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  1. Hey everyone, I am starting to get into genestealer cults and was planning on doing a heavily mechanized list with lots of goliath trucks and using my own custom cult. But I have found a weird rules interaction that I can't seem to find an answer to online or in the rule book. So because the goliath truck has open-topped rule I was planning on have my mining lasers & seismic guns shoot out the back in the early game while the trucks get the units into position. What I am trying to figure out is how does this work with cross fire. Do I have to shoot both the transport, and the unit in the transport at the same target for crossfire? As well I can't figure out if I can have the truck shoot at the target first to give it a crossfire marker with its autocannon, and then have the unit inside shoot at the same target with the benefit of the marker (sort of like some cult tracer fire). The way I am reading it seems like they are treated as separate units as I have found only the data sheet has any reference to how the rule works (listed below). I was hoping to get some other people to chime in on this as this seems like a fairly unconventional list but in playtesting I have been having an awesome time with it. Open-topped: In your Shooting phase, units embarked within this TRANSPORT can be selected to shoot with; measure distances and draw line of sight from any point on this TRANSPORT when doing so. If this TRANSPORT made a Normal Move, Advanced or Fell Back this turn, embarked units are considered to have done the same. While this TRANSPORT is within Engagement Range of any enemy units, embarked units cannot shoot, except with Pistols.
  2. Yesterday we started our first Dominion Campaign. Our group has four players, myself and another player who are Necromunda veterans, one player who's played a bit of Necromunda in the past and one completely new player. For our first campaign as a group we decided to do a very basic Dominion Campaign, just to get used to the basic mechanics and advancing gangs. It would also serve as a test for people to get used to founding a gang for a campaign and the kind of decisions they should be making (skills, gear vs warm bodies etc). I thought it'd be fun just to do some basic documentation of how the campaign goes, as well as the fortunes and trials of the gangs involved. We're not going to burden ourselves with background for this campaign, just gang and fighter names, so this might be a bit dry, concentrating mainly on the advancements and technical aspects rather than the story. The only change we're making is to base campaign phases on a round robin, rather than a time period, as one of our players sometimes works weekends and can't guarantee that he will be available every week. So for each week of a normal Dominion campaign, we'll be playing 3 games each, once against each opponent. That way everybody gets the same number of games and hopefully stays around a similar power level. Once this campaign is over and everyone feels comfortable with the campaign mechanics, we'll dive into a much bigger campaign, complete with a full storyline, gang background, settlement background, custom scenarios, the full campaign rules (including the extra rules in the Book of Peril) and more. Of course, I'll make sure I post pictures of the gangs and terrain as we progress, hopefully including some in-game shots and brief reports. This campaign will go hand in hand with us building and painting our Necromunda collections, so there should be picture progress of the gangs evolving as well. The gangs taking part are: Lodge of the Pure Blood (Genestealer Cult) A supremacist religious group from Hive Secundus who seek to purify the gene pool of Necromunda, by coercian or force. Hella's Belles (House Escher) A gang of thrill-seeking Escher trying to carve out a piece of the Underhive to call their own and have some fun in the process. Crusade of Expiation (House Cawdor) A group of outcast Cawdor zealots attempting to atone for past sins with blood and fire. Architects of Planck (House Van Saar) A gang of rad-obsessed techs looking to expand the territory of House Van Saar. They'll be fighting over a section of the Underhive containing the following territories: Sludge Sea. Collapsed Dome. Refuse Drift. Bone Shrine. Needle Ways. Synth Still. Smelting Works. Mine Workings. Tunnels. Toll Crossing. Tech Bazaar. Generatorium. I'll update this list as territories change hands. But for now, it's all up for grabs. Full gang lists coming later today. Hopefully there's something useful/interesting in this for people to enjoy :).
  3. As the thread title would suggest, I'm wondering what your thoughts would be on using a thanatar calix model to count as a tyrannofex with rupture cannon to run alongside my GSC. Personally I think it would fit thematically with my personal cult that is mechanicus themed.
