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KitBash Time! EngineSeer at work



After grabbing "accidentally" a GSC patrol box, on purpose to use the body to kitbash some IG regiment, I am potentially left with some bits inc. mining tools. 

I then remembered this pic, unless I decided that GSC bodies would do better base for IG than Orlock gangers BECAUSE of this pic:




I am already the happy owner of enough Engineseers to fill all the slots in my AdMech army. And I have been left with one extra (remaining from a Patrol box), in desperate need for a purpose in its life of plastic toy soldier.

Kitbashing it to get an oversized clamp and a mining laser looked ike a fun idea.


And here is the result:




The beauty of AdMech kits  is the amount of left bitz you have once the models are built. For this one, I used a Skitarii arm, chopping away the rifle as right arm. Left arm is the spare arm from my mago, removing the serpenta. and servo arm has been relocated whille adding a small Kataphron mechanical limb to handle the laser will on rest after harvesting a quintal of noctilith...

extra bits from grav canon of Kataphrons make the handles.


As you can eventually appreciate, from this too dark pics bellow , it gets an oversized hydraulic clamp from GSC Metamorphs. A little bit otT maybe...




To be painted in June, with the rest of my AdMechs, once starting the CtA challenge! 


To be continued...


Recommended Comments

I have no plan to "use it as". It will probably end up as an objective marker.

Unless I proxi it as a Manipulus with Magnarail, or a Skratos with Transuranic arquebus. I am not really convinced by the latter and I already have enough Manipulus... So, one in one, it will spend most of its time on shelf and will be seldomly used and only in very specific contexts (scenario...). Objective marker is the most probable case of use I see in fact.  

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