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  1. Hi all, I'm getting close to completing my 2500pts Emperor's Children army, and I thought it was time for me to post up some pics, and get some opinions. I have bought 99% of the models I need for my army, and all but Fulgrim are base-coated, but I'll just post pics of the finished models. Please just speak your mind, no need to hold back . FYI, I know the 'gold' doesn't look like gold all the time, but that's because I'm still learning this 'NMM' technique. To be honest, I don't think I'll change it no matter what people say, because even though it might not seem like gold all the time, I still like the unique look it's bringing to my army . I can't post this without mentioning our member 'Whitescar', who's EC army has been my inspiration. The shield on my champion is a copy of his design, and you might notice more elements that match his army (though I don't dare to think my army gets any where near his it looks). So here we go: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1639_zpskxzqm1i8.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1631_zpsld3ry1lh.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1630_zpsyy917chf.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1629_zpslfeop6lz.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1627_zpsvewrzobz.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1626_zpshhggrlih.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1625_zpsp8vdmwhv.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1624_zpsxaugcfdr.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1628_zpsusgpgu3d.jpghttp://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j146/MorgothNL/IMG_1622_zpsycvgmuuj.jpg
  2. A thread meant for my meandering interests in the Heresy, whether it be posting models, fluff or whatever strikes me. to start the ball rolling... Raven Guard Part 1, Moralltach 1 “…so cousins of the XIX, it’s with deep regret that the Warmaster calls you home. The Astartes Treachery is deeper than Lord Lupercal dared believe and reaches the Throneworld itself. Despite numerous pleas and envoys from Lord Lupercal, the Emperor remains silent and distant. A dictatorship of bureaucrats rule in his name, with the traitorous Custodes and the twice damned Dorn must be the cause of His silence. Many Legions have turned from the Great Crusade and spread lies about our cause. Guilliman has declared himself free of any previous oath, and even now Lords Angron and Lorgar wage war to reclaim the Five Hundred Worlds of Ultramar for Mankind’s Empire. Though our Warmaster brought the might of seven complete Legions against your sire and his fellow traitors Vulkan and Ferrus Manus, Corax cast aside his allies to escape our vengeance. The Serpent of Medusa has been slain by the illustrious Lord Fulgrim and Dragon of Nocturne was obliterated on the battle field. After leaving his Legion on the field of battle, Corax has returned to Deliverance and now uses illegal genetic research to create monsters from what’s left of his Legion. The Lion, the Khan, Russ and Sanguinius. All have turned from the ideals we fought to preserve. The Lion rages across the Thamas system, while Lord Kurze struggles to halt the massacres. The Khan has disappeared and answers nobody’s calls, but his presence at shattered Prospero is an ill sign. Poor Prospero, the center of knowledge and a beacon for all sciences. Now nothing more than dust and ash, a planet of dying dreams, killed by the mongrels of Russ. Sanguinius has disappeared as well, but our last reports had him in alliance with the Battle King of Ultramar. This is why we seek your aid. Corax showed his jealously of our Warmaster by casting in you into the darkness of the galaxy. In his pettiness, he saw your loyalty to the Great Crusade and its master as a betrayal to him. Now is the time to show your strength! Return to the realm he denied you and prove yourself free of any such disloyalty! The Warmaster once valued your strength, and in this dark time, he knows he can count on the loyal, rejected sons of a traitor to do what is needed to save the future of Mankind. For the Warmaster! For Mankind!” With a clatter the holographic image of Commander Aziekol of the Sons of Horus pounded his gauntlets, palm overlapping to the center of his torso, forming the pre-Corax salute of the Raven Guard. The image faded into the projector, leaving three figures silence and full of questions. This was the latest in a series of messages to reach them, each beseeching their return and casting somebody else as the traitor. The messages had created a stir in the far roaming Nomad-Predation fleets of the XIX. Many had already declared for the Warmaster and disappeared into the Warp or simply went further into the void, but the many messages presented conflicting information. The remnants of three Nomad-Predation fleets had come together to decide what their fates would be. The first to break the silence was Strike Captain Baen of the 17th Fleet, commander of the largest fleet present. The long years of warfare and little reinforcement left him with a single Battle Barge and several Strike Cruisers. Strike Captain Baen once commanded thousands of Legionaries, but now had less than 700 Brothers under his command. “The Warmaster had always treated us with respect, and was fairer than the convict.” The emphasis on convict left little doubt to who Baen referred to, the word positively overflowing with hatred from years of bitter rejection. “And I mean no offense by that word Brother Donal. I know you are of Deliverance, but if you cared for his commands you’d shackle your gifts. I think it is past time to return to the Ravenspire and purge those not loyal to the Great Crusade. The Warmaster has called us home.” The second figure in the room nodded his acceptance of Baen’s apology and poor word choice. Brother Donal Moralltach was gifted with the powers of the Warp and had been among his Legion’s Librarius, before a directive from Deliverance had ordered it to be dismantled and the Librarians redeployed in the Legion. Moralltach had rejected this command, and repeatedly refused to be equipped with a psychic hood. Being cast out into the void allowed this betrayal to take place, and his fellow Legionaries had seen the command as another insult from a distant, uncaring Lord. A voice box boomed across the room as the third figure as the metal form turned to look at both Baen and Moralltach. Honored Atticus had been among the first of the Raven Guard to leave Terra, and many worlds had claimed a piece of his life blood. It was only during the eradication of the xeno Eldar worldships had his body passed beyond the skills of the Apothecarium to heal. Atticus refused death however, and his dying mortal frame was placed in the Contemptor Dreadnought that now served as his life support unit and suit of war. Honored Atticus and Moralltach had fought alongside so frequently these last few decades that their separate fleets were a single fleet for all practical purposes, though honor and tradition had demanded they recorded their accomplishments separately. Together they commanded just under 117 Legionaries and three strike cruisers. “It is my opinion that if the Emperor is silent, and so many of his sons turned from their oaths, our only option is to drive to Terra itself and resolve this. The Emperor can handle any of his gene-forged children, if he is free to do so. To give the Emperor his voice would do more than killing any number of soldiers.” “Very well put, Honored Atticus, but the Warp denies us the road to Terra. The storms grow stronger, and despite our navigator’s efforts and Brother Donal’s insistence, the only stable path head to the Warmaster. It is so decided. Return to your ships and prepare for the journey home. The Raven Lord has turned from Terra’s dream, it’s time to become his nightmare.” With a curt nod to each nod to both Moralltach and Honored Atticus, Baen left to his preparations. A Thunderhawk returned Moralltach and Honored Atticus back to their command ships. The trip had been silent, as Moralltach was deep in his own counsel and Honored Atticus knew better than to try and pry answers from the withdrawn figure. With a comradely rap against his armored torso, Moralltach left the Thunderhawk to his own ship. Despite the messages received, Moralltach was very troubled by the missives from the Warmaster. Much had not been said, and the Warp seemed to wax and wane around him. The cawing of distant ravens sometimes broke through his mediations, but the fierce tides of the Warp silenced them. It was in relative silence that Moralltach brought his fleet alongside that of Honored Atticus. The larger fleet of Strike Commander Baen was still positioning itself to enter the Warp when the private comm-link broke through Moralltach’s preparations. “Now you have to listen to me little brother.” Moralltach smiled at that, for it was an old joke between Honored Atticus and himself. When Atticus was still flesh and blood they were as different as night and day, and it was by Moralltach’s counsel that Atticus escaped death so many times. It was when the bloodlust overpowered such restraint that Atticus fell to the Eldar witch’s blade, and since then the two each called the other ‘little brother’. “Baen is allowing his bitterness to color his judgement. You saw that as much as I, and we both know this strike at Deliverance is to quench his desire for vengeance than any practical purpose. Yet you stayed quiet.” The question was heavy in Atticus’s words despite it not being voiced aloud. For a long moment Moralltach was silent, but finally found the words to speak. “I agree that this strike is folly, but I disagree with heading to Terra itself. For many weeks I have been troubled by the messages we received and the evidence presented by them. I think we need to see this Istvaan with our own eyes, make our own decisions.” “Truly, you think the dead world is the correct course?” This time the question was blunt, no subtly in the voice box. “If that’s your desire, then to Istvaan we go. Let us visit Death and then decide who deserves it.” “Brother Donal, Honored Atticus. Why are your ships not placed on my exit route?” The voice of Strike Captain Baen came across the ships voxspeaker. “I’ve received further calls for aid from the XVII. They are being pounded by the so-called Battle King and have requested aid. It would be a fine gift to the Warmaster for our arrival to save his loyal soldiers.” Honored Atticus responded first “Forgive our delay, but Captain Moralltach and I have agreed to go to Istvaan itself, and see what has happened with our own eyes.” “Your own eyes?! You’re a collection of bolts and scrap holding together a dead man. I’ve allowed your constant delay long enough. Either move your fleet to my coordinates or be designated as a traitor to the Warmaster.” The words of Strike Captain Baen were matched by the actions of his fleet. The Battle Barge Death from Darkness turned to face the smaller strike cruisers, and the message couldn’t be clearer: join or die. Over the private commlink Honored Atticus called for Moralltach. “It’s as you feared, Baen has lost himself, and wants us to join him in damnation. Execute Plan Flight 5-X.” “Are you certain? Flight 5-X would mean…“ Moralltach began, but was quickly cut off by the hails of Death from Darkness. “Have you reached a decision?! Declare now, or die a traitor’s death!” The weapons of the Battle Barge trained on the smaller fleet, and Moralltach knew it wouldn’t take much effort for Strike Captain Baen to destroy the combined fleets. “For the Emperor!” came across the vox link. The fleet of Honored Atticus surged forward to engage the Battle Barge, opening fire as they raced to death. “Moralltach, better run fast as we’ll only buy you minutes. Ave Imperator, Victory or Death.” Shutting down all vox links, Honored Atticus brought his two ships to engage the Battle Barge and block Moralltach’s command ship from Baen’s fleet. “All souls, prepare for immediate entry into the Warp.” Moralltach released the ship’s vox speaker, and looked towards his bridge crew. “Let’s hurry now, death is behind us” The Strike Cruiser left the battle, quickly enacting the plans Honored Atticus insisted they form months ago. Istvaan’s coordinates were already plotted, the path prepared. With a slight lurch and shame settling in his mind, Donal Moralltach took his ship into the Wap.
