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  1. :::::::::Attempted Data-Recovery::::::::: :::::::::Accessing File AXXR-29748::::::::: :::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Access denied as per the Sigillites request::::::::: :::::::::Termination Protocol engaged::::::::: :::::::::Inquisitorial Override, Access Level Charon::::::::: :::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Greetings Inquisitor Yannik::::::::: :::::::::Unspooling Data-crystals::::::::: :::::::::Access granted::::::::: ++++++++++Thought for the day: Where dark reigns, light must fall++++++++++ File nr. 229837-11; The Euripides Incident >Date: 013.m31 >Segmentum: Solar >System: Sol >Locis: Europa, orbiting Jupiter >Function: Mechanicum research facility >Assigned Overseer: Genetor-Supreme Kykeron ++Ancient Pict-Reconstruction of Pre-Imperial Europa; date unknown, probably m3/m4++ Settled since age immemorial, Europa, like many of the solar moons, has served as a secretive haven for research most esoteric - it is here that Cult of Solex devised the first examples of darkfire weaponry, and it is here that the predecessors of the Empyrean Engineers would scrawl the first blueprints for Gellar Field Devices on everlasting sheets of platinum. That the Emperor, blessed in His wisdom, would come to desire such a trove of knowledge, appears self-evident even to us, who live in the shadow of His passage. It was thus then, that he would send forth his Angels of Death, the then-nascent Legio Primus - the Angelum Mortis - to root out the entrenched xenophile cults that had come to inhabit Europa by that point. The operation was swift, if bloody, and fiefdom over the stellar body would be ceeded to an enclave of the Helvetian Technocracy - an offshoot of the Machine Orthodoxy that had weathered the Age of Strife in isolation most extreme upon Terra. Where then Deimos and Phobos of Mars would become the twin-seats of the martian synode of Beherrean, and Io became the heart of the lunar Simvulsean Complex, Europa would become home to the Ansilean Circle, a branch of the Technocracy responsible for the research of weaponization of warp phenomena. Due to the high-priority technologies developed and improved upon - research that held keenest interest among a number of the Emperor's subjects - the station had long been obscured from regular imperial authorities and been declared interditum absoutis to any and all who did not hold the appropriate seals of authority. It is during the early stages of the Horus Heresy that elements of the Alpha Legion would conduct a series of assaults on the Solar system - most famously the grand assault on station Hydra, in the orbit of Pluto - and research outposts would prove to be some of their most favoured targets, both due to the wealth of material and knowledge that could be raided there, and the relative isolation in which they existed even in this most fortified of circles. On the third day of the Septimus in the thirteenth year of m31, all contact from Europa would cease, prompting Lord Dorn to send out an investigative force of Imperial Fists to ascertain what had transpired and - should the situation require it - secure and extract any technology still present in the Ansilean vaults. It is to be noted that Lord Dorn was, at first, unwilling to send out any of his own men, for in those early days of the Great Fratricide many things had been uncertain and he - rightly so - feared more direct attacks against Terra and thus sought to hold back his own forces as best he could. It was only after a private audience with Lord-Hierophant Ecneon, master of the Technocracy, that Lord Dorn would relent. The investigative force would quickly discover that a strike force of the Alpha Legion - henceforth termed Strikeforce 'Lintwyrm' - supported by allied Mechanicum and Militia elements - henceforth termed as Strikeforce 'Koleikos' and Strikeforce 'Sarthaccan' respectively - had disabled all communication in the facility and begun off-loading the present technology. It appeared then, that the stationed Helvetian forces had been seeded with operative elements of the Alpha Legion many years prior. This is the documentation of the Euripides-incident. :::::::::Unspooling fragmentary audio-data recorded by Legionnarie Karst of the Imperial Fists::::::::: :::::::::Data is heavily damaged::::::::: :::::::::Please stand by::::::::: :::::::::Data partially recovered::::::::: :::::::::Open the record: Y/N?::::::::: :::::::::Input: Y::::::::: +For the Emperor+ :::::::::Close the file: Y/N?::::::::: :::::::::Input N::::::::: :::::::::Fareth well, Inquisitor Yannik::::::::: :::::::::The Emperor protects::::::::: ++Pict-Captures extracted from reconstructed Helvetian Cybergholam++ ++Identity unconfirmed; presumed to be Consul-Delegatus Autilon Skorr++ We are not gods. We are creations of science. And therein lies our problem, for we are neither human, nor divine. We are flawed versions of both. Attr. to Primarch Alpharius, recorded by remembrancer Mikhael Bro'ok
  2. From the album: Imperial Fists

    Freehanded symbol on the shoulder.
