkers fired everything they had at the Dead Company, and when the smoke cleared only two remained standing. With a blast that shook the battlefield, Brother Lata fell. The fury of Cawl and the Knight combined had finally overwhelmed his defences and he toppled, legs blown clean off by the Knight's shell. Brother Komdai, smoking from a dozen wounds, overcharged his plasma cannon in a desperate effort to drop the Knight once and for all. The white beam smashed into the machine and blew chunks of adamantine from its hide, but still it moved. Komdai did not; his noble form had fallen still. Too many lives had been lost already; Cawl had to be brought to justice! As if answering the Librarian's summons, Cawl hurled himself toward the Dead Company. He struck the first with an arcane energy weapon that smashed the Cataphractii armour apart like it were paper, and before the final Marine could react Cawl severed his head with his glowing axe. Hoxra channelled his will into a mighty blow with his axe, but even his will was not enough to pierce Cawl's shield. Again and again he beat upon the shimmering energy field to no avail, all the while listening to the sounds of battle as the Knight rampaged through his brothers. He head Tiber cry out in pain as he fell, and Captain Nyel's defiant roar as he buried his chainfist into the machine's legs to try and stop its onslaught. Time was of the essence; Cawl had to die! 12:45 0564017.M3 - The Coward's Retreat: Belisarius Cawl surveyed the field through the eyes of his servants. The ignorant fools of the Astartes had secured all four of the relics, and despite the war raging around them had, to his eternal disgust, begun to plunder the contents! He wanted to order the Knight to drive them out of the ruins, but the noble machine was badly damaged and its systems were failing. Weapons fire from all sides was killing it by a thousand cuts, and Marines armed with lascutters were closing in behind to finish the job. His enginseer servants were dead, most of his Skitarii were dead or fleeing, and while he was confident his Dunewalkers could survive now that the inferior walkers of the Astartes were silenced, time was not on his side - they could not hope to reach the archeotech before the Astartes plundered them and fled. He realised, with cold, detached certainty, that he would be forced to abandon his prize. "Belisarius to the Ark Mechanicum. Initiate emergency translocation protocol". There was a blinding light that filled the entire world, and when it faded there was nothing left of the Skitarii but the dead and destroyed remnants of their expedition. Cawl was gone. Nyel opened his mouth to vox the fleet, but Hoxra cut him off. "It's no good, Captain. His ship will evade us." "Throne take him!" Nyel screamed. "May every saint on Terra in his face!" He turned toward his approaching sergeants. Most of their squads had survived the battle; with the exception of Stalker Squad One, the Dead Company and Dreadnoughts had drawn the worst of the enemy's attention. Even so, they had lost good men. Time would tell whether the loss was permanent. "Get the Apothecaries and Techmarines down here," he growled, the bitterness at losing Cawl refusing to fade. He then gave the relics his full attention. They were large, armoured shapes covered in unfamiliar script, but the Stalkers had made some progress in opening them to study the contents. "I want these brought back to Tasal," he said. "What if Cawl comes after them?" Cyda asked. The Captain gave a dry chuckle. "Let him. Nothing would make me happier than to soak our world in Cawl's blood. Take his prize, and let him die trying to take it back."
  18. T-Minus 40: Training exercise and matching of blades by the Dawn Blades chapter master and the Brothers Noctis 2nd Company Captain Mulier. "Tee minus 40 hours to Primaris Space Marine training exercise versus the Silver Sons and Brothers Noctis. All involved please report to Thunderhawk bay three. All Shinsengumi present, report to the Shogun's chambers at once. Repeat, Tee minus 40 hours...." The message repeated. Shogun Kujo Kamakura glanced at his chrono (a gift from a proud father when he was selected to become a Dawn Blade), even though the machine spirit had just announced the time. He nodded; at least the old thing still worked. He turned to the weapons and honors display that dominated the mantle. There lay four items of great importance to him: his plasma pistol, which had saved his life more times than he could count; his old right arm, which he had crafted a replacement for after it had failed to protect his Daimyo Stonetooth back when he was 4th company champion; his first combat knife, forged as a snake in the depths