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  1. So could anyone give the lore of Baltus Lorimar in the 30k and 40k settings? Thanks
  2. I don't know where to put it, so I'm going to leave this here. It's a chart and list with all space marine chapter/warbands of the Abyssal Crusade, with names and in some cases, heraldry. Found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer40k/comments/19ap9c6/all_space_marine_chapterwarbands_of_the_abyssal/ About the Abysall Crusade: https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Abyssal_Crusade
  3. Hey all, I've spent time this weekend writing my thoughts into a more coherent form. Still heavily WIP, but with nearly 4000 words I think there's enough meat here to get feedback from those whom are both better writers and more in-tune with the lore than I. Please let me know your thoughts! INDEX ASTARTES: TIMBERWOLVES The Timberwolves are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the Ultima Founding in response to a direct request by Inquisitor Ra’lesh for a protective Astartes force at the western edge of the T’au Fifth Sphere of Expansion. Initially made in haste from Primaris of various lineages to serve the immediate needs of the Canidae system, much of the original “Greyshields” force was decimated in the first T’au invasion of the tribal world Canilus before they could establish a foothold in the region. Only a miraculous, mysterious, assistance prevented the nascent force from being erased almost before it could be recorded in the halls of Terra as an official chapter. Through the subsequent rebuilding, the chapter’s genetic makeup has been established to be of Raven Guard lineage. The Timberwolves are one of the rare chapters who integrate with the local human population, its brothers sitting in council positions and heads of families in the local tribes from which they recruit. While maintaining an incredible stronghold on their home world, the Timberwolves also act partially as a crusading fleet, cycling battle companies between defense of their homeworld and crusading throughout the local region. CHAPTER HISTORY CHAPTER ORGANIZATION CHAPTER COMBAT DOCTRINE CHAPTER BELIEFS CHAPTER HOMEWORLD CHAPTER GENE-SEED NOTABLE TIMBERWOLVES CHAPTER FLEET CHAPTER APPEARANCE
  4. My homebrew Space Marines ( blood angels successor) essentially is based on the feudal Japanese culture. Battle-Brothers are considered samurai, Captains are called daimyos, 1 of the 2 Chapter Masters is called the Shogunate ( leads the Chapter into battle), the other Chapter Master basically sits on a throne/ Webway portal. Since I'm trying to write the Codex supplement for them what should I include?
  5. I am not that great when it comes to the lore of how the different Chaos legions like each other in the 40k universe. Sure some does not care much for each other and other hates others. I doubt that Angron and his legion works well with Magnus and Fulgrim as their respective gods are not on speaking terms. But what about the others? Does the Iron Warriors work well with Word bearers, my gut feeling says no, as Iron Warriors are not the zealot kind of legio, they probably look down on the Word Bearers. Do anyone work well with Night lords? I know that sometimes the legions and different warbands work together under the Black legion banner, but it feels like that is just under shorter periods. So in general terms how well does the legions get along? Cpt.Danjou
  6. I've been working on trying to make three custom detachments for First Founding Chapters. I've run into a block for Iron Hands and Salamanders. I don't know a lot about modern IH lore and it's hampering me from seeing something unique for them that wouldn't be covered by Anvil, Ironstorm, or Firestorm detachments. I know a lot about Salamander lore, but I've got a similar problem in that their in-lore strategies are really good fits for Codex detachments. I've had one idea for each Chapter: Iron Hands ??? Detachment Detachment Rule - Calculated Fury The detachment basically gets a second Oath target, but it's only re-roll 1s to hit. Strats would be on the weaker side, because most of the power is in the detachment rule. Salamanders Zone Mortalis Intervention Force I'd like this detachment to focus on how hardy the Salamanders are, and combined with their sense of self-sacrifice means they're often found on the deadliest battlefields. Detachment Rule - ???
  7. Like can a bloodletter fight enough to become greater demon or demon prince? can a burgling fight enough to become a great unclean one? Are demons skits created by their specific gods in their class/role? do demons grow only through the direct blessings of their patron god?
  8. I was recently reading the Black Templars 4th edition codex and noticed something called a Marshal Household. what exactly is that?
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/03/31/power-struggles-pious-pilgrimages-and-more-the-lore-of-vaults-of-temenos/ This is getting better and better, in my opinion. Specially that "Lost Saint" issue. Is the Arch-Zealot back?
  10. Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been trying to figure out the structure and organisation of the Deathwatch. You might have seen a previous topic that I've written on the subject. This time I thought I would actually write it in detail. To start with here is the latest Watch Fortress structure chart, it’s from the 8th edition codex though, we didn’t get one in the 9th edition supplement. Hopefully we will in the next one! And below is my proposed structure in detail based on all the available information I have gleaned from the lore, codex’s and internet research. Deathwatch There are an unknown number of Watch Fortresses, at least 34 have been named. Assuming there are say, 50. Each fortress is roughly 260 at max strength including all marines which would equate to 13000 across the galaxy. Given that there are supposedly 1000 chapters (perhaps 1105 with the Ultima founding) I’d put the rough Deathwatch tithe number for each chapter at 10 marines (about 1% of a chapter, I can’t see them giving up more than that) so lets say that’s 11050 seconded marines. Even with the blackshields and marines that are permanently seconded to the watch there’s still are fair deficit of somewhere between 40 and 20 for each fortress. It’s probable that most if not all fortresses are understrength. Watch Fortress Watch Commander - Watch Master Inquisitorial Representative - 1 Inquisitor and Retinue Strategium - 6 Chaplains (including 1 master of sanctity and 1 Reclusiarch) - 6 Librarians (including 1 Chief Librarian and Librarians of varying ranks) - 6 Apothecaries (including 1 Chief Apothecary) - Fortress Ancient (Banner Bearer) - Bladeguard Ancient (Relic Bearer) - Fortress Champion Armoury - 6 Techmarines (Including 1 Master of the Forge) - 5-10 Tech-Adepts (Pilots/Drivers etc) - 5 Dreadnought Sarcophagi (types vary widely from Leviathans to modern though each chassis would have all potential weapon configurations) - Mechanicus delegation (varying numbers of tech priests, adepts, engineseers and skitarii to service the chapters arms, armour, facilities, bionics and vehicles) - Various Servitors - 25 Drop Pods - 25 Rhinos - 10 Razorbacks - 10 Repulsors - 5 Repulosor Executioners - 5 