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  1. Quick clarification - 'Epic' here refers to the 6mm scale, rather than any indication of quality! I've been collecting Epic 6mm for some time now, and thought it would be interesting to write up a blog featuring some background (which will hopefully help direct the course of the project), miniature and modelling pics as well as battle reports as I go along, featuring both the infamous 12th legion and the foes unfortunate enough to lie in their path. I realise that the little guys aren't the most common scale, so this will hopefully act as a guide as well to anyone who fancies having a go themselves. So if anyone has any queries about the things featured in this blog, please ask away! So without further ado.. Background and Setting This project will cover the exploits of the 12th Legion following the discovery of Angron, and the re-naming of the legion as the World Eaters. Angron has (somewhat reluctantly) taken his place as Primarch of the legion and his influence has started to be felt, in the form of the Butcher's Nails psycho-surgery that transforms the troops into raving lunatics that want to hurt things badly. This quote from the Horus Heresy book 1: Betrayal (via Lexicanum) captures the exact moment in Pre-Heresy history: After this event (the Ghenna Massacre), the Emperor moved to intervene, reprimanding Angron and ordering the prohibition of the Butcher's Nails and similar psycho-surgery. He further ordered the World Eaters out of the main line of the Great Crusade, sending them to the northern fringes of known space to combat xenos instead of human foes. This exile, likely intended as a punishment, instead allowed the World Eaters the freedom to operate without higher Imperial observation; they did not cease from the practices the Emperor had forbidden My own take on this is that an Expedition of the Crusade (one of the later ones, the 3001st) of the World Eaters, Blood Angels, Imperial Army (inc. Abhuman regiments) has ventured into the distant galactic north, beyond the Segmentum Obscurum. There they have encountered an enormous Ork Empire, which is currently expanding and gobbling up both human worlds (un-encountered since the Long Night) and other alien worlds. Why this setting? Well for me the most interesting period of the World Eaters was always when they had started to transition into the frothing berserkers that they would later become, but elements of the 'Combined Arms' still exist - which gives a lot more modelling variety and opportunity to represent units from all aspects of warfare, and all of the elements that involves. Finally, the 6mm epic scale gives an ideal opportunity to have thousands of troops clashing amongst ruined city blocks, while Titans and other massive war machines fight alongside them. Orks would be a great opponent for them (no double looking forward to the good scrap!) and also have a great miniature range at small scale. The inclusion of the Blood Angels is to allow me to do some other Legion troops if necessary - Coming from Signus Prime, these companies have got their own demons to hide so probably wouldn't be looking too closely at their peers in the 12th. Also we do know that the Great Crusade often grouped 'more hurty' troops and legions together, to complement each other when they didn't want prisoners, so the combination seemed a logical one. The 'other aliens' bit allows me to include some of the more flowery denizens of the 30/40k universe - maybe even some we haven't seen yet! That's it for now - I'll start posting units I've already finished soon, as well as more 'in character' posts based on the stories of the 3001st expedition! Any comments (or even challenges) to the background definitely welcomed! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_HLHHRrTQbv8/Sl8JfMkD3bI/AAAAAAAAAD8/un9opbzLzUo/S150/backginfoicon.jpg
  2. Like many, I have a pretty substantial backlog of models I need to get to, whether it's something new and unpainted or something older I'm hoping to do better than I did when I was 13 (fingers crossed). I have a bunch up in the apartment with me, and I don't even want to think about how many I have in boxes in the basement... Anywho, I've finally started to get back into painting again after a long hiatus, and thought I'd share some of the results here as I go, partly to keep me motivated to keep going! Inspired by the recent World Eaters codex, I've been returning to one of my first 40k loves, the XIIth. I did some kitbashing recently with Terminators, Raptors, AoS Blood Warriors, Wrathmongers and the new Berzerker models, which was great fun. The Berzerkers and converted World Eater jump troops are still on the way, but I'm pretty pleased with the entirely melee-focused Red Butcher Termies (still disappointed the codex didn't make those official) and accompanying Forgefiend: I particularly like how the giant Berzerker chainaxe looks with these guys: And this lad models himself after a Bloodthirster, complete with a double-headed Blood Warrior axe and a Wrathmonger flail: I'm no painting master and never have been, but I'm still pretty pleased with how they came out Next up I think I'll turn to that Deff Dread I've got sitting unpainted, done up Deathskull style...
