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  1. Arks of Omen: Abaddon has been out a few weeks and Arks of Omen: Angron is coming out in 2 weeks (preorder 2/4). I wanted to see what units, everyone is taking and how they are playing. I played 3 games this weekend using mission 6 from White Dwarf $84 Blades of Victory Brotherhood Brotherhood Librarian (Stormbolter, halbred, warp changing & Empyric Amp) 5 terminators (Justicar Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, halbreds) 5 Terminators (Justicar Daemon Hammer, Psilencer, swords) The third game I switched out the swords for halbreds. My downside was not playing for objectives. But most games I had more models left then opponent.
  2. WAR

    Hobby Updates

    Well I had some weekend projects in mind earlier this week, work on my Blood Angels Combat Patrol, Purchase Arks of Omen: Angron and Space Marine Boarding Patrol box. I built the Librarian from the Combat Patrol put magnets on all the bases for the My Blood Angels, did make to Local Warhammer store and did my preorder (Arbites Coin Yeah!). But since the weather here in AZ has bee crazy it started off at 42* Friday morning but was 75* when I got home at 2pm from work so I was able to prime all my unprimed Grey Knights. Just need to paint everything them. And build 2 Razorbacks, 5 Land Raiders, and Storm Raven. You know eventually I might have to get them their Thunderhawk from FW.......
  3. Hello gents, thought I’d post up my grey knight army seeing as it’s almost finished. my goal this last year, for 2022, was to finally finish my grey knights collection and move onto something else. I’ve done that to a point, just need to finish painting a scratch built tech marine and I’ll be done. My goal over the Christmas holidays was to finish my imperial knight, which I bought… I wanna say 7-8 years ago, whenever the imperial knights were first released. he largely remained unpainted and un-used, but I set a goal this Christmas to finish him. He’s got decals and stuff as well. Once I get kills with him, I’ll start recording it on his should pad. He’s a freelance knight who the Grey Knights saved, and has vowed to assist them and repay the debt. Draigo was the first model I ever bought back in 5th edition. And he’s horribly painted compared to rest, I tried to touch him up over Christmas. None the less, he’s that garbage finecast crap, and his sword kept falling over limp… so I chopped it off and put a boss looking custodes sword on there. this Christmas I also finished my kit bashed chaplain. And my last squad of terminators. Over the years my bases have progressed from real sand to the new texture paints from GW. I’m ok with that though. there’s a few un finished rhinos/ razorbacks but I don’t think I’ll ever be using them again. anyway enjoy, I suck at taking pics, should I do some close ups of the characters? now that I’ve pretty much done them, I’ve got my mrs working on my small army of tyrannids and I should help finish that off. my goal for 2023 is my new 1500pts worth of custodes I got for Christmas. (the Christmas box set) I plan to get an airbrush and do simpler marble style bases to resemble a palace floor.
  4. A bunch of FAQs have just been announced on Warcom - you can download them on the FAQ section. Included are; Deathwatch Adeptus Custodes Adeptus Mechanicus Drukhari Genestealer Cults Grey Knights Orks T'au Empire Imperial Armour Compendium Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tode Warhammer 40,000 Core Book
  5. From the album: Grey Knights 9th Brotherhood

    Imperial Knight Free Blade Odysseus in the service of the Inquisition and usually supporting the 9th Brotherhood along with the two Dreadknights. Brother Ishmael and Venerable Brother Icarus. Brother Icarus had initially been placed in a Dreadnought suit but after a series of malfunctions it was decided to try and pioneer a new, more suitable interface to allow him to pilot a Dreaknight.
  6. So after 10 years I'm finally starting a second 40k army... Grey Knights! I'm going to cross the terminator kit with heavy intercessors for truscale terminators which seems to be a pretty common practice. For the strike squads I'm going to do something a bit different. Most guides seem to recommend crossing the terminator chests with intercessor or bladeguard legs. That is very expensive and might look a little too much like my terminators so I am going to use the legs from the new Death Watch kits which are still upscaled from old marines but not as large as primaris. My question is if anyone has done this and if I should also buy the Death Watch chests off of ebay or if they look good enough with the strike squad chests. Thank you. Bonus Question, has anyone used an airbrush to pain miniatures out in the Texas sun, and does that hamper the process? I imagine it does.
  7. From the album: Christmas Models

    Christmas Grey Knight.
  8. From the album: Christmas Models

    Here is a Christmas model I made. He is a grey knight.
