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  1. Hello all! So with the knowledge I would be getting my grubby little mits on a copy of the Warmaster for Christmas I decided to embark on a read through of the whole Sabbat World Crusade, I am currently ploughing through Honour Guard. With the exception of a couple of stories from the Sabbat Worlds and Sabbat Crusade collections I have managed to piece together a chronological reading order (using Dan's forewords to the LE versions of books 1-3 and stories in both collections as well as the Sabbat World Crusade background book). Thought it might be useful for people who may want to do something similar, although it would be great to put the missing shorts in to the order as well - I don't think there is anything like this on here? If there are any inaccuracies please let me know and I'll amend the order. @DukeLeto69 I think you've done something similar over at the Bolthole but not sure if it was in one collated post. One last thing, as above I haven't read Warmaster yet so for the love of all that you hold fething dearly; no spoilers please! The Fissure - 251.M41 (Sabbat Crusade) A Ghost Return - 755.M41 (SC) The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings - 757.M41 (SW) The Inheritor King - 757.M41 (SC) Regicide – 765.M41 (Sabbat World) First and Only - 767.M41 Ghostmaker - 768.M41 Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities - 768.M41 (Sabbat World) [set on Voltemand, immediately after chapter 2 of Ghostmaker] Necropolis - 769.M41 In Remembrance – 769.M41 (included in Necropolis LE) A Good Man – 769.M41 (SW) Honour Guard – 770-771.M41 The Guns of Tanith – 772.M41 Straight Silver – 772.M41 Double Eagle – 773.M41 Apostle’s Creed – 773.M41 (SW) Sabbat Martyr – 773.M41 Traitor General – 774.M41 Blueblood – 774.M41 (SW) Tempest – 775.M41 (SC) His Last Command – 776.M41 Armour of Contempt – 777.M41 Son of Sek – 777.M41 (SC) Only in Death – 778.M41 The Iron Star – 778.M41 (SW) Titanicus – 779.M41 Blood Pact – 780.M41 Salvations Reach – 781.M41 Family – 782.M41 (SC) Viduity – 782.M41 (SC) You Never Know – 782.M41 (SC) Ghosts and Bad Shadows – 782.M41 (SC) Forgotten – 782.M41 [don't think this has been published anywhere else other than the BL website] Killbox - 782.M41 [bL website & Warmaster LE] The Blood Bound – 782.M41 (SC) The Deeper Wounds – 782.M41 (SC) Arnogaur – 782.M41 (SC) Warmaster Urdesh – forthcoming Space Marine battles book (or equivalent) by Matthew Farrer Anarch - being written now! That leaves one story left to place by my reckoning: Cell by Nik Vincent in Sabbat Crusade – set on a world similar to Geron and features similar concepts as those in Traitor General.If there are any that I missed, please let me know. Cheers, RFD **Edit** updated list to include Killbox and place the Matt Farrer stories in order,. ***Edit*** switched Family and Viduity round to be accurate narratively speaking.
  2. Praise the Omnissiah! The ancient God-Engines of the Collegia Titanicus stride forth upon the battlefields of the Idris system, supporting the Black Templars and Order of The Iron Veil battling the daemons of Khorne manifesting there. In the latter stages of the campaign, reinforcements arrived from Satyraes XII in the form of eight engines of Legio Defensor "The Nova Guard". Legio Defensor's engines march to war bearing names in High Gothic denoting their devotion to the Imperial Creed. Their Low Gothic translations are as follows: Gloriosum est pro Imperator Mori, it is glorious to die for the Emperor; Defensor Fidei, defender of the faith; Martyris Gloriae, martyr's honour; Satyraes Resplendens, Satyraes resplendent; Pietate Insigni, remarkable devotion; Maleficarum Malleo, hammer of witches; Opsequium, compliance; and Invictus, undefeated. --- Lured in by the Precept Maniple boxset, I've started a small force of Titans. I like to imagine my collection as a single coherent crusade force set at a single point in the 40k timeline, including Adeptus Astartes, Adepta Sororitas, Astra Militarum and Ordo Hereticus, so adding in some engines of the Collegia Titanicus seemed like the next logical step. I've got a few Black Templars to finish off, and my little Ordo Hereticus warband to paint too before I start painting Titans, but now I've got the majority of them assembled (yet to buy the Warmaster and second Warlord - they're probably 2022 projects) and most of my additional parts have arrived from Forge World and Battle Bling, I thought it was time to start a thread for the project. --- Warmaster Titan Gloriosum est pro Imperator Mori - Princeps Senoris Wolfgang Thule Suzerian-class plasma destructor x2 Revelator missile launcher Turbo laser destructor x2/plasma blast gun x2/vulcan mega bolter x2/melta cannon x2 Ardex defence cannons Infusive supercoolants Warlord Titan 1 Defensor Fidei - Princeps Dorothea Hass Apocalypse missile launcher x2/landing pad and command tower Mori quake cannon/Bellicosa volcano cannon Bellicosa volcano cannon/volkite destructor Ardex defence cannons Devotional war sirens Tracking gyroscopes Warlord Titan 2 Martyris Gloriae - Princeps Hector Samstag Gatling blaster x2/laser blaster x2/apocalypse missile launcher x2 Sunfury plasma annihilator Titanic power claw/Sunfury plasma annihilator Ardex defence cannons Devotional war sirens Tracking gyroscopes Nemesis Warbringer Titan Satyraes Resplendens - Princeps Edwin Lowe Mori quake cannon Volcano cannon x2 Ardex defence cannons Reaver Titan 1 Pietate Insigni - Princeps Cassandra Varley Apocalypse missile launcher/turbo laser destructor Laser blaster/melta cannon Volcano cannon/auto blaster Reaver Titan 2 Maleficarum Malleo - Princeps Hugh Orfuls Apocalypse missile launcher/turbo laser destructor Plasma annihilator/melta cannon Titanic chain fist Warhound Scout Titan Squadron Opsequium - Princeps Elizabeth Tarses Plasma blast gun Vulcan mega bolter Invictus - Princeps Stefan Kercher Vulcan mega bolter Plasma blast gun
  3. So, my plan from the get-go with this game was to have two different legios each of a mid level strength so that I can play the games with friends who didnt want to invest the time and money. That and I love a good project. So here it is! My Legio Praesagius project log. I have also pledge to complete the 5 titans (2 Warlords, 1 Reaver and 2 Warhounds) for the Titans of the Heresy 2019 painting challenge. Humble beginnings, but beginnings none the less... the picture below shows the current state of the assembly line, awaiting magnets, completion of the Warlord and indeed the start of Warlord 2.