  3. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/9/2/741064_md-RG2.png Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find, me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. -The skald Wilian Henlaey, Circa M.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ‘-Can you hear them my brothers? The pitiful shrieks echo through the void, like a flock of crows caught in a firestorm: their cries lost to the inferno´s roar as it consumes them. The slave-children of Lychaeus are no more, their father’s folly has led them to their doom, and now only their ashes remain.’ - Dust Seer Malkoan, Librarius, Pale Nomads Chapter, XIX Legion. 606th Fleet, Excertus Imperialis. Circa 601.006M31. ‘- I know not what madness has beset Horus Lupercal and the Wolves, nor does it matter. They were our sworn brothers and we wrought war upon the foes of Man for more than a hundred years side-by-side, but that was yesterday. Now they and their ilk are but prey beneath our blades – my hunters will see to that.’ - Consul-Praevian Olakh Sah, Pale Nomads Chapter, XIX Legion. 606th Fleet, Excertus Imperialis. Circa 685.006M31. ‘No, we are not re-deploying to Kiavahr, Fleetmistress, the Legion have spoken and we are of one mind. Let the Raven Lord and his little birds flutter against the storm as best they can, our ´father´ made our position perfectly clear when he sent us into the void so long ago, and even if he escapes Lupercal’s talons he will not recall us. No, we fight as we always have: for the Emperor and the Emperor alone. Let the Primarch and his insipid children rot in their graves: we are sons of Terra and the Emperor, we are the 19th Legion. Dust Clad, the Pale Nomads! We will make the Warmaster remember the hidden blades that brought his Legion so many of its victories, and he will pay for that memory with the blood of his sons!’ - Centurion Khargun Sharn, Company Commander, XIX Legion. 606th Fleet, Excertus Imperialis. Circa 689.006M31. ‘The Dust Seers whisper of foul portents surrounding the fallen legions, dark things, wyrdling things. No matter, we shall endure, as we endured the psyk-wrougt weapons from before Old Night, wielded by the Tyrant of Ursch as we cast his armies into bloody ruin on the Asiatic plains, as we endured the scouring of the xenos-infested moons of Jupiter and the stygian nightmares that boiled forth from the depths of Lysithea as we purged it with Volkite-fire and dread Phosphex. We shall see their equal in both horror and hardship before this… rebellion has run its course.’ - Ancient Kromus, Contemptor Dreadnought, Deliverers Echelon, XIX Legion. 606th Fleet, Excertus Imperialis. Circa 692.006M31. ‘-Alright, alright! Settle down you mutts! Let me give you the run-down before you return to that mucking about that you sorry excuses for legionnaires call ´knife drills´. In his infinite wisdom our fearless Preatorian council, together with the company masters, the Librarius and the Ancients, have decided that we’ll call quits on things here in the outer rim and make haste towards the galaxy proper to engage whatever traitor forces we can find and give them a good thrashing! Yes, yes, I know, we’ll be taking on our former brothers without support, reinforcements and with limited prospects of resupply. So you lot will remain on basic rations, - stop whining trooper Kaon. We will be doing it with the 11 Battalions of the Legion, supported by the brave boys and girls of the 638th Solar Auxilia, Magos Askar’s Reductor war-covenant, the scions of honoured house Scipio, our war-engines of the Legio Praesagius and the forty ships of the line of the intrepid 606th fleet. Against us stands at least eight full legions and their supporting Auxilia, Mechanicum forces and Titan Legions, I’d say we have our work cut out for us boys, so you get back to your drills and sharpen your knives. We effect warp-translation when we reach the Mandeville-point in sixteen hours and from there on you are all on full combat-alert. Dismissed!’ - Centurion Markerian, Pale Nomads Chapter, XIX Legion. 606th Fleet, Excertus Imperialis. Adressing the warriors of the 2nd company abord the Legatus Class battlebarge ‘Charybdis’. Circa 692.006M31. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear B&C. Let me share my works with you all, I think it can be entertaining. Normally I keep to my blogs on the Ammobunker and DakkaDakka forums but I felt a small expansion was called for. Here follows my ongoing efforts (in concert with a few other hobbyists) to collect and paint a full army of the XIXth Legiones Astartes and hopefully be somewhat victorious in our ongoing Heresy Era campaign set in the Coronis Thule, what will be known as the Gothic Sector in a distant future. Coronis Thule http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/8/2/733443_md-30k%2C%20Battlefleet%2C%20Gothic%2C%20Heresy%2C%20Horus%2C%20Port%20Maw%2C%20Sector.png We'll start out where the book leaves off: The worlds of the Cyclops cluster, the Grail Abyss, the Manarchean Commonwealth and the Armada Imperialis sector anchorage of Port Maw have fallen to the forces of the warmaster, only the Coronid Reach remains contested. On Bitter Hold, Darende and Dispater Imperial forces still hold against the Warmaster's onslaught and on Hell Rock the Sons of Horus clash with Iron Hands of the Morragul Clan. Across the Cerada Primus, Secundus, Quavausari and Olverach systems the Tericos of the Agathene Solar Auxila and loyalist Knightly houses are engaging the Taghmata forces of the Cyclothrathi Mechanicum for control and on the Hive World Numinal they have secured victory over the mecanicum invaders, inflicting a sizable loss for the turncoat Forge World. In the closing months of 008.M31 only one domain outside the Coronid Reach resists the Warmaster: Mezoa. Located to the coreward south-west of the Reach between the heavily populated Cyclops Cluster and the Grail Abyss, the Forge World is under blockade and constant assault by the Death Guard and the Taghmata of nearby M'pandex yet it holds firm, burning the landingzones of the rebels and thus eliminating vital beacheads for their ground assault. But across the sector, survivors from the killing grounds of Isstvan are slowly tickling in. Not only the Shattered Legions but also bands of survivors from Isstvan III, wearing the black or in some cases; the old. Warriors in the Stormcloud and crimson of the Dusk Raiders, the Cobalt and calcium white bearing the red dog of the War Hounds. The mist-grey and obsidian of the Luna Wolves. From the outer dark of the Halo-zone stalks the ebon ships of the XIXth Legion, returning to the Imperium after 8 decades in the void to hunt the traitor legions: yet across the worlds, unseen and unknown; The Legion awaits... The Coronid Reach http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/9/2/741071_md-Coronid%20Reach1.jpg We begin with a first stage of finishing 250pts, a squad more or less, and then run a campaign round using the Suicide Squad rules to represent the first scirmishes between the recon elements of the various forces, it all begins on the contested world of Bitter Hold in the outer marches of the Coronid Reach as the Pale Nomads chapter of the XIXth Legion returns to an imperium devouring itself in the flames of civil war. Now, some pictures, that's what you are all here for after all. Preator Kharos Mandr, Preatorian Council, Theatre commander, Named the Ash-djinn http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/7/30/732636_md-Centurion%2004.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/7/30/732633_md-Centurion%2001.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/7/30/732635_md-Centurion%2003.jpg Ancient Contemptor-warframe "KROMUS", slayer of Lysithea, the red ruin, firstborn of the legion http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/7/30/732630_md-Contemptor%2005.