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  1. EVENT FLIER Had a look through this project thread and want to give Epic Space Marine a go? Live in the UK in proximity of Cardiff? Come & Play Epic Space Marine Warhammer 30,000 Firestorm Games, Cardiff. Saturday 11th March 2023 from 12pm Firestorm Games page - Epic Space Marine Participation & Demonstration Quick clarification - 'Epic' here refers to the 6mm scale, rather than any indication of quality! I've been collecting Epic 6mm for some time now, and thought it would be interesting to write up a blog featuring some background (which will hopefully help direct the course of the project), miniature and modelling pics as well as battle reports as I go along, featuring both the infamous 12th legion and the foes unfortunate enough to lie in their path. I realise that the little guys aren't the most common scale, so this will hopefully act as a guide as well to anyone who fancies having a go themselves. So if anyone has any queries about the things featured in this blog, please ask away! So without further ado.. Background and Setting This project will cover the exploits of the 12th Legion following the discovery of Angron, and the re-naming of the legion as the World Eaters. Angron has (somewhat reluctantly) taken his place as Primarch of the legion and his influence has started to be felt, in the form of the Butcher's Nails psycho-surgery that transforms the troops into raving lunatics that want to hurt things badly. This quote from the Horus Heresy book 1: Betrayal (via Lexicanum) captures the exact moment in Pre-Heresy history: After this event (the Ghenna Massacre), the Emperor moved to intervene, reprimanding Angron and ordering the prohibition of the Butcher's Nails and similar psycho-surgery. He further ordered the World Eaters out of the main line of the Great Crusade, sending them to the northern fringes of known space to combat xenos instead of human foes. This exile, likely intended as a punishment, instead allowed the World Eaters the freedom to operate without higher Imperial observation; they did not cease from the practices the Emperor had forbidden My own take on this is that an Expedition of the Crusade (one of the later ones, the 3001st) of the World Eaters, Blood Angels, Imperial Army (inc. Abhuman regiments) has ventured into the distant galactic north, beyond the Segmentum Obscurum. There they have encountered an enormous Ork Empire, which is currently expanding and gobbling up both human worlds (un-encountered since the Long Night) and other alien worlds. Why this setting? Well for me the most interesting period of the World Eaters was always when they had started to transition into the frothing berserkers that they would later become, but elements of the 'Combined Arms' still exist - which gives a lot more modelling variety and opportunity to represent units from all aspects of warfare, and all of the elements that involves. Finally, the 6mm epic scale gives an ideal opportunity to have thousands of troops clashing amongst ruined city blocks, while Titans and other massive war machines fight alongside them. Orks would be a great opponent for them (no double looking forward to the good scrap!) and also have a great miniature range at small scale. The inclusion of the Blood Angels is to allow me to do some other Legion troops if necessary - Coming from Signus Prime, these companies have got their own demons to hide so probably wouldn't be looking too closely at their peers in the 12th. Also we do know that the Great Crusade often grouped 'more hurty' troops and legions together, to complement each other when they didn't want prisoners, so the combination seemed a logical one. The 'other aliens' bit allows me to include some of the more flowery denizens of the 30/40k universe - maybe even some we haven't seen yet! That's it for now - I'll start posting units I've already finished soon, as well as more 'in character' posts based on the stories of the 3001st expedition! Any comments (or even challenges) to the background definitely welcomed! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_HLHHRrTQbv8/Sl8JfMkD3bI/AAAAAAAAAD8/un9opbzLzUo/S150/backginfoicon.jpg
  2. Hey folks, I know Heresy 2.0 is all the rage at the moment, but just a quick post to see if anyone is undertaking any Crusade-era projects? I'm currently nearing the end of an Epic force which is based around 200 years in and focussing on the World Eaters (just as they are becoming bad boys!) World Eater project blog I've always enjoyed the additional scope of imagination and breadth of modelling opportunities that the Crusade era can present (you can do anything from the first 'numbered' Legions and the conquest of the Sol system, all the way up until Ullanor and the start of the 'turn'!) and there is a lot more grey area for people to come up with their own ideas, or pick up on things that were just mentioned as a sentence or two in the BL books and are intriguingly enigmatic - I'm amazed I haven't seen any projects looking at the Dark Angels taking on the Rangdan for example! Anyway just a thread to see if anyone is working on anything would love to see it, or if you are thinking of doing something but not sure, post here and it will be interesting to discuss!
