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  1. My own thoughts on Luther being out of his cell, which I've had a bit since they mentioned it in the supplement. So with Luther gone from his cell. Having walked out of it after a "battle" happens. There is no way the Watchers would just let him go..., unless they allowed it. I feel the Watchers let him go. For whatever reason. Maybe on Lion's command. We know he's healed, Still being held by the Watchers somewhere within the depths of The Rock.. Random thought: instances of Luther talking to a SGM of DA he has been known to stare off in a direction. I kind of feel he knows where the Lion is, like being able to sense it. So, maybe the Watchers with agreement of Lion let Luther go? We don't know where he went. He just walked out of his cell, and kept walking. It also doesn't actually say when it happened. It's hinted that Azrael is the only one with an idea of why Marbas attacked, and left shortly after doing so. So, it's possible it was during that battle. I speculate maybe he has headed off to try to gather those that are remorseful (not saying that he is the one that is mass gathering The Fallen,) after possibly having talked to El'Jonson (this part is REAL speculation/wishing. It could lead into a dual purpose codex/supplement. One where there is rules to play a loyal Fallen army or a traitor Fallen army. Either utilizing it's own codex, or being a supplement that works with C:SM and C:CSM depending which side you want to represent. Which would also work in GW's favor as an additional way to make more money by getting people to get three books .) Going back to the when he got out. It's not out of the realms of possibility that GW will make it "happen" during the rumored attack by Vashtorr that is supposed to happen in Vashtorr's Arks of Omen book, and that the blurb in the DA supplement was of something that they hadn't published yet (I mean they retconned the whole of the 13th Black Crusade...) So, maybe the reason Marbas attacked The Rock was to verify a weakpoint for Vashtorr, and then leave before the DA could figure out how they got in (and at this point the Watchers sensing/knowing something was happening, let Luther out,) and that's how Vashtorr will assault The Rock. This is something that has been on my mind for a bit, and is a bit short. But it's pretty much the gist of my thought without being overly complicated, and hopefully it is coherent & not just mad ramblings .
  2. Ahoy frater. Just wanted to spitball ideas as to what GW might do when* the Malcador and the vehicles based in its chassis gets the plastic treatment. At first I thought that the conversion from resin to plastic would be a straight 1:1 of the current kit, but a conversion I saw online of the Malcador as well as the plastic Predator being split into two kits got me thinking. We could theoretically see the following kits: Malcador Heavy Tank: Builds standard or Annihilator versions, perhaps new turret weapons? Malcador Defender: the unique "turret" might need it's own kit with a bunch of different weapons options? Valdor Tank Hunter/Malcador Infernus: could probably be a dual kit Minotaur Artillery Tank: I can dream. Not listed in Liber Imperium contents. Dracosan APC: just plastic, nothing new really I would love GW to take the opportunity to give the base tank some new turret options that aren't available to the Russ, but I also don't see that happening unless there are new options in Liber Imperium. *I was basing this on my local manager assuring me my beloved tank would be plastic, but seeing it listed in the leaked contents of Liber Imperium for HH2.0 proves to me it will be plastic.