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/7/30/732626_md-Contemptor%2001.jpg Dustseer Shakal Naas, Epistolary, Divisio Librarius http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2015/7/30/732632_md-Contemptor%2002.jpg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. The Dark Knights Founding: Second Founding (M31) Primarch: Corvus Corax Chapter Master: - needs to be named - Homeworld: Yamatar Fortress-Monastery: - needs to be named - Known Descendants: Storm Riders (nearly extinct; most of the chapter went renegade and became the Nightmarchers) Colours: Dark Green, Red and Brass Speciality: Guerilla warfare, lightning attacks into striking at the weak spot, spreading anarchy Battel Cry: In darkness we fight, from darkness we strike! The Dark Knighte are a successor chapter of the Raven Guard legion founded in the great second Founding in M31. Their origin lies In a former nomad predation fleet under the command of Vlad and Radu Lu'Carda. They were tasked by their Primarch Corvus Corax to suppot a chapter of the Word Bearers called "The Preachers of the Truth". The "Preachers of the Truth" were about to conquer the realm of Yamatar, a mighty and powerful empire located in the outer realms of Segmentum Obscurus. Unknown to the Raven Guard, the "Preachers of the truth", who were then corrupted by the ruinous powers of the dark gods, provoked the conflict and would try to persuade them to join their cause. Should they resist, they would be extinguished and their fleet adopted by the Word Bearers... +_+_+_+_+_+_+ unknown date, M32 Opening... Report to Inquisitor Torkadez Written by Veliar Kelborn My Lord, My name is Veliar Kelborn, one of the last Remebrancers of the great crusade. It is my self proclaimed duty to find out what happened to the 1987th expeditionary fleet in command of the Word Bearers and supported by the Raven Guard heading the realm of Yamatar. It is my assumption that the Astartes chapter called the Dark Knights may be thei descendants of the surviving Raven Guard forces. Therefore I will study the libraries of Yamatar Prime, homeworld of the Dark Knights and center of the yamatarian realm. Hopefully I even may have an audience with one of the Dark Knights aswell. I will let you know if I had found something. Maybe, just maybe my work will help to undo the distrust between them and the rest of our glory Empire. The Emperor protects! Yours, Veliar Kelborn ...End of transmission. +_+_+_+_+_+_+ Summary History The past of Vlad and Radu Freedom: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-la-the-dark-knights/?p=4142006 Nippon Sector Realm of Yamatar http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-ia-the-dark-knights/?p=4178483 Homeworld Gene-seed http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-ia-the-dark-knights/?p=4182310 Culture Belief http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-ia-the-dark-knights/?p=4182317 Combat doctrine http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-ia-the-dark-knights/?p=4182314 Oranisation http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-la-the-dark-knights/?p=4148215 Recruitment http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-la-the-dark-knights/?p=4148218 Equipment http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-la-the-dark-knights/?p=4145752 Notable Elements / Persons http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-la-the-dark-knights/?p=4145759 Chapter Appearance http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/311999-ia-the-dark-knights/?p=4175642 Allies & Enemies +-+-+-+-+-+-+ Hey everybody, this thread will feature my self made chapter, the Dark Knights. As I don't have the necessary time and money to collect and paint miniatures (although I would like to), I will concentrate on their fluff and some stories. Maybe one of you will get as inspired as I was when I read Athrawes's Lost and Forgotten thread concerning his Lighting Bearers Legion. His work is really magnificent and I hope that I may scratch this kind of awesomeness. My first post here will be a summary of my done work. I will link the different posts here, so you don't have to read the whole thread if you don't want to. As for now that was all. I hope you enjoy reading. Don't hesitate to give feedback as I am looking for this to enhance the fluff and my work here. With kind regards, Kelborn PS: Don't be confused. I wanted to paste my previous first post into the second but I did it wrong and now it is gone...the very first post was about different type of scenarios concerning their heritage. I had three scenarios (loyal Night Lords; Night Lords + Raven Guard; only Raven Guard). After some rethinking I decided to go full Raven Guard as it would be easier to write and explain why they are like they am right now. Colors: Red #9b221a Green #434f38 Brass #97713f Eyes #d03437 Carapax #767981 Black #202020 Bone #ffecc1
  5. So I realized that I've been so engrossed with my WIP Night Lords that I never shared any of my Raven Guard with the members of this forum, outside a few examples of paint schemes/conversions. I started collecting Raven Guard about 5 years ago in the glory days of 5th Ed when the original upgrade kit and Korvydae were released and I was just hooked on how cool the models looked with the kit on. The army has log since grown from the 2 FW upgraded tactical squads, scouts, "shrike's wing", shrike and terminators and now kind of spans from some core fluffy units to more competitive options such as grav centurions, thunder fires, counts-as other chapter's special characters, etc... Now the thing is because I've had this army for a long while, the pictures mostly won't be the standard type of post completion on the painting table, they'll mostly be from pictures my buddy crablezworth took during games with a maybe a couple being more of the more traditional type; a collection in more than one sense. Because of this though, there won't be any complete army shots (at least for now). As for my paint scheme itself, I opted not to go with the white arms for veterans or higher as I have only once seen it done in a way I liked (and that was two weeks ago). That being said, a lot of my normal guys have white helmets despite a lack of veteran status, this stops on my normal assault marines and dev centurions for reasons I don't quite remember, but there you go. Also golden shoulder studs from earlier pics get repainted solid white later for the most part. The quality can vary from high quality to fairly table top, depending on motivation and time spent on models, since we only play with consistent "finished" models some units lack highlights if I needed them painted up quick for a game On to the models (I'll try and organize pics as I go through them all) Shrike: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1809_zps56505f9c.jpg Librarian in Terminator Armour: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/lcbr%20games%20vs%20skimask%20and%20lutnit/IMG_3143_zps80f8ece4.jpg Chaplain (once upon a time Counts-as Cassius) and Terminators: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%20sept/IMG_2716_zps83f5af86.jpg Tactical Marines: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1806_zpsac676b86.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1827_zpsad9518d7.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1850_zpsd3d916bd.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/various%20games%20n%20stsuff%20sept%202013/IMG_2743_zpsdd0f3b7f.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/various%20games%20n%20stsuff%20sept%202013/IMG_2752_zpsba8b08aa.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/lcbr%20games%20vs%20skimask%20and%20lutnit/IMG_3147_zpse58d97d8.jpg Scouts: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1807_zps3b30a0ee.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/various%20games%20n%20stsuff%20sept%202013/IMG_2759_zpsb794d364.jpghttp://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/various%20games%20n%20stsuff%20sept%202013/IMG_2771_zps5fe613ee.jpg Contemptor: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1848_zps12018420.jpghttp://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%202/IMG_1823_zps841d9206.jpg Storm Raven: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/game%20vs%20cleary%20sept/IMG_2695_zpse2d63cda.jpghttp://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/various%20games%20n%20stsuff%20sept%202013/IMG_2746_zpse2fb2a78.jpg
  6. Gather, children of Corax. Gather within the shadows you have mastered, away from prying eyes, and plan out with your brothers your next strikes against those who dare to oppress mankind, be they xenos or traitors. We are all the sons of the Nineteenth Legion, regardless of the colors we choose to wear when we slit the enemy's throat. + The goal of this thread is to bring together players of the Nineteenth Legion, whether they collect the legion before the Second Founding or one of its successor chapters, as well as provide an index of all Raven Guard-related project logs on this forum. As such, please provide a link to your workshop when you come to name your company here. I've been helped by Flint13, SlaveToDarkness and forte. Speaking of the latter, he's improved the badge I'd prepared for the occasion for all those who wish to bear it: I'll use my name for exemple to show what it will look like: Ask here if you want your own badge. And now starts the documentation of the Nineteenth Legion's might! + +RAVEN GUARD LEGION+ 1st Battalion, 7th Chapter - White Ravens - Komrk 2nd Battalion, 7th Chapter (Post-Istvaan) - work in progress - KBA 9th Shadow Company - The Pale Magpie - Flint13 10th Battalion, 1st Tactical Wing - chaplain mortis 21st Shadow Company - old work in progress - The Hydra 99th Veteran Assault