  3. Details of event: Epic Space Marine Participation & Exhibition Game Did you used to play Epic Space Marine back in ye olde days of yore? (Early 90s?) Perhaps you weren't even born then and think Epic is a word used in front of 'skateboarding fails' videos on YouTube? Either way, if you wanted to see the game in action and take part in a casual and fun environment, now is your chance! The version on display is the 2nd edition of the game, released in 1991, with elements of the 1994 edition Titan Legions included. Because it is played at 6mm scale (which is very small!) it means you can assemble an awful lot of troops on a tabletop! Come along and see why this game was a best-seller for Games Workshop for many years; take control of entire armoured companies, Titan battle groups and massive Ork Hordes as you grind the opposition to dust! (It's easy to learn and our Epic enthusiasts will show you how!) Come & Play Epic Space Marine Warhammer 30,000 Firestorm Games, Cardiff. Saturday 11th March 2023 from 12pm Price: Free Link to Firestorm Games event page (you can 'sign up' here to confirm attendance) Link to the Event flier page where you can find out more details Finally, the project blog for the forces featured in the event has been hosted in Bolter & Chainsword's own blog/Age of Darkness section, you can see more here: Bolter & Chainsword project log
  4. Hi folks, A quick background question on the Drukhari/Dark Eldar during the Great Crusade. We know that the birth of Slaanesh and the destruction of the Eldar caused the warp storms around the galaxy to abate and the Emperor to embark on the Great Crusade. The Eldar that had seen that the excrement was about to hit the fan had embarked on their craftworlds (we have some description of these in Fulgrim). My question is what form/appearance would the Dark Eldar have had around that time? Their 'fall' had been relatively recent - would they have already had their full 40k-mode of spikes and slave girls? Or would they have been more recognisably equivalent to their Craftworld Cousins, with warrior aspects still existing in some form (perhaps with some initial 'mark' with trophies and adornments of their armour?) Am thinking of recreating miniature wise and very grateful for any thoughts!
  5. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  6. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  7. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  8. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  9. Encrypted File: DSP///TERRA. . . Recipients: Wider Imperium. . . Decrypting. . . Greetings venerable battle brothers and filthy xenos scum! I present to you a new project. Imperium Divided, another AU story of new Primarchs, legions, and their struggles for dominance over the galaxy. What we're looking for: - People with a decent knowledge of the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy Era with their own unique ideas. - Warhammer fans with their own 'lost legions' to replace the canon ones in an alternate version of the Great Crusade. - Artists and writers able to tell stories around these legions and the myriad forces they encounter. - Long-Term commitment. This project will not be over in a week. We're going to be working on this for a *long* time, so if you aren't able to stay in contact very frequently, and have time to write and create, then this project may not be for you. If you're interested, reply to the thread or shoot me a message! We're looking for about 10 more legions, and as many other writers as want to join! If not, that's cool too. This kind of thing isn't for everyone, I get that. Hope to hear from you all soon!
