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Ryza Pattern Ruins - colour scheme test



Hi Folks,


While plodding along, one of the challenges I am facing is selecting a paint scheme for the Ryza pattern SCT bunkers and ruins coming with the Moroch box and the Sector Fronteris ooP KillZone.

Surfing and lurking around on the internet brought some of the usual suspects:

  1. Plain gray scheme, as per Moroch pics, which is a little bit plain
  2. Tales of Painter schemes, although they are quite dark and air brush oriented
  3. YouTube video tutorial, out of which most are 100% airbrush or just plain crap. Sometimes in a genuine combination of both criterias.
  4. Few, yet impressive, red or brown or yellow paint schemes that are very nice looking yet represent a big drawback: most look like being time consuming painting with a lot of detailing (inside panels...), something that I am not ready to invest on.


So... Looked like a dead end alley way. Or not.


Going back to the basics: what do I expect from a scenery model:

  1. That it is painted fast
  2. That it shows enough details to have a good overall aspect without being as detailled as my LoW-character-of-death (this means that stopping the painting process to dry brushed boltgun metal over black primed model is not a satisfying option)
  3. That the big picture is coherent enough for the miniature set and for the same set vs. the other ones I may use along


I think I reached such a good balance of outlook vs. effort on my previous scenery kits and what I am looking for is trying to get the same type of results. While adding another criteria: Not be as the other stuff I previously painted. Yet if I want to respect the above criteria #3, I shall try to be more or less compatible in terms of chromatic range.


My current chromatic pallet has been so far based on (for buildings in scenery):

  1. Space wolf grey tainted plastcrete - sector Imperialis and Sector Manufacturum wall type
  2. Russ grey tainted plastcrete - BEtha DEcima pillars, and sector imperialis flooring


So basicaly I have a "mid" tone and a "light" tone. What is missing? A darker tone.


My recipe for this one has been based on the following adapted steps (I almost use the same steps everytime, adding varition only by paintpot/colour selection):

  • Priming/Base colour: FeldGrey spray from Vallejo
  • Covering everything with Agrax Esrthshade
  • Dry brushings. Plural. Here the sequence is a tad more "evolved" than the usual one (to be understood the one I usualy apply: mid tone applied with average pressure (Space wolf grey for example), lighter tone with very light pressure (Dawnstone for example))
    • First, a genaral Mechanicus grey, insisiting quite a lot to get a significantive impact
    • Second, and only for superior part of the walls, a light dry brush with Vallejo Sky grey
    • Thrid, and only for the bottom part of the wall, a more intense dry brush 1:1 sky grey/neutral grey - both from Vallejo. 


Global effect results being quite OK. At least to my taste. But to come to life, it needs the bronze details for pipes and reds for cable.

Roof and derelicted roof were done as per the Sector Fronteris model: black, drybrushed with boltgun metal and details with a very light bronze wash. This is the extra touch needed to get a good overall aspect.


In the end I am quite happy with the result:







I guess I have my scheme, even if it is not radically distinct from the usual colour lay outs found here or there. I may lack of imagination, but I feel more confortable with this than with brown/redish earth walls I tried before.... Which I do not share as they hurt the view so much they will need a serious "Rescue painting" activity...


See you folks when I will have more to show as I have quite a number of building and walls waiting to be painted now... So Plodding is progressing!


* With a little bit of imagination you can see the roof colours...

Edited by Bouargh


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