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  1. I've been a long time lurker on here (since 2007 I believe) and finally grew some stones and signed up properly. I'm using this thread to document my return to 40k after not touching anything for 17 years. What will follow is my slow progress on my own Astartes chapter; the Ardent Swords. First up will be the chapter master and honour. The chapter master is still waiting for some bits to arrive so he'll probably be postponed to January at this rate. Hope you all enjoy watching my journey back into the grim darkness. First up; the honour guard. These chaps are built on the reiver base with extra bits stuck on. First time doing hand transplants with these guys and was more fiddly than expected.
  2. +++ Quintus let the slightest sigh escape his lips and he watched the coldness of the air trace the outline of his breath. He could hear the rain pattering across what little remained of the building’s roof. He found it calming. The arrhythmic sound helped clear his thoughts in the remaining moments before his squad would strike. For three days, he and his fellow Eliminators waited inside one of the only buildings that still overlooked the city’s main roadway. Before the Tyranids landed in force and began reshaping the planet with their foul biology, the roadway bore the name “Petitioner's Lane.” But any petitioners who once walked these streets fled long ago or suffered worse fates at the hands of the city’s new occupants. The Eliminator sergeant could hear the xenos moving below on the street. The telltale click of Tyranid claws on the shattered masonry set his teeth on edge. Their corruption offended him and he could feel sheer hate pulsing behind his eyes. For three days, Quintus’ squad had watched the aliens construct and grow their horrible breeding pools all across the city. Lesser forms, with the sheen of birthing fluid still coating their skin, streamed out of these organic factories constantly. The screeching never ceased. The enemy chittered and screamed of a victory that the Imperial Fists would soon deny them. The largest of these breeding pools sat across the lane from their building. If the swarm required it, the pool could create massive creatures capable of matching a tank in size and firepower. Quintus and his men knew this from their briefing before deploying three days ago. The briefing where the Captain of the Fifth asked that they bear the indignity of waiting inside an occupied city, watching the foe corrupt it, and not firing a single shot until a high value target revealed itself. Miserable work by the standards of any warrior. But Squad Quintus obeyed and waited. They waited for the thunder. Then the thunder came. And the sky opened. Thunderhawk Gunships in the bright yellow livery of the Imperial Fists appeared suddenly through the clouds and rushed towards the ground. Smaller craft danced in front of them and rained death down on the flying Tyranid forms that swarmed up towards them. The Eliminators watched their brothers descend to the planet wreathed in steel and with their colors born proudly. Quintus kept his misgivings to himself and turned back towards the Tyranid pool. The surface of the pool began bubbling with gestation and Quintus motioned for his two brothers. The knelt on either side of him, las fusils at the ready and steadied on the broken windows that looked out across the lane. Something massive took shape in the alien structure below them. Even in a half-formed state, Quintus could tell that the creature could easily crush an Astartes underfoot with its sheer weight. A pulsating cannon formed along the creature’s spine and it gave an ear-splitting roar of pain as the hive mind of the Tyranids spontaneously rewrote its genetic makeup. Quintus motioned the word for “wait” in battle-sign. His hands tensed as he did so. After three days, condemning his brothers to waiting for even another second felt like cruelty of the highest order. But as the beast below emerged from the fluid that birthed it, Quintus finally loosed his hand and pointed directly at the Tyranid monstrosity. At this command, the two Eliminators beside him opened up with a volley of shots from their las fusils. Beams of white-hot energy sprang forth from the barrels of their guns and punctured the newborn creature faster than the eye could track. The beams both penetrated and cooked the Tyranid. Quintus watched with no small satisfaction as the beast’s many eyes began to boil and then burst from the las fusils’ heat. It made one last whimper of pain and then fell to the ground with a thud. The comm unit in Quintus’ ear buzzed with static for a moment before a voice commenced speaking. “You did well, brothers. We have landed. Regroup with us at the main gate to the city. The Tyranids’ infection ends here.” At those words, Quintus felt his muscles relax. The tension of the three-day wait left him at the knowledge that his brothers safely made planetfall. He released another quiet sigh as his brothers ritualistically checked their weapons. After they finished their inspections, Quintus motioned towards his two fellow Eliminators and they all began the long walk down towards the Petitioner’s Lane.