of the forges here on the Shogun's Might; and the Sunfire Katana, a powerful chapter relic that would kill anything that held contact with the blade for more than a second if they weren't wearing full Terminator plate, or its equivalent. Fortunately, Kamakura wielded it by the hilt, and the Blood Helm and its accompanying suit of armor was easily as tough as Terminator plate, if not stronger as it was backed up by a powerful iron halo. None of these relics would actually see battle that day, but Kamakura would still undergo his standard prebattle ritual. Gesturing, he summoned his serfs. They armored him in the Blood Helm, and after fifteen minutes he was ready to begin. He removed the knife first and touched it to his heart. “Ferrus Manus, forge me as I forged this blade, so that I may be as strong as steel.” The combat knife was strapped to his right leg, where it was easily accessible if needed. Next the Sunfire Katana was taken from its resting place, and touched to his armored forehead. “Vulkan, grant me your fire so the enemies of mankind may know our wrath.” The Katana was scabbarded to his left hip, so as to be drawn quickly on the field of battle. His plasma pistol came third, and touching the muzzle to his left hand he said, “Guilliman, guide my aim so I may bring down my enemy.” It was holstered just above his combat knife. Then he gestured one final time, and as the serfs attached his jump pack, he spoke his final preparation words. “Solis-Imperator, grant me your speed and fury, so that my enemies shall know your mercy-that of a quick but painful death at the hands of your avenging angels.” Flaring the engines, he muttered one last utterance to seal the vow. “As I have sworn in your eyes, so mote it be. Strike me down if I am unworthy.” And with that, Shogun Kujo Kamakura of Dawn Blades strode to the door and left for the Thunderhawk deck, his serfs following quietly behind him. =][= At Tee-Minus 26 hours, the Thunderhawks arrived at the grassy world where the training exercise would take place. The elements of the two other chapters present-the Silver Sons and the Brothers Noctis-were present in-system for recruitment and a joint deployment, and had agreed to this training exercise to see how the Primaris fared in battle and to test their skills against another chapter. At Tee-minus 3.5 hours, a joint spiritual service was held, in which the marines sat and listened to the Chaplains then meditated for a time. At Tee-minus 1.5 hours, a lunch feast was held to promote comradeship and to share stories and songs. At Tee-minus .25 hours, the marines left the tables to find themselves nonlethal versions of their standard weaponry before deploying. Then, at Tee-minus zero hours, battle commenced. =][= End Pre-battle Lore =][= The Armies (both are roughly 1250 points) https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/e43bGb Jack’s Brothers Noctis: Captain With power sword and master-crafted boltgun Terminator Captain with storm bolter and power sword (warlord with the Adept of the Codex trait) Predator with Twin linked Lascannon and twin heavy bolters Dreadnought with Multimelta and powerfist with inbuilt stormbolter Dreadnought with powerfist with inbuilt stormbolter and assault cannon Tactical squad with plasma gun, missile launcher, plasma pistol, and power sword (squad 1) Tactical Squad with plasma gun, missile launcher, and no sarge equipment (squad 2) Tactical squad with plasma gun, missile launcher, and power fist and (i think) plasma pistol (squad 3) X4 sniper scouts and one missile launcher Lenoch’s Dawn Blades: Gravis ‘Captain’ Ceticus Stormmoon (standard loadout) Primaris Lieutenants, one with autoboltgun (1) and one with power sword (2) Intercessor Squad 2 (bolt rifles, aux grenade launcher) Intercessor Squad Tiberius (stalker bolters, aux grenade launcher) Hellblaster Squad (assault plasma incinerators for some reason...I would regret this later) Single tactical marine with multimelta Shogun (chapter master) Kujo Kamakura, armed with the Burning Blade and a plasma sword...nabbed the Tenacious Warlord trait for +1 wound and an extra roll to ignore damage Primaris Lieutenant Shonar: Stalker Bolt gun and bolt pistol Lieutenant with twin lightning claws, bolt pistol, and jump pack Lieutenant with power sword, plasma pistol, bolt pistol, and jump pack Lieutenant with grav-pistol, power axe, bolt pistol, and jump pack Lieutenant with power sword, plasma pistol, bolt pistol, and jump pack (Saisho-shinsengumi) Front-line assault deployment, Capture and Control (two objectives), the Brothers Noctis have first turn. He holds two combat-squadded tactical squads in reserve. I hold all jump-equipped units in reserve. Scouts infiltrate to my left flank in a building. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/501549 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/hKVM85 Turn One He takes first turn and advances his forces, taking potshots with his long-range weapons. One of my hellblasters takes a wound, and Intercessor squad two takes one casualty. Intercessor squad 2 advances to the trenchwork on my side of the map and opens fire to little effect. Squad Tiberius, accompanied by Lt. Shonar, take out most of one of the combat squads near his objective. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/0js6k7 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/a4t3Yo I drop my four jump pack Lt.’s down behind his forces with the intent of distraction and blending his forces. Shooting takes a few wounds off of his armor all around, and the infantry (with the exception of one of the combat squads holding the objective) take no casualties. I only make one charge, and predictably it is against a dread with another dread within charge range. All Shinsengumi take overwatch fire and lose wounds. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/1nLW31 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/674920 Turn Two His two reinforcement combat squads walk on, in range of pretty much all of the Shinsengumi they can see. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/xZt98g I think we messed up at one point when I let him shoot across the board at a Shinsengumi even when there was a closer character he could shoot at. (How does that work, anyway?) It may have affected the game to a fair degree, as that krak missile hit the wolverine Shinsengumi and hurt him enough overwatch was able to finish him off, but it doesn’t matter that much. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/PEDTCm His forces advanced in the center to take the breastwork and opened fire once more upon my Intercessors in the center, but all his firepower bounced off their armor. At some point in this turn two hellblasters died to shooting (probably because I moved them from cover). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/37375k Firing Range Trenchwork The two dreadnoughts smashed the single Shinsengumi in melee, after I spent two command points to go first (and after he died I spent two more to get some extra hits in). The two Intercessor squads advanced and opened fire, with Squad Tiberius killing the single plasma marine left on that flank and squad one killing a single marine in the center. My hellblasters advanced out of the building and opened fire at -1 on the predator, dealing an extra wound. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/kn86US (Recommend Powerwolf’s Amen and Attack to listen to whilst reading this bit) To begin the assault phase, I ate a bunch of overwatch that knocked out two Shinsengumi and had the one remaining one down to one wound. When charging, squad 1 charged the center, and heroic interventions brought his captain in. Maybe one marine died in the center and one on my right flank (his left). 3+ to hit and 4+ to wound with a power sword doesn’t equate to many hits, but I guess it’s better than 4+ to both. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/kn86US https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/i53D12 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/229493 And here we have Tactical Devastator Antreas sitting behind the statue, aching to take a shot at something. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/QF5Z4F Turn Three At the start of turn three, by agreed-upon rules breaking, both myself and my opponent deployed our warlords on the battlefield, right in the center of the map. No one shot at them; they didn’t shoot at each other either. It would come down to bladework (okay, there was one plasma pistol overwatch shot. So sue me). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/9sfCW6 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/8o6c54 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/aar4j3 His combat squadded tactical squad moved left and right, the one with the plasma gun coming over to kill the Saisho-shinsengumi after their brothers fell back towards the monument. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/RP2267 His dreads and tank moved up the flank, and at this point he pretty much forgot about the snipers because they didn’t have line of sight to anyone (and in fairness I forgot about them too). Opening fire, the armor killed another Hellblaster. In melee, Kamakura knocked two wounds off of 2nd Captain Mulier, despite the fact that Mulier charged first and thus attacked first. The sword Lt. held his own for a while against Captain Foxworthy but eventually died in my melee phase. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/2m3557 In my turn little happened except in the melee phase (though devastator Antreas took a shot at one of the dreads, it missed. If I had any more command points I would have used them to reroll that; I really needed that shot to connect. Oh well). Once in melee, Kamakura took three wounds off of Mulier, though he lost two (2 6+’s to avoid wounds only works so well). I charged my Hellblasters and my autobolter Lt. into his predator and tied it up for the rest of the game (we had forgotten about falling back out of combat). The Gravis character (Ceticus Stormmoon) had finally made it into combat with the tactical squad, and promptly went into a duel with Foxworthy that took the rest of the game as well (this one, I think, was a glory thing. Which characters were better swordsmen?). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/cfw4yg https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/419Px9 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/34JfJq Turn 4 Volleys from the squads on the left killed two Intercessors from squad Tiberius (one was already wounded), and another combat squad opened fire on my now-unengaged (by virtue of killing everything within one inch) Intercessor Squad and killed the sergeant (who was also wounded by a power sword earlier in melee). His assault cannon dreadnought opened fire and knocked out Antreas with a lucky shot...i saved four wounds. The fifth got through. (This may have been turn five though; it's hard to remember.) In melee, Kamakura defeated Mulier and consolidated into the other deployment zone. The power sword sarge finally died and my Hellblasters and Lt. almost took a wound off of the predator, but not quite. His Predator wasn’t able to kill anything. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/Bvqv9G Squad Tiberius ended up killing all the models they could see and still charge, so I couldn't make the charge to get in close and potentially contest his objective, despite being in range. Kamakura moved on to mince (but not annihilate) a squad of tacticals with the help of the two remaining members of squad two. Hellblasters and autobolter Lt. actually managed to wound the Predator (but only one would). At this point photos begin to degrade in regularity. Apologies. End Turn 4 photos Turn 5 At this point we are just mopping up. I had a hard departure time, and it was rapidly drawing near...so we ended up calling after turn five. That changed a little bit, but mainly it killed my chances at winning now Antreas was KO’d. We were just having a central bloodbath now. His remaining unengaged central tactical squad moves toward the center and prepares to charge Kamakura and his remaining entourage. His leftmost squad manages to completely wipe out squad Tiberius when I get supremely unlucky at save and IH FnP rolls. Only Shonar is left on my right flank (He was actually the only character with full wounds, including sergeants). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/Ax5C2d In my turn, Kamakura wipes out 4 marines in 5 attacks with one swing of the Burning Blade, and the rest do laughably little in melee on either side. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/wL958g In the end, it ended up being 4-2 in Jack’s favor; he had his objective and First Blood, and I had Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/5Mb1Az (I know this is doubled-this was the end-of-game match.) https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/382500 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/u84393 =][= He and I both had fun, and I definitely think I have some things to learn. Now for the unit grading and review. A is exemplary, B is good, C is meh, D is bad, and F is would not play again unless I had to. Gravis Captain: B. Good anchor, but slow. CM with Jump pack+Burning Blade: A+. Excellent blender and when given Tenacious Survivor is a monster to shift in melee (ever, honestly) when backed up with an Iron Halo. Ended up having effective 9 wounds-+1 from Tenacious Survivor and 3 saved 6+’s. JP Lieutenants: D+, but that’s mostly how I played them. Dropping them individually with no screen got them killed (and probably cost me the game) before either they or I knew it. Overwatch ate them alive. Definitely running an Assault Squad or Inceptors to screen them. Intercessors with Stalkers: A-. Oh Throne YES! Amazing at killing MEQ’s, and at 2 ppm an ultimate steal. Shonar gets the same grade and reason. Regular Intercessors: B-. Decent enough but I made the mistake of removing the aux grenade launcher first. *headdesk* DI Primaris Lieutenants: B. Good