  9. From the album: Space Marines

    I absolutely loved building this model.
  10. Seeing how this is more of a Grey Knight question, I'll pose the question here, rather on the rules forum. Straight to business, according to the wording of the Nemesis Lord WL trait, the wording is this: "Nemesis Lord: You can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of your Warlord's melee weapon. If you Warlord wields a Relic of Titan that is a melee weapon, chose another Warlord Trait or re-roll this result." Ok, so directing your attention to the the first part of the sentence (underlined), You can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of your Walord's melee weapon. However, here's the interesting bit - what if he wields two? I.e. a pair of Nemesis Falchions. As he wields two weapons, does that mean the Falchions become D3+2 damage (i,e. 1 falchion would become D3+1, and a pair would become D3 + 2, on the account they are two weapons)? Or would only the one weapon get the +1D? The third possibility is that the falchions do the D3 damage and then you add +2 afterward to the result as both weapons benefit from that trait. This would be incredibly spicy if that combination had a potential of 5 flat damage. Thoughts?
  11. Hi guys! I've been playing Warhammer 40k for over a decade now, and have my fair share of armies. I've had small blogs scattered on various forums before, but most haven't been updated in years, are archived and/or are filled with dead images. So I figured I'd just consolidate everything into a single blog, showing some of my older stuff and then continue with stuff I'm working on now or in the future. Apologies if you've seen some of the stuff before. I'm not the fastest nor the best painter, and with my short attention span I generally move between projects often to keep me from getting bored on painting the same stuff constantly. So here's my stuff, I hope you enjoy! I'll update this first post as an index to the posts with content for easy future reference. Tyranids - Hive Fleet Leviathan This was my first army which I started in 2008, after me and a few friends got into the hobby from playing the Dawn of War video games. I just loved the little gribblies and big monsters. Too inexperienced to realize beige is a pain in the ass to paint, I settled on a Leviathan-esque paint job before Hive Fleet Adaptations were a thing. Zoanthrope - Done Carnifex - Done Gants - Done Gargoyles - Done Trygon - Done Winged Hive Tyrant - Done Hive Crone - Done Swarmlord & Tyrant Guard - Done Tervigon - Done Exocrine - Done Haruspex - Done Grey Knights I always had a weak spot for the Daemonhunters, so I started this army in 2011 when the first plastic GK models came out together with their 5th edition codex. I also started experimenting with an airbrush around this time after failing to paint their power weapons one too many times (I still fail at blending). Haven't done much with them since 7th really after the Inquisition and Grey Knights got split up in separate codexes, and their current edition codex just feels lacking. Librarian - Done Brotherhood Ancient - Done Apothecary - Done Kaldor Draigo - Done Terminators/Paladins - Done Strike Squad - Done Purifiers - Done Inquisitor Coteaz - Done Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Done Vindicare Assassin - Done Dreadnought - Done Venerable Dreadnought - Done Nemesis Dreadknight - Done Land Raider - Done Stormraven - Done Eldar - Craftworld Saim-Hann I started collecting Saim-Hann when their 6th edition codex came out in 2013, when the plastic wind riders and wraithguard came out. Jetbikes and wraith constructs are my two favourite aspects about Craftworld Eldar and I liked the vibrant red of Saim-Hann. That they matched the jetbike playstyle didn't hurt either, of course. Autarch Skyrunner - Done Farseer Skyrunner - Done Windriders - Done Vyper - Done Dire Avengers - Done Wave Serpent - Done Fire Prism - Done War Walker - Done Crimson Hunter - Done Spiritseer - Done Wraithguard - Done Wraithlord - Done Wraithknight - Done Blood Angels - 5th Company 'Daemonbanes' I wanted to do a Space Marine army for a while, as the Grey Knight model range is (still) very limited, and I kept seeing one new Astartes release after another that I couldn't include in my army. While I originally intended to do a custom chapter, I already had a Space Hulk set and a Deathstorm box for my Tyranids, so I figured I might as well just do Blood Angels as I already liked their background and already had those models anyway. So in 2015 I began working on the Sons of Sanguinius. Since the previous armies were relatively clean looking, I went for a more grimmer, weathered look for these. I picked the 5th company as the main focus, simply because I liked the black blood drop of that company's insignia best to match the darker look I was going for, plus it seems thematic to