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  1. From the album: Dark Angels of the Rogue Gamer.

    Nephillim jet fighters and Dark talon supporting typhoon, Dark shroud and vengeance speeders
  2. From the album: Dark Angels of the Rogue Gamer.

    Death from the skies Dark Angels style. Nephillim jet fighters and Dark Talon supporting their 2nd company brothers.
  3. From the album: Dark Angels of the Rogue Gamer.

    Left to right. Ravenwing Ancient Ravenwing Apothecary Ravenwing Champion Ravenwing librarian
  4. From the album: Dark Angels of the Rogue Gamer.

    Master of the Ravenwing, Sammeal on Corvex leading the charge. 2014
  5. I’ve been very happy with running a 5-man plasma inceptor squad alongside my Ravenwing list, keeping them within a reroll 1’s to hit aura from a captain or Sammael. I’m wondering if could be worth using Marked for Command to give the Inceptor Sergeant Master Crafted, upping his base damage to 2 and 3 on the supercharge. Has anyone tried that? I’m thinking it might reduce the need to supercharge and/or WOTDA, but I haven’t modeled out the difference versus common targets like 2W marines/VV or 3W bladeguard.
  6. So in a break from my grey and yellow Primaris army in returning to the very first models I ever bought (though not the same kit); deathwing terminators! Here's the list; Vanguard Detachment: HQs Captain in Terminator Armour Warlord - Lay low the mighty Combi Melta Relic Blade Key of Achrabael Librarian in Terminator Armour Storm Bolter Chief Librarian Elites Deathwing Apothecary Chief Apothecary Deathwing Ancient Chapter Ancient Pennant of Remembrance Deathwing Champion Chapter Champion Deathwing Command Squad Deathwing Sergeant - TH/SS Deathwing Terminator - TH/SS Deathwing Knights (5) Knight Master 4x Deathwing Knights Watcher in the Dark Deathwing Knights (5) Knight Master 4x Deathwing Knights Watcher in the Dark Deathwing Terminator Squad (10) Combat Squad 1 Deathwing Sergeant - TH/SS 2x Deathwing Terminator - TH/SS 2x Deathwing Terminator - Lightning Claws Combat Squad 2 2x Deathwing Terminator - Cyclone Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter/Power Fist 1x Deathwing Terminator - Storm Bolter/Chainfist 2x Deathwing Terminator - Storm Bolter/Power Fist Deathwing Terminator Squad (5) Deathwing Sergeant - Power Sword/Storm Bolter Deathwing Terminator - Cyclone Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter/Power Fist Deathwing Terminator - Storm Bolter/Chainfist 2x Deathwing Terminator - Storm Bolter/Power Fist Deathwing Terminator Squad (5) Deathwing Sergeant - Power Sword/Storm Bolter Deathwing Terminator - Cyclone Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter/Power Fist Deathwing Terminator - Storm Bolter/Chainfist 2x Deathwing Terminator - Storm Bolter/Power Fist
  7. I've been playing and collecting Dark Angels for a decade (I started them in 2009, so I'm receiving my service stud this year!), but in the last five years or so I've been playing mainly the Horus Heresy. This left my quite vast collection of Unforgiven in various states of unpaintedness... well, things are about to change, and my group is starting to dip its toes in 8th edition. Over the years, I have stored a full classic marine company, 30+ terminators, and at least 1x of all the Ravenwing units, although the latter has never been my focus. I don't know if I'll ever paint all of this stuff, but for the moment, I'm going to put together a 50 PL army for open war/narrative gaming. This starting force is going to be a combined arms detachment, and I plan to include greenwing, Deathwing and Ravenwing all together. I also have some primaris incoming, but I'm not sure if I want to integrate them in my "classic" (is it classic now?) Dark Angels army or if I'd rather keep them separate. To test the waters for this second solution, I painted a Guardian of the Covenant: My Heresy era Dark Angels were originally posted here, but they may as well be finding a new home in this topic when I'll get around to take some updated photos. Cheers!
  8. This is a bit of lore speculation in regards to the Ravenwing, and hopefully will encourage some discussion. As we know, they are a fully mounted company, and prosecute campaigns on bikes, speeders, aircraft etc, but at the end of the day they are still Space Marines, experienced ones at that. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that when they do apprehend a Fallen target, they sometimes will fight on foot to capture them in certain circumstances Let’s say for example the Fallen is holed up in a bunker, they would have to dismount for the final stages before they capture them, and this is where I feel Vanguard Marines could come in, they would be an ideal fit in the Ravenwing for when a dismount is the only option. Perhaps it could be some sort of Primaris bikers in Phobos armour - the greaves on Phobos armour are definitely more bike friendly. I’d love to see some sort of Primaris biker in Phobos armour. In fact I’m half tempted to paint my DA Vanguard Infiltrators as Ravenwing rather than Greenwing colours, if nothing else they look really good in Black. Lore wise I know it would be a while before Primaris are trusted with the Ravenwing secrets, but as tgere are now Primaris being slowly accepted into the inner circle, it’s a possibility Thoughts?