  10. Dreadwing: A 30K Dark Angels Blog Being an account of the Siege of Koth, believed by many to be the last true compliance of the Great Crusade, fought even as heresy and betrayal cast their shadows over all that we had created. It also serves as a rare insight into the strategic tendencies of the First Legion, and a near perfect example of their strength, determination and ruthlessness, qualities that the Traitor forces would learn to respect and even fear in the dark years that followed. ~ DRAMATIS PERSONAE ~ ARTURIUS, Knight Delegatus, tasked with bringing the Koth Sub Sector to compliance MORDRED, Master of the 7th Chapter, Commander of the 56th Expeditionary Fleet THELIAL WYRMBANE, Paladin of the 10th Order KAELON, Knight-Chaplain of the 7th Chapter BARACHIEL, The Knight of Woe, Centurion of the 22nd Assault Company BALIAN, First Knight of the Bladesworn Veterans ZARAEL, Legionary, Arrius II Destroyer Squad TITUS CROM, Voted Successor of the Dreadwing * * * In truth I feel sorry for the Kotheans, even though I know I should not. I know that they brought this destruction upon themselves: that they scorned the Emperor's Vision for the future of Mankind; that they rejected our offer of peaceful integration into his Great Imperium; and that when informed of the consequences of their response they murdered our emissaries in cold blood, declaring war on Him and all his subjects. There is no debate that they deserved this fate. Still, I feel sympathy towards them. As I watch the vast funeral pyres consuming their home world, I cannot help but think that if they had known the true horror of what would be unleashed against them, then perhaps their decision might have been different. As for the First, they did their duty as they always do. But each time I witness their cold, calculated fury on the battlefield, and the abject devastation that inevitably follows, I must confess it is not pride I feel. it is simply dread. - Attributed to the Remembrancer Ivon Zhenka, attached to the 56th Expeditionary Fleet
  11. The Wolves of Cthonia I have recently started the hobby up again for myself after completing a friends army, I am currently in the process of working on a World Eaters company, however I have been inspired to move back to something I have had in the works for a while to progress alongside it. The Sons of Horus. I won't plow this thread with any fluff unless people wish for it, I do have a fair bit of background. Here is the start. Captain Khurgan Brother Vorreddon Brother Turor Brother Deciax Brother Solax Brother Vangar Brother Lykos Brother Addol Brother Mortur Brother Vorgall I have a few squads to make up yet, some Reavers, a SoH command set, Abaddon and Horus to get through. I will be brutally honest, I won't be getting round to painting until I reach the halfway point. So stay tuned for a hefty project.
  12. The rise and fall of The Ashen Crows The XI Legion Hey guys, Here's the start of my missing legion project. This is my 4th attempt to create a missing legion, but I hope by creating this blog i will be encourage to follow of through with it till the end. The Lore is currently in the works but basically they have a large amount of apothecaries and do a lot of studing of xenos races. Their primarch is a giant apothecary pretty much. Though due to his upbringing on his home world he is physically the weakness of the primarchs though makes up for it in his vast knowledge of biology and other scientific fields. The primarch landed on a planet which had been devastated by a virus, reducing most living things to ash. The primarch being a primarch was immune to the viruses effects and was found by a recon team. Seeing the child primarch they captured him and took him back to the capitol: a huge network of bio-domes that protects them from the virus. It was the decided that the primarch would be tested on in order to find a cure. All these test devastated the primarch physically and mentally to the point where he developed a spilt personality, one half compassionate, kind, charismatic. the other cold, calculating and savage. his darker side takes over, which through force breaks out and goes to hunt down the scientists. he ends up in a forest, overwhelmed with the beauty and complexity of other life his normal side takes over. eventually found by the head scientist, the primarch finds out he was tested on so that they could find a cure, "to bring this world back from the ashes, you are the ember that will ignite a new age". but also finds that the scientist test him had suffered mentally, traumatised by what they had done to a living being. This pretty much gives the primarch his moral compass, he feels that sacrifices have to be made in order to progress. but feels that humans shouldn't have to suffer in wars. The primarch is trained under the scientists and quickly surpasses them in all fields of science, especially biology. using his knowledge he starts to terraform the planet, then papa emps arrives. The primarch came into the legion with saddness, finding out the suffering affecting the galexy and how men are having to give away their lives in order to fight. He praised all of his new found sons, and promised that one day no one will have to suffer in the acts of war ever again. the first recruits taken from the home planet was criminals, the primarch deeming them the only ones worthless enough to loose nothing from joining the legion. As time went on, the primarch grew to hate the solar axilla and imperial milta and would force them to retreat or he would not fight. seeing it as a waste of life. often before and during battles his personalities would argue, each one having different ways to achieve the same goal. depending on who won out wars could be focused on protecting the world, or bringing it to the torch. "by killing thousands we could save billions". The primarch decided to improve the space marine recruitment process and started to grow test tube humans, whos genetics would allow them to be more susceptible to the gene seed in-plant. The humans born were raised in the ships and fortress of the legion learning the lesson of the primarch and the imperial truth. I'm still working on all the details but this is just a basic outline.