ally with my Grey Knights considering they're called the Daemonbanes. Sanguinary Priest - Done Commander Dante - Done Sanguinary Guard - Done Assault Squad - Done Bike Squad - Done Librarian - Done Librarian Dreadnought - Done Furioso Dreadnought - Done Deredeo Dreadnought - Done Death Company Dreadnought - Done Lemartes - Done Death Company - Done Baal Predator - Done Relic Sicaran Battle Tank - Done Drop Pod - Done Sniper Scout Squad - Done Close Combat Scout Squad - Done Captain - Done Suppressor Squad - WIP 1, Done Thunderhawk Gunship - WIP 1, WIP 2 Adeptus Mechanicus & Imperial Knights - Forgeworld Xana II & House Malinax Always been a fan of the AdMech, and generally I go for the tech-priest character in any of the 40k RPGs I've done over the years. After snagging two cheap knights from a Renagade box and getting some Skitarii from the Kill Team starter set, I finally started with the cogboys in 2018. As I already had two red armies and didn't want a third, and I loved the colour scheme of House Malinax from FW, I decided to go with this colour scheme for the AdMech units as well. I know that lorewise they're hereteks/traitors to the Imperium, but I don't intend to go all chaosy/dark mechanicum on them. Skitarii Vanguard - WIP 1 Skitarii Rangers - WIP 1 Sicarian Infiltrators - WIP 1 Armiger Warglaive - WIP 1 Knight Warden - WIP 1 Scenery, Terrain & Gaming Room I'm lucky enough to have a spare bedroom (and a wife that lets me use it) as a dedicated hobby room, and have my own gaming table. I love building scenery, even though it takes me ages to complete any projects because of the amount of work required for the bigger projects. Gaming Table - Done Realm of Battle - Done Fortress of Redemption - Done Skyshield Landing Pad - Done Woods - Done Blastscape - Done Aquila - Done Imperial Sector Buildings - WIP 1 FW Industrial Sector - WIP 1, WIP 2 3D Printing Always wanted to get into 3D printing, but wanted to wait for a printer that could print high quality prints without having thick layer lines, had a large enough volume to tackle larger projects but was still affordable enough. This turned out to be the Phrozen Transform. 3D Printer - 1
  12. wip thread for my ETL 2019 vow(s). First vow; Grand Master Voldus: end of day 1 results: start of day 2 progress:
  13. Lord Macragge vs Supreme Grand Master In my last topic, Kaldor was considered a worthy rival to compete (with Trajann Valoris) for the title, of the Imperium's second strongest beatstick character (after Roboute Guilliman). Now, that the first of the Chapter Masters has received the Primaris upgrade, along with new wargear, does our Kaldor Draigo have to settle for 3rd or even 4th place for the Imperium's greatest beatstick characters? We all know Draigo's abilities and stats so here is the new Marneus Calgar's profile: So which Chapter Master emerges victorious (crunch-wise / lore-wise) ? Do you actually want our Draigo to get such an upgrade as well?
  14. So I was thinking we could create a place to compile and build upon all of our tactics, discussions, army compositions and so forth. All found in one place. We are a relatively small group in the overall B&C and looking at other factions and armies who have their own centralised threads, I thought we could attempt something similar. In saying that, I'd like this to be a tactics thread for Mono-GK but I understand that soup plays a large roll in how people play their grey-armoured daemon killers. In my opinion, I think GK and soup is practically well known at this stage regarding loyal 32, Knights, Guard etc. so hopefully we can keep the focus on mono tactics. So to get the ball rolling, how is everyone faring after CA 2018 and what do we feel are our go to units? I'd like to throw my own opinion out there and say are we falling into the trap of thinking a battalion is our main detachment? I've been thinking of running possibly 3 smaller ones i.e. an outrider, vanguard and spearhead. Would be 6 cp compared to 8-9 cp but with the sorry state our strategems are in at the moment I don't think losing out on 2-3 cp is that bad. My main line of thought behind this is I'd rather have 3 units of Interceptors than Strikes as they provide a lot more flexibility and manoeuvring potential for the high pressure and aggressive lists that GKs should play, in my opinion of course. Obsec has been a non-factor for me so losing that is fine in this edition of hordes. What are peoples thoughts on double battalion? While it greatly increases the CP amount, I feel so much is taken up in troops that it leaves very little for hard hitters.
  15. So I know our boys in silver have a fairly standard array of "5 bodies+upgrades" but what is everyone feeling is the star of the show? falchions on a zealot? hammers on the combat boi? double up on gunners or leave em all at home? lets hear what the brothers of titan have come up with!