Impulsors - 25 Land Speeders (Various types) - 20 Storm Speeders (Various types) - 10 Invictor Tactical Warsuits - 25 Land Raiders (Various types) - 20 Predators/ Vindicators/ Whirlwinds/ Hunters/ Stalkers (Various types based on the rhino chassis) - 10 Gladiators (Various types) - 5 Astraeus’ - 20 Corvus Blackstars - 5 Thunderhawks - 5 Storm Raven Gunships - 2 Overlords - 5 Storm Eagles - 10 Stormtalon Gunships - 10 Stormhawk Interceptors - 250 Mark 8 Power Armour Suits - 250 Terminator Armour Suits (Various types) - 200 Mark 10 Power Armour Suits (with options for all Gravis and Phobos standard configurations for each suit) - 20 Centurion Warsuits (with options for any configuration for each suit) - 250 Bikes - 50 Attack Bikes - 100 Outrider Bikes - 25 Invader ATVs - Enough equipment of all standard production types for each marine to be able to be armed with any weapon or equipment e.g. 250 plasma guns, 250 chainswords, 250 jump packs etc Navy - 1 Battlebarge - 5 Strike Cruisers - 20 Frigates (various types) - 5 Kill Ships - Various fighters and boarding vehicles Watch Companies - 5 Companies (Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus and Quintus) Watch Company - 1 Watch Captain - 1 Lieutenant - 4 Squads of 10 marines - Various types, all firstborn form into Proteus Kill Teams and Primaris form into either Indomitor, Spectrus or Fortis. Each marine will remain with their assigned kill team for the duration of their service barring promotion or return to their home chapter. Each kill team is undesignated outside of battle (other than by firstborn or primaris) and will be designated by the commander of that engagement (sergeant, captain, watchmaster etc) as necessary e.g. Venator, Furor Malleus etc. Each squad is further able to subdivide into combat squads or individual Kill-Marines as dictated by the command structure. Support Staff - Various numbers of standard humans as menials, pilots, clerks etc - Explanatory Notes – You might question the sheer volume of arms, armour and vehicles but just think about it. The deathwatch are the SWAT, the special forces, the green berets, SAS, Navy Seals etc. The absolute best of the best! Furthermore they are the swiss army knife of the marines, able to adapt to any situation or threat and arm themselves appropriately so it makes sense to have all the equipment to support that. And finally, the Deathwatch are backed and funded by the INQUISITION, those guys can get them anything they need. It’s one of the reasons they have such a monopoly on mark 8 armour. So they are pretty much the most well funded and supplied space marine force in the ENTIRE imperium. The only chapters to come close would be the grey knights (few in number and far more specialised) the Minotaurs (shady funding from the high lords) or the Red Hunters (Inquisition Controlled). Also consider how many vehicles and weapons a regular chapter has, loads, and a watch fortress is about a quarter or at least a 5th of that strength. Take a look at the ultramarine structure below from the 8th edition marine codex and see how much they got! If a regular chapter can get that much I see no reason why the Deathwatch wouldn’t be better supplied. I’ve included less primaris tech as the fortresses would already have been equipped with the full set of firstborn vehicles and equipment due to previously having 100% firstborn. However they have yet to need as large an amount of primaris equipment. You could argue maybe they should give some of the firstborn stuff away but that seems unlikely to happen. For the specialists like chaplains I went with 1 per watch company, same for dreadnoughts. By comparison a regular chapter would have more of each but there are a few things that the deathwatch don’t need to be responsible for e.g. apothecaries creating new marines. So they wouldn’t need as many of each I also have 5-10 marines listed as “tech-adepts” which I made up to justify not having to include the pilots of the vehicles in the kill teams. That’s not saying that the kill team members can’t work the vehicles! Of course they can, any marine can drive a rhino. But the Tech-Adepts are more specialised and can work any of the vehicles as necessary. You would think the 5-10 is low due to the amount of vehicles but there are some crew roles that regular humans can fill or be temporarily assisted by a regular kill team marine. I see each company having the option to take a couple of “Tech-Adepts” with them on engagements as it’s unlikely that they would need too many vehicles for each engagement. The reason they have so many vehicles is both in case they need them and so that they can spread them throughout the fleet, fortress and stations so no matter where they are they have a decent selection of a bunch of vehicles. I’ve only listed 1 lieutenant as 2 seems excessive when they’re handling max 40 marines compared to the 100 regular chapters deal with. There’s also a few units that don’t currently fit into the watch structure that are left a little bit behind because they aren’t part of any kill team: - Veteran Intercessors (pretty ironic given all the firstborn are veterans. I’d count any deathwatch intercessor as a veteran and I fully expect a multipart kit to be the centrepiece of the next deathwatch release. - Bladeguard Veterans (possibly an honour guard? Otherwise they should really have been in either the fortis or indomitor kill teams) - Company Veterans (It’s strange we can use these, I figure as you can have almost the same loadout as a deathwatch veteran squad you could use the rules interchangeably) - Judiciar (I count these as taking up a chaplain slot) - Relic, Assault and Terminator Squads. (We have deathwatch terminators that can do way more, why do we still have access to these) - Suppressors (These seem to be largely forgotten by GW and are one of the few not to have a multipart kit, I’d say they’d go in Indomitor or Spectrus kill teams) - Desolation Squads (Coming soon! I expect them to be an option for the Fortis Kill team) - Deathwatch Keepers (from the Deathwatch RPG, I’d say it’s unclear where they sit as Watchmasters now have the Clavis . Bladeguard seem likely to be good primaris comparisons) See Ultramarines structure below for reference
  11. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/03/21/apocrypha-necromunda-exotic-archeotech-comes-to-the-black-market-in-this-free-scenario/ New game aid, free to download. Extra weapons and similar stuff, an scenario and some background. Very nice
  12. Just trying to catchup on what the DA have been up to and where they sit in the current timeline? I think I read somewhere that after Azreal received the Primaris reinforcements from Gulliman he went across the rift to the Imperium Nihilus? What’s their current status and recent goings on right now?
  13. I was thinking yesterday about mouldlines and if there was a fluff justification for ever leaving them on your models. I thought up a few and I will put them here to see what people think and what else you all can come up with. Death Guard/Nurgle in general: Joke - it's called mouldline 'cleaning' - self explanatory. Astra Militarum: The imperium does not care enough for the common soldier to remove mouldlines from their armour. What do you think? Any others you can come up with?
