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  1. "Put your trust only in the weapons you bear; for even those you consider closest might harbour thoughts of malice and treason under the familiar visage of a trusted brother." Unnamed Word Bearer Legionary. Unidentified firearm. Speculated to be a Khaladine pattern bolt rifle. Torso plate bears superficial damage, likely from previous engagement.
  2. Hi folks, I've got the Kill Team bug, but I don't need to add any more plastic to my pile of shame, so I'm digging through my spares to cobble together a Kill Team. The hope is to avoid needing to buy anything for the new edition, apart from the rules, but we'll see how that goes. Recently, I've found it hard to ignore how bad the scale of 40K models is, with tiny Marines and big headed Cadians, so I wanted to address this with my models. The path of least resistance was to make bigger Ork Boyz, using Nobz as a basis. I'm working to convert up a Team which includes every Kommando specialist and will likely expand to a Greenskin team, when I see what they get. For now, here is a WIP Rokkit Boy. He's based on a Nob with Kombi weapon. As you can see, he's a good bit bulkier than a standard Boy. He'll be on a 32mm base when he's done. I'm also mostly finished with my Burna. Just need to adjust the straps and greenstuff the holes in the shoota barrel. Currently undecided on Clan colours, but will see what rules (if any) there are. C&C welcome. What do people think of the scale? anything you would improve? Cheers. Dallo
  3. Hi folks, After looking at Apologist's Truescale thread, I was inspired to have a go myself. Firstly a bit of background. I, like many others, am a hobby butterfly and I find I have many started projects, but few completed ones. To this end, I'm hoping that the small scale of Kill Team means that I can actually finish this project. A while back, I got a big Marines joblot which included some Red Scorpion pads. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make use of them along with some other cool bits I'd been holding onto. My end goal is to make two opposing Kill Team forces and include a few different Chapters. For the Loyalists, I've got the parts to make a seven marine team comprised of five Red Scorpions and two Novamarines. Here is the WIP of the first Novamarine. It's a bit rough around the edges but I like how it's looking so far. I also got a Red Scorpion Terminator pad in the joblot, so I thought I'd have a go at making a Truescale Terminator from the Gravis Captain model. This is where it's at so far. I'm glad I'm only making one of these as I'm making it up as I go along. :p Still a good way to go with this one, which will likely include some gap filling with Greenstuff and doing something to mask the gut plate. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  4. Hi folks, Like many others, I've been enjoying the newest edition of Kill Team. I'm currently taking part in a weekly campaign running at lunchtime in work with a few of my colleagues. Having regular games has been inspiring me to get some models completed, which has been great. I'm playing Genestealer Cult in the campaign, but for now I want to show you the Immortals Leader I'm working on. He still needs some mould lines cleaned up, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. I wanted my leader to stand out as more than a stock Necron. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  5. So I picked this stuff up from the sorting office this morning and have a Warlord on the way. Personally, I blame the good people of the Adeptus Titanicus sub forum. :p As I'm writing this, the postman turned up with my Warlord. I got a pretty good deal on this Titan from a guy online. As you can tell, he's built half of it already, although there's enough play in the joins to tweak the angles of the pose slightly. I'll probably replace the white bricks he's standing on. It's a bit of a shame that the armour plates are glued as that will make painting the skeleton a bit awkward, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. I'm not too sure how I'm going to theme the bases. Any suggestions? Dallo
  6. Hi all, I'm making this thread to record my attempts to paint up a Drukhari army. To start this project, I've vowed a five man warrior squad and an Archon. Today I primed the warriors and put the first coat of paint on them. Perhaps not the most interesting of first posts, but it's a start. I was slightly disappointed with this guy. I used Liquid Greenstuff to fill in the weird box mouth on his helmet, but having put a layer of paint on it, it looks like I didn't fill it in completely. I may give it another go. Not really feeling the smirk he has currently. For some reason, this guy is my favourite of the squad. To me, he just screams "Dark Eldar". Less keen on this guy, but he'll do. Finally, here's a minor conversion to add a little variety to the blaster wielding warriors in my army. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  7. I'm taking part in a pretty laid back Tale of X Gamers with a few friends. The only stipulation is that we need to have a 40k force of 1500 points by the end of the year. I toyed with a few different forces, but for now I've settled on Blood Angels. Specifically Primaris Blood Angels. Like many gamers I enjoy collecting models but struggle to paint even a fraction of them. I'm hoping I can change that with the advent of 9th edition. I think the key to achieving this is a change of mindset. Specifically, I'm going to try speed painting. What this means to me is that I'm focusing on getting my models "good enough". They may not be my best work, but I want to achieve a consistent looking, painted force which I can be proud to put on the table. So far I've managed to paint sixteen models to tabletop standard over the course of a week off work. The plan is to add some transfers for squad/company markings and potentially a highlight or two, but this is the overall standard I'm currently aiming for. This force consists of a converted Lieutenant (who I now realise should be on a 40mm base), five Intercessors, five Hellblasters and five Reivers. Here are some close up shots. This accounts for roughly a third of the work I need to do by Year's End, so I'm optimistic that I can get this all painted in time. I've got an email that my copy of Indomitus should be arriving tomorrow, so I've got that to look forward to over the weekend. C&C Welcome.