  10. Hey there, just had a quick look on the Primarch series' cover artist and found this one, which was uploaded about 2 months ago: Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all and I'm purely speculating but somehow, I got the feeling that the Lion might be the next one after Curze. I mean, he's the one doing all the covers for the Primarch series. Him posting a Lion piece, which really looks like said covers is a bit too much of an accident, right? Cheers, Kel
  11. Here is the back story to a new campaign I am running, using narrative and matrix elements for 4-6 people at the game store. Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out. In the time since the indomintus crusades, the cicatrix maladictum, the rift dividing the imperium santum from the imperium nihlus, has posed a grievous threat to humanity. Astropathic travel has been blocked and the blessed emperors light has been snuffed by the ruinous powers for those in lee of the Warpscar. However even across the most dangerous stretches of space rogue traders continue their intrepid journeys and word of their successes has reached the ear of bureaucratic machine of terra. Whispers of a newly stable warp rift are rumored near the planetary system of Goliath. A rogue trader of some considerable clout, Janus Draik had claimed that he traversed the temporary rift conduit and was been called by the lord commander of the imperium for an audience. Under the instruction of Roboute Guilliman and Belisarius Cawl an explorator party led by archmagos Xan-Ebos and Janus Draik, was sent to the temporal rift anomaly near the System of Goliath. This system was once a jewel on the eastern fringe providing a staging platform by which the resurgent necron dynasties were kept at bay. Using arcane and forbidden technologies from the dark age of technology, known as the Psychis Simulacra, a temporarily stability has allowed relief to the eastern fringe provided a bulwark against the encroachment of the Warpscar and warp rift channel known as St. Sappho’s Maze, has been stabilized. This development has allowed reliable passage through the great rift bringing hope to untold billions. After their initial success the daring of the Xan-Ebos and Janus Draik took them on an excursion to trial their success on the world of Maldrasta, but after their departure no signal has been reached. To add to these dark tidings a new fear has arising in the navigator houses who ply the vessels through St. Sappho’s maze.. Readings and sampling by the great navigators houses have found erosion of the stability of the warp fields and surges of blackest ethereum have swallowed supplies and whole convoys of relief vessels heading to the imperium nihlus. Some have suggested that only the return of the Archmagos or Janus Draik can reattune the psychis simularcum and being stability to this turbulent sector of space. The high lords of terra and the lord commnader have decided that with the threat of vigilus being lost, backchannels to the imperium nihlus must be defended against those who despoil them. An Imperial guard battlefleet as well as the dark angels 5th battle company have been despatched to defend Goliath and secure St. Sappho’s Maze. The temple world of St. Sappho has also been reinforced by a force of adeptus Sororitas to investigate rumors of chaotic cults and the planetary governor; who has been loath to supply the black ships with their tithe. For now St. Sapphos maze is stable but with the imperium’s attention turned toward Vigilus, Goliath needs aid and soon… The factions will be Imperium Sisters of battle (order of the blessed Reliquiae) Dark Angels Astra millitarum Tallarn The Dark Powers Word Bearers The Denizens of Asphodel The Plagueborn Good luck to all the factions
  12. Well, with the coming of 8e, the hobby bug is biting hard. Since the Black templars are still neutered, I've decided to return to the Rock...... I'm declaring for the Dark Angels. 4th company. Plus the wings. Feel good to be home
  13. THE DEATH’S REDEEMERS http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q578/kydoimos2/Deaths%20Redeemers%20tactical%20marine_zpsdsvxcsxt.jpg CHAPTER NAME: .............. THE DEATH’S REDEEMERS FOUNDING: .................. 22nd CHAPTER WORLD: .............PRAXIDIKA VII FORTRESS MONASTERY: ........ THE EMPEROR’S EYE GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): ... THE DARK ANGELS KNOWN DESCENDANTS: ......... NONE "LIGHT SHALL PREVAIL" The Death's Redeemers were created as a standing force, designed to strengthen and defend the Astartes dominion over the extreme south-east border of the galaxy. Situated in the Segmentum Ultima, based on the world of Praxidika VII directly south of the prosperous kingdom of Ultramar, they’re facing the Exodite worlds created by those Eldars who chose exile rather than decay and death. A successor of the famed Dark Angels chapter, the Death's Redeemers were zealous hunters of the Fallen in their early history. However, they see themselves more like defenders of the ideals of the Imperium now rather than a force belonging to the secretive successors chapters of the Dark Angels. They are therefore dedicated Marines, fighting for the glory of the Emperor, who believe that