  14. In working on my Triumph model I got a good look at the 20 shields that are hung around the circumference of the bier carrying St. Katherine's remains. I want to paint them up as properly as I can and so I need to figure out what each represents and then paint them in the proper color scheme (f there is one) What I have figured out so far (or my best guesses) are below. There are at least two (#2 & 3) which stump me. Those of you with greater knowledge of the Lore please let me know what I missed or got wrong. :) Starting in the center on Katherine's left there is a shield with a fluer de lis and then proceeding around the bier clockwise (to the left) 1.Fleur de lys- Adepata Sororitas 2. Feather (pen) and inkwell with skull- Order Famulous 3. Rayed purity seal- No idea 4. Rose surrounded by thorns- Order of the Thorn 5. Injured Heart with Halo and Sword- Order Hospitaller ? (Possibly Order of the Wounded Heart) 6. Ankh & Skull- Order of Our Martyred Lady 7. Open Book over Fleur de lys - Order Dialogus 8. Flaming Chalice- Order of the Ebon Chalice 9. Rose- Order of the Sacred Rose 10. Key with Fleur-de-lys styled key wards- Order Pronatus 11. Emblem of the Ecclesiarchy 12. Heart Over Maltese Cross with Blood Drops - Order of the Wounded Heart 13. Rayed Chalice- Order of the Glowing Chalice 14. Rose above Blood Drops- Order of the Bloody Rose 15. Skull on Grate (or Portcullis) - Order of the Iron Veil 16. Crowned Shroud- Order of the Argent Shroud 17. Torch in Bend- Order Sabine 18. Heart over Maltese Cross- Order of the Valorous Heart 19. Candle with Haloed Flame- Order of the Golden Light 20. Heart set in Flames- Order of the Ashen Shrine
  15. I have been trying to get transition my diy chapter, the Sable Hawks, from Firstborn to full Primaris, but I have hit a few stumbling blocks with the lore. The Sable Hawks specialize in air assault tactics amd almost exclusibely use aircraft/gunships to deploy and support their infantry squads, however I know they cannot do this in the rules, but is this also the case in the lore?? This would seem ridiculous considering the Primarchs were able to use the likes of the Storm Eagle and Thunderhawk. (Same with the Land Raider & Mastodon.) I also wondered if the mk.X armour is in any way backwards compatible? For example, I envision my Assault Intercessors utilizing jump pack to deploy and close the distance with the enemy quicker; for the Chapter to still use lightning claws, could they retro fit them to the new armour? Or since Shrike has his own, can they just make new versions? Another combination of old meets new I had pondered was the use of teleport homers in Aggressors to allow them to deploy to the heart of battle, would this be ok? I also was wondering about the Corvus Blackstar- where did it come from? Where is it made? It is stated as being more advanced tham usual Imperial tech, so is it Cawl tech? Would it be rrasonable to assume other Chapters could have them? Same goes for the Nephilim Jetfighter used by the Dark Angels and their successors- I saw a claim somewhere that the White Scars have access to the airframe but not the same engine, so could my Chapter do this also? Or is that false information? Thanks in advance.
  16. I've recently begun a narrative campaign with my brothers and some friends and wanted to aggregate everything together in one place where each of us could update it as the campaign develops and we paint new stuff. To follow will be an accounting of each of our armies, including lore, painting progress, battle reports as the campaign progresses, and an outline of the narrative. I wanted to compile all the data together to construct a long term campaign we could return to since my brothers and I live in different parts of the United States. So, let this be my accounting. We'll probably see at least one other related thread on the chaos side. +++++++++++++++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CASE FILE: 338.67X.BA9.Zbv Please enter your authority code... ********************** Validating...... Thank you, Inquisitor. May the Emperor guide you. CASE STUDY OF ADEPTUS ASTARTES ASSETS IN THEATER ULTIMA SEGMENTUM LOCATION: MALEXIS SECTOR DATE: 152.M42 COMPILED BY LORD INQUISITOR AMELIA FIRENZE, ORDO HERETICUS INQUISITORIAL DATA FORTRESS, TROXUS PRIME, 138.M42 Founding Chapter: Blood Angels Founding: Unknown* Chapter Master: Malphas Home World: Iracundia Fortress Monastery: Arx Umbra Specialty: Assault, Close Quarters Combat Strength: Unknown Battle Cry: Lucem ac tenebras! THE MALEXIS SECTOR To trailing and rimward of Baal, the Malexis Sector lies roughly halfway between Sable and Quisto'rol, though closer to Angelis than not, just on the fringe of Segmentum Ultima. The sector itself is governed at Malchar Prime by the venerable Lord Governor, Quintus Proximi. Laying on the border of Ultima Segmentum, the sector is defined by its relationship to the fringes of the galaxy. The cold trade thrives here, and the exploits of Rogue Traders seeking buried secrets and riches beyond the blighted Ghoul Stars fill countless volumes in the Librarium Primus on the sector's capitol planet. Malexis has a proud history as a key supporting province and staging area for the Malcharian Crusade. Dozens of agri-worlds feed the hives across the sector, as well as the fortress worlds of Malchar IV, Oraxis, Thisellia, Rictus, and Sortia. The sector is home to six shrine worlds, four pleasure planets, and several dozen feudal and feral worlds. Notable Imperial assets include but are not limited to The Rictus Expeditionary Corps, The Malchar 25th, The Sortian 3rd (Shrieking Griffons), and the venerable knight house Alphyn, leige lords of the Justitian system. Finally, the Angels Apocryphal, in support of the Death Spectre chapter, bear the holy charge of defending the sector and maintaining the integrity of the Segmentum's borders from the greatest threats beyond the fringe. Drukhari raiding is common, as are the stranger, more sanity breaking threats that encroach from the dreaded Ghoul Stars. The Hive Fleet Jormungand, crushed by elements of the Death Spectres, bled several splinter fleets into the sector before it was defeated. Feral greenskins persist on a number of worlds within the sector, however a large scale incursion remains below the Imperial average. Heretic elements active in the sector include an unnamed Word Bearers detachment led by the Arch Abomination Orbus the Resplendent and most recently, unknown elements of the Thousand Sons led by the arcane heirophant Pho'tek Katar. IRACUNDIA Gravity locked with its parent star, the death world Iracundia is a subtly brutal place, lacking any forgiveness or mercy. Its atmosphere is surprisingly hospitable to human life. The two sides of the planet, however, represent its terrible extremes. The day side swelters at temperatures in excess of 60 degrees Celsi, depending on the season. Its inhabitants live underground, in vast compounds shielded from the star's unforgiving rays, and mine the precious metals deep below the planet's crust or harvest moisture in multilevel condensation farms and aquifers. No one goes to the night side, where the howls of ancient beasts stalk the shadows of cyclopean ice formations that have stood for millennia. Along the Meridian Primus lay the truly habitable zone. Travel long enough in any direction, and the sun begins to set. In such brutal heat, anyone would count the cooling temperatures a blessing. Eventually, the traveller will reach The Halo Sea. It is an ocean that