anchors but lacking in survivability for their points (ie. no invuln, but that’s just me whining). Hellblasters with plasma incinerators: C-, maybe D. If you had a plan to utilize these guys with these weapons and remembered it (spoilers: I didn’t), then you were okay. Otherwise go with regular incinerators or the heavy plasma incinerators, or regular plasma devastators, who are cheaper and more reliable but not as powerful. Tactical Devastator Antreas: C. He’s a one-wound model worth 40 points and only cover for survivability; what should I have expected? Did his job well enough until he died; he’ll be joining his squad soon where he’ll be much more effective. Overall, I had fun and learned quite a bit about Primaris and my Shinsengumi. This list will probably be modded to include supporting elements and some heavy armor (read: a pair of Land Raiders and Dreads) to make it better. =][= Begin Post-battle Lore =][= “End of training exercise. All personnel please clear the area so cleanup may begin. Repeat. End of training exercise. All personnel please clear the area so cleanup may begin.” The voxcast droned on for a while before a Techmarine who got annoyed with it shut it off. As the marines began to clear the field, they began to chat amongst themselves, discussing the battle they had just been in and offering advice to each other. Kamakura observed this from overhead, hanging off the spar of a Land Speeder Storm that had recorded the battle in video. The Shinsengumi were being brutally teased and mocked for getting themselves-ALL of them-cut down by overwatch fire. Even the pair who had made it through had been either been cut down when his opponents had fallen back or been ‘pulverized’ after a few blows from a dreadnought (or rather, a combat servitor that had sophisticated electronic warfare machinery that allowed the two dreadnoughts to participate in the fight). Kujo grimaced. His Arrows would all need a stern talking to about getting overconfident and careless in the face of a milk run or training exercise. In the aftermath of the training exercise, there was much camaraderie and mutual respect to be had between the warriors of either chapter. Unsurprisingly, the green Primaris troops had made their mistakes, rookie mistakes, but that was what scout training was for, and the Primaris would, by consensus of all assembled personnel from all chapters involved, be forced to undergo the same exact training regimen that 13 year olds did; vat-sim time didn't equate to time under a drill sergeant with two centuries of battle and another century of training experience under his belt. What was also not entirely a surprise was that the Dawn Blades had superior blade skills. Kamakura had bested Captain Mulier of the Brothers Noctis in combat, and after the exercise was over the captain had approached the Shogun and congratulated him on his amazing swordsmanship, to which Kamakura had replied that beating him had been no mean feat-and that was about the best praise the Shogun gave when it came to melee. What had amazed more than one person, though, was that one of the Primaris Lt.’s had almost beaten Captain Foxworthy in a duel-and the Lt. was still green. He would bear watching for any emergent skill, and training to become part of a training cadre for snakes. Foxworthy had already commended the Astartes for his skill, and was already being praised by some of the Techmarines who had experience with bladework. There was a second feast going on now, and the marines were intermingling. Kamakura lazily drifted down from the Land Speeder, gesturing for the pilot to follow, and landed next to Mulier. “It was a good fight, yah?” Mulier said, not looking at the Shogun. Kujo walked up next to him. “A damn good fight. You've got good men.” “Thank you. I'll…consider these Primaris. We’ll see about them.” Soon Captain Foxworthy came besides them. “Gentlemen.” “Foxworthy,” they replied. “I am afraid my forces must leave now; our Chapter Master has recalled us.” “Then give him my respects,” Kamakura said, and Mulier indicated the same. “I shall. Perhaps we shall fight side by side at some point.” “Indeed.” And with that, Foxworthy walked away, his forces falling in behind him. Soon Mulier left too, troops trailing like so many ducklings. And only the Dawn was left to leave, and when they did so came with them a brand new day. ==================================================================================================================== More photos may follow later in another topic, and I may correct the format later to make it look better-at this point it's just links to the photos unfortunately.
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