  8. Hi folks, I'm taking part in a fairly informal Tale of X Gamers with a few of my gaming mates as a way to cut down our backlogs while we're in lockdown. The end game is to have a 1500pt army by the end of December. We haven't established a rigorous system of "Paint X in month 1" as we're all at different stages of life with different amounts of free time etc. That said, we're all aiming to get a Kill Team for our respective force done first. As you may have already guessed, I'm doing Necrons. It's not an army I've ever collected before, but I bought a friend out of the hobby a few years back and it included a large force of Necrons. I sold off a lot of the models to recoup my costs, but I still have a reasonable amount of unpainted models. I'm currently aiming for a 500 point list consisting of two squads of Necron Warriors, some Scarabs, a squad of Tomb Blades and a Lord to lead them. I have a habit of starting projects and not finishing them, so the current plan is to paint this all up first before getting any more models. This is the Lord I've converted to lead my 500 point list. Here you can see a painted an unpainted Necron Warrior. For the scheme, I wanted to keep it dark and broody with lots of dark metallics broken up by glowing Gauss weaponry. The aim here was to create a scheme which looks decent on the tabletop and is quick and easy to replicate, so I actually stick with it. My current thinking is that I'll get all of my warriors up to the same level as the painted warrior (primed and washed, with the details picked out) and will go back to add some highlights and smooth out the transitions on the Gauss weapons. On the left we have a sneaky git perfectly ordinary Necron, who will be used to represent a specialist in Kill Team. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  9. Hello all. I’ve tried a few themed plogs in the past, but they tended to run out of momentum fairly quickly as my attention span and amount of free time invariably plummeted. To that end I’ve decided to have one big modelling and (Emperor forbid) painting log. Expect sporadic updates and long silences. But enough words. You want to see models. I’ve recently invested in a small SA army, which I’m hoping to get painted over the ETL. Unfortunately that means that I have to wait until May until I can get any meaningful painting done on them. However my bitsbox provided a solution. This is my WIP test model for my SA scheme, and the model will potentially be used in a Dark Heresy campaign I’m planning if it ever gets off the ground. Name and background pending. Feel free to make suggestions. For now, she is simply known as Goggles. http://i.imgur.com/WEnINJzl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZNXvLsTl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mYbK3W4l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CBSSDTIl.jpg For those who are interested, the body is from the valkyrie kit, and the head came from a job-lot of heads I bought from EdT. It had a lot of interesting heads, including a good number of unique female heads, so expect to see a few more cropping up in the coming days and weeks. I'm not sure who makes the heads originally, but they're nice sculpts. As this will be a test model and won’t be part of a larger army, I thought I’d try making a custom base for her. I finally got to use some of the brass etch I’ve had kicking about for years. It’s still WIP, but coming together nicely. http://i.imgur.com/pvf9Cz6l.jpg C&C welcome. Dallo
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