  16. "Who and whence was the sculptor? From Sikyon. And his name? Lysippos. And who are you? Time who subdues all things. Why do you stand on tip-toe? I am ever running. And why you have a pair of wings on your feet? I fly with the wind. And why do you hold a razor in your right hand? As a sign to men that I am sharper than any sharp edge. And why does your hair hang over your face? For him who meets me to take me by the forelock. And why, in Heaven's name, is the back of your head bald? Because none whom I have once raced by on my winged feet will now, though he wishes it sore, take hold of me from behind. +++ Kairos is "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved +++ So what is this? Well, it's a story. It's also a puzzle. It's a narrative campaign, and it's something new for our group. The purpose of this thread is to tell tall tales, to try new things from a modeling perspective, to use games to relate the story, and most importantly, have some fun. Our group likes narratives. They really provide the spice for our games and especially motivate me to do things outside of the box. Campaigns get me to try forces I wouldn't normally be interested in, explore new painting styles, model weird stuff, and just let the creative muse take me where she wants to go. In the next few days, I'll be rolling out the foundation of the campaign framework and then Mo, Jefe, Gar, and I will begin the tale. There will also be painting and modeling of the various forces involved, some of which will be from the ground up (especially in my case). I have been thinking about and ruminating and kicking ideas out to our group for awhile now. Some of these ideas are spinoffs and tie-ins from previous campaign stories, some will be out of left field. But the four of us are here to share with you, attempt to intrigue you, and ideally entertain you. If you've ever suffered through some of my storytelling, you know that I don't just lay everything out. I want you to put some skin in the game and wonder, "Ok, what in the world is he doing?" I like to provide parts of the puzzle and let people make a picture out of what they have to work with. So, here is a puzzle piece...enjoy! +++ The Occupant Hidden Content The eyes stared out, unblinking. A snapshot in time, taken more than 1,000 years ago. The figure seemed in the process saying something important, something significant, while his eyebrows crouched together like a pair of great feline beasts. Pale, yet fierce eyes concentrated to his front, now they focused upon a distant point, his words forever captured by stasis never to be heard. The observer sighed as the timer buzzed, indicating that his time had expired. Slowly he stood up and stepped through the open door, guarded by a single golden giant. The door closed with a soft hush and the observer shuffled down the hall. +++ He was known as "The Occupant". It was said that he claimed to have entered the palace from its bowels, though how that could be possible would remain a mystery for a very long time. It was rumored that upon his capture, the Emperor appeared to recognize him, but said nothing. When he was finally allowed to speak, his manner was extremely perplexing. He spoke as if he was "here" and "somewhere else" at the same time. On occasion, he was observed speaking to individuals unseen. He behaved as if his presence was always in doubt, touching random objects as if to confirm their existence. He began to tell stories, lies, for that is all that they could possibly be. Yet he spoke with the calmness of one sure of the truth. He spoke of an approaching madness in an Empire that was lost, a coming time when the word "brother" meant nothing to those once brothers, a Father lost and the unseen seen, a Pantheon un-imagined now manifest in the lives of Mankind, of everything that would be lost during the inevitable fall into darkness. He said there was no future, no end, and no hope. He called himself a Son of Prospero. He would not explain why his armor was an iridescent blue, inlaid with gold iconography and exotic jewels. Nothing like the Legion's true colors. Yet there were elements of its design that were disturbingly reminiscent of the XVth's appearance. When asked who his father was, he said nothing, only sharing a sad smile. He refused to explain himself nor reveal his purpose. He was immune to physical pain. It was shortly thereafter that he was never left alone without a choir of Sisters present, continually shrouding him in silence. His nature prevented from unveiling itself, he remained an enigma to us. I was able to ascertain some information from him without his knowledge. He had a mission. He was tasked with situating himself within our midst, a psychic pebble dropped into the calm of the Imperial pond. He came to incite an insidious and malignant change deep within us. He said he came to be an end of the beginning. He came to put out the light. +++ To this day, his identity remains a mystery. Though rampant mutation infests his DNA, corrupting his geneseed as well as other internal organs, extensive testing verifies his claim. He is a son of Prospero. Which is, of course, impossible. He was produced from the technologies and processes that create an Astartes for the XVth Legion. He cannot exist, yet he does. I come and visit him every day, in some forlorn hope that I will be able to discern some truth from his presence. I discover nothing new, merely reaffirming his impossibility. Now, as Mankind turns its focus outward to the stars, eager to undertake the Emperor's vision, there lies a worm in my mind bordering on treason were I to speak it. Is he the truth? - Malcador, Regent of Terra, 0272999.M29 +++