His grand design, embodied by the Great Crusade, must not be forgotten as it is too frequent in these grim days. A still young chapter, they nevertheless have gained the respect of their peers by showing their utter determination in eradicating the enemies of the Imperium of Mankind and defending an optimistic vision of the future. Sorely tested in these hard times, their faith in their cause need to be defended now more than ever. Fierce enemies of Chaos, their history is scarred by their breaking up with their genitor chapter, the Dark Angels. Unable to accept the sacrifices in human lives thought needed by their brothers, the Death’s Redeemers have cut their ties with them and became close followers of the Codex Astartes and the example given by the Ultramarines. ORGANIZATION The Death's Redeemers are a codex-adherant chapter. They follow the principles of the Codex Astartes and draw their tactical inspiration from the words of Roboute Guilliman rather than their original chapter, the Dark Angels. As such, they have abandoned the divergent organization of their genitor chapter and respect the rules edicted by the Primarch of the XIIIth Legion. The Death's Redeemers developed a taste for massive drop pods assaults. Albeit risky in the extreme, this mean to deliver Marines in the heat of battle had shown enough advantages for the Chapter to be adopted as the main assault technique. Therefore, every unit is training to this particular and dangerous way of fighting, even the Devastators. This choice is not only motivated by tactical considerations. It is also a way to answer the main demand the Death’s Redeemers imposed to themselves: to safeguard the planets they attack and the people living there as much as possible in order to bring them back as willingly as it is possible to the Imperial dominion. War is not an end in itself for the Chapter; it is the expression of the Emperor’s will and therefore must serve His design of a peaceful and united galaxy. The Death’s Redeemer also considers that following the precepts of the Codex Astartes is a key element to reach this goal. Not as dogmatic as the Ultramarines or their successors chapters can be regarding the edicts of Guilliman’s legacy, they will however respect it strictly, as long as it is not antagonist with their superior goal of restoring Imperial light in the galaxy. HOMEWORLD The Death's Redeemers’ fortress-monastery is based on Praxidika VII, a medieval and arid world. They are not the direct rulers of their planet but rather maintain a distant but constant watch over the population, not interfering in political matters, awed by their presence which is shrouded in mystery and legends. Praxidika VII is a planet with a harsh environment. Few could survive on its surface without the knowledge of advanced survival techniques in an arid world. SPECIFIC HISTORY The Death's Redeemers’ have a rather complicated history regarding to their origins and their evolution. Created from the Dark Angels gene seeds, they have developed similar characters traits: secretive, relentless and stubborn, they were designed for the hunt of the Fallen and embraced it willingly at the beginning. Dedicated to this task, they organized their newly-founded chapter in order to keep these secrets hidden to those unworthy. And behind their apparent dedication to the Imperial cause, they were relentlessly searching for any traces of their lost brothers, hunting them and everyone suspected to hold information regarding their whereabouts. However, this situation was not designed to endure. Having gathered information on a possible location of a Fallen angel plotting against the Imperial and Astartes dominance in relation with Eldars corsairs based close to the Maelstrom, the Death's Redeemers’ asked for help from their genitors. The plan, based on information gathered by the Ravenwing of both Chapters, was to lead a powerful strike, both by teleportation and ground assault, in order to destroy the Fallen’s fortress. But nothing went along as planned. The first problem to occur was that the people living on the planet were not as pacific as it seemed. As soon as the Death's Redeemers’ ground elements landed on a remote area, they were surrounded by frenzied humans, poorly equipped but relentless in their hatred of the Astartes. Forced to fight back, the spearhead couldn’t accomplish its objective in due time. This action showed something else: that the attack against the Fallen was known and surprise couldn’t be exploited. Both leaders wondered if the teleported assault should be carried out; the Death Redeemers’ chapter master, Caïn Ektes, voted against this option whereas the Dark Angels firmly asked their allies not to deny their secret oath. Unwillingly, Ektes agreed to follow his allies into battle under high pressure, startled by the aggressiveness they shown but not decided to break his word and show his honor as a Son of the Lion. Final preparations were made for the assault when an alert sounded in the Death's Redeemers’ battle barge’s strategium. Expecting an imminent attack at first, both Astartes leaders discovered that the fleet in approach belonged to the Adepta Sororita. The messages sent by this unexpected ally made things more