Company - The Psycho Company number unknown - Ghosts of Istvaan - jeremy1391 Company number unknown - post-Istvaan force - Barn Company number unknown - Strike Force Nightfall - Nusquam Company number unknown - work in progress 1 - work in progress 2 - angel robertson Company number unknown - suxdavide Company number unknown - Tyrant's Bane - Knight of the Raven +RAVEN GUARD CHAPTER & SUCCESSORS+ Raven Guard 1st Company - SyNidus Raven Guard 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies - work in progress - Shrieker Raven Guard 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th Companies - Damo1701 Raven Guard 1st & 4th Companies - 4th Company detachment - The Call of the Hunt Raven Guard 1st & 4th Companies - work in progress - Voron Raven Guard 2nd Company - work in progress - GreyCrow Raven Guard 2nd Company - work in progress - Uginius Raven Guard 3rd Company - work in progress - Asamodai Raven Guard 3rd Company - Ulrik_Ironfist Raven Guard 3rd Company - Lord Ravenhood Raven Guard 3rd Company - Realityburn Raven Guard 4th Company - Tiger9gamer Raven Guard 4th Company - Jacques Corbin Raven Guard 4th Company - Valaas Raven Guard 4th Company - Bedouin2 Raven Guard 4th Company - work in progress - Chaplain Dosjetka Raven Guard 5th Company - dracpanzer Raven Guard 5th Company - work in progress - Race Bannon Raven Guard 7th Company - Darkthorns Raven Guard 8th Company - gallery - Brother Tiberus Raven Guard - Lord Lorne Walkier Raven Guard - Archon_77 Raven Guard - work in progress - pompeyladbfp Raven Guard - work in progress - Nostalgia Raven Guard - Vindicet Honorem forward strike detachment - thewarriorhunter Black Guard - work in progress - deathspectersgt7 Raptors 2nd Company - Inquisitor Eisenhorn Raptors 2nd Company - luke6116 Raptors 2nd Company - Vulkan454 Raptors 2nd Company - work in progress - mithrilforge Raptors 5th Company - work in progress - The Yak Raptors 10th Company - work in progress - war009 Revilers 3rd Company - Retribution Force Nasalle - Daemonifugue Revilers 7th Company - Reviler Death Spectres - work in progress - deathspectersgt7 Crimson Spectres - Index Astartes - Cormac Airt Ghost Warriors - Index Astartes - GreyCrow Sable Hawks - Index Astartes - trub Eagle Eyes - Index Astartes - work in progress - JeffTibbetts Predators 2nd Company - RG-Predators Crimson Shrikes - the Fourth Shrine War - kobrakei The Sons of Ananta - Index Astartes - gallery - The Sons of Ananta Sons of Corax - ltvyper Void Hawks - work in progress - Tyriks Night Claws - work in progress - Mr. Poe unknown - Antarius unknown - Helias Tancred/Kyvus Garn
  7. Here is the Crimson Spectres, my Raven Guard successor Chapter. If anyone here goes to /tg/, you might find them familiar. They are the same Chapter created in one of their game threads, Chapter Master Quest. Since I was instrumental in its creation in that thread, I don't feel like I'm "stealing" it. Just sort of claiming it, though I have absolutely no problem of anyone else who was a part of that making their own variation, of claiming it for themselves. Or aiding me in further developing this one. To everyone else, yes, yes. I know. Yet another Chapter with black and red. Origins The Crimson Spectres are among the youngest of Chapters, founded in the most recent Founding mere centuries past. Their veteran officers that formed their training cadre and remain with them still have kept them close to their Raven Guard roots. They operate unseen and with few numbers. Much of their identity they keep hidden, with even the true location of their homeworld and recruitment center kept secret. Despite their young nature and low numbers, the Crimson Spectres have created a well-deserved reputation for efficiency and effectiveness in their region of space. Decades after their original formation, they participated in a crusade against worlds heavily occupied by the primitive cousins of the hated Eldar. Many times regiments of the Imperial Guard would approach a known enemy position to find it destroyed, bodies of xenos scattered and signs of battle scarring every surface, but with no sign of its destroyers. Rarely did the Imperial Guard witness the Crimson Spectres in combat and even then the combat was too swift and disorienting to be properly followed. With the Crimson Spectres striking hard and fast for the heaviest points of resistance, the Crusade accomplished its tasks with great alacrity. Nearly half a dozen of claimed Maiden Worlds have since been colonized by the Imperium. One of these, called Pyrax, was given to the Mechanicum due to its high mineral content. The young Forge-World is tasked with the care and upkeep of the young Chapter's technological needs. Following this victory, the Crimson Spectres waged all-out war with an immense Ork incursion. With the surprise assaults the Chapter had become known for, the Ork leader was slain, his grotesque and bloated giant machine flattening the Ork army with its detonation. The Orks have since fallen into a series of internecine wars that the Chapter silently watches over, acting only when necessary to perpetuate their self-destruction. However, their reputation received a blow in recent years. Accompanied by the Honoured Brethren Chapter, a Chapter the Crimson Spectres can find no information on, the Crimson Spectres have been engaged with putting down a series of uprisings that have thus far thwarted the mortal forces stationed there. Initially, when acting alone the Chapter was proving exceptionally successful. The Crimson Spectres had nearly eradicated all of the secessionist cells when the Honoured Brethren despatched a taskforce to aid in the cracking of a particularly difficult world. Despite the additional forces and support of a brother Chapter, the rebellious world repeled the invaders. In rapid succession, cells thought entirely destroyed revived themselves and renewed their efforts with greater alacrity than before. Though the war to put down the foolish thoughts of secession had nearly been won and the rebellious forces were unable to stand against the efforts of the Crimson Spectres, suddenly the forces of two Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes was too small to stem the tide. With signs of Chaos worship growing across the embattled worlds, the Crimson Spectres immediately petitioned for a Crusade, knowing that the rebellious forces had acquired for themselves some unholy patron. Immediate and total destruction was required, to prevent the corruption from spreading. They received resistance from an unexpected quarter however, as the Honoured Brethren spoke against the claims of the Crimson Spectres. They felt that their pride and honor was at stake and to request additional aid was both unnecessary and cowardly. With the older Chapter having greater weight and authority, no Crusade was forthcoming. By the close of the 41st Millennium, the two Chapters are locked in combat still among the revolting worlds. Though still allied together in name, many times the two Chapters have nearly come to blows and the Crimson Spectres have begun to question their true intent. However, they fear bringing their suspicions to the Inquisition, knowing that the pervasive Inquisitors would find their own secrecy far more diverting. Any attempts to take matters into their own hands would be equally foolhardy. Both Chapters are present with their full numbers, making the Crimson Spectres outnumbered two to one. Homeworld Deep in Sub-Sector Archein, what the Imperium believes is uninhabited space, the Crimson Spectres discovered a unique world. It did not appear on their onboard sensors, but it could be sensed by those of psychic capabilities once nearby. Its entire surface was enveloped with cloud cover so dark as to be seen from space as nothing more than an empty hole on the field of stars. Close inspection found that the cloud cover were made up of rare metallic dusts, explaining why the world never showed on long-range sensors. Knowing there was human life deep in the blackness that the psykers could sense, the Crimson Spectres sent forces down upon the world. They found an Imperial hiveworld that the Imperium had forgotten. Due to its unique nature and clerical errors, the world of R'hanada had been erased from Imperial records only a century past. With the behemoth and labyrinthine Imperial bureaucracy being true to its nature, the error was lost in the immense, ever-changing flood of information the Administratum eternally processes. The Crimson Spectres, up to then fleet-based, were intrigued by R'hanada. Its human population had been hardened by its isolation. Though it had been severely reduced without the constant shipments bringing sustenance from nearby agri-worlds, what remained were deemed suitable as recruitment stock. The Crimson Spectres settled upon R'hanada and took it for