  3. Bardûl, the Hand of Khorne Formerly a member of the World Eaters' elite Terminator squads, Bardûl rose to prominence when the former master of the Cruentes, Achaeus, descended irrevocably into madness. Leading his most trusted Terminators against the blood-maddened tyrant, Bardûl attacked Achaeus on his command deck. Despite grievous injuries, Bardûl pushed past his adversary's defences and rammed his chainfist into the Astartes's innards. He was not automatically granted leadership of the Cruentes, however. Seven more challengers claimed the position, and Bardûl dispatched every one of them even in his battle-weary state. He earned the right to command the Cruentes. Claiming his title as the Hand of Khorne, Bardûl claimed to be the mortal who would wield the Blood God's armies as a weapon, to spread bloodshed and violence across the galaxy. In battle, Bardûl is indomitable in his heavy Terminator plate, and actively seeks out the most powerful of the enemy champions to slay them himself. He has the Disciple of Khorne Warlord Trait, but currently has no Relics. Kratus, Terminator Champion Amongst Bardûl's most veteran warriors, Kratus leads his master's elite bodyguard. Kratus and his squad were dispatched to assist another Cruentes warband, led by Xarian Doomgore, where they quickly earned a reputation for brutality and bloody efficiency. When Xarian proved to be an inept commander and warrior, Kratus and his Terminators deposed the failing champion. Since re-integrating with Bardûl's warband, several of Kratus's warriors have been dispatched on missions - ostensibly to track down other Cruentes warbands, though in reality Bardûl is aware that the Terminators together pose a threat to his leadership. Kratus and his four Terminators have the Red Butchers stratagem applied to them, via the Specialist Reinforcements requisition. Validon, Berzerker Champion Validon is one of Bardûl's longest-serving Berzerker Champions, and has been instrumental to the cohesion of the Cruentes as a fighting force. He instituted a gradual change to the Eternal Warrior's fighting pits: instead of individual combat, the pits would focus more on squad-based combat. Through repeated training in this manner over hundreds of years, the instinct to fight in a squad of brothers became so ingrained that even in the deepest frenzy, Berzerkers would know to fight together. Validon leads nine Berzerkers, collectively known as the Bloodthunderers. Dreior, Berzerker Champion A newer member of the Cruentes, Dreior is a vat-grown gift from Fabius Bile's gene clinics. Implanted with false memories, he believes himself to be a veteran of the Long War, and despite his relative youth, he is a consummate fighter. He and his squad are often seen breaking through enemy lines and hunting down specific targets. Dreior leads four Berzerkers known as the Hunters. Gorm, Berzerker Champion Another long-serving member of the Cruentes, Gorm leads the newest inductees into battle. His strict command gives these initiates their first taste at combat, and puts them on the path to becoming fully-fledged Berzerkers of the Cruentes. Gorm's habit of consuming the flesh of the dead, however, often permeates through the ranks of those under his command. As a result, a significant number of Cruentes share his cannibalistic tendencies. Xarian the Bloody Idiot Once the champion of a whole Cruentes warband, Xarian - formerly known also as Doomgore - was deposed of his position after it was apparent that he did not deserve to lead. Originally, he was the lieutenant of a rival World Eaters warband, the control over which he seized through betrayal, before he pledged them to Bardûl. As a reward for bolstering the ranks of the Cruentes, Xarian was gifted with command of his own warband and a rebellious Daemon sword. The sword resisted Xarian's ownership at first, having not been seized through combat. However, after several battles, Xarian appeased the weapon by stabbing it through his own stomach. Amused by this attempt at sacrifice, the sword appeared to capitulate. It soon became apparent that the sword still had not deemed Xarian worthy. Even though its power had been unlocked, it still rebelled at some of the worst moments possible, often leading to Xarian's defeat. Out of frustration, several conspirators - including Kratus and his Terminators - turned on the champion, dismembering his body and burying the Daemon sword deep within the Eternal Warrior. Xarian was kept alive as an amusement, more than anything, and was interred within a dreadnought sarcophagus. Xarian is a Helbrute, armed with a plasma cannon and hammer.