circles the planet, crowned with an archipelago of fortress hives built atop lush, green forests that stand sentinel across the sea. Here, they guard the innocence of the day from the monstrousness of the night. At polar north stands the crown jewel, the Arx Umbra, a bastion of constant noble vigilance. Not much is known about the night side of the planet. The massive walls of Halo Bastion prevent any incursion beyond the ocean and into the tundra. From orbit, it appears as dark and lifeless as it's said to be on the surface. However, other stories also abound. Stories of what the locals call "Strigus," or the Ravenous, hint at ancient, cannibal hunters or some kind of vengeful spirit haunting the timeless canyons and ancient mountains of the planet. Local sources conflicted wildly, based seemingly on what they had grown up hearing. The case remains open at the Thisellian Enclave but no one seems overinterested in pursuing it because, as we all know, the Angels Apocryphal, while secretive, silent, and strange, are still a loyal chapter with every ounce the honour and nobility of their parent lineage. The people of Iracundia subsist at a largely stunted level of technology. Weaponry is exclusively solid projectile, with no knowledge of las or plasma tech. They rely also on fossil fuels to power their tunnel crawlers and lack the methods of refinement common throughout the Imperium. No means of mass production exist, leading to a staggering variety of mechanical and technological goods. However, all are invariably of low quality. The myriad tunnel clans fight among themselves for access to underground complexes, aquifers, oil wells, and mineral veins when not campaigning against the Rokushaki, a primeval breed of subterranean reptilian xeno also native to the planet. Other indigenous predators include the behemoths called dune dragons, the cyclopean gigapede, blood wyrms, scythe beetles, and shale spiders. Interestingly, scythe beetles can be domesticated and are frequently used as mounts by the more foolhardy clans on the surface. Recent surveys of life also note several strains of feral tyranid following the passing of Hive Fleet Jormungand, though no genestealer strains have been detected. The Halo Bastion, circling the whole of the planet in the green zone, effectively blocking passage from day side to night side, culminates at polar north in the massive fortress monastery of Arx Umbra. The first wall spans the coast of the Halo Sea. Behind it, generations of planetary defence forces have lived, mustered, and died keeping the general population safely ignorant of their place in the greater galaxy. The PDF are overseen by the 10th company's captain as something of a collateral duty. RITUALS AND PRACTICES The Angels Apocryphal have several rites that diverge from those of their brothers. First, and most notably, they have vowed never to speak to any lacking their gene seed. It was explained to me not as a matter of worthiness, but one of shame. Something compels the chapter to deny themselves communication with the Imperium at large. A notable exception to this is during wartime, but even then the commanders speak over encrypted vox channels through handpicked chapter serfs and intermediaries. Second, once selected for the reclusiam, potential chaplains must undergo a pilgrimage to the night side of Iracundia where they are expected to brave the killing cold and commune with the spirit of their Primarch. Whether or not they hear anything is unknown to all but those that make the journey. Out there, amid the terribly human howls of whatever beasts lurk the frozen landscape, the chaplains have sought out these arcane mysteries for millennia. Sanguinalia is something of a revelry to them, as it is with other chapters of Sanguinius' line. However, the somberness of the mass before the feast is something to note. The sermon is led by the chapter's Master of Sanctity, every verse punctuated by the slap and tear of bone studded leather against the backs of every marine in attendance. The blood that runs down their ragged backs collects in troughs in the floor and runs to the center of the floor in a pool at the base of the pulpit. At the end of the ceremony, the Master of Sanctity calls for the Vauldii, and every battle brother rises from his knees to drink from the pool. In this way, they reinforce their bonds of brotherhood to each other, the chapter, and the Imperium at large. Finally, the practice of tithing is something intrinsic to the Angels Apocryphal. Whenever the chapter saves an Imperial world from a given threat, they extract a tithe of people from the planet's surviving population, presumably to take as thralls back to Iracundia. No one actually knows what happens to these people, and the chapter's leadership certainly wasn't forthcoming with any information regarding them. I'm sure they don't end up as chapter serfs. These are the only rituals we've been able to document. There must be a great deal more, but they are an inclusive and secretive group. Much has been hidden from us, and the chapter's leadership are incredibly vigilant in keeping their secrets. KNOWN BATTLES The Devastation of Baal Two companies destroyed on Baal Primus, at the opening of The Rift. Golgatha IV The 4th Company, captained by Irad, invaded Golgatha IV after a cult known as the Illumine overthrew the local government. After partnering with a Black Templars crusade following the trail of heresy and death left in the wake of the daemon prince Orbus the Resplendent, Irad waged a five year war upon the cult and the detachment of Word Bearers that appeared during the war's prosecution. Finally, upon the spires of the governorial palace, Orbus was banished to the warp and a new threat was uncovered. Landrian Prime The 6th Company, captained by Vykus, confronted the forces of Uldrethi Skintaker, Archon of the Kabal of the Rent Veil. The foul creature had stripped several feudal and agri-worlds of their populations. In orbit over the skies of Landrian Prime, Vykus cast the alien from the observation deck of his own ship into the cold death in the void. Gathan Prime Most recently, while engaged with Tyranid splinter forces in system, Captain Forsus of 5th company discovered strange signals eminating from the planet's surface. Upon investigation, Forsus and his lieutenants discovered elements of the Thousand Sons led by the sorcerer Pho'tek Katar seeking something within the ruined city. Forsus and his battle brothers fought through wave after wave of Tyranid to reach the site of the incursion. However, upon arriving at the shrine the heretics occupied, Forsus fell to some unknown madness, charging headlong into the enemy line while his men sought to contain his rage. Forsus fell, and the surviving marines were forced from the battlefield. Attached are pict captures of the engagement. It is presumed by the Holy Ordos that the Angels Apocryphal will be mustering at this point to pursue this Pho'tek Katar, and discover his purpose here in the sector, as well as his connection to Orbus the Resplendent. Feel free to contact me for any further clarification. I hope and pray that this satisfies your inquiry, Lord Amarant. Be well. -as heck Forever Faithful +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++END TRANSMISSION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next up, painting shots taken over the last year. Current project, finishing up those vanguard vets. Hope you guys enjoy this. Look out for Pho'tek's contributions as well.
