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  1. So, partly because everyone in my Crusade group is now putting together a Tyranid army, and I want to add some alien-hunting flavour to the marines I'm taking to that set of games I'm now planning to include an Inquisitor and retinue. Thing is, I don't want to take Deathwatch in an army that's already blinged-out marines, and I don't think the recent Killteam of Acolytes quite matches the more military look I'm after. What I do have, instead, is a box of Necromunda Enforcers, leftover GSC bits, and a whole lot of gumption. My question is: How do I make this pop? What colours should I use for an Ordo Xenos Stormtrooper? Can I get away with converting a captured and augmented genestealer psyker into a counts-as Demonhost? Would love some ideas, recommendations, and examples of your own weird acolytes and agents. Once I dig in to this it'll probably end up over on the WIP forum.
  2. I finally picked up Kyria Draxus, and I'm looking to build a Crusade for her. With the current state of the Inquisition, this is a bit of a challenging proposition, so this thread is going to begin with some discussion of options before I charage headlong into a list. What I know for sure is that the Crusade will start at 25 PL; I will use my starting requisition points to augment my units, rather than buying additional models. It is important to me to start small so that it feels like the Crusade grows from humble beginnings. This is actually the approach I take with all my Crusades. At this size, I can only include a single detachment. The biggest choice is whether to field an Inquisition detachment, or attach the Inquisitor to another Imperial detachment. Now I know FOR SURE that the Deathwatch are joining this Crusade as it grows. But I think the Inquisitor needs to show up to investigate, and that she'll only call the Deathwatch once she confirms that there is a Genestealer Cult hiding in the shadows of Orison's Wake (the Agri-world where the campaign takes place). When Kyria shows up, she will have her retinue with her- experts that she has trained and worked with for decades. Before we get into her retinue, let's talk a bit about Kyria herself. As a named character, she is frozen in time- she gains no experience or battlescars, but she does get to start with her WL Trait for free, and it is always active, even when she's not the Warlord. Now I want Kyria to be a bad@ss, so I'm going to burn an RP to give her Alpha Level Psyker; this lets her know an extra power and gives her an extra deny. Her powers will be the Xeno specific Psychic Veil- this is a good choice because it only affects Ordo Xenos units; it would be useless on an Inquisitor who was attached to an Imperial detachment, but it's perfect here. The second power is Psychic Pursuit, which would allow an Acolyte unit to target a character if it is a Xeno with less than 10 wounds. That's all the customization I can get out of a named character, and that's 5 PL gone. Next: Kyria is a radical- that's her WL trait, plus she uses Alien tech. As a radical, she's going to have a pair of Jokaero. One of this Jokaero is older and wiser- battle hardened, while the other is his protege.To represent this on the battlefield, I'm burning another RP to give the senior Jokaero the Puritan WL trait to take his invul to 4+. The other is just a basic Jokaero. That's 2 more PL. Then we need a majordomo, a brother in arms. This is the most controversial pick in the list- It's a lone Acolyte, so it counts as a character, but the problem is that Acolytes only have one wound, which means any investment I make on the character is only effective until a single shot from a lasgun takes him off the board. Still though, I feel like he's necessary for story purposes. I'll burn my 3rd RP to hit him up with the Ordo Xenos specific WL Trait, Esoteric Lore, which gives me ANOTHER way to make up lost command points. (I wish Kyria could take this trait- I like it better than her bespoke option; rerolls are great and all, but they aren't very flavourful). Going to further load him up with a meltagun and a needle pistol. I have a spare classic Xyclos Needler in the bits box. The schtik is that he uses it to knock people out so he can interogate them later. That's one more PL, taking me to 8. Next up are the Acolyte squads; two squads of 6. One squad will have 3 storm bolters and 3 meltaguns, the other 3 storm bolters and 3 plasma guns. Technically, I could super cheese and go 6 Plasma and 6 melta, but I'm not that much of a jerk. Plus the storm bolters give me extra versatility. That takes me to 20 PL and fills all my mandatory Vanguard slots. Because it's an Inquisition detachment, Kyria is present as the HQ, NOT an Imperial Agent. So for my last 5 pl, I want an Assassin, and I'm feeling the Vindicare temple. RAW, I believe I can only attach an Agent to a Core detachment, so this won't be strictly legal. I'm instituting a special rule: if an army list does not allow you to field a core detachment, any detachment that the army can field is considered