  4. It only just hit me earlier that this year will be my 30th in the hobby, so I thought it would be a good time to start a new project (yes another one), instead of just 'starting another army' I thought I should do something different to mark the occasion. After some head scratching and beard chewing I have decided to go back to my roots and do a first edition army log. My aim is to build two forces using the original army lists with some RT era terrain for them to fight over, eventually leading to some old school batreps to mark the completion of the project. For the forces in question I have decided to do something we dont see much of every day... SQUATS!!! and MOAR SQUATS!!! Well technically Squats and Khornate Chaos Squats with a smidgeon of World Eaters thrown in as allies. Eventually Ill add in some Tzeentch Squats and some Legion of the Damned as well (dont worry, they will all be in Mk6 armour for that nostalgic vibe). Decided for the bulk of the forces I will use the Wargames Atlantic Einherjar, heavy weapons teams will use the Wargames Atlantic Grognard weapons with Einherjar crewmembers. World Eaters I already have ready to be painted and the LotD will be using the FW Mk6 kit. All scenery will be made out of any old gubbins and doodads I find laying about the house, as was the way back in the Dark Age of Technology. For the moment I will build the forces to 2000 points to start off with to get the bare minimum needed for legal armies done, then I will start adding in more juicy things. Currently flipping between multiple books trying to work out the armies in advance, I think I can squeeze 2k of Squats out of a full box and 4 additional sprues of Einherjar, an actual army for under £40 pleases me greatly, Ill be ordering a couple of sprues at the weekend to build my Warlord and Hearthguard squad, the spare mini will be the basis of my Khorne Squat Lord...
  5. Old content here in the OP, can disregard, I'm keeping it here to edit/modify it in the future. The first page is discussion re: a discarded idea. Had this thread moved to WIP forum to be merged with my other WIP thread. Thank you for looking! Currently writing up a bunch of narrative for fun as well, hope to share that soon. Much more to come!
  6. I've been working on some World Eaters stuff for a while now, and I've finally finished my first model. I figured now is as good a time as any to start a WIP thread on it. First up, we've got a rhino completed. I used the Deimos rhino, and added some bits from a Chaos Rhino to spike it up a bit. I was originally doing a gold for the trim, but I really liked the look of the runelord brass the WH painting team did in their tutorial, so I switched it up today. The only thing left is decals, but I'm waiting until I see what might be in the kits before I decide what to put on there. I should have another Rhino done soon enough, and then some Terminators and Khârn are also coming along (no pictures yet). Looking forward to our big release next weekend!
  7. A project I could not put down until he was done! What a great sculpt. A lot of fun and cool textures to work with. This guy got a lot of time in but I really enjoyed it.
  8. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Now that reviews are starting to come out for World Eaters and the Codex is up for preorder today, I figured we should start a tactica thread for 9th Edition, however short that may be. I don't think we're quite ready for a Unit of the Week entry without getting a decent grasp on general army tactics and builds. Similar to the other Legion threads, it's intended to discuss things such as Combinations Army Lists Unit roles Army composition Use of strategems, warlord traits, relics, etc. Other general tactics Especially with the new Codex in, I think it's going to be good to start theorizing, experimenting or otherwise figuring out what works, and what doesn't. Some useful resources so far Goonhammer article on the new Codex
  9. From the album: World Eaters/ Khorne Daemonkin

    Exalted Champion, Dark Apostle, Renegades, CSM, Heretic Astartes, World Eaters, khorne
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