  4. Hi guys, im starting GSC, wanted to test some colour schemes but i havenĀ“t been able to find that colour schemeof Tooth & Claw, can anyone lend a hand to this new cultist? Cheers
  5. 1st Objective :- Create, Convert and Paint a Lieutenant/Wolf Guard Battle Leader of the Unforgiven/Sons of Russ or BOTH. 2nd Objective :- Paint one of the Commanders of the Genestealer Cult Armies. Rules :- 1. Single miniature which must be converted/kitbashed in some way (Can be part of a squad) 2. Can paint one of each. 3. Any gear is fine for whatever model you decide. Regards Primaris (If you want the sword to be something like an Axe etc all good) 4. Units applicable 1st Objective Primaris Lieutenants Lieutenants Wolf Guard Battle Leader 2nd Objective Magus Primus Acolyte Iconward 5. Open from the 1st of September 12pm UK time till the 1st of October 12pm UK time. I want to foster a little competition and a nice challenge too, and if it goes well I will be hosting others challenges like it. I might even attempt a forum wide one (Grotsmasha thanks for the inspiration man *Tips hat*) Prize :- A unique badge for the winner. Bragging rights if we ARE Space Wolves. A standard badges for all. The judges will pick 3 favourites and the community will be able to vote on who wins. Once thats decided I will put the top 2 against each other in a head to head vote for the Commander of the Challenge. Here is the OATH I (name), with all my strength, honour and faith in the Lion, pledge my Commander(name). Failure of my oath is not an option. I (name), in name of Fenris, Russ and the Allfather, Swear this oath. my Jarl(name). I (name), in the name of the Star Children and all the blessing of the Four Armed Emperor swear master (name) Medallions for signature. Participants Dark Rage Brother Sgt Arkley deathspectersgt7 Fr33Dom Lostrael G8Keeper Brother Karael CardinalVirtue Cpt_Reaper Grotsmasha LokkoRex Aulus Spaced Hulk
  6. Monday? More like FUNday when you have a brand-new Glacial Geek Battle Report! https://youtu.be/S5XVpdno1hw This week my Genestealer Cult take on the Salamanders! The call came in with an urgent message. The local Planetary Defense Force had been overrun and anarchy had taken over. Imperial Society was on the verge of collapse. The rebellion seemed to be led by a Genestealer Cult. Normally this call would be sent on to the Deathwatch, experts in purging the Alien, but this case was special. The planet in question was in the same system as Nocturn, the homeworld for the Salamanders. They could not allow a planet so close to their home to fall to vile xenos worshipers. Vulkan He'Stan himself rallied a force to go and liberate the planet. Would the Salamanders be able to root out the Cult and bring order back to the planet, or would the Four-Armed God gain another planet ripe for a Hive Fleet? Watch and find out!
  7. Well as we will soon get another edition of Necromunda I think its time I started a thread for my InquisiGorkaMundaHeim28 TM (IGMH28) warbands. Currently I have or am working on an Escher gang, a Brat gang, a Scavvy gang (Confrontation style Scavs, not the toxic looking 'Munda scavs) and a 'Wastelanders' gang (I play a lot of Fallout and Boarderlands ) I run using the 'Unknown Warriors' rules to create my own gang. Annoyingly most of the images are on my old laptop that I don't have access to at the moment, these are all I could find at the moment. Just for the record I would like to state that all of these are VERY WiP. My Escher. (L-R) Holly Kaust (Heavy) Tiny Tina (Juve) Jenny Cyde and Bittercup Chibbi (Gangers) The ladies from another angle. I think since I took these pictures Jenny has lost her hat, but I have plenty of Berets in the Scion kit so she can still have her Military look. I have also started on the Leader, but she isn't even near ready enough for a pic, but she has got a top hat! My Brats (L-R) Emilie (Juve) and Mistress Sickay0 (Leader) Sickay0 wont be keeping those legs, I just stuck them on so I don't loose the body, might change that sword as well for a Chainsword. Due to staring at these minis for a few years I can say that I have lost interest in finishing them off at the moment. Due to the hype surrounding NuMunda I want to try something new whilst I am all twitchy and excited. ''But Slave, you always complain like an old grognard about how old GW is better, I cant see you trying anything new!'' Ahh yes that is true younglings, but even though I'm doing something new Ill still be keeping it Oldschool. ''What do you mean venerable Greybeard??'' I'm glad you asked... +++ Back in my younger days when I had hair on the top of my head and is wasn't grey we had a game printed in White Dwarf over a number of issues called Confrontation, (I wont go on a nostalgic ramble as most of you know what I'm talking about, if you don't shoot me a PM and Ill eventually get round to emailing