  3. Hi guys Do any of the ezy to build models from shadowspear or the new Start collecting Primaris Vanguard set (same models) work with Imperial fists? I'm concerned as theirs a severe lack of options with the ezy to builds in relation to weaponry, so trying to determine if I'm I better off going through normal boxes. Cheers Thalidar
  4. Mainly looking for refinement of point allocation on these models as it’s not meant to be super competitive, but I also don’t want to get steamrolled. HQ (120pts): Delegatus -Artificer Armor -Refractor Field -Melta Bombs -Plasma Pistol -Power Sword Elites (645pts): 2x Contemptor Dreadnought -Twin Linked Lascannon -Havok Launcher Terminator Squad (5 man) -Teleport Transponder -Cataphractii Armor -4x Power Axe -3x Combi Bolter -1x Plasma Blaster --Sergeant w/ ---Grenade Harness ---Power Sword ---Combi Bolter Troops (795pts): 3x Tactical Squad -Nuncio Vox -Bolters --Sergeant w/ ---Artificer Armor ---Melta Bombs --Rhino w/ ---Heavy Bolter ---Hunter Killer Missile Tactical Support Squad -Volkite Calivers --Sergeant w/ ---Artificer Armor ---Combi Plasma --Rhino w/ ---Heavy Bolter ---Hunter Killer Missile Heavy Support (440pts): Leviathan Siege Dreadnought -Drop Pod -Grav Flux Bombard -Siege Drill -Armored Ceramite -Phosphex Discharger
  5. “My Lord, we have… a report.” “... Lord Hale? Are you well?” “... Icran?” Icran Hale turned from the armourglass window where he had been standing, immobile. His Master of Ships, a slender, hard-faced woman, was staring up at his vast form, concern in her eyes. Her brown hair was slipping out of its usually well-kept bun, and she looked exhausted. “My Lord, my apologies if I was over-familiar. It is just… you haven’t left your quarters for a significant period of time. Lord Knos was on the verge of shuttling over to us to see what was wrong. The crew have been unable to sleep due to...” Icran furrowed his brow. “Knos need not concern himself, Persephone. I recognise I have been... withdrawn, of late. There has been much to consider in light of, well -” he swept one massive, armoured hand towards the window. “I need not elaborate further.” Persephone swallowed, trying not to look out of the window into the void. The storm unnerved her. It unnerved the entire crew, and seemingly affected even the transhuman Astartes aboard. Baseline humans had suffered terrible dreams since the warp-miasma had howled into existence just days previously. Icran continued, his voice a rumbling bass. “My understanding is that none of the fleet Astropaths have been able to pierce this storm. It is as though the Five Hundred Worlds have been entirely consumed by the Immaterium. I can only assume some vile process unleashed by Lorgar’s witchspeakers. We have entirely lost the trail of the Red Angel's beasts.” He strode across his quarters, his yellow Terminator armour clanking across the deck. Persephone’s neck craned back further as he approached. “Give me your assessment, Shipmaster.” “My Lord, I cannot recommend the fleet making any attempt to traverse the warp-storm. It is larger than any storm recorded in our databanks. What is worse, the Navigators report that the light of the Astronomicon cannot pierce the storm. If we entered it, we would be entirely blind.” She handed him a dataslate, which looked to be the size of a playing card in Hale’s vast gauntlets. He read it, digesting the complex information in a glance. Hale frowned further, looking back out of the window into the heart of the Ruinstorm. The stars outside of the ship were stained a bruised purple, with flickering lights dancing across the void. Here and there, strange and unsettling shapes manifested in swirls of teeth and eyes. Across the other side of the ship was a clear, glittering view of realspace, standing in stark contrast. Hale sighed. “Please hail Lord Knos.” Persephone nodded, moving across the modest chambers of the Household Commander to manipulate a small console set by the door. She spoke softly into a grille, before turning to nod at Hale. “Lord Knos?” Hale’s voice boomed across his living chambers, as he moved into view of a pict-camera mounted on the ceiling. “Lord Hale,” a voice crackled from recessed speakers. Hale gestured for Persephone to stand beside him, as a pict-image flashed up on a pictscreen in the living chambers. It was grainy, but clearly showed a tall figure armoured in brilliant cobalt blue plate, trimmed in burnished gold. “Lord Knos, I assume you have seen the reports from the Astropaths and Navigators?” “I have. It makes for grim reading. The Five Hundred Worlds are sealed behind this storm. It appears to be larger and more intense than anything seen since Old Night. The Emperor’s Light cannot pierce the sorcerous murk. My men would have us plunge into its heart, to defend Ultramar no matter the cost...” The Ultramarine left the sentence hanging. “I do not doubt the valour of their intentions, but I must question the value of such a sacrifice. If we send the battlegroup into that storm, we will not emerge from the Immaterium. We… we do not even know if Ultramar still stands.” Knos snarled in fury, his image on the pict-screen distorting as he spat out his words. “Make no mistake, Icran. Guilliman is alive. He has not suffered the same fate as Lord Manus, or Lord Corax. He lives. Ultramar lives.” “We cannot know anything for certain while the storm persists, and it shows no sign of abating. We were