  17. So I have a few pics of some games this week. I have had a super busy week so excused the rushed report, but here are the short notes: It was a 2K Maelstrom game.... it was pretty intense. More so than I thought it would be with Orks. Basically here's what I brought, unfortunately since the new codex came out I haven't had the heart to rip arms off of my sword Strikes, (which hardly got used in 7th), and put on Falchions, but two of the squads were WYSIWYG and 2 were Falchion loaded. One NDK is just a heavy, the other is a GMNDK. Razorback (missing turret) is an Assault Cannon. 2 Purgation squads are in there too. (Psilencers x2 and Psycannon x 2) The rest is pretty vanilla... 4 Pals, 1 Apothecary w/Cuirass. Voldus, and Draigo. The Orks army. I have to say it was not one of his stronger lists, but it had a good mix. He's played a lot of the massive body count armies... very annoying, but this was more trukks, more elites for him, and therefore less bodies, but he has been testing a Gorkanaut (I think it's called). Anyway I do get first turn. He's lined up poorly in my opinion though and this could be where I get a huge advantage if I don't mess it up. Beginning of the game: My first turn I alpha the heck out of him to retain some slight advantage. He has lots in trucks and I see the limitations of my non-Lascannon oriented force immediately... here I was hoping to Stormbolter him to death. The GMNDK comes down and Voldus launches Vortex. ! I love that about this edition... my Vortex is back baby! Take that dirty , green space mushrooms! The Vortex is a big one! It doesn't get the extra mortal wounds, but it is bin in the way it hits 4 squads including a Dread, and the Gorkanaught. I baby smite as much as typically can be done, and a well placed Purge Soul rips more off of the Gorkanaught. I don't waste most of my shooting on the Gorkanaught... because I need to wittle down some units. And I do. I get first blood at this point on a truck, and I think I've got a huge advantage here with his deployment so I get the GMNDK into CC with Gorkanaught... oh they will write such great prose about this moment on Titan... won't they???? Yea, so .... Not really! The Grandmaster waltz's in and hits but only does two D3 wounds!!! (Since I can only roll as low as a 3 that's as good as it gets for me)!!! That hammer needs batteries or something. I even blew a command point. So as you can clearly see the Gorkanaught had it's way with the GMNDK! The Gorkanaught pulled back and out of it's gut comes the Nobs with Heavy axes....But hey I remember this! In 7th I wiped these guys no problem..... Well frag grenades aren't needed in 8th, and ANYTHING can adjust a Terminator (2+ save). So the Nobs come out, and they are.. shocking S6 with these axes, 2 wounds each, and -1 AP!!! When did this happen? They come out with a banner dude, and lay the beat down, and the Gorkanaught easily finishes off the GMNDK. So now things have changed. I move up everything and try to crack vehicles, but the Orks are now in the lead, and have Slay The Warlord. The Paladins move in and do not let the image of their based in GM slow them down.... - My NDK (Heavy) does some good work here, we look really good now as the Paladins and Voldus start to take down boys, but they are cheap... dispensable. - I have some points from this, but he's still leading. The weird thing is the game keeps swaying HUGELY back and forth. I finally have the tipping point I feel when I get the Morkanaught down BUT it explodes on the way down!!! - The ensuing explosion causes 12 wounds on my stuff!! Insane. He's laughing now. Voldus took 2 (after killing the robot) and the Apothecary took a few.... very bad... Strikes went down... it was bad. - I get some points around the board, his copters come in flanking and steal a few points... I have to react, and it looks like I'm going to have to table him. - My Purgation squads are big in this game. I sit them in front of the Razorback and spew out Psilencer shots, and Psycannon shots (the Psycannons weren't worth it in my opinion. The Assault Cannon just does more for the buck). - I gun down the Nobz with axes... they are incredibly good now and cheap (too cheap?) At this point the NDK hops across the board with Gate, and I am down to the Razorback about 2 squads of 3 model Strike squads.... Voldus, and one NDK. I get the points I need literally in the last turn to pull off a crazy narrow victory! Orks are a lot different. Anything affecting saves is hard, but one thing I forgot to mention in this battle was a squad of Rocket Boyz in a Truck.... after I got through an assault with my Paladins they just got VAPED by the Rockets! -AP plus each unsaved wound is 3 Damage! So every lost save is a dead Strike, or a dead Paladin. That was incredibly rough, and made me really doubt the continued use of Paladins. But I have to hand it to my Ork opponent, this felt nothing like 7th edition Orks vs. GK.