  3. It seems my original Executioners thread is archived so I have to start a new one, which is ok since I'm pretty much redoing the army and actually finishing it. The left is the original, but Reaper discontinued the blue steel I was using. The middle is what I ended up working with, which looks more like metallic Crimson Fists than Executioners. The right is my newest attempt, which I think is much closer to the Imperial Armour book (it is more bluish in person). So my goal with this is to repaint just the armor of what I have already done (6.5 tactical squads, 2 assault squads, 1 devastator squad with extra heavy weapon options, 1 sternguard squad, 2 dreadnoughts, about 20 terminators and a full command squad) plus finish out the last 1.5 tactical squads, a damocles command rhino, and 8 rhino/razorbacks.
  4. Hello there! Welcome to the revival thread of my Blood Angels painting WIP/showcase. I used to have a thread here on B&C that got lost in the warp (lost during the B&C crash many years ago) and I didn't bother reviving it until now. First off...bit of a background. I've been a Blood Angels painter/collector going on 10+ years now with my first models purchased back in early 2010. I've always been fascinated with GW models ever since stumbling into a GW shop in my early teens (think the first one was in West Edmonton Mall) though could never really afford the models at an early age. Fast forward to about 10 years later when I graduated from University and got my first adult job, I treated myself to a box of Space Marine sniper scouts and paint set which has lead to this crazy addictive hobby. Over the years I've dabbled in many other armies and even model ranges but have always come back to the Blood Angels as I love the colour red and the entire model range of the army is in my opinion one of the best looking and versatile (from a bits perspective) in all of GW's lineup. Some quick points about my army: - I estimate I have over 20k points of painted models as of early 2020 - Painted model count is 360+ - I paint all my models using an airbrush first followed by manual brushwork afterwards - My latest red recipe is basecoat/prime with Vallejo Surface Primer Black, airbrush GW Mephiston Red, airbrush GW Evil Sunz Scarlet Reference Picture from an army photo done in Q4 2016 (approx. 15k 7th ed points) Models since the last army shot: Reaver Titan: And some non-army models:
  5. 'SOVA NOCTIS' The Space Owls Chapter, or the ‘Sova Noctis’ as the warriors of the chapter often refer to themselves, are a non-codex compliant chapter of space marines. Inheriting the Gene-Seed of the Raven Guard’s Primarch, Corvus Corax, the Space Owls are supernaturally stealthy warriors who excel in stalking their prey, then unleashing sudden ambushes and devastating close quarter assaults. Links for PDF Download MEGA Bolter&Chainsword Name: ‘Space Owls’ or the ‘Sova Noctis’ Founding: Unknown - suspected Unstated Founding in M36, sometime after the climax of the Reign of Blood Primarch: Corvus Corax Primogenitor Chapter: Unknown - suspected Raptors Chapter successor Successors: None Chapter Master: Davor Venatus – presently elected ‘Warleader’ by the Chapter Conventa Fortress Monastery: Former Age Dark Orbital Prison-Labour Facility renamed the ‘Hollow’ Homeworld: Umbra Minor Designation: Feral World Gravity: Near Earth Standard Temperature/Climate: Temperate and Cold, Volcanic Equatorial Zone Population: Unknown – suspected high thousands Planetary Governor: Chapter Conventa - assembled council of Chapter Captains and Specialist Chamber Masters System: Stolas Sector: --REDACTED-- Segmentum: Tempestus Tithe Grade: None - Adeptus Astartes World
  6. From the album: Pictures

    © Games Workshop

  7. From the album: ETL VII pics

    Cockpit detail on Sammael's landspeeder
  8. From the album: ETL VII pics

    My completed vow for ETL VII, one talonmaster and Sammael on Sableclaw, second angle
  9. From the album: ETL VII pics

    My completed vow for ETL VII, one talonmaster and Sammael on Sableclaw
  10. From the album: ETL VII pics

    Cockpit detail on Sammael's landspeeder
  11. From the album: ETL VII pics

    My completed vow for ETL VII, one talonmaster and Sammael on Sableclaw, second angle
  12. From the album: ETL VII pics

    My completed vow for ETL VII, one talonmaster and Sammael on Sableclaw
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