their own. Officially, they remained fleet-based, operating outside of their Fortress-Ship the Clandestinus, and declared the feral world of Tarren as their source of recruitment. To keep appearances, it is from Tarren that the Crimson Spectres receive the majority of their Chapter serfs, though they are not opposed to truly inducting a particularly promising Tarren to the Chapter. Combat Doctrine The Crimson Spectres are adherents to the Codex, operating outside its scope only in ways that their small numbers necessitate. Though the Crimson Spectres often commit to battle openly, they do so only after an initial stealth assault. Using sabotage, subterfuge and ambushes to critical effect, the Crimson Spectres ensure that they inflict the maximum amount of damage possible while exposing themselves to as little danger as necessary. An assault by the Crimson Spectres rarely comes from an expected direction and are usually accompanied by loud and deliberately distracting explosions within the enemy camp, where explosives had been set by experts at stealth and sabotage at key points to demoralize and cripple the enemy. Often when the Crimson Spectres meet the enemy in open battle, the enemy is bereft of leadership and without any hope of support, reeling in confusion as the hammerblow finally arrives. In this way the Crimson Spectres are able to use their small numbers to maximum effect. Organisation The Crimson Spectres do not deliberately deviate from the Codex Astartes. Due to genetic instability, the Chapter has been slow in building up its forces. Currently the Chapter has only three battle-ready companies outside of the scout and veteran companies, with the First Company led personally by the Chapter Master. With such low numbers, the Crimson Spectres prefer not to split their forces among multiple warzones. Instead, the Chapter arrives in full force, with a single company remaining behind to guard their homeworld and oversee recruitment. Though the Chapter can account for five companies, none are at full strength. In truth, the Crimson Spectres have only just over three hundred fully-fledged Marines. In keeping with the character he had infused within the newborn Chapter, the founding Chapter Master, though a great and renowned hero from his previous days as a Raven Guard, has forsaken his own identity and is referred officially only as the Spectre. Though the few powerful individuals with enough clearance could perhaps explore his past and discover his true identity, none can know if the current Spectre is the same as the original. Beliefs The Crimson Spectres care little for honor or glory and focus only on that which they deem practical, traits they feel that their Primarch Corax epitomized. The Chapter does have its limits on what it deems practical, refusing xeno or warp technology no matter the aid it may bring. They know that their potential uses are far outweighed by their corrupting nature. Following the traditions set by their primogenitors, the Raven Guard, the Crimson Spectres record their battles. Each Marine is expected to devote themselves to understanding their strengths and faults by studying their actions and those of others, so as to better themselves and to properly teach them their place in the Chapter. Often this is done in large gatherings so that the insights gleaned from such study can be openly and fairly shared. Theories and concepts related to war are deliberated and evaluated solely on their pragmatic applications. The Crimson Spectres require only the destruction of the enemy in ways that will have the least impact on the Chapter's ability to wage further war. Despite their lack of concern for matters of glory and honor, the effectiveness of their attitudes has nonetheless gained them such in the eyes of others. Gene-seed The Adeptus Mechanicum utilized the purest strains of gene-seed derived from Corax that they had in stock. As such, the Crimson Spectres have little to fear of the mutations that can be common among Raven Guard successors, though they do keep the common physical appearance. Though the Chapter's stock of gene-seed is not mutative, it has proven especially difficult to properly implant. Though rejection of gene-seed is a problem all Chapters must face, the rejection rate of gene-seed for the Crimson Spectres is extremely high. Though their recruitment programs have stepped up exponentially to offset this issue, the growth rate of the Chapter has been abysmally slow, having been able to create only a single company's worth of stable Marines after three centuries. Battle-cry An assault by the Crimson Spectres is not heralded by stirring chants or terrifying battle-cries. Explosions and gunfire upon an unsuspecting foe speak loudly enough. http://i.imgur.com/JXenda9.jpg
  8. Warhawks <Raven Guard> Successor Chapter: Ultima Founding First I want to show my appreciation for a number of you who have helped me in the planning stages of this project. Race Bannon thank you for responding to a number of PMs. SanguinaryGuardsmen and Claws&Effect for advice on building. Ishagu, Blindhamster, and Captain Idaho only to name a few on enlightening discussion on the rules and units of 8th I was unfamiliar with. Thank you. Above is the foundation for the 2000 point army I plan on building. I can't quite do exactly a Primaris (only) Chapter. Two reasons. First is I feel I need access at least to some Infiltrators to be competitive, and there will be tournaments in this army's future have no doubt. Secondly, Xiphon Interceptor. Flyers like the Valkyrie were just making there debut when I left the game during 5th edition, so I have never played with them. I have fallen in love with this model and when the army is ready to jump to a full 2,000 I will be purchasing one (hopefully in a batch with guys from the local GW store ) I suspect mounting bolt guns to the Sniper Scouts is going to be the toughest project but ... I'm also in the process of trying to trade for some Terminator Lightning Claws from a Imperial Fist player. The Blood Hawks are going to have their own version of Kayvaan Shrike using a "spare" Interceptor model, but like Race says "No pics? Didn't happen. To that point, I will be posting my progress in this thread weekly. Do NOT expect any great feats of conversion or painting. I'll go through my quick and dirty painting process later in the thread but after a year of chemo a while back my hands (and feet) arent what they use to be. Still, I think I have a process that will make them table worthy. (Just can't play with unpainted models First up two boxes on Intercessors to base coat with Armory Primer, Dragon Red and Desert Yellow.
  9. I’m a relapsed hobbyist, dragged back into the 41st millennium by some friends having not collected or played since about 2008. I’ve always been drawn to the Raven Guard by their fluff, and the fact that they’re (theoretically) easy to paint for a reluctant and lazy painter like myself. Therefore, I’ve obtained all my old models from my parents’ loft, and purchased a few new bitz. I’m a kitbasher at heart - I love to convert models, try out new poses or switch equipment around, but I’m starring out slowly to ease myself back into it. Anyway, I’ve done a little work on a few things over the last few days. My friends and I are planning to reintroduce ourselves to the hobby via the Heralds of Ruin Kill Team rules, which will allow me to ease myself back into building and painting. I will be playing a small detachment of Raven Guard, which so far consists of 5 sniper scouts, 3 Sternguard Veterans, and a Librarian who I’m still working on and is currently in pieces. Accountability is a big motivator for me, which is why I hope publishing my work on here will keep me going, and I’d also appreciate any criticism or advice more experienced hands might offer. Therefore, as my first post, I present the fruits of this week’s work. Three Sternguard Veterans based on a tactical squad chassis. Tactical scopes and stick mags from Anvil Industry to make the special issue bolsters stand out, and an attempt to pose the squad as firing from a static position (except the one guy who’s firing while reviewing his auspex data because he’s got mad skillz). I still need to get some 3mm plastic rod to make suppressors on the bolters though. Some not-very-heavily converted scouts. Heads are from Anvil Industry’s Black Ops range - I like how they have some of the MkVII helmet aesthetic but have the additional optics. Basing will follow when I get the materials. I love the idea of a small RG task force sneaking through a city, so all of my bases will be urban. The Sternguard will likely get some form of paving or concrete-look scheme, and I’m pondering buying some mesh or diamond-cut plasticard to give the scouts the appearance of shooting from an elevated walkway or gantry.