  17. Ok, so I am still working on a Space Wolves army as of right now, however I had an idea for a lost legion and thought I would share it. Test if people find it as interesting/ feasible lore wise as I do. 2nd Legion: The Commandments "The first time the Emperor gazed upon the 2nd Primarch, Randahl Everul, he saw him through the memories of his adoptive brother Sosem Everul. Sosem's slight psychic potential allowed the Emperor to enter his mind undetected and sift through his memories. What he found was his son, Randahl, was the tyrant of his now home planet Uriel. Not any different from those he conquered in the Unification Wars. He spoke to Sosem telepathically, and revealed to him a great secret. Sosem's father was a slave, of a lower caste that is branded with a personal symbol to denote them as impure of blood. His mother abandoned him with his father, using him for simple pleasure, him being an unfortunate side effect. The few memories the Emperor gleaned of his father showed he was a man worthy of respect and honor, and did not deserve the fate that befell him. Sosem was adopted by the High Kings wife upon finding him unbranded in his fathers starving, dying arms. Despite the slaves being genetically pure on average, and looking no different than you or I, they still were tormented by the "superior" nobles, augmented beyond recognition in most cases. Bah. It mattered not what they did to a slave, murder, beat, nothing was worth punishing if the victim was a slave." He pauses as he sips from a glass, "The Emperor gave Sosem a commandment telepathically to tell Randahl, demanding the freedom of the slaves. He was testing his son, to see his response. Randahl scoffed at the notion of the order, seeing the people as less than chattel. So the Emperor gifted Sosem power, and he wielded it to bring a plague upon the land, that left the slaves untouched. Nobles coughed blood as their bodies futilely fought the rage of Sosem. Randahl agreed to free the slaves, yet when the damage was undone, he went back upon his word. He did this eight times in total, before Sosem with the Emperors guidance smote the entire nobility of thirty cities. Randahl relented finally, giving Sosem a ship, not wanting his kind on Uriel anymore. Sosem led what was left of his people aboard, taking all who had the courage to go. We were waiting just on the far side of the nearest planet for them, ready for the escapees of Uriel." Malcador places his cup next to him, and frowns in disgust. "Randahl followed with a ship of solders as they left the planet. Among his entourage he had a psychic blank, a pariah. The Emperors power could not reach Sosem within its field, and we rushed to rescue what humanity was worth saving upon Uriel. When we arrived there were mountains of civilian casualties, and as the 2nd Legion avenged them, the Emperor and his Custodes rushed to put an end to the Tyrant of Uriel. What they found amongst the fighting was Sosem sobbing, cradling the head of his dead brother. He felled his brother in combat, without psychic power, with a sword thrust through his neck. He avenged and freed his people, at the cost of his beloved brother. A mortal slayed a Primarch, and the Emperor found it fitting to give that title to him. Using Randahls corpse as material, he gave his power to the one he found far more deserving." Malcador drank the last of the wine from his cup. "And that is the beginning of Sosem, Primarch of the 2nd Legion."
  18. So, the way my Master of the Forge (Ceticus Stommoon) is characterized, he kind of hates the primaris, but I haven't gotten the reason figured out yet. He is vehemently against them, but after a while comes to an understanding with the ones who passed the chapter trials: keep giving me cool wargear to work with and I don't toss you out an airlock. Can someone offer a reason as to why he would hate the primaris so much? Basic ideas I have are 1. fear of change 2. the fact that they are geno-heretical (in his eyes) 3. just really hates them for no apparent reason, or 4. personal reason involving time travel and the warp. Thoughts?
  19. T-Minus 40: Training exercise and matching of blades by the Dawn Blades chapter master and the Brothers Noctis 2nd Company Captain Mulier. "Tee minus 40 hours to Primaris Space Marine training exercise versus the Silver Sons and Brothers Noctis. All involved please report to Thunderhawk bay three. All Shinsengumi present, report to the Shogun's chambers at once. Repeat, Tee minus 40 hours...." The message repeated. Shogun Kujo Kamakura glanced at his chrono (a gift from a proud father when he was selected to become a Dawn Blade), even though the machine spirit had just announced the time. He nodded; at least the old thing still worked. He turned to the weapons and honors display that dominated the mantle. There lay four items of great importance to him: his plasma pistol, which had saved his life more times than he could count; his old right arm, which he had crafted a replacement for after it had failed to protect his Daimyo Stonetooth back when he was 4th company champion; his first combat knife, forged as a snake in the depths of the forges here on the Shogun's Might; and the Sunfire Katana, a powerful chapter relic that would kill anything that held contact with the blade for more than a second if they weren't wearing full Terminator plate, or its equivalent. Fortunately, Kamakura wielded it by the hilt, and the Blood Helm and its accompanying suit of armor was easily as tough as Terminator plate, if not stronger as it was backed up by a powerful iron halo. None of these relics would actually see battle that day, but Kamakura would still undergo his standard prebattle ritual. Gesturing, he summoned his serfs. They armored him in the Blood Helm, and after fifteen minutes he was ready to begin. He removed the knife first and touched it to his heart. “Ferrus Manus, forge me as I forged this blade, so that I may be as strong as steel.” The combat knife was strapped to his right leg, where it was easily accessible if needed. Next the Sunfire Katana was taken from its resting place, and touched to his armored forehead. “Vulkan, grant me your fire so the enemies of mankind may know our wrath.” The Katana was scabbarded to his left hip, so as to be drawn quickly on the field of battle. His plasma pistol came third, and touching the muzzle to his left hand he said, “Guilliman, guide my aim so I may bring down my enemy.” It was holstered just above his combat knife. Then he gestured one final time, and as the serfs attached his jump pack, he spoke his final preparation words. “Solis-Imperator, grant me your speed and fury, so that my enemies shall know your mercy-that of a quick but painful death at the hands of your avenging angels.” Flaring the engines, he muttered one last utterance to seal the vow. “As I have sworn in your eyes, so mote it be. Strike me down if I am unworthy.” And with that, Shogun Kujo Kamakura of Dawn Blades strode to the door and left for the Thunderhawk deck, his serfs following quietly behind him. =][= At Tee-Minus 26 hours, the Thunderhawks arrived at the grassy world where the training exercise would take place. The elements of the two other chapters present-the Silver Sons and the Brothers Noctis-were present in-system for recruitment and a joint deployment, and had agreed to this training exercise to see how the Primaris fared in battle and to test their skills against another chapter. At Tee-minus 3.5 hours, a joint spiritual service was held, in which the marines sat and listened to the Chaplains then meditated for a time. At Tee-minus 1.5 hours, a lunch feast was held to promote comradeship and to share stories and songs. At Tee-minus .25 hours, the marines left the tables to find themselves nonlethal versions of their standard weaponry before deploying. Then, at Tee-minus zero hours, battle commenced. =][= End Pre-battle Lore =][= The Armies (both are roughly 1250 points) https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/e43bGb