sent to the fringes of Ultramar to hunt Angron’s mindless beasts, but now we may as well be becalmed.” “What are you suggesting? That we abandon Ultramar? We abandon the Five Hundred Worlds? We spit on our oaths and trample our banners? That we run?” Hale surged towards the pict-screen, startling Persephone. “Never speak like that to me again, Knos. Think about what you are saying. If I let you and your men spend your lives like worthless coin and die in the warp, then I may as well throw my lot behind the scum we once called our brothers. We need to focus on what matters.” Knos’ face softened, and he learned into the pict-camera, his face filling the screen. “And what, Household Commander Hale, is ‘what matters’?” Hale straightened, squaring his vast shoulders. “Terra. The Throneworld.” Knos said nothing for a moment. “You mean to take the fleet, set course for Terra, and what? Fight through the Warmaster’s burning front lines to enter the most secure system in the Imperium? With a handful of ships? Past tens of thousands of traitors, millions of their rabid followers and the warp-beasts that they command?” “It is still a better plan than sailing into the largest warp storm humanity has ever seen without the Astronomicon to guide us.” Hale turned to Persephone. “How long would it take?” The Shipmaster bit her lip, thinking hard. “Ordinarily, with favourable currents? Six months. We are on the western edge of Ultramar, but reaching Sol still requires passing across a vast amount of space.” Hale looked back at the pict-camera. “Six months in peacetime, so a year or more in wartime. We will still reach Terra before the Warmaster. And we will carve through any traitors we find on the way.” Knos looked off-screen, clearly conversing with some of his captains who were in the ship’s bridge with him. He sighed, in a rush of static through the comm-link. He was no fool, and knew rushing back into the warpstorm would achieve nothing. “To Terra then. But, Icran, you must promise me something.” “Anything, brother.” “If we find loyal Imperials in need, whether they be fellow Astartes, Imperial Army regiments, or non-combatants -” “We will bring the full wrath and fury of the Mountainfire Company upon any traitors in our path. And I would hope the Masalian Fifteenth would be by our side, shoulder to shoulder.” Knos nodded, with a small smile. “Well then. I believe your Shipmaster has some preparations to be making.” Icran Hale nodded, returning the smile before terminating the comm-link. Persephone snapped to attention, executing a crisp salute. Hale looked down at her, the smile still on his face. “Shipmaster. Plot course to Terra.” +++++ Hello all! Welcome to the project diary for the Mountainfire Company, a Horus Heresy Imperial Fists/Ultramarine Shattered Legion force. I’d had Imperial Fists rattling around in my head as a force to do for some time, and I finally got started recently with some Cataphractii Terminators. As I was part-way through the first squad… I read Betrayer. The scene (keeping spoilers to a minimum) involving the Ultramarine breacher wall made me almost want to drop the Imperial Fist project then and there in favour of the boys in blue, before I had a brainwave. I dreamt up the idea of a combined Fists/Ultramarines shattered legion force, crusading their way from Ultramar to Terra. The idea is that Icran Hale, the Household Commander of the Mountainfire Company, was on a cooperation assignment in Ultramar at the outbreak of the Heresy. The Dropsite Massacre occurs, followed by Calth. He buddies up with Gregor Knos, a no-nonsense Ultramarine Commander, and together they chase down some World Eaters on the edge of the Five Hundred Worlds… only to be cut off by the true eruption of the Ruinstorm as Lorgar’s Shadow Crusade reaches its zenith. Unable to re-enter Ultramar, they decide to return to Terra, killing any traitors in their path. Below is a small gallery of what I’ve done so far - two squads of Cataphractii Terminators, designed to be mixed-specialist close-combat veterans, with an assault cannon thrown in for rule-of-cool. Oh, did I mention everyone is going to have shields? Thats right, this is a Stone Gauntlet force! I’m working to build a 30k Centurion Mode army. The principles here are simple - infantry, walker and skimmers only. No tanks. Things like artillery or Leviathans are 0-1. This should mean the army is very infantry heavy, and aimed to crush other infantry heavy forces. Next on the table are two (thats right, two) Deredeo dreadnoughts, and the first of the Ultramarine breachers. Watch this space… Pictures: http://i.imgur.com/plBYZGqh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RtC8sBLh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TE6wsOZh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/yxErqS7h.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bT6Glzbh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ezjhOufh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/uU9yNYgh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lkniPijh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GYaxMXHh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xV7645Hh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1PFVKmBh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/SofWyTnh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DsAgWijh.jpg
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