  13. Hi all I've recently gotten back into the hobby, having stopped around the end of 2015 due to health reasons. I started again with a true scale Fallen Angel, but never went anywhere with that fella. Fast forward to last week, I finally took the plunge and made a start on my pre-heresy XIIIth Legion. I must admit that my painting skills aren't flash, but they seem to look good at tabletop height. I'm trying to include an image with this first post, however I'm not very tech savvy despite being a bairn at 23.
  14. That was eventually bound to happen. Inspired by Simison's Halcyon Wardens and Raktra's Berserkers of Uran (as well as Athrawes' II Legion, although in a slightly more distant measure), I have decided to have a go at both expunged legions. Given my perpetually empty wallet, I probably won't be building them anytime soon, but I might be adding a few "transfer marines" to my next IW squad.
  15. Air War Scelapa Prologue 971.M30 - Scelapa, Dread Clouds, Yiaxes Sector, Ultima Segmentum Following orders derived from XIXth Legion command, the 22nd Grand Company (Tactical), supported by the 289th Falkan Grenadiers and 72nd Heavy Fighter Wing, along with select forces from Legio Ferrax, preemptively deploy to the Imperial frontier world of Scelapa to ward the civilian populace against the encroaching tide of Waaagh! Gargunz. This particular Ork enemy, as demarcated by numerous Legion records, has followed a pattern of large scale attack-and-fade strategies, and the Primarch Haedran has devised a plan to to cut off Gargunz Skyscreama's advance and decapitate the enemy leadership in a bait-and-flank maneuver. Scelapa, positioned adjacent to the direction of Skyscreama's advance, is the crux upon which this scheme rests. To the men and women stationed on and above Scelapa, such high strategies are worlds away. There is only to imminent and unavoidable green tide that will soon arrive at their door. For Captain Perrus Nimeon, from his position of system command onboard the XIXth Legion heavy cruiser Scarlet Covenant, this means an inevitable air campaign against the formidable Air Waaagh! of Gargunz Skyskreama's notorious Nite Ridas, the greenskin's preeminent air combat unit, equipped with baffling radar-cloaking and night-flying technologies wrought in fetid xenos laboratories. The air defense will rely on dead reckoning and regular reconnaissance to detect raids. Random encounters will result in knife-fighting and close range engagement. The 22nd Grand Company (Tactical) is far from helpless. Operating from their duty station onboard the Covenant, 3rd Ordinal's premier fighter outfit, the 11th Strike Squadron, the "Rebeleventh", drills incessantly in orbit and planetside, skirmishing in mock asymmetrical combat to prepare for the Nite Ridas' offensive. Alongside them, providing long-range patrol and reconnaissance duties, are the newly minted 72th Heavy Fighter Wing, the "Sept-Duece", in fledgling Thunderbolts. In the coming war, the pilots and crews of these units know their actions with dictate the fate of Scelapa, the Segmentum, and the Great Crusade Dramatis Personae Scelapa Air War - The Defenders - Haedran Durendal* The Clearch Primarch, XIXth Legiones Astartes "Cardinal Guard" Perrus Nimeon Captain, 22nd Grand Company (Tactical), 5th Cohort "Star Warriors", 3rd Ordinal, XIXth Legiones Astartes "Cardinal Guard" Titus "Late" Laterno Captain, 11th Strike Squadron "Rebeleventh", 3rd Ordinal, XIXth Legiones Astartes "Cardinal Guard" Georgea "RAGs" Myteon Flight Colonel, 72nd Heavy Fighter Wing "Sept-Duece", Tactical Air Command, Falkan Expeditionary Air Forces, Falkis - The Aggressors - Gargunz Skyskreama* Warboss and Flyboss-in-Cheefz, Waaagh! Gargunz [COGNOMEN UNKNOWN] Ground Forces Warboss, [uNIT COGNOMEN UNKNOWN], Waaagh! Gargunz Loffa Grotsnipa Flyboss, Nite Ridas Stelff Skwadron, Waaagh! Gargunz *Though not present at the engagement, marked individuals provided limited strategic command.