  18. Every now and then when I get the right game (great opponent with a fully painted army), I do a comic book style battle report. I got in such a game this past week with my Chaos Marines against Grey Knights. I'm still working on the process with these reports (always learning), but I feel it came out pretty well. I hope you enjoy! https://creativetwilight.com/comic-book-chaos-marines-grey-knights/
  19. Hey all, My idea for a Primaris Chapter and incorporating them into my soul drinkers chapter... Let me know what you think (including my ideas of the soul drinkers predecessor chapter). See my notes at the end. After Guilliman announced to the Imperium his intentions of distributing Primaris marines across the galaxy and the Blood Angels had recalled all of their successor chapters to aid in the fight against the rising chaos threat, Guilliman was contacted by the chapter master of the Imperial Fists who claimed to have a small detachment of Soul Drinkers that he had sent to the galactic far-east to explore and bring a few troublesome worlds to enlightenment. The request was made to resupply these few Soul Drinkers with Primaris support. Gulliman flat-out refused to use the tainted Soul Drinker geneseed to create more marines. But, needing every man in the fight against the rising Chaos threat, he recalled the Soul Drinkers to support the Blood Angels. For in the process of creating the primaris Marines, Bellisarius Cawl had discovered that the Soul Drinkers were, in-fact a successor chapter of the Blood Angels. The signs were there, the cup of the Soul Drinkers sigil, the consumption of the enemy's brains after battle, the unorthodox chapter organisation. The Soul Drinkers were ordered to rendezvous with a Blood Angels Chaplain on the moon of a planet just outside the combat zone. This was fortunate as a mental sickness had begun to take hold of the chapter causing almost half of their brothers to act strangely, overly blood thirsty on the battlefield and easily irritated off it. They had managed to keep this secret from the Imperial Fists. They meet with the Chaplain who explains that the affliction is the black rage that affects most blood angels successor chapters. he goes through the process of establishing the death company within the soul drinkers. The chaplain is not alone. With him is a newly founded chapter of Primaris Marines: The Errant Custodians. Their Armour a pale Grey with dark green trim (undecided) and their sigil the three-headed dog; Cerberus. The Errant Custodians are a new chapter, developed from the geneseed of the grey knights and tasked with fighting alongside and watching over ex-comunicat traitoris chapters who claim to remain loyal to the emperor. As with the Grey Knights, each squad must be capable of acting as an independent unit as they are to spread across the galaxy and act as supervisors and battle-brothers to the few loyal members of traitor chapters. There are no captains among the Errant Custodians and each squad sergeant has a vote at the table of the 'Council Custodae.' The acting captain of the Soul Drinkers is told that he too has a seat at the council. After each battle, the council selects a sergeant to become Battle-Commander to lead the next engagement. This is because the absent Chapter Master of the Errant Custodians insists on maintaining the rank of Captain. His name is Garviel Loken. Also known as "Cerberus." The Errant Custodians are one of 8 new grey knights successor chapters, each with their own special task to perform outside of the grey knights' purview. Each named for and commanded by one of the founding space marine captains of the errant knights and thus, the creators of the grey knights. I know there are a few die-hard Grey Knights fans and a few people won't like the idea of any soul drinkers surviving but let me know if anything is off. I like to build my fluff off other stories rather than starting from scratch. My thoughts on Garviel Loken, the grey knights and successor chapters... I figured that Loken probably wouldn't have stayed with the Grey Knights long after their emergence from the warp otherwise he would have turned up in the fluff of their history more. One thought is that Loken is off doing whatever he is doing and that the Errant Custodians probably haven't even met him. Another thought is that he might travel from one posting of the Errant Custodians to the next. Seeing as he'd be pretty old by now (even though Astartes are essentially immortal), I might make it so he has been made a redemptor dreadnought. - thoughts? My thoughts on the Soul Drinker survivors. I thought that maybe one soul drinkers ship might have been lost in the warp long ago and returned after the events on the Phalanx. The fists might choose to kind of banish them to the outskirts of the galaxy where they can do some good but won't attract the attention of the inquisition. The blood angels succession is something that I thought was coming in the books. And I think it might work well with the threat to Baal.