Jack’s Brothers Noctis: Captain With power sword and master-crafted boltgun Terminator Captain with storm bolter and power sword (warlord with the Adept of the Codex trait) Predator with Twin linked Lascannon and twin heavy bolters Dreadnought with Multimelta and powerfist with inbuilt stormbolter Dreadnought with powerfist with inbuilt stormbolter and assault cannon Tactical squad with plasma gun, missile launcher, plasma pistol, and power sword (squad 1) Tactical Squad with plasma gun, missile launcher, and no sarge equipment (squad 2) Tactical squad with plasma gun, missile launcher, and power fist and (i think) plasma pistol (squad 3) X4 sniper scouts and one missile launcher Lenoch’s Dawn Blades: Gravis ‘Captain’ Ceticus Stormmoon (standard loadout) Primaris Lieutenants, one with autoboltgun (1) and one with power sword (2) Intercessor Squad 2 (bolt rifles, aux grenade launcher) Intercessor Squad Tiberius (stalker bolters, aux grenade launcher) Hellblaster Squad (assault plasma incinerators for some reason...I would regret this later) Single tactical marine with multimelta Shogun (chapter master) Kujo Kamakura, armed with the Burning Blade and a plasma sword...nabbed the Tenacious Warlord trait for +1 wound and an extra roll to ignore damage Primaris Lieutenant Shonar: Stalker Bolt gun and bolt pistol Lieutenant with twin lightning claws, bolt pistol, and jump pack Lieutenant with power sword, plasma pistol, bolt pistol, and jump pack Lieutenant with grav-pistol, power axe, bolt pistol, and jump pack Lieutenant with power sword, plasma pistol, bolt pistol, and jump pack (Saisho-shinsengumi) Front-line assault deployment, Capture and Control (two objectives), the Brothers Noctis have first turn. He holds two combat-squadded tactical squads in reserve. I hold all jump-equipped units in reserve. Scouts infiltrate to my left flank in a building. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/501549 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/hKVM85 Turn One He takes first turn and advances his forces, taking potshots with his long-range weapons. One of my hellblasters takes a wound, and Intercessor squad two takes one casualty. Intercessor squad 2 advances to the trenchwork on my side of the map and opens fire to little effect. Squad Tiberius, accompanied by Lt. Shonar, take out most of one of the combat squads near his objective. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/0js6k7 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/a4t3Yo I drop my four jump pack Lt.’s down behind his forces with the intent of distraction and blending his forces. Shooting takes a few wounds off of his armor all around, and the infantry (with the exception of one of the combat squads holding the objective) take no casualties. I only make one charge, and predictably it is against a dread with another dread within charge range. All Shinsengumi take overwatch fire and lose wounds. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/1nLW31 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/674920 Turn Two His two reinforcement combat squads walk on, in range of pretty much all of the Shinsengumi they can see. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/xZt98g I think we messed up at one point when I let him shoot across the board at a Shinsengumi even when there was a closer character he could shoot at. (How does that work, anyway?) It may have affected the game to a fair degree, as that krak missile hit the wolverine Shinsengumi and hurt him enough overwatch was able to finish him off, but it doesn’t matter that much. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/PEDTCm His forces advanced in the center to take the breastwork and opened fire once more upon my Intercessors in the center, but all his firepower bounced off their armor. At some point in this turn two hellblasters died to shooting (probably because I moved them from cover). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/37375k Firing Range Trenchwork The two dreadnoughts smashed the single Shinsengumi in melee, after I spent two command points to go first (and after he died I spent two more to get some extra hits in). The two Intercessor squads advanced and opened fire, with Squad Tiberius killing the single plasma marine left on that flank and squad one killing a single marine in the center. My hellblasters advanced out of the building and opened fire at -1 on the predator, dealing an extra wound. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/kn86US (Recommend Powerwolf’s Amen and Attack to listen to whilst reading this bit) To begin the assault phase, I ate a bunch of overwatch that knocked out two Shinsengumi and had the one remaining one down to one wound. When charging, squad 1 charged the center, and heroic interventions brought his captain in. Maybe one marine died in the center and one on my right flank (his left). 3+ to hit and 4+ to wound with a power sword doesn’t equate to many hits, but I guess it’s better than 4+ to both. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/kn86US https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/i53D12 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/229493 And here we have Tactical Devastator Antreas sitting behind the statue, aching to take a shot at something. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/QF5Z4F Turn Three At the start of turn three, by agreed-upon rules breaking, both myself and my opponent deployed our warlords on the battlefield, right in the center of the map. No one shot at them; they didn’t shoot at each other either. It would come down to bladework (okay, there was one plasma pistol overwatch shot. So sue me). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/9sfCW6 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/8o6c54 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/aar4j3 His combat squadded tactical squad moved left and right, the one with the plasma gun coming over to kill the Saisho-shinsengumi after their brothers fell back towards the monument. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/RP2267 His dreads and tank moved up the flank, and at this point he pretty much forgot about the snipers because they didn’t have line of sight to anyone (and in fairness I forgot about them too). Opening fire, the armor killed another Hellblaster. In melee, Kamakura knocked two wounds off of 2nd Captain Mulier, despite the fact that Mulier charged first and thus attacked first. The sword Lt. held his own for a while against Captain Foxworthy but eventually died in my melee phase. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/2m3557 In my turn little happened except in the melee phase (though devastator Antreas took a shot at one of the dreads, it missed. If I had any more command points I would have used them to reroll that; I really needed that shot to connect. Oh well). Once in melee, Kamakura took three wounds off of Mulier, though he lost two (2 6+’s to avoid wounds only works so well). I charged my Hellblasters and my autobolter Lt. into his predator and tied it up for the rest of the game (we had forgotten about falling back out of combat). The Gravis character (Ceticus Stormmoon) had finally made it into combat with the tactical squad, and promptly went into a duel with Foxworthy that took the rest of the game as well (this one, I think, was a glory thing. Which characters were better swordsmen?). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/cfw4yg https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/419Px9 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/34JfJq Turn 4 Volleys from the squads on the left killed two Intercessors from squad Tiberius (one was already wounded), and another combat squad opened fire on my now-unengaged (by virtue of killing everything within one inch) Intercessor Squad and killed the sergeant (who was also wounded by a power sword earlier in melee). His assault cannon dreadnought opened fire and knocked out Antreas with a lucky shot...i saved four wounds. The fifth got through. (This may have been turn five though; it's hard to remember.) In melee, Kamakura defeated Mulier and consolidated into the other deployment zone. The power sword sarge finally died and my Hellblasters and Lt. almost took a wound off of the predator, but not quite. His Predator wasn’t able to kill anything. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/Bvqv9G Squad Tiberius ended up killing all the models they could see and still charge, so I couldn't make the charge to get in close and potentially contest his objective, despite being in range. Kamakura moved on to mince (but not annihilate) a squad of tacticals with the help of the two remaining members of squad two. Hellblasters and autobolter Lt. actually managed to wound the Predator (but only one would). At this point photos begin to degrade in regularity. Apologies. End Turn 4 photos Turn 5 At this point we are just mopping up. I had a hard departure time, and it was rapidly drawing near...so we ended up calling after turn five. That changed a little bit, but mainly it killed my chances at winning now Antreas was KO’d. We were just having a central bloodbath now. His remaining unengaged central tactical squad moves toward the center and prepares to charge Kamakura and his remaining entourage. His leftmost squad manages to completely wipe out squad Tiberius when I get supremely unlucky at save and IH FnP rolls. Only Shonar is left on my right flank (He was actually the only character with full wounds, including sergeants). https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/Ax5C2d In my turn, Kamakura wipes out 4 marines in 5 attacks with one swing of the Burning Blade, and the rest do laughably little in melee on either side. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/wL958g In the end, it ended up being 4-2 in Jack’s favor; he had his objective and First Blood, and I had Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker. https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/5Mb1Az (I know this is doubled-this was the end-of-game match.) https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/382500 https://www.flickr.com/photos/157803996@N07/shares/u84393 =][= He and I both had fun, and I definitely think I have some things to learn. Now for the unit grading and review. A is exemplary, B is good, C is meh, D is bad, and F is would not play again unless I had to. Gravis Captain: B. Good anchor, but slow. CM with Jump pack+Burning Blade: A+. Excellent blender and when given Tenacious Survivor is a monster to shift in melee (ever, honestly) when backed up with an Iron Halo. Ended up having effective 9 wounds-+1 from Tenacious Survivor and 3 saved 6+’s. JP Lieutenants: D+, but that’s mostly how I played them. Dropping them individually with no screen got them killed (and probably cost me the game) before either they or I knew it. Overwatch ate them alive. Definitely running an Assault Squad or Inceptors to screen them. Intercessors with Stalkers: A-. Oh Throne YES! Amazing at killing MEQ’s, and at 2 ppm an ultimate steal. Shonar gets the same grade and reason. Regular Intercessors: B-. Decent enough but I made the mistake of removing the aux grenade launcher first. *headdesk* DI Primaris Lieutenants: B. Good anchors but lacking in survivability for their points (ie. no invuln, but that’s just me whining). Hellblasters with plasma incinerators: C-, maybe D. If you had a plan to utilize these guys with these weapons and remembered it (spoilers: I didn’t), then you were okay. Otherwise go with regular incinerators or the heavy plasma incinerators, or regular plasma devastators, who are cheaper and more reliable but not as powerful. Tactical Devastator Antreas: C. He’s a one-wound model worth 40 points and only cover for survivability; what should I have expected? Did his job well enough until he died; he’ll be joining his squad soon where he’ll be much more effective. Overall, I had fun and learned quite a bit about Primaris and my Shinsengumi. This list will probably be modded to include supporting elements and some heavy armor (read: a pair of Land Raiders and Dreads) to make it better. =][= Begin Post-battle Lore =][= “End of training exercise. All personnel please clear the area so cleanup may begin. Repeat. End of training exercise. All personnel please clear the area so cleanup may begin.” The voxcast droned on for a while before a Techmarine who got annoyed with it shut it off. As the marines began to clear the field, they began to chat amongst themselves, discussing the battle they had just been in and offering advice to each other. Kamakura observed this from overhead, hanging off the spar of a Land Speeder Storm that had recorded the battle in video. The Shinsengumi were being brutally teased and mocked for getting themselves-ALL of them-cut down by overwatch fire. Even the pair who had made it through had been either been cut down when his opponents had fallen back or been ‘pulverized’ after a few blows from a dreadnought (or rather, a combat servitor that had sophisticated electronic warfare machinery that allowed the two dreadnoughts to participate in the fight). Kujo grimaced. His Arrows would all need a stern talking to about getting overconfident and careless in the face of a milk run or training exercise. In the aftermath of the training exercise, there was much camaraderie and mutual respect to be had between the warriors of either chapter. Unsurprisingly, the green Primaris troops had made their mistakes, rookie mistakes, but that was what scout training was for, and the Primaris would, by consensus of all assembled personnel from all chapters involved, be forced to undergo the same exact training regimen that 13 year olds did; vat-sim time didn't equate to time under a drill sergeant with two centuries of battle and another century of training experience under his belt. What was also not entirely a surprise was that the Dawn Blades had superior blade skills. Kamakura had bested Captain Mulier of the Brothers Noctis in combat, and after the exercise was over the captain had approached the Shogun and congratulated him on his amazing swordsmanship, to which Kamakura had replied that beating him had been no mean feat-and that was about the best praise the Shogun gave when it came to melee. What had amazed more than one person, though, was that one of the Primaris Lt.’s had almost beaten Captain Foxworthy in a duel-and the Lt. was still green. He would bear watching for any emergent skill, and training to become part of a training cadre for snakes. Foxworthy had already commended the Astartes for his skill, and was already being praised by some of the Techmarines who had experience with bladework. There was a second feast going on now, and the marines were intermingling. Kamakura lazily drifted down from the Land Speeder, gesturing for the pilot to follow, and landed next to Mulier. “It was a good fight, yah?” Mulier said, not looking at the Shogun. Kujo walked up next to him. “A damn good fight. You've got good men.” “Thank you. I'll…consider these Primaris. We’ll see about them.” Soon Captain Foxworthy came besides them. “Gentlemen.” “Foxworthy,” they replied. “I am afraid my forces must leave now; our Chapter Master has recalled us.” “Then give him my respects,” Kamakura said, and Mulier indicated the same. “I shall. Perhaps we shall fight side by side at some point.” “Indeed.” And with that, Foxworthy walked away, his forces falling in behind him. Soon Mulier left too, troops trailing like so many ducklings. And only the Dawn was left to leave, and when they did so came with them a brand new day. ==================================================================================================================== More photos may follow later in another topic, and I may correct the format later to make it look better-at this point it's just links to the photos unfortunately.