  3. So, with the coming of 9th and the ever expanding Primaris product line; my fears of the eventual phase out of the basic Marines line has been growing of late. I know they've stated that they weren't being phased out in 9e (so they say), but the inevitability of full replacement is there on the horizon. So I am wondering if I should start the slow (but steady) process of buying those remaining models and kits I need to finish out my Dark Angels army. I know I'd never get a decent price for them, so sadly selling isnt really an option. I was working my way towards a full 5th Company company, and I've got most of that already. I've also got a pretty decent amount of Deathwing as well. What I am missing though is some Ravenwing that I would like to have. It'll be easier if I list what I already have than to say what I still need. Master (Dark Vengeance) Librarian (Dark Vengeance) Chaplain (Dark Vengeance) Belial Terminator Librarian Asmodai Sammael in Sableclaw Talonmaster Deathwing Ancient Deathwing Apothecary Deathwing Champion Deathwing Knights x5 Deathwing Terminator squads (5 man) x5 (Dark Vengeance) Contemptor Dreadnoughts x2 Land Raider Crusader Ravenwing Bike Squads (6 man) x2 (Dark Vengeance) Ravenwing Bike Squad (3 man) x1 (Dark Vengeance) Tactical Squads (10 man) x6 (Dark Vengeance) Devastator Squads (5 man) x2 Assault Squads (10 man) x1 Scout Squads w/Bolters (10 man) x1 Scout Squads w/Sniper Rifles (5 man) x2 2 Dreadnoughts Razorbacks x2 Rhinos x2 Whirlwind x1 Predator x1 This leaves me still needing quite a few things to finish off what I was aiming for when I started this Dark Angels army project with 6e. I still want to add: 1 Command Squad box to make Ancient, Apothecary, Champion, and two Greenwing Lieutenants. 1 Tactical Marine box to flesh out both Devastator Squads to full 10 man units. 2 Assault Squad boxes to form another 10 man Assault Squad. 3 Ravenwing Bike boxes for a 6 man squad of Black Knights, as well as an Ancient, Apothecary, and Champion I'd also like to add a Darkshroud, Vengeance, and at least 2-3 flyers. And I still need to get 6 more Rhinos... I'm not counting any of the Primaris models I've been getting with the 8e box sets, most are still on the sprue. I just dont know if its going to be worth it for a line that will eventually be phased out. But then, I'd finally have my dream Dark Angels army I've wanted since 2e. I'd love to know the communities thoughts.
  4. Basically, who do you think deserves their own Codex and why? Some Chapters don't need their own Codex at all, because their organization is Codex-compliant and they don't have special things the way some other Chapters do. Some Chapters, however, have different organization and make good candidates for their own Codices. Black Templars, for example. Now, I don't play Black Templars, but they definitely deserve a Codex the most out of ANY current "Codex: Ultramarines" chapter. COMPLETELY different organization and doctrines of warfare, combined with an intensely cool aesthetic and lore, as well as overall popularity. They have special units all their own, and they have their own version of a Captain entirely separate from Codex Chapters, so... I feel they should get their own Codex.
  5. From the Vigilus thread: At the top*, is that a conversion or new trike? The front half looks identical to a warbike, but the back is new. Thoughts?
  6. From today's Warhammer Community post: The table of contents! For us greenskins, the interesting bit is in the top left: Stompa Mob Kult of Speed Dread Waaagh! Blitz Brigade We had rumors of the Stompa one, with it making the Stompa a character, so it can get a warlord trait and relic, and we've seen solid rumors and images of the Blitz Brigade: So, a Kult of Speed and Dread Waaagh! is also incoming. Hopefully they will sate the hunger many of us had had for a proppa' Dread Mob and a follow up to Armeggedon's KoS. What do you all think?
  7. *Caveat* If you don't like Ultramarines or feel Ultramar should have it's own supppement/Codex then this topic is not for you. Don't post if you are not happy about the concept. This is part wish listing, part home grown rules. Following the (surprising?) victory on Konor and the surrounding system, my brain started rolling... What would we like to see in a Codex Ultramar and how should such a Codex be formatted and balanced? I was thinking that a Codex Ultramar would have to have a new set of Stratagems that replace all Codex specific Stratagems unless specified otherwise, since the Codex could very well have units together from the wider Imperium in a single Detachment. Sure, Armies of the Imperium is a thing now but to benefit from Chapter Tactics and other faction specific special rules they have to be wholly in a single Detachment. This Codex should be about exhibiting the make up of Ultramar. To get the ball rolling, what do we consider is the likely make up of the armies of Ultramar that is practical on the table? (I have some ideas on how that can be implemented using the tried and tested technique of buying an HQ that grants X troops from that faction) Personally I think the core would be Space Marines from Guilliman's stock, Mortal troops representing the Auxiliary troops and possibly the Adeptus Mechanicus from Konor since we did just win a big campaign. The Mortal troops should be based on the Astra Millitarum but with some options for carapace armour (grenadiers), perhaps Ultramar specific combinations of weapons to reflect Guilliman's influence on technological innovation (i.e. none otherwise) and severe limitations. Maybe just use Tempestus Scions to represent a higher technological standard? Forge World units I'm fairly unsure of really. I'm worried about making it all too powerful really. Cherry picking the best of everything is something I do not like at all... what possible solutions do people suggest?