  4. So I picked this stuff up from the sorting office this morning and have a Warlord on the way. Personally, I blame the good people of the Adeptus Titanicus sub forum. :p As I'm writing this, the postman turned up with my Warlord. I got a pretty good deal on this Titan from a guy online. As you can tell, he's built half of it already, although there's enough play in the joins to tweak the angles of the pose slightly. I'll probably replace the white bricks he's standing on. It's a bit of a shame that the armour plates are glued as that will make painting the skeleton a bit awkward, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. I'm not too sure how I'm going to theme the bases. Any suggestions? Dallo
  5. Hey B&C! I'm back with something worth sharing my Traitor Titan Legion: Legio Inferos Canibus the Hell Hounds. So I started a little earlier than most building scenery using a terminator as a knight for scale and hoping for the best. I did move during starting the project so some items are at work but hopefully I'll be able to get better pictures now the full range is up and going. So first off the Warlord Titan sporting my Legio scheme. (He is finished with magnetised arms since this picture and I'll get pictures soon). Here is some to scale scenery ive made eBay bought barrels with a Skyshield Landing Shield and a set of custom Servohaulers. (Skitarii bits for the Servohaulers) And for something to block line of sight my Titan repair station with part of a spare armiger warglaive frame. And what I think is a first on the internet! My Proto Kytan Daemon Engine copying the original lord of skulls top on knight legs, I went with AT sized legs with blood warriors top half and bits. I hope you guys like them and ill keep you up dated with pictures as I have them. -Noctem Cultor
  6. It is time to paint some titans! And these are first Warhounds of my Ignatum demi Legio mostly done except bases Reavers and Warlords will follow after :)
  7. Early days yet, but I have secured the titanicus core set, and the Grand Master edition. So in addition to plenty of markers, templates, dice, etc, that gives me... 2 Warlords 2 Reavers 2 Warhounds 2 Cerastus 6 Questoris Meaning I can throw down a decent sized force or split the models evenly between 2 players for a decent game. I haven't gone thru every bit of the material yet, I need to look into construction hints, especially sub assemblies for easy painting, and how to future proof the kits with magnets since I haven't picked up any of the various alternative weapons sprues yet. (Emphasis on YET) Anybody willing to provide or point me at a good rundown on these kits' contents regarding Titan loadouts in the box, mag-tutorials deliberately planning for the other sprues, and any other enlightenment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. So thought i would post a thread of my slowly growing AT force, which i'm hoping to get finished before lock-down ends (and then play my first game afterwards). I started with the Grandmaster Edition when it came out, built all the titans and knights in it, and then got fed up with it all - partly due to not knowing what to do with the bases - and benched it all up to the start of this year. My main local opponent has been hassling me to get it done though, and i have finally repented and here we are. Currently i have 2 Warlords, I Psi-Titan, 1 Warbringer, 2 Reavers, 2 Warhounds, 6 Questoris, 3 Lancers, and 1 Acastus built and in differing stages of completion. My main aim is to get the Titans finished first and then move onto the knights afterwards. I have gone for Tempetus mainly due to the fact that the transfers were available (my first choice would have been Astorum as that is what my 28mm scale Warhound is) but i am actually really glad i went for them now. I'm really enjoying all the checks on them! Anyway here are a few pictures of the slow progress of a few of the titans: And here is where we are with the bases: And then it will be onto these little guys: Anyway i will post some more once there is a bit more to show, and if you have any questions or comments please let me know. Best wishes
  9. Hi All. Been lurking for months now, thought it about time I started posting my Titans. I went Astorum as I liked the extra risky movement and the idea of a duel claw titan was something I thought would look awesome. Though it turns out thats probably pretty naff... Still to build; 2 warhounds on sprue, 2 warhounds to strip and start again as I dont like how they turned out. A Knight household box that hasn't even been touched, 2 Acastus knights, that I will probably wait and see if they release an upgrade kit to build the other option. Also have an unbuilt warlord. I bought a new starter box too, but that hasnt turned up yet! Next on the list is a Psytitan and then I will start looking at a Vulpa warlord. I think I will probably paint a couple of the warhounds as Vulpa too... I need to finish and consider the basing a bit more, and highlight the blue! Every time I think I am nearly finished I find more pipes or cables that I want to colour, or washes to apply!
  10. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    My winged Reaver Titan head
  11. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    7.5 cm edge to edge, with 3mm magnets
  12. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    7.5 cm edge to edge, with 3mm magnets
  13. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    Taro Modelmaker Armiger-scale Volkite Weapon
  14. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    Three Armiger weapon packs from Taro Modelmaker
  15. Macrossmartin

    Reavers 01

    From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

  16. Macrossmartin

    Reavers 02

    From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

  17. From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

  18. From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

  19. From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

  20. From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

  21. Macrossmartin

    Knights 01

    From the album: Legio Crucius

    © Martin Evans 2019

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