  20. Hey guys, so I too have fallen for the new models and started my DG Vectorum. Now, I've been reading their Lexicanum articles etc. but I still have some fluff questions. Hopefully you can help me out here: 1. I've read somewhere that Typhus used to decapitate his enemies and then vomit down their throats to spoil their gene-seed. I find this highly amusing as it is a perfect example for 40Ks "grimderp" moments. Is/Was this actually a thing? 2. I am a bit confused as to how exactly the Plague Marines stay so... "healthy". I mean they are rotting and disease-ridden and even if they don't feel pain anymore, shouldn't the diseases cripple them? Like some going blind or something? Is there an explanation why they don't just keel over and die? I know that Nurgle's blessing keeps them alive and makes them even more resilient. But a Space Marine rotting away and at the same time being even more resilient seems paradox to me. 3. Is Mortarion's non-bloatedness purely an aesthetic design decision or did he somehow "conquer" his sickness. I mean from what I've read he is surprisingly slim and human (apart from his wings) and not a bloated mess of tentacles and puss. 4. Do we know what Plague Marines do in their spare time? I think they still do some routine stuff like train for combat etc. but they obviously don't repair/polish their armour (since they also can't take it off if they are fused to it) or bolters. They are also rather... jolly maybe they even engage in some social activities like visiting the inhabitants of their Plague Planets or see who can grow the largest Nurgling? 5. Would it be unfluffy to field some tanks? I've read that the Death Guard's armory has fallen into disrepair and they use very few tanks. But I would love to take a Land Raider, Xiphon Inceptor or some Artillery to the field to support my footslogging units.
  21. The rise and fall of The Ashen Crows The XI Legion Hey guys, Here's the start of my missing legion project. This is my 4th attempt to create a missing legion, but I hope by creating this blog i will be encourage to follow of through with it till the end. The Lore is currently in the works but basically they have a large amount of apothecaries and do a lot of studing of xenos races. Their primarch is a giant apothecary pretty much. Though due to his upbringing on his home world he is physically the weakness of the primarchs though makes up for it in his vast knowledge of biology and other scientific fields. The primarch landed on a planet which had been devastated by a virus, reducing most living things to ash. The primarch being a primarch was immune to the viruses effects and was found by a recon team. Seeing the child primarch they captured him and took him back to the capitol: a huge network of bio-domes that protects them from the virus. It was the decided that the primarch would be tested on in order to find a cure. All these test devastated the primarch physically and mentally to the point where he developed a spilt personality, one half compassionate, kind, charismatic. the other cold, calculating and savage. his darker side takes over, which through force breaks out and goes to hunt down the scientists. he ends up in a forest, overwhelmed with the beauty and complexity of other life his normal side takes over. eventually found by the head scientist, the primarch finds out he was tested on so that they could find a cure, "to bring this world back from the ashes, you are the ember that will ignite a new age". but also finds that the scientist test him had suffered mentally, traumatised by what they had done to a living being. This pretty much gives the primarch his moral compass, he feels that sacrifices have to be made in order to progress. but feels that humans shouldn't have to suffer in wars. The primarch is trained under the scientists and quickly surpasses them in all fields of science, especially biology. using his knowledge he starts to terraform the planet, then papa emps arrives. The primarch came into the legion with saddness, finding out the suffering affecting the galexy and how men are having to give away their lives in order to fight. He praised all of his new found sons, and promised that one day no one will have to suffer in the acts of war ever again. the first recruits taken from the home planet was criminals, the primarch deeming them the only ones worthless enough to loose nothing from joining the legion. As time went on, the primarch grew to hate the solar axilla and imperial milta and would force them to retreat or he would not fight. seeing it as a waste of life. often before and during battles his personalities would argue, each one having different ways to achieve the same goal. depending on who won out wars could be focused on protecting the world, or bringing it to the torch. "by killing thousands we could save billions". The primarch decided to improve the space marine recruitment process and started to grow test tube humans, whos genetics would allow them to be more susceptible to the gene seed in-plant. The humans born were raised in the ships and fortress of the legion learning the lesson of the primarch and the imperial truth. I'm still working on all the details but this is just a basic outline.
  22. Like most people who play Warhammer 40k, I found out that the Death Guard are getting new models. I was becoming bored of the space marines, lore and game play wise so I thought "might as well go chaos for a bit". I did a bunch of personality quizzes to give me an idea of who to worship and all of them told me to worship Nurgle, so I grew accustomed to the lore and backstory and got super hypes about the new models. I'm one of those players who loves to develop and customize the fluff and paint jobs of my armies, and I just wanted to know; are Fanon Death Guard sub-factions a thing? Will I get called out for breaking the lore for my own twisted purposes? WILL I BECOME MY LOCAL MATT WARD? In other words, can I make a custom sub-faction for Death Guard, and what would be the rules for writing it? Hope this makes sense.
  23. Greetings my fellow Unforgiven. It seems like the return of our Primarch is all but certain, especially with The Knight tarot card literally mirroring his Heresy model. However this has me caught up in a bit of an issue. Would it be thematically appropriate to have the Lion leading a Successor Chapter (in my case a 3rd Generation Successor) without any Dark Angels in the force? I feel like, despite the Lion being the Primarch, without some Dark Angels in the force it wouldn't be right to have him leading it. Instead, a force lead by the Lion should be primarily Dark Angels and include representatives of their Successors. TL;DR would it be thematically okay to have the Lion leading a Successor force without any Dark Angels, or should Successors be a token force in a Dark Angels army under the Primarch?
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