complicated: suspecting a chaotic infestation on the planet, Sisters sent there had for mission to search for actual clues proving this assertion and, if needed, destroy subversive elements, if it wasn’t too late. The Dark Angels decided to use these allies as bait in order to create a new element of surprise. In conjunction with the Arbites forces on the ground, the Adepta Sororita organized an armed reconnaissance in the suburbs of the main city on the planet. During this time, the Astartes force withdrew, simulating a general fallback and abandoning the ground task force. However, they kept an eye on the Sororita’s action which functioned as planned: drawing the attention of the enemy, they were assailed by a large force, pushing them back from the city. This was the moment: the Dark Angels launched a surprise teleport assault on the fortress, destroying the command centre and capturing the Fallen. Withdrawing, they started an orbital bombardment in order to destroy the Ecclesiarchy’s forces, witness of their action. Ektes stood witness of all these actions in awe: he couldn’t believe anymore in the legitimacy of this hunt that was driving Astartes forces to fight and kill the very ones they were made to protect. Acting boldly, he rushed in order to retrieve his men stuck on the planet. Seeing this, the Dark Angels force stopped shooting. But this was a mere satisfaction: the Ecclesiarchy’s ships, believing the Death's Redeemers were the source of the attack against their forces started to shoot at them, while the Dark Angels were swiftly disappearing. In his anger, Ektes ordered to destroy the Ecclesiarchy’s ships that attacked them, retrieve their brothers on the ground and leave the planet. Since then, and after a very violent explanation with the Dark Angels, the Death's Redeemers have voluntarily forsaken their oath to hunt the Fallen and strive to earn forgiveness for their actions. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q578/kydoimos2/Deaths%20Redeemers%20tactical%20marine_zpsdsvxcsxt.jpg Brother Rheto, 2nd tactical squad, 5th Company [http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q578/kydoimos2/Terminator%201ere%20Cie_zpsnuto6eal.jpg Veteran Brother Nedam, 1st Company ORGANIZATION The chapter organization is in keeping with the Codex Astartes. There are 10 companies: the first one regroup the Chapter’s veterans, either equipped with Terminator armor or classical power armor; the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th companies are battle companies led by captains and made of 6 tactical squads, 2 assaults squads and 2 devastator squad, each of them having their own armory and dedicated Dreadnoughts. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th companies are reserve companies and the 10th squad is made of scouts. The Death's Redeemers have a high number of drop pods due to their tactical doctrine and assaults squads are also trained to excel in boarding actions. Their veteran in Terminator armor equally favors teleporting assault in these situations or planet fall attacks. The Chapter’s fleet is a reflection of their combat doctrine. The Death's Redeemers own few capital class ships compared to others chapters and focus rather on small, fast and aggressive ships. Their void combat doctrine is similar to their planetary engagements: they favor close quarters actions through the massive use of boarding torpedoes. Once on board, their assault squads, specifically equipped, are tasked with the destruction of the main propulsive elements of the enemy ships whereas their Terminators squads are looking for leaders in order to destroy them utterly, ending the fight as quickly as possible. The Death's Redeemers’ power armor is painted in black and ivory colors. They adhere strictly to the Codex Astartes’ principles regarding companies, squads and officers distinctive signs. SELECTED BATTLE HONORS The Occlusiad War [550.M37] Albeit far from Praxidika VII, the Death’s Redeemers took part to this conflict suspecting the presence of a Fallen behind the Blind King actions. The Death’s Redeemers distinguished themselves by leading several bold boarding operations in the numerous void battles that occurred during this conflict. Break-up with the Dark Angels [723.M38] The Death’s Redeemers, following the events on the planet of Merak, give up their hunt of the Fallen and publicly adhere to the Codex Astartes. They also develop their ties with the Ultramarines, which are now considered as their source of inspiration. The Redemption Crusades [131.M39] The Death’s Redeemers are a major force accompanying the global burst leading to the recovery of numerous worlds across the Imperium. The First Tyranic War [745.M41] Based on a world close to Ultramar, the Death’s Redeemers had to defend themselves against a tendril of the Hive Fleet Behemoth. However, the poor amount of biomass on Praxidika VII weakened the aliens that couldn’t get enough genetic material to renew their strength. However, the victory was hard-won and the chapter suffered important losses, until they could destroy the last Tyranids force disoriented after the victory of the Ultramarines in the battle for Macragge.
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