  8. So I'm bored, and thought let's jump on the speculation train since there seems to be a void of "what is known" for upcoming 40k right now. Necromunda is coming of course, I believe Warhammer Community said in November. And GW's Facebook page seemed to hint that the next Codex dropping is Eldar. So I got a couple of theories as to which models are upcoming for 40k... these are just some guestimates. 1. New/Redone Eldar I could see them dropping something to go with the upcoming codex. 2. More Necromunda Maybe some more gangs are in the works. I heard it said somewhere four gangs would be ready at launch, but which ones? 3. Sisters of Battle There is that wonky salty rumor, but beyond that I've never seen GW hint at SoB as much as they have this past year. At least the community team seems to understand they are wanted. 4. Slaanesh Eldar There was that interesting image in the Xenos Index that had a missing "branch" of Aeldari that seemed to represent Eldar in thrall of Slaanesh. 5. Emperor's Children Past year has had Thousand Sons, then Death Guard, maybe Emperor's Children are next? Fulgrim sneaking his way into model form? 6. Dark Angel Primaris If I had to pick a codex-divergent chapter, I'd pick this one. An easy Primarch to return and this chapter has been ignored for some time. I could easily see them redone but Primaris-ified. 7. More Primaris If they are the new poster-boys they may need more stuff than they've got now. Anyway, those are my ideas. I'm leaning on something Slaanesh as it is easy to coordinate with AoS as well, and some of the unresolved rumours appear very Slaaneshy to me. http://pre13.deviantart.net/3408/th/pre/i/2014/087/3/2/emperor_s_children_vs_orcs_by_slaanesh_goddess-d7bxs8e.jpg
  9. Was looking through the Rumour mill thread when I had an epiphany. What if the eagle is a red herring designed to mislead us from the truth? Codex:SM is released, so I think it’s unlikely that GW will go back (sorry Sons of Dorn). So that leaves the big three, BA, DA & SW being released later in the year. Sanguinus is dead, body interred at Baal, no coming back. So people assume the Lion OR the Wolf, I was thinking why not both? I always thought (unless fluff I don’t know about) that Russ left the feast with his Bodyguards (except Bjorn) because he had heard word of the destruction of Caliban and went to find his brother ( I think after the events of the HH,they will be seen to have come closer, will see how Black Library play it out as they were said to have been in a joint fleet racing to Terra). Now not knowing what happened Russ wandered the galaxy, possibly getting lost in the EOT or the Webway. Now it has been said in recent fluff that the the Lion’s resting place is empty, where’s he gone? How about he has awoken, seen what’s happened to Fenris and the galaxy at large and is seeking out Russ (maybe the watchers know where he’s caught up). This could lead to a double realease of both Primarchs, two codii ( SW & Angels of death DA & BA) Thoughts? DM
  10. As the title says, this is where we can brainstorm fresh and unique Enhanced Chapter Tactics for our Grey Knights. I already mentioned a unique one in the other thread, but this is where i'll probably continue to add anymore, and discuss with other members their own cool ideas for Grey Knights CTs. I'll start off with the first one I presented: GREY KNIGHTS: STORM BOLTER COMBAT Honing their martial skills with their wrist-mounted storm bolters, Grey Knights can bring the fury of their storm bolters to bear on the enemy - even in the midst of heavy combat. When a GREY KNIGHTS INFANTRY model equipped with a storm bolter is within 1” of enemy units, in the player's shooting phase they may fire at the closest enemy unit with their storm bolter, as if it had a profile of Pistol 4. Another one I thought might be very GK fluffy: GREY KNIGHTS: WARP FLUX SHROUDING The Grey Knights inherit psychic ability can harness the warp flux’s blistering light and thundering shock wave of air displacement, blinding and disorientating foes, as they arrive on the battlefield crackling through the warp. When a GREY KNIGHTS unit that is a PSYKER arrives or is re-deployed on the battlefield using Teleport Strike, Teleport Shunt, the Gate of Infinity psychic power or the Teleportarium Stratagem, subtract 1 from the hit roll when resolving shooting attacks against that unit, until the start of the player’s next game turn. NOTE: The above ideas as shown in the images, adds onto our current "Chapter Tactic", Brotherhood of Psykers much like how they have been combined with the official Enhanced Chapter Tactics shown for Codex Space Marines.
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