  16. The Return Just five more minutes, five more minutes. Holdoth nursed his hot drink, just hot and disgusting enough to keep him awake. He took another sip and felt the acidic sting hit the back of this throat. Just five more minutes. He began slowly packing up his few pieces of equipment, hoping to be able to leave the facility the exact moment his shift was over. Why do they even need a void scan overseer at this time of night? No one would come to this nowhere colony, much less at this time of night. If they do, it’s probably above my paygrade anyway. He checked the clock one more time, and decided that if he walked slowly enough, he could start leaving. As he stood up from his chair and turned to leave, a bleem sounded behind him. Holdoth stopped, pausing to listen. Please not another bleem. A second bleem. And then a third. And then several bleems. Holdoth span around to look at the monitors, hoping there was a mechanical error. The scans were detecting a huge fleet approaching, too large to be civilian vessels. Holdoth turned to the servitor in the room. “Hail the fleet and establish their intentions.” Holdoth bit his nails as the Servitor and the scanners rattled with the effort of transmitting. He kept his gaze upon the scanner, seeing what looked like nearly a hundred vessels approaching the planet. Finally, the Servitor responded. “Fleet. Identified. As. Imperial. Expeditionary. Fleet. 421. Admiral. Skataslan. Morvonus. Requesting. Refuelling. Permission.” Holdoth exhaled, steadying himself on the console and then taking a deep breath. He straightened up, smoothed his hair and left the room. He pressed a button on the console and static came over the vox-caster. “Coordinator Fatanus, the scanners detect that Expeditionary Fleet 421 is approaching Ophidia. They wish to refuel.” There was no response for a few seconds. “Expeditionary Fleet 421? We do not have refuelling facilities to service an expeditionary fleet. I am on my way to check these scans.” … The remains of the world of Ophilia were rediscovered five years later, the human population having completely disappeared. Not a single corpse was found, not even skeletons. The weapons batteries showed signs of a limited struggle, ammunition still found in storage. The machines of the planetary government were systematically excavated, the last message still remaining unfinished on the governor’s communication device. R.A.N.G.D...
  17. Alexandros Darshan VonSalim hissed with pain as the Eskut magi pried off the last melted steel from his body. Apothecaries, in white and purple, stepped forward to see to his health. Molten adamantium criss-crossed over his bare, muscled chest. A lesser being may have gone into shock from the pain alone, but Alexandros was a Primarch, one of eighteen exemplary creations of science and war. This wound would not end his life. “My lord,” Zhivka, the Legion’s ranking apothecary, began. “We will have to operate. I could prepare a number of sedatives-“ Alexandros offered a pained grin. “Unless you have nerith on hand, there’s not much point.” The downside of having enhanced regeneration. Alexandros feared very few toxins, but could not benefit from tranquilisers. “I have my own methods. Begin immediately.” Another downside to enhanced regeneration. Skin was swiftly growing around the solidified metal. The apothecaries would have to cut into their Primarch before they could remove the adamantium. The longer they too, the more they would cut. As Alexandros laid his head down, closing his green eyes, he called upon his impressive mental powers. To a degree, pain was illusory. It may travel through nerve cells, but all pain had to be allowed by the mind to register. Alexandros placed a mental wall between himself and the pain as the surgeons cut into his body. Instead, he locked himself within his own mind to pore over his newest orders. His being was already spoken for. He was to travel to the Qarith home world to play a small part in their necessary extinction. With such a small role, he would have to choose among his battalions a mere few to accompany him. The rest would be divided between those that required rest and those ready for the next battlefield. He immersed himself in this task, until a dim awareness alerted him of Zhika’s success. He steadily rose back to physical reality, finding recent pain already dulling before his body’s impressive self-healing. There were advantages of being a Primarch Alexandros would never complain about.
  18. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  19. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  20. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  21. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  22. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

  23. From the album: Models

    © Games Workshop

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