you the old articles) and they had a particularly cool looking gang called the Venators. Venators - Official Bounty Hunters, Wytchfinders and Mutant Hunters. Sound like a nice bunch of chaps don't they? So looking at the artwork available the main features that stand out to me are the Hoods, Masks, Boots and some form of padded Flak jacket. For the heads I will try tweaking the masks that come with the Fantasy Witch Elves/whatever the other unit is dual kit, hoods will be greenstuffed. Torso will most probably come from Bretonnian Men at Arms or Archers and some of the bits from the Mordheim Mercanarys/Empire Millita kit. The legs/kinky leather boots Im not too sure, I think I have some suitable legs left over from the Mordheim kit, if not the greenstuff will be coming out again. Ill have a look for suitable axes, the old Fantasy Chaos Warrior kit has some nice axes and they go quite nice on Space Wolf minis as well. The noose around the neck is easy, Empire Flagellants have plenty if I remember correctly. As for weapons the old Confrontation charts gave Venators a higher chance of starting with Needlers and Web Guns (all equipment was chosen randomly for a starting gang, I quite liked that actually). I know we don't know exactly what the new rules will bring us for weapons so I will keep the equipment generic, though I will convert up a few minis armed with the exotic weaponry so I can still use the gang in Inquisitor 28 games etc. Hopefully I will get my stuff back soon so I can crack on and get the ball rolling. The only thing I don't have in my bits box is axes so this will be a cheap project for once.
  8. Well, deicided to make a start on my cultists inspired by these new releases from weekender (in between working on the forces of Prospero, new and old). back in another life I had a lot of the old metal hybrids and have always had a soft spot for Genestealers since Space Crusade. so first up: Cult leadership, inspired by a classic :-) :
  9. Now that we can post those filthy Xenos Scum, I figured I'd get you all up to speed. I am Rednekkboss, not because I'm a redneck (though I was brought up as one...and proud of it), but because my Ork Warband is called the Rednekkz! And yes, they have always been rather Orky, because my dice either love or hate me.... never anything in between. They have gone through several incarnations and here are some of the models in the present one. First, an underwhelming Trukk in progress..... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-EwC72388JJ8/UjKiiUVbjQI/AAAAAAAABT4/cFTyuc12KdE/s1600/OrkTrukkWip.jpg One of the Warbosses, Kap'n Bludbeard. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-qpp9QWLh8s8/Uh1xpXx6apI/AAAAAAAABR4/NRbmmSTUBXo/s1600/KapnBludbeard.jpg Some striped pants Freebootin' Stormboyz.... http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XaADdW_onzo/VAkxhXzO9SI/AAAAAAAAB3M/2I0lVvrqoMo/s1600/Stormboyzdone.jpghttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-11c8JAXZuF4/VAkxt4vX_MI/AAAAAAAAB3U/3J_K-jRJNzM/s1600/Stormbzx3.jpg Ol' Dok Wingnutz... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-V94VkqaiZp8/VUmNvUnPEvI/AAAAAAAACQc/HHI_rX0vsbU/s1600/DokDone1.jpghttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/--javV1GT5aA/VUmNwtOxR7I/AAAAAAAACQk/ZHK_B3ftveo/s1600/DokDone2.jpg And Da Genrul Rustbutt kil Lee! Who has put in as much time standing in for Ghazzy as he has as a Deff Dred. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3yc75EXYDFU/Uh1yJTNE2tI/AAAAAAAABSA/vI5V3OlMXw4/s1600/DaGenral.jpg But wait... there's more. Tin soldiers! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-w-ipxaR5dfA/VPO_E6llLjI/AAAAAAAACGg/AKJVnUOwgmc/s1600/10necrons.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-64qXiqJOtuo/VPO_L5IFwdI/AAAAAAAACGo/o4dDxWSVleg/s1600/5necrons.jpg The base colors laid in... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FpgNfA1gyfQ/VRTpG9ZNsjI/AAAAAAAACJA/9DVsGVBLnI4/s1600/4crons02.jpg As for the bugs and their slimy cultists. I'm stuck between a cockroach/palmeto bug like scheme and a blue crab. I have some old metal carnifexes and I have started to try and update them. They will be 10 pound by the time I'm done... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MQ_Kze42_dU/UwvMdqqJoOI/AAAAAAAABmw/RqsnmvGMMQY/s1600/Carapace04.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CX7nQN45YsM/UwvMgAozJ8I/AAAAAAAABm4/65vwIt4B5o8/s1600/Carapace05.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-g1QSyQGVocY/Uvr6VrkunZI/AAAAAAAABlA/-3oEUqcS12M/s1600/Carapace02.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ljTZqsyNyGk/UvMJJeDdMYI/AAAAAAAABkw/ptlq61hagjI/s1600/Carapace01.jpg There might even be Eldar or Aeldari or whatever as well (other than as casualties on bases) since the wife has an army she just doesn't have time for anymore. That's it for the filthy Xenos for now. Cheers Ya'll!