  20. It’s a long one, but anyone who likes a good bit of lore speculation will enjoy it, I hope. The Theory: An ancient evil is said to lie entombed beneath the Chambers of Purity, deep within the fortress-monastery of the Grey Knights. Only the chapter's Supreme Grand Master and the members of the Purifier Order are entrusted with the knowledge of the true nature of this evil. This evil has a name, and I believe it to be... Malice, once called Malal, Hierarch of Anarchy and Terror, the Renegade God of Chaos. Both feared and hated by the other Gods, he is a being of indiscriminate anarchy and particularly sought to undo the machinations of his brethren. He no longer resides within the warp, but it is unclear whether he was ousted by the other Gods or left of his own volition. Preface: Having joined the Warhammer community during the 7th edition of 40k, I only discovered the existence of this character while researching the mysteries of my favored faction, the Grey Knights. For others who may not be familiar with the character, Malal and his champion Kaleb Daark (ugh) were lost to Games Workshop due to copyright issues. The character was apparently reworked into Malice but has few references throughout the history of Warhammer and this is even more so in 40k. As far as I know, the last reference of note was a story published in White Dwarf during 3rd edition describing an exiled chapter of Space Marines called "The Sons of Malice" who specialized in fighting chaotic entities, and almost nothing was said about the mysterious deity they worshiped. But I think he may be coming back in a big way and I created an account on these forums just to share my ideas with you guys! But Why Malice? The following items are just some of the reasons I believe this is the true identity of the evil slumbering beneath our citadel. All Grey Knights facts are taken directly from the 7th and 8th edition codices but information about Malal/Malice and the Sons of Malice are taken from various online articles and wiki pages, so the information may admittedly be less than credible. If anyone has the old 3rd edition books or White Dwarf #303/302, any fact checking would be well appreciated. A Solid Foundation: First of all, we must understand that the Grey Knights exist purely to stand against the daemonic, and to think that they would be guarding anything other than a daemonic entity of incredible power would only seem horribly out of place. Understanding this, two facts initially helped me zero in on the idea of Malice. Mount AnarchThe Chambers of Purity stand at the entrance to a series of vaults spanning the roots of Mount Anarch, where this great evil is said to have been entombed by the Emperor Himself during the unification of the Sol System. Searching the web for Mount Anarch references I found there’s a plateau in Canada called Anarchist Mountain and cross-referencing Anarchist with 40k got me reading Malal’s wiki page. But more interestingly, aside from Anarch being just one letter removed from Anarchy (the primary aspect of the deity in question), the exiled Sons of Malice chapter's highest rank (one might say the precipice of its command structure) was called the Anarch. Tremors From WithinOriginating from the roots of Mount Anarch, ominous quakes have been known to shake the fortress-monastery, during which the Purifiers seal off the Chambers of Purity from within. Recently, following the opening of the great rift called the Cicatrix Maledictum, these quakes have struck on a planetary scale and the chapter's prognosticars are nearly overcome with portents of doom. To shake all of Titan would of course require an immense amount of power and to affect the prognosticars in such a way would require a deep connection to the warp. Malal's power was said to be parasitic in nature to the other Chaos Gods, growing only when they grew in power, and the forces of chaos have spilled forth from the Cicatrix Maledictum, conquering an untold number of planets on their march towards Terra. Some Familiar Flavors: This was enough to get me interested and as I started reading about Malal/Malice and his followers I found that the Grey Knights are absolutely drowning in reference and similarities with Malice and his “Sons”, especially the Purifiers: Purifiers wear pauldrons and helms colored a stark white in contrast to the grey silver of their battle-brothers and they are described as dour and taciturn (synonyms: grim and silent), with eyes that burn with a black fire. Malal's chosen colors are white and black and the Sons of Malice wore the same colors and were said to fight in grim silence. Unlike the other Chaos Gods, Malal preferred to have just a few powerful followers, and his sacred number was 11. There are rarely more than 40 Purifiers and currently the Order has 44 (a multiple of 11) members along with Crowe. As mentioned before, Malal grows in power when the other Chaos Gods grow in power and this is mirrored in the Purifiers as well; a swell in their ranks is said to be invariably followed by a massive demonic incursion and their numbers have never yet been too little to fulfill their purpose. I don't believe the Purifiers