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NL's 8th [upd: 22.8.2014]


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So... hello everyone blush.gif I start my first blog here, it's dedicated to my NL's army, that I decided to collect not so long ago.
Now I got some WIPs to go - and here are the pics (4th claw):

These are still wip's, I will add wings to helmets and gargoyles to armor later. Plus, a hose for a melta.
I'll try to convert and/or repose every single model in my army (except machines. Maybe msn-wink.gif ). And characters will be looking like convertion+sculpture, of course...
What I have to do:

Captain/Lord Azanael (freaky name for a Night lord, I know smile.gif )
Sorcerer Gemeth
Unknown guy in termi-armor
1st claw (termi)
4th claw with Rhino
5th claw with Rhino
6th claw ('count as' berzerks)
7th claw - raptors
8th claw - raptors
Predator (don't have a name yet)
Land Raider "Glardus Meldeth"

C&C are welcomed smile.gif

P.S.: and, guys, for those, who want something more - here's link with some of my drawings of Night Lords.

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welcome to the VIII Legion brother


Looks like your off to a good start, I would say try using some Night Lord Shoulder pad


also for you count try making a count as for your characters, see my night lord from the link in my sig



what your aim to do sounds great, also you drawing are really kick ass, nice work :)


Ave Dominus Nox

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Thanks :) these are made of different marines and some additional parts... so, they are not from a box, they are from dead-minis :lol:

Generally, I don't like GW's shoulder pads and heads. They looking like they came from... hmmm... back from 3rd edition :) so I'll try to do shoulder pads and wings with my own hands. In the end, they'll be looking smarter anyway.


I'd thought, I can use other dex for NLs - and I decided not to do it. We are hard-core marines, with 10k years of constantly war behind. And we are afraid to lose using our own codex??? Of course, no :)


Another five of 4th claw is on line :) I'll try to post them in a few days.


Ave dominus nox!

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I really like that sarge (the one with power fist). I really like the skull emblems and vent on the chest, although that would make a sweet spot for a bolter round. I also hope you have something nice for where his 'belt buckle' should be.


I also like how the marines all have a chainsword at their hip.


Looking forward to seeing your sculpt work for the chapter symbol and please drill those bolter holes.

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Thanks :devil: I think about something like on this pic for an empty space instead of 'belt buckle':


(yeah, this marine is terrible, I know -_- )

I'll think, I will sculpt skull with wings only for champ - for others it'll be too much pathos and coolness :D for every are planned gargoyles and trophies also...

Usually I drill weapon holes right before painting, but I guess, I'll do it sooner ;) thanks again!

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Hello everyone :devil: "We have come..."

This is the first update. A little about the first five marines:

I started to sculpt a shoulder pad for my sarge. Ectually, this was first time I sculpt anything. I am satisfied with a result... but there was something wrong <_<


after a bit reworking shoulder pad looks like this:


Wings were terrible, so I removed them and will post version with wings next time. Also I'll add forehead to a skull. But anyway, how it looks, forum - symmetrical?


(advice: I think, everybody know about a little trick with green stuff sculpting, but any way I will say about it.

Right before you mix yellow and blue parts, cut a center. Like this:


In this case will not be "lumps", which prevent to sculpt something detailed :lol: )


And now, another five -_- I hope you'll enjoy them.

Guy without backpack is still wip, I need to work on his knee.




Icon bearer:


And a group photo



Leave your C&C here, please :D

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I cut spikes from mashines sprue:


and little skulls from csm shoulder pads. If there's skull already on sword handle, I just glue it with spike-stick and sword together :D

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Ave dominus nox!


It's time of an update ^_^ today I have nothing original - mainly because I have exams in next 3-4 weeks. So there's no much time for my army (I mean, converting and painting). But anyway, I'll continue do updates one time per week, or maybe a bit frequently. So everyone, who have interest, will see work in progress. So, lets start.





Predator "Dreyith" (whatever it means):





Progress with shoulder pad of a champ:



And progress with meltas of 4th claw:





Now, what I have now:

4th claw [unpainted]

7th claw-raptors [unpainted]

Predator "Dreyith" [unpainted]


What I have to buy:

1st claw-terminators

5th claw

8th claw-raptors

2 rhinos

Land Raider (with ea and chaos tracks from fw)

and in far future - maybe second Predator


Next update: 3 June

C&C are welcomed :(

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popkhorne: Dude you make me laugh out quite loud :D , no disrespect meant brother, it was actaully your last comment that made me laugh - might have to aquire that one ^_^ !


Seriously, DarkVen I actually learned someting new tonight - where that lumpy bit in my GS comes from!!!! Now I know to cut out the middle. I like your 'GS skills' with the skull & the winged shoulder pauldron of the champ. The conversions are quite nice too, I like the copper wire job (especially with the dude have it go from his helmet to his power pack). Nice work so far.


So whats up next?

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2 popkorn

Thanks ;)

2 Dorns padawan

I think, test-marine with paint-scheme is on line. I finally have a prepared-one :P

2 Dark Apostle Thirst

Of course :lol: as you can see, one raptor-guy on the left is already a bit darker than the others.

2 Doghouse

Thanks ;) althought, there's some work with shoulder pad - maybe I'll change wings slightly...


So, what I plan for the next update:

- Test paint scheme (I will change it slightly)

- Pics of a prepared 4th claw.

- Maybe something else :)

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Ave dominus nox!

As I promised, today I'm doing an update. And as I promised, I'll show you today almost finished 4th claw (I only need to add wings on helmets). And one painted csm. Here thay are:







And here's a champ with a finished shoulder pad:




And a painted NL:






I please you to give an opinion about them, and say - what do you think? :)


And I thought. one small squad will be too little for an intire update. So I decided to show you a few little raptors from the 8th claw :D


C&C are welcomed :)

P.S.: And I getting now some help - a friend of mine. He helps me to translate, so I hope, my text will be understandable :)

P.S.S.: And I getting now some problems with my camera: I dunno, when I can do an another update. But as soon as I can - I'll show painted 4th claw, finished 8th claw and started 5th claw.



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2 Dark Apostle Thirst

Thanks ;) still, I think, painted csm is a fail... I've spent only 5 hours to paint this mini - and I know, that I can do much better. But, I'm lazy :tu:

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To Dark Apostle Thirst

Sorry, my bad :) thanks.


This NL getting some failures: highlights, blending and so on... I hope, the intire squad will be looking better.

But anyway, I hope, that this is normal table-top quality.

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DarkVen absolutely sensational work I love the all the little detail you have put on your models with conversion and GS work and the paint job is great brilliant lightning effect.
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