core for the purpose of attaching an Imperial Agent. If GW wants to give the Inquisition a troops choice, I'd be happy to include it. (Note: this rule will also allow Greyfax to hook up with a null maiden vanguard... but that's another story). GW should not make army lists without troop options if they want to restrict agents to core detachments. That leaves me with two RP in the bank. Against Xenos, the idea is to use Clandestine Operation to zap the plasma team, the master Jokaero and and Draxus into a position to hit the Warlord with ALL the plasma and storm bolter shots using psychic pursuit. If I don't get lucky and win the first turn, I can use Psychic Veil to try and protect the acolytes. The Vindicare will be close enough to provide covering fire from somewhere safe, while the Majordomo deploys with the Melta and the Jokaero protege. He stays safe to act as my CP battery. And there you have it. I only need the house rule until I can afford the allied Deathwatch detachment- once it is in play, the Vindicare can attach to it instead of the Inquisition Vanguard.
  3. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Here is the finished Jokaero from the right.
  4. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Here is the finished Jokaero from the Left.
  5. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Here's a hint about what my February 12 Months of Hobby Challenge might be.
  6. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Here you can see the diameter through which the wire bundle or staff must pass.
  7. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Here you see the right arm, again, much of the upper arm joint was remove to rotate a vertical grip to the horizontal plane. You can see how he could hold a staff. Alternately, a bunch of wires (guitar strings have a nice testure) could be plugged into the backpack, draped over the shoulder and held in the fist, with the marble dangling below. I like the second option better and I think it will be easier to deal with the left arm if the orb is low.
  8. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    This is a converted Jokaero, and there's more conversion work ahead. This character can be given a Warlord Trait in Crusade, so I'm giving him a bonus to the invulnerable save he gets for Defense Orbs... Which is why I'm trying to reposition his hands to work with a scratch built Defense Orb. This photo shows the left arms. I cut away much of the upper arm joint attempting to shorten the limb. This arm position may not be permanent. The Orb will be a small marble or glass bead. I haven't decided whether it will dangle from a coil of wires connected to his backpack or sit on a staff; either way, I'd like to reposition the left arm to be more interactive with the orb- the long fingers perhaps curving defensively around it, pointing into it or even touching it's surface.
  9. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    This alternate angle shows the right shoulder of a typical build of the right shoulder.
  10. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    This Jokaero Model was assembled December 28. It will represent an apprentice Jokaero- one who enters the Crusade without upgrades; that's why I chose to assemble this model as is, straight out of the box, and that's why I plan to follow GW's guidelines for colour. This angle shows the typical build of a left shoulder.
  11. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Zooming out, you can see who else got primed this batch: that's a Haemonculus, an Archon, Two BSF Rogue Psykers and then on the other side of our little hero is Draxus and Greyfax.
  12. From the album: Ordo Xenos

    Here is our intrepid apprentice after his primer coat.
  13. Watch Fortress Bastard So! I've finally found a forum with likeminded Watchmasters where I can share my progress on my current project, namely the creation of a Deathwatch Watch Fortress which has one of each canon chapter represented with no duplicates (with a few exceptions such as the Space Wolves and Dark Angels...). This currently numbers at approximately 300 chapters or so I believe. I present to you Watch Fortress Bastard, now 3 years in and showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon! I have put together some lore for the Watch Fortress which I'll share with you as I go along, but for starters I just wanted to dump a variety of models I have kitbashed/converted/painted so far to give a flavour of how it's been going. The beauty of the Deathwatch is their diversity, and I'm trying to make most models as unique to their chapter as possible. Only thing left to add is that I'm an extremely slow painter due to a number of reasons, main one being my disability caused by brain surgery in 2016, so please bear with me as I plod along. So with all that out of the way here's what's being going on so far: Looking forward to sharing ideas with other Watch Masters!
  14. Luther - the fallen

    INQ ST F 2

    From the album: Ordo Xenos

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