  10. So, as I have mentioned in my posts in the past, my Raven Guard army is very dated. I returned to the game in late 7th Ed (just before the Angels of Death book dropped), and the game has felt ever shifting in terms of meta/rules/balance ever since. My Raven Guard army as it stands now is very dated, from an edition where Assault Marines were actually good. I have been just playing the army with stand-ins, proxies, and count-as ever since, testing new units and trying to "settle in" on a baseline of units that I like - performance, visual appeal, and are a narrative fit (to me). The reason for this thread is to establish a tentative "completed army" list that I can set a goal and work towards, which will involve almost entirely on new units. Once I complete this list, the things that are in my current (old) army I will begin to strip and re-work up to a new standard of painting/converting/basing/etc Onwards to some lists- What I currently own that is 100% finished (aka “the old stuff”) 1 Chaplain with Jump Pack – Plasma Pistol 1 Chaplain – Plasma Pistol 1 Captain with Jump Pack – Dual LC (Based off the old Marshal model - https://tinyurl.com/ybrw3fl2) 1 Shadow Captain Shrike – 25 MM base, No Jump Pack (lost) – Pewter ~~All Pewter~~ 13 Scouts with Sniper Rifles & Camo Cloaks (2 of which are actually Cadian snipers) 2 Scouts with Missle Launchers 2 Scouts with Heavy Bolters 5 Scouts with Bolters 5 Scouts with Shotguns 5 Scouts with BP+CCW 2 Scout Sergeants – 1 BP+PS, 1 BP+PF (Using the Sly Marbo model as a base) 5 Space Marine Bikers – 2 Plasma Guns (Pewter/Plastic Hybrids) 1 Space Marine Attack Bike – Multi Melta (Pewter/Plastic Hybrid) ~30 Space Marine Assault Marines (Various kits, some pewter, some plastic, some old pewter Death Company Torso/Legs with plastic bits – All with either BP+CCW or dual BP) 6 Space Marine Assault Marines (Plasma Pistol + CCW or Plasma Pistol + BP) 2 Space Marine Assault Marines (Flamers) 4 Assault Marine Sergeants (3x PF + PP, 1x PS + PP) 1 Whirlwind 2 Dreadnoughts – (1 Twin LC + DCCW, 1 Twin LC + ML) Lastly, I have 1 Completed/finished Land Speeder Storm that I have recently assembled/painted for the Talon’s Reach event – to a higher standard than my “old” stuff from 10 years ago. Now, on to the shame – Below is what I currently own, that is in various states, mostly NIB/NOS: 2x 5 Vanguard Veterans 3x 5 Sternguard Veterans 3x 10 Man Tactical Squad 2x 5 Man Devastator Squad (the older kit without Grav Cannons) 1x 5 Man Devastator Squad (new kit – w/ Cherub) 2x 5 Man Assault Squad (old kit – no eviscerators) 2x 5 Man Assault Squad (new kit) 1x 3 Man Centurion warsuit kit 1x 5 Man Scout Squad (Sniper Rifles, Missle Launcher, Camo Cloaks 1x 5 Man Scout Squad (Bolters, Heavy Bolter) 3x Razorback 4x Drop Prod (2 NIB, 2 Assembled, Primed, with a couple base layers applied) 1x Land Speeder 1x Land Speeder Storm 1x Primaris Aggressors (3 Models) 1x Primaris Intercessors (Standalone kit – Not Dark Imperium 1x 5 Man Terminator Squad (Ranged, not Assault) 1x Dark Imperium (Captain, 2x Lieutenant, Ancient, 10 Intercessors, 3 Inceptors, 5 Hellblasters) 1x Betrayal at Calth 1x Burning of Prospero Now, the above inventory list isn’t meant to be all Raven Guard, as I was purchasing models, some kits were earmarked for my Raven Guard, and others were intended to be used for a different loyalist DIY chapter project (based on my first army when I started playing the game in 2nd Ed, and I have a bit of backstory and a paint scheme already in mind for). That being said, none of its painted assembled, so I can do whatever I want with it, it’s just a reserve to draw on at this point. Where do you guys come in? Well my last list is going to be the “completed army” list that I want to have at my disposal to actually play in tournaments and “get serious” about playing on a regular basis. This is the goal to work towards. What I want from you guys is to look at what I own, look at where I want to go, and give feedback. After the list ill post a few questions that I would like you to ask yourself, in the context of my lists, and then post an answer (if you would be so kind). I am going to divide the list into 3 categories – Need, Want, and Wish. Need – Mission critical units that in my opinion I either need because they help modernize the army and bring it “up to snuff” or they are very strong units that will be repeated staples in most lists I field Want – My first potential expansion units. These are units that will get used fairly regularly, but won’t be used in every list, and will be first candidates for swapping when changing up lists Wish – More exotic/expensive units that I would love to have from an aesthetic/showcase perspective, but would only see intermittent play. These are mostly Forgeworld or Odd/Rare units in terms of how I would fit them in a list. “The Goal” List: The Need: 6 New Character Models – 2 Captains and 2 Lieutenants, (one each on foot & jump pack), 1 Banner Bearer, 1 "Counts-As" Lias Issodon 20 Tactical Marines – Bolters 4 Tactical Sergeants – Magnetized with an array of Combi-Weapons to customize 6 Tactical Marines – Special Weapons – (2x ea Plasma Gun, Flamer, Meltagun) 2-3 Rhino/Razorbacks – Convertible with at least 2 Weapon Configurations (Twin LC, Twin AC) 10-15 Vanguard Veterans (Jump Packs, a mix of Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers, and SS) - These may get bumped down in prio 15 Devastator Marines (3 Sergeants, 4 Plasma Cannons, 4 Lascannons, 4 Heavy Bolters) 1 Storm Raven 2 Storm Talons (Converted to a “Shadow Hawk/Talon” Kiavahr pattern) - These may get bumped down in prio The Want: 6 Boltstorm Aggressors Another Ven Dread (I am going to attempt to acquire the OOP Venerable Raven Guard dread from Forgeworld from our eastern friends) - Magnetized to use as Ironclad or Ranged Ven Dread. 10 Reivers (Bolt Carbines) 10 Intercessors (Going to model these with Stalker Bolt Rifles and use them as Stalkers or regular Bolt Rifles) 10 Sternguard (Special Issue Bolters) 10 Scouts (5 more Bolters, 5 more Snipers) The Wish: 1 Fire Raptor Gunship 1 Land Raider Excelsior 5 Tartaros Terminators 1 Librarian w/ Jump Pack 1 Raven Guard Contemptor (Forge World) - 2x Kheres Assault Cannon 1 Redemptor I will edit this post later with my Want/Wish sections. But for now, I would love to hear folks' input. My questions (as it pertains to your current army/opinions): 1) What units do you play with that are staples in every one of your lists? Can't leave home without it? etc 2) What units do you feel are strongest OR most aesthetically pleasing in the current range? 3) What one unit (or more) do you feel is sub-optimal or less-than, but you still love and regularly field in your lists? (Come on, we all have a few)
  11. hey So I've just gotten back in with 8th ed since a LOOOONG break so really a noob again. I'm putting together an army list so I only buy what I need for a 2000pts army or else I'll just end up wit tons of models and will spend ages kitbashing and painting. So my question is this, am I totally barking up the wrong tree with this one? BATTALION DETACHMENT HQ: Kayvaan Shrike Chaplain with Jump pack ELITES: 10 Rievers with Grav chutes 5 Vanguard Vets all with Lightning Claws 5 Vanguard Vets 3xLightning Claws 2xPower Fist TROOPS: 5xIntercessors All Bolt Rifles 5xIntercessors 4xBolt Rifles 1XAssault Bolt Rifle 5xScouts 4xSniper Rifles 1xMissile Launcher 5xScouts 4xBolt Guns 1xHeavy Bolter 10xTacticals 1XPlasma Pistol 1XPlasma Gun FAST ATTACK: 3xInceptors Assault Bolters HEAVY SUPPORT: 5xHellblasters Plasma Incinerators FLYERS: Stormhawk Interceptor Assault Cannon, Stormcannon, Skyhammer Missile Launcher Stormraven Gunship Stormstrike Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Twin Lascannon Any input, even "are you stoooopid" is greatly appreciated.
  12. I'm only new here, but I've noticed a lot of SFTS talk in the Raven Guard forums. I still haven't used it but, then again, I don't run any terminators or units that could typically take full advantage of it. Could anyone outline good approaches with it that don't require: 1: Assault Termies or Centurions or 2: going first?