are servants of Malice but rather that these descriptions have been purposely used by the writers to establish similarities. The Cherries On Top: The following is a collection of smaller and less organized tidbits that I find exciting and supportive to my case: While the Sons of Malice had 11 companies, the Grey Knights are organized into 11 parts: the 8 brotherhoods, the Paladins, the Purifiers and the Supreme Grand Master. The Sons of Malice wore black and white, but their leader was covered in gore and blood when an Inquisitor first declared them heretic after witnessing a cannibalistic ritual. The sole colors used in Grey Knights heraldry are black, white and red. The Sons of Malice were known to collect trophies from their enemies. The Hall of Champions, the large central chamber of the Grey Knights fortress, is filled with trophies of past battles. Malal’s own domain within the warp was said to be dedicated to the torture of other daemonic entities, like a bound Bloodthirster being forced to watch human soldiers in an endless victory parade. Among the other trophies within the Hall of Champions hangs the skull of Iremn’ath, the daemon prince’s soul still bound within, forced to watch the Grey Knights celebrate their triumphs throughout the millennia. There are several vague similarities between Kaleb Daark and our own Kaldor Draigo:Kaleb wielded Dreadaxe, which drank his foe’s souls, and a shield emblazoned with a skull. He was Malal’s greatest champion and was gifted his weapon by his God to fight the servants of chaos. Kaldor wields the Titansword, once called Lifedrinker, and a shield embedded with skulls. The Titansword was originally forged by the Emperor for one of his greatest generals during the unification of Terra and it has destroyed more daemonic entities than any other weapon of the Grey Knights. Note: The adjective forms of ‘dread’ and ‘titan’ are very similar in meaning, and while in the warp Draigo re-forged the Titansword using a slain Bloodthirster’s battleaxe. The previous Sons of Malice chapter master was Bak’el Draak, an obvious anagram of Kaleb’s name, and was also mysteriously missing in action. Kaldor’s been separated from our chapter for some time, wandering through the warp.Lastly, the original concept art for Malal’s own daemonic servants were mostly insectoid with skulls for heads and half of Kaleb Daark’s head was skull-like in appearance (pale, bald, sunken eye). In the 7th and 8th edition codices among the various smaller illustrations within margins and open spaces there are some of skulls with mechanical mandibles, and of knights with skeletal heads; in the 8th edition book one of these skull-headed knights even has mechanical spider legs. I would be most interested to know if similar images existed in the 5th and 6th edition codices. Wrapping It Up: So there it is. At the very least I believe the Sons of Malice were reworked into the Grey Knights during the interim that was 4th edition. And if they are guarding some immensely powerful demonic entity that the Emperor Himself was unable (or unwilling) to destroy, I can’t see how it couldn’t be Malice. He may not be what Malal was originally intended to be, but he’s sure to play a large part in the future of 40k. I have more theories that are closely related to this belief, but those I’ll save for another day. Let me know what you think of my research, especially if you have any additional evidence that supports or refutes anything listed here!
  21. As the title says, this is where we can brainstorm fresh and unique Enhanced Chapter Tactics for our Grey Knights. I already mentioned a unique one in the other thread, but this is where i'll probably continue to add anymore, and discuss with other members their own cool ideas for Grey Knights CTs. I'll start off with the first one I presented: GREY KNIGHTS: STORM BOLTER COMBAT Honing their martial skills with their wrist-mounted storm bolters, Grey Knights can bring the fury of their storm bolters to bear on the enemy - even in the midst of heavy combat. When a GREY KNIGHTS INFANTRY model equipped with a storm bolter is within 1” of enemy units, in the player's shooting phase they may fire at the closest enemy unit with their storm bolter, as if it had a profile of Pistol 4. Another one I thought might be very GK fluffy: GREY KNIGHTS: WARP FLUX SHROUDING The Grey Knights inherit psychic ability can harness the warp flux’s blistering light and thundering shock wave of air displacement, blinding and disorientating foes, as they arrive on the battlefield crackling through the warp. When a GREY KNIGHTS unit that is a PSYKER arrives or is re-deployed on the battlefield using Teleport Strike, Teleport Shunt, the Gate of Infinity psychic power or the Teleportarium Stratagem, subtract 1 from the hit roll when resolving shooting attacks against that unit, until the start of the player’s next game turn. NOTE: The above ideas as shown in the images, adds onto our current "Chapter Tactic", Brotherhood of Psykers much like how they have been combined with the official Enhanced Chapter Tactics shown for Codex Space Marines.
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