  10. Edit: the internet ate all my pictures, and I used that as an excuse to make a blog. In future all my battle reports and other stuff will be here: https://redtoof.blogspot.co.uk/ Hello. I'm doing some battle reports! You may have seen me do a report for my Orks, and another for my Adeptus Mechanicus. Well here it's like that, only with Tyranids (and later Genestealer Cults). My reports are a bit lazy and the photos are a bit low quality (taken on an iPad) but hopefully the results are interesting or at least the tolerable. My regular opponent (who shall from this moment forth be known as John) and I decided to run a little narrative campaign, chaos vs tyranids, so most of my battles in the near future will be Nid related. With that in mind; backstory: "In the wake of behemoth's defeat and removal from the worlds of ultramar, some lingering tyranids remain on the world of Talassar Tertius. A system of worlds that has had a turbulent past, a past that is catching up with it as the Emperors Children send a warband to retrieve an ancient artefact. In the wake of the 3rd legion's arrival, a warp storm erupts to cut off the Talassar system from any and all contact from beyond its Mandeville point. Leaving a company of Wild Cards, an Ultramarine successor chapter stranded after being dispatched to cleanse the remaining tyranid taint." This scenario is a modified patrol mission, where the Tyranids and the Emperor's Children are both attackers with 1000 point armies, while an additional 1000 point force of space marines is deployed on the board semi-randomly. The space marines act in their own turn, shooting what the can see (randomising between the two players). Points were awarded for killing enemy units. The space marine units were worth double victory points to encourage killing them first before we turn on each other. My army was Old One Eye, a Broodlord, 5 warriors, 15 Genestealers, 24 Termagants, 4 ripper swarms and two carnifexes. John had Lucius, a lord on a steed, 10 cultists, 2 units of fully loaded out noise marines and a newly FAQed Sonic dreadnought. The Wildcards consisted of two dreadnoughts, 2 tactical squads, scout squad, land speed storm, rhino and a vanguard veteran squad. Deployment. We both use command points to expand our forces. The Wildcards are placed by taking turns to deploy markers then randomising which unit corresponds to which marker. I got to go first and tried to pick up an easy two points for killing the scouts. Shooting was disappointing. John's shooting removes the veterans from the woods. In the following space marine turn the Wildcards remove some Termagants. It was about here we decided the Wildcards are renowned for their card based one liners. "Pick a card... any card" BLAM. My reserves start to arrive. I used command points to get them in easier. Everything but the rippers turn up. Genestealers and Broodlord murder the tactical squad, while my shooting finishes off the scouts. Old One Eye and his younger, two eyed brother charge into the Wildcard vehicles in the centre. OOE whiffs badly with his crushing claws. New model syndrome. The noise marines turn their attention onto the Genestealers, and rudely wipe them out. They did nothing to you John! Nothing! In the Space Marine turn the dreadnought bellows over its vox "All In!" as it smashes good old newly painted One Eye into bits. The Broodlord has a taste for tactical marines now. Between smite, rending claws and morale, he finished off the unit, leaving himself somewhat exposed. As the sergeant falls, the Broodlord gurgles "Checkmate!", not really understanding human games. Warriors blow up the storm and get a mortal wound for their troubles. Noise marines split their fire between the exposed Broodlord and the damaged dreadnought in the centre. They get the points for the dread but Broodlord survives on 3 wounds. The cultists and the lord arrive from reserve to attack the last dreadnought. I think it was actually brought down by a cultist after the lord dropped it to one wound. "I... fold..." I do some fancy charge manoeuvres to make sure the Broodlord is not the closest target (this time). The Horror is cast on the dreadnought. I do literally need the Broodlord and both Carnifexes to finally kill the rhino. The forces of the Imperium have finally been scraped off the board. Warriors catch the lord out and charge in. Boneswords do some damage but he is disappointingly left on 2 wounds. In the following turn the cultists charge in after shooting up a Termagant (We joked they found him all alone, assumed he was some kind of specialist and were super pleased with themselves for killing him.) Lord and chums finish off the warriors before they can swing. The noise marines have a terrible shooting phase, doing a total of two wounds to a carnifex from their entire army. (And a dead Termagant from the cultists.) I am foolishly persuaded by this to engage, shoving my remaining forces towards the noise marines. Well almost all my remaining forces. My monsters butcher a unit of noise marines, but take damage from overwatch and noise marines shooting upon their death and the remaining Emperor's children do not fail a second time to kill them off. All that's left for me is a single carnifex and the rippers. The dex runs away from the noise marines, but is caught by the lord. Overwatch takes off one wound, and I roll 3 out of 4 saves against the lord's power fist, but it's not quite enough as the wounded fex is felled. The lord surveys the battlefield. The final scores are added up. Thanks to killing many of the imperial units I scored 11 points, but John just squeaked past with a total of 12. Great game, not too serious but full of fun little narrative moments. We commented that the last edition was the edition of 'Forge the narrative', but it seems to be much easier to forge in the new streamlined rule set. It was decided that via eating of brains, both the chaos forces and the hive mind know the location of a tech priest who has more information about the artefact the Emperor's Children seek. He will be found in a hive city currently being overrun by the Tyranids. In the next battle the Tyranids will be trying to reinforce from the local Genestealer cultists, while the Emperor's Children press their advantage and assault the hive. Using the cool mission matrix thing in the book, we determined the next mission would be No Mercy. Although we might put a little narrative spin on it.
  11. Hello I'm at a place with my Imperial Guard that I feel comfortable just adding the occasional unit to and committing to a second army with the Guard. Admech and Genestealer both have fantastic ranges and great bits to kitbash into my guardsmen as well! I like the character models for both ranges as well and the fluff. Admech Pros: Great metallics Unique looking and powerful vehicles to have fun modelling and painting Repair spam. Cawl Excuse to eventually get a knight Bits for weapons not found in guard boxes Great looking new flyer Could make cool kitbashed Mechanicus trained veteran squads Cons: One strong tone across all robes Lots of spindly bits to snap off Might be too similar to IG gunline? Silly looking new transport model Genestealer Cults Pros: Another horde army Lots of kitbash and weapon swap opportunities can finally create penal guard conscripts or vets with shotguns More opportunity to use models I already own Fun new psychic powers Motorcycles and demo charges Different types of xenos, clothes etc.. variety of painting Cons: Another horde army Lots of new rules Current imperial guard army might not aesthetically fit with xenos Smaller vehicles
  12. From the album: St. Katherine's Aegis: Genestealer Cult

    This is the model that will represent the Patriarch at Heroic level in the Chronicle of Saint Katherine's Aegis.
  13. From the album: St. Katherine's Aegis: Genestealer Cult

    This was my first challenge for 12 Months of Hobby, February 2021. These four purestrains will be the primogenitors of a genestealer cult after their clever escape from the Hunter Class vessel Ashallon's Rage. You can learn more about the Cult of the Living Thresher here: Faction: Cult of the Living Thresher (GSC) This escape was the first game in The Chronicles of Saint Katherine's Aegis, and these were the first models painted for the campaign.
  14. From the album: Terrain

    Areas A, B and C are entry points for Marines Areas 1, 2 and 3 are entry points for Genestealers You can find the scenario for this image here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/368942-faction-cult-of-the-living-thresher-gsc/
  15. From the album: HERESY

    Taken with a potato. Also, hotel lighting is awful.
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