  13. I've always tried to maintain a balanced list, but still make it "fluffy" in some ways. This is my 8th Edition attempt at that. What are your thoughts? All criticism/advice is welcomed. + HQ + Kayvaan Shrike [8 PL, 150pts] Librarian in Terminator Armor [9 PL, 172pts]: Force stave, Storm shield + Troops + 5x Scout Squad [6 PL, 65pts] . Scout Sergeant: Astartes shotgun, Bolt pistol . Scout w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter . 3x Scout w/Shotgun 5x Scout Squad [6 PL, 96pts]s . Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Sniper rifle . Scout w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher . 3x Scout w/Sniper Rifle: 3x Sniper rifle 5x Scout Squad [6 PL, 65pts] . Scout Sergeant: Astartes shotgun, Bolt pistol . Scout w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter . 3x Scout w/Shotgun 10x Tactical Squad [9 PL, 143pts] . 8x Space Marine . Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun . Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun 10x Tactical Squad [9 PL, 130pts] . 9x Space Marine . Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun + Elites + Dreadnought [7 PL, 145pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon 5x Terminator Assault Squad [12 PL, 260pts]: Teleport Homer . Terminator Sergeant . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield: Storm shield, Thunder hammer . 4x Terminator w/THSS: 4x Storm shield, 4x Thunder hammer + Fast Attack + 10x Assault Squad [11 PL, 182pts]: Jump Pack . 7x Space Marine . Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Combat shield, Power maul . Space Marine w/Special Weapon . . Plasma Pistol & Chainsword: Plasma pistol . Space Marine w/Special Weapon . . Plasma Pistol & Chainsword: Plasma pistol + Heavy Support + 5x Devastator Squad [8 PL, 165pts] . Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher Predator [9 PL, 192pts]: Storm bolter, Twin lascannon, Two Lascannons + Dedicated Transport + Razorback [5 PL, 117pts]: Storm bolter, Twin lascannon Razorback [5 PL, 117pts]: Storm bolter, Twin lascannon ++ Total: [110 PL, 1999pts] ++ The idea is to have the 2 Scouts Squads with Shotguns in the opponents face, the Sniper Squad picking off characters, My Lib with my Assault Terms teleporting in, Shrike deep striking with the Assault Squad, both 10- man Tacts combat squaded, half of each squad in Razorbacks for maneuverability and objective holding. The Predator, Devs, and Dread taking out big targets.
  14. Right, exactly what it says on the tin, chaps. I'm looking for assistance correlating what information there is to be had about the XIXth Legion's Terran period and recruitment, iconography, culture, etc. You know - the sort of stuff required to bring a force to life. I'm presently tossing up what to do with five or so truescale Mk.IIIs I've just about finished ; and one of the possibilitis which suggested itself to me was a band of Terran-origin XIXth legionnaires who'd wound up (as with so many of their kind) separated from their parent Legion at some point subsequent to Unification. Now, this in and of itself would be pretty straight-forward. Formations such as the Ashen Claws provide ample testament to this kind of force being out there in the universe. But if you've seen many of our previous Vox Stellarum logs floating about the place, and in particular what we tend to do with Heresy and Unification era stuff when it comes to fleshing out the fluff behind our projects ... then you'll already probably see wehre this is going. I like tying my miniature efforts of Terran extraction to their earth-culture origins, both in terms of naming and more involved elements of the modelling and equipment. Thus far, this has resulted in North Indian inflected Loyalist VIIIth and IVth; as well as Umbral's excellent Tibetan Night Lords. Yet when i turned my attention to the XIXth Legion, things became rather more difficult to 'pin down'. What we know from the Third and Sixth Black Books is that many of the Terran XIXth were drawn from the "Xeric tribes of the Asiatic dustfields", proximate to the Yndonesic Bloc with whom they seem to have been in a continual state of armed conflict. We also can make an inference of a sort as to their relative propinquity towards the eastern frontiers of Ursh, due to their involvement in the pacification of same as Astartes as part of Unification, but this is just tha - an "inference" (based in no small part on a similar pattern observable elsewhere of some Legions' first outings being in conflict in their own general 'neighbourhood'). So what does this give us? Well, not terribly much. However, it is a start. Only hits I've found in relation to potential meanings or derivations for "Xeric" is the straightforward and direct use of the term in reference to rather arid biomes, including at the present time a swathe of territory running through northwest China and Central Asia to western India, Iran, and so forth. And no doubt, given the reduction in habitability of the ensuing 28,000 or so years of human history on Terra, these realms will have expanded a great deal. Although so too will the "Yndonesic Bloc" - which I have little doubt encompasses a far broader extent than modern-day Indonesia. And while this might straight-up suggest Mongols or something, I have something a little different in mind. Specifically, the Scythians and/or [dependent upon which ethnographical sources you wish to rely upon] Saka peoples which inhabited much of that aforementioned expanse. So I guess what I'm asking is twofold - beyond what is stated above, what do we konw about these Xeric dust-tribes? Is there anything cited in the various Horus Heresy novels or other sources about them and other elements of the Terran XIX adt this point in time? And, further, do we have any information about unit-badges or other heraldry - the Black Book art has a rather bland "XIX" in a roundel; possibly supplemented by the six-armed starbursty sigil seen on the shoulderpad of some of the earlier Ashen Claws art (although this is cited as a unit-designator in the panel of tactical markings in Extermination so make of that what you will]. And, you know, anything else that may be useful :P
  15. My scout units have survived nearly every game I've played in 8th (only about 10 games so far). I have experimented with boaters and sniper rifles, with and without camo cloaks, and with heavy weapons, yet my opponents seem to just leave them alone. Now this might sound like a good thing, especially since I use my scouts primarily to control board space at deployment and for holding objectives. They are doing almost everything I want them to do. But I want them to be a bigger threat. So I am asking for some RG veteran wisdom: How do you equip and play your scouts for maximum impact? Do you consider camo cloaks to be a maybe or a must, or perhaps not worth the points? How many snipers does it take to be a threat? Do you use the shotgun or combat knife varieties? How many scouts do you put in a unit? Do you use Land Speeder Storms? If so, how do you use them and equip them? Thanks for the help!
  16. Another Friday rolls around and with it comes a brand new Glacial Geek Battle Report! https://youtu.be/sAShdIpVTJc This time my Dark Angels take on Space Marines running the Raven Guard tactics! The Inquisition orders were clear. The Azurdon were supposed to arrive on planet, enforce, to retrieve the Heresy era technology the scans had located. The Space Marines were tasked with retrieval of the device at all costs. When they arrived in orbit and began to deploy, the reasons for specifically being sent with strong numbers became evident. The Dark Angel Cruiser refused their vox calls and scans showed a large number of the First Legion on the planet. The Azurdon circled up to protect the devise and accomplish their mission. Will the Inquisition get what they want, or will the Unforgiven retrieve it instead? Watch and find out!
  17. Ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, I'd like to take this oppertunity to share some pictures of my Raven Guard successor chapter, the Night Claws. Here's a little sneak peak: This is around about my 1500 point towards the end of 7th; it includes the following: HQ's: Shrike, 3 Librarians (inherited BA models) Troops: 10 Scouts w/ Land Speeder Storms Elites: 15 Vanguard Veterans, 5 Sternguard Veterans w/ Drop Pod Fast Attack: 3 Land Speeders With 8th edition around the corner, there's a lot of changes I'd like to make to this list. I plan on magnetizing all the arms for the Vanguard and potentially the Sternguard this time around to take advantage of the combi weapon changes. I'll post WIP's of the process and any other additions to the Night Claws that come along. I've got some more scouts coming in soon and some of the BA models need some touching up.
  18. Brothers (and Sisters?), a couple quick questions. I've been reading through all the releases on Warhammer Community, etc., but I haven't been able to keep up with the discussion here on B&C. I don't see anything in the 8th Edition Discussion board that addresses this, although the Black Templars have been speculating a little: 1. Are we expecting chapter Codices to be released at some point, in addition to the Index books that have already been announced/leaked? (Spikey Bits says "no?" BellofLostSouls thinks "yes," in the model of AoS's Battletome) 2. Do we expect chapter tactics to be announced at some point? Maybe tied to the chapter keywords? I looked through the leaked rules, and it looks like there isn't much to distinguish chapters from each other at this point, although the leaks are only portions of each book... Other than including a a high proportion of scouts and jump units in our armies, what is going to make Raven Guard "Raven Guard" in the 8th Edition? Or any other Codex chapter, for that matter. Can anyone direct me to productive discussion of these topics?
  19. Meant to get this up over a week ago. This was my first game of 8th Ed. Playing against my buddy's Necrons. Learned a lot, but ultimately got destroyed. These lists are from memory, so might not be 100% accurate. Raven Guard 2k Points (Outrider and Battalion - 7 CP) Battalion Shrike Chaplain - Jump Pack, Combi-Plasma Contemptor - Kheres Venerable Dread - Twin Las/Missle Launcher Venerable Dread - Twin Las/Dread CCW 3 x 5 Man Scout Squads (4 Snipers, 1 Missle Launcher, Camo Cloaks) 1 x 5 Man Scout Squad (4 Bolters, Sarge with Twin Lightning Claws) Land Speeder Storm - Assault Cannon Outrider Librarian - Jump Pack, Force Staff, Combi-Plasma 3 x 10 Man Assault Squad (2 Plasma Pistols) 3 x Sarge w/ Combi Plasma & Thunder Hammer Necrons - 2k - Battalion Overlord - Scythe Cryptek Triarch Stalker 3 x 10 Immortals (Tesla) 3 x 10 Deathmarks 3 x Heavy Destroyers 5 x Tomb Blades 2 x Annihilation Barges Deployment: - We drew tactical escalation and the new slanted long board edge map I deployed my 3 dreads midfield in the open with good firing lanes. I had high hopes for the contemptor. I deployed all my scouts in area cover, midfield, near objectives (except the storm and boltgun scouts) I placed Shrike, Chaplain, Librarian, and all 3 ASM squads in Reserve to attempt "Shadowstrike Killteam 2.0" My opponent deployed spread fairly wide covering half his side of the board One immortal unit on each flank paired up with a barge The remaining immortal unit in the center on an objective, with the lord and cyptek Tomb blades to one side, Heavy Destroyers opposite the other He had one less unit meaning he got first turn. Battle Round 1, Necron Turn 1 - He drew the kill X units card, bonus for 3, more bonus for 6 He moved all his immortals up a little bit while keeping them in cover. He kept his immortals in reserve. His barges and heavy destroyers squeaked up a small amount to get better firing arcs His shooting phase all his infantry opened up on my scouts, killing nearly every sniper scout. I was left with one sniper and one missle launcher left from one unit on a midfield objective. Both barges, and the heavy destroyers opened up on the contemptor and took it to 4? wounds remaining crippling it (I didn't make a single invuln). During Morale phase, I rolled for the 2 scouts left, and got a 5, thus giving me an 8, so I would lose one scout - I used ATSKNF, rerolled, and got a 6, wiping the squad - Great. He killed 3 units and scored D3, for 3. Battle Round 1, Raven Guard Turn 1 - I drew an objective that was under his lord/cryptek/immortals in the center On my turn I moved my dreads into a better position to shoot at the heavy destroyers, and the contemptor and bolter scouts moved on the Tomb Blades I dropped all my Jump boys in his corner, he responded by fortifying that flank and dropping in all his Deathmarks. I made the mistake of dropping the librarian first thinking he could soak one units worth of interceptor fire to spare me bodies. One unit is double tap snipers (20 shots), and he cranked out 2 mortal wounds and 2 saves, which I failed. Dead libby, never even cast a power. His interceptor fire (whatever you want to call it) from the other two deathmark units killed 4-5 ASMs. In my shooting phase I opened up on the tomb blades and killed 3 of 5. My dreads opened up on the far side flank annihilation barge and took a few HPs off. My remaining HQ and ASMs opened up with all their plasma on the other annihilation barge, overcharged, and with Shrike's reroll took it out quite easily. I attempted to charge the closest unit of Deathmarks. I had 5 charges in total to make, all of which were the minimum distance (9"), and I had the reroll for every charge, and I only made ONE unit into combat. Every single one of my units took overwatch fire, shrike took two wounds, chaplain took one, lost 2 ASMs from one unit, and 1 ASM from the other, and 2 more from the already weakened unit he focused on with Interceptor fire. Ironically the LAST unit to charge and make it in was the unit reduced to 5 guys from interceptor/overwatch. I killed one immortal, and even with my Chaplain nearby to buff LD, I still lost another guy to morale. I didn't score anything. Battle Round 2, Necron Turn 2 - Necrons 3 / Raven Guard 0 On his turn he moved up, secured two more cards (objectives in his deployment, regular hold and the 2 turn hold). The unit of Deathmarks I charged warped out and left me exposed. He opened up with about 50% of his army on my dreads, finishing the contemptor, and wounding one venerable. The remainder of his army on the flank shot up my jump boys real bad. I lost one whole unit, exposing Shrike, then lost Shrike, then lost another 2 guys off the other unit that didn't charge, and I lost a 6th from the unit left scratching their heads after the Deathmarks warped out. At this point I had 0 points, a wounded Dread, a healthy dread, my chaplain on one wound, and remnants of two ASM squads. I decided to concede. SO ON TO LESSONS LEARNED: Deep Strike to try to charge, even with a reroll is REALLY STUPID and should not be tried, ever. Aura buffs are very strong in 8th Ed, and ill be doing everything I can to stack them in future builds/modelling opportunities. It is extremely aggravating there are no Jump Pack options for the buffing elite guys (Apothecary, etc) I was really excited to run the Contemptor, and watching it getting taken to critical wounds and then be worse than a Ven Dread was very sad. I think I need to run more/all Contemptors for saturation, or none. Overcharged plasma with Shrike is great. Relying on assault to do the bulk of your lifting in 8th Ed is a mistake, I think. I used to play a very assaulty-alpha list in 7th, and it worked, but you just need more guns/dice/men on the field in 8th I believe. In hindsight, with this list, I should have dropped into cover on his half of the board, shot him up, then tried to charge the NEXT turn after securing safer charge ranges. Scouts in area cover with Camo Cloaks die like flies when looking in the face of 60+ Tesla shots. Which leads me to my next point: Point for Point, immortals are SO STRONG in 8th with Tesla. You can buff their hit rolls with the lord, so they proc Tesla hits (3 hits off a 6, now a 5 or a 6 with the buff), meaning a 10 man unit can easily garner 25-30 hits every time they shoot. Take into account that it is an assault weapon (with 24" range), so they can run and shoot if necessary, there threat range is quite large. ALSO Deathmarks are probably the 2nd most efficient unit for dealing mortal ones. The fact they can warp every turn, respond to your opponents deep strike, and get to rapid fire is insane. I think the only other snipers in the game better are maybe ratlings because they are so cheap. Also the fact that Snipers put out the mortal wound AND the normal wound is crazy. I kinda wished at the end I had 2 large units of scouts (10 each with rifles), and maybe no missle launchers, just to maximize my odds of mortal wounds. That's it for now, I got a couple other oddities I have noticed about 8E, but it's getting late and ill have to add more later.
  20. ***EDIT*** This originally started out as my RG PLOG and I've had a blast posting. Recently I decided to make my own homebrew chapter. I'd love for you to check out the entire thread but if you want to jump to what is current go here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/339466-the-vindicet-honorem-detachment-has-landed/page-17?do=findComment&comment=5164003 ***EDIT END*** I've got a WIP thread in the WIP section but after talking to Our Glorious Moderator, Race, I am going to create a similar thread here in the Ravenspire portion of B&C. I'd love to be able to have more feedback from RG players. I plan on making this more of a PLOG type thread that will include my WIP stuff but also bat reps, lists, questions, etc. I'll probably run them both tandem, but to start here is the basics of the story behind my RG army: There is a story in the lore about the world of Baran. Long story short is a detachment of Raven Guard got wiped out by Eldar trickery. The world is described as a beautiful Eldar Maiden world with oceans, forest, rolling steppe plains, and lush vegetation. I was drawn to the story because the RG got screwed (yet again) and the setting seemed perfect for a narrative driven story. From a modeling perspective the basing needed to match the world would be perfect because it would provide opportunity to help my army stand out since an all black army can get kind of boring. My Raven Guard detachment is on a revenge (Vindicet) and honor (Honorem) mission centered on the world of Baran. Their goal is to attempt to recover a lost relic that the previous detachment had and exact revenge on the Biel